Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trumps nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, meets with Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020. (Erin Scott/Pool via AP)
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What [the Fair Access to Banking Act] would do is it would prohibit banks from creating categorical exclusions, industries, entire industries; the firearms industry, fossil fuel, carbon industries, private prisons. Industries that the banks — many banks, large banks — have categorically stated they’re not going to support in the future. 

And these are legal commerce. These are profitable companies. I’m just saying that you can’t discriminate that way if you’re an FDIC bank. And if you do, you should probably lose your insurance.

North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer on Banks Discriminating Against Legal Industries

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  1. Wonder what would happen if the banks didn’t want to have gay people for customers??

    • Uh, banks are run by people that reject Christ and want your kids to be gay. Why not make it illegal to refuse service to anyone? Anyone affiliated with the dissident right is being blocked from having a bank account or using a payment processor.

      Banking a human right, just like firearm ownership. Nb4 tactical libertarians: you can’t just start your own bank.

      • “Uh, banks are run by people that reject Christ and want your kids to be gay“

        What you’re hoping for is a theocracy, where people who believe in one particular sky daddy are in control of the government.

        Why do you hate the Constitution of the United States of America, which specifically prohibits any religious test for any position of trust in America?

        • To be fair that guy’s comment in no way advocated for a government run by only Christians. He literally made an opinion and said people shouldn’t be discriminated against.

        • @Fact
          JPMorgan Chase is run by Jamie Dimon, a Greek Christian
          Bank of America — Brian Moynihan, Catholic
          Citigroup — John C. Dugan
          Wells Fargo — Elizabeth Duke
          Those are the four biggest American banks — no Jews
          Federal Reserve Governors — Jay Powell, Catholic; Richard Clarida; Randal Quarles; Lael Brainard; Michelle Bowman; Christopher Waller — no Jews
          There are 12 Federal Reserve Banks. One of the Presidents might be Jewish.
          So no, I can’t prove you wrong, but I have proved that you are a bigoted horse’s @ss. Prove me wrong.

        • Why do you hate the Constitution and approve “religious tests”? if you support woke cancel culture, you support people having to pass the test of the modern secular religion known as Intersectional Critical Race Theory, aka “CRT” or “Wokeism”.

          This is the same group that screamed to the rafters when a man wouldn’t bake a certain kind of cake in a podunk Colorado town, but are praising Disney for firing someone who had any divergent views from CRT and, God forbid, might have even had a conservative bent.

          I’m sure you count yourself among them though, so get bent.

        • Simple, because the Democrats have PROVED that one CANNOT trust those who do NOT TRUST IN THE LORD as the CONSTITUTION says and the Founders STATED in both the Constitution and their various papers that preceeded the Constitution.

    • What happens when the bank says they will refuse to do business with anyone who thinks homosexuality is wrong?

      TTAG is now pushing s e n s I b a and xir’s gay propaganda.

    • How many hate crimes would we have if we counted attacks against people for political affiliation? I’m guessing it would dwarf the other hate crime categories at this point. Is it time to make political affiliation a protected class? Serious question: is there some reason that can’t be done (other than Democrat opposition)?

      • It can’t be done because hate crime laws are a weapon against white people.

        Including anything that protects whites defeats the purpose- to harass and oppress white people

  2. I understand the sentiment, that the banks are virtue signalling by restricting access to their services for certain industries. However, I am concerned that we may go the way of PRC’s banking system, which is forcing the banks to do The Party’s bidding, even when the banks do not see it as the best business practice.

    Clearly, if we apply classical, also known as neo-liberal, economics, the banks see a business case for this virtue signalling. Either they are right, and these policies will show positive results, or they are wrong and they will shift to the most profitable avenues for their businesses.

    . . or, just mabey there is a tiny little flaw in our theory of microeconomics, a market failure, one that can be addressed through regulation. . . Nah, we all know that unfettered capitalism is alwys the best course of action.

    • In the PRC, you can say homosexuality is wrong. You won’t loose your job. Who is really more free?

      • In America, you can say whatever you want (except slander or threats).

        But if a citizen owns a business, he can decide to fire you because you are an asshole.

        Ain’t freedom grand!

        • Just like said business owner can deny service based on said service running contrary to his sincerely held religious beliefs? It is grand!

          The question then becomes how far does this go? Because one small business doing this isn’t remotely the same as every social media platform, every bank, the IRS (under Obama), all conspiring to deny services to people with radical notions like believing there are only 2 genders, or that critical race theory is bunk trash, or that Americans have an inalienable right to own weapons.

        • When a shopkeeper decides to engage in business in the great American market place, there are certain concessions he must make in order to gain access to the society and economy we have created over the past 200 years.

          Among these concessions is a requirement to serve any member of the public, regardless of their race, gender, religion, previous condition of servitude or national origin.

          The constitution was not written to ensure a profit to a business entity, but rather to protect the liberties and livelihoods of the people of the United States of America.

      • As a matter of fact, several years I was having dinner with a PLAF General Officer. He asked me about the term “political Correctness” when in America “you” have freedom of speech.

        I explained it this way, “We are free to say the right things.” He found that quite funny.

    • “he attended to Charlottesville rally to save the statute of General Lee.”

      Please accept my apology for such strong terms, but your friend is a treasonous piece of shit who wants to memorialize a man who took up arms against the United States of America, to perpetuate the sin of slavery.

      • Well, then we should tear down statues of George Washington and the founding fathers since they owned slaves too.

        We should rename that state of Washington to “Rosa Parks safe space”. We should also tear down all WWII memorials since the army was segregated then. We should tear down Holocaust memorials since Jewish people back then called black people “schvartzes” and made their women sit in the other side of the synogoge.

      • Excuse me, but the Lee family of Virginia did far more for the United States Of America than anything Robert alone did. You best go back and reread your history again! And please include a study of the British slave trade of the Irish! The “black slave trade” may have been individually more profitable, but the “Irish White” slave trade was much more devastating!

      • You need to get your history correct. Per civil war, Americans considered themselves as a citizen of the state where they lived. They were loyal to Kentucky, or Virginia. The concept for the federal system was foreign to them, that was a commonwealth idea that helped trade.
        It would be like someone being French, instead of being a member of the European Union.
        Most of the military officers came from the monied families in the South, so they fought for their state. This is also the reason the North had so many “boy generals”.
        There were many reasons for the Civil War, and slavery was just an excuse, most of the people in the North expected Lincoln to ship the slaves out of the states(into the jungles of South America), They were more prejudiced that the slave owners were.

      • Well, then we should tear down statues of George Washington and the founding fathers since they owned slaves too.”

        Wrong, the problem is Robert E Lee’s violent insurrection against a duly constituted government of the United States of America, the crime of treason under the United States Constitution.

        A rather lame attempt to mischaracterize my statement, the problem is not slaveowning which was a common practice during the lifetime of George Washington, but rather taking up arms against American citizens serving in the United States Army and Navy.

        General Lee had actually sworn an oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic.

        He is nothing but a treasonous oathbreaker, motivated by a desire to perpetuate slavery in America.

      • Did not tyrant lincoln ask Col. Lee to command the Northern forces?

        @miner..Dopamine levels down again?

      • Manson, I understand you are rather enamored of the racist policies of the confederate states of America, but I’m willing to have a civil dialogue with you regardless.

        Yes, Robert E Lee was a serving officer in the United States Army, who had sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, from all enemies foreign and domestic.

        Lincoln did consider him a good general and offered him a leadership position, but Lee declined and chose to break his oath by joining the insurrection and taking up arms against the United States of America, thereby earning the title of traitor.

        I find it interesting that you’ve chosen for a handle the name of a traitorous scoundrel who murdered numerous American citizens serving in the United States Army.

        Manse Jolly’s death by drowning was quite appropriate, I hope he was consumed with terror as the water filled his lungs and darkness closed in on his consciousness.

      • You forget, Miner, that there was no consensus at the time on whether states should be allowed to leave — and the Constitution is silent on the matter. The seceding states believed they were upholding the Constitution and that the North had already broken the compact.

        The pull-down-the-statues position amounts to erasing people from history simply because we don’t like the reality they lived in. There is no rational, reasonable way to apply that standard or to decide where the destruction ends.

        Once this kind of cultural hysteria really gets rolling, it attacks *everyone* who disagrees, past and present.

        You personally may not want to tear down statues of the Founding Fathers, but plenty of people on your side of this argument do — some of them have already done it. Like it or not, you’re with them. And the lot of you have more in common with Pol Pot, Mao, and the Taliban than you’d like to think.

      • “The pull-down-the-statues position amounts to erasing people from history simply because we don’t like the reality they lived in.“

        Wrong, there are literally hundreds of thousands of books recording the activities, doctrine and history of the confederate states of America and their Armed Forces.
        There are hundreds of museums across America preserving the artifacts, writings and history of the violent insurrectionists who attacked Americas democracy during the Civil War.

        No one is being “erased from history” that’s just childish misdirection.

        What patriotic Americans are objecting to is the commemoration and honor given to these traitorous scoundrels by erecting beautiful statues in America’s public spaces.

        So where is Benedict Arnold’s statue, he was a great American general so he gets a big statue right?

        Oh, that’s right, he wasn’t fighting to preserve slavery so no need to put his statue up at the courthouse.

      • If Benedict Arnold had a statue, it could and should stay right where it was.

        If you think the people who are pulling down statues won’t come for the contents of the library, you’ve got another thinky-thing coming. They will. Some of them already are. And you’ll be making excuses for them all the way.

        As for “violent insurrectionists who attacked Americas democracy,” that’s a childish attempt at misdirection.

        The states that seceded did so because their residents voted for it — democracy in action. What the secessions attacked was the idea that the republic could anti-democratically bind states together against their will.

      • “…I find it interesting that you’ve chosen for a handle the name of a traitorous scoundrel who murdered numerous American citizens serving in the United States Army…”

        I find it interesting that you were researching the screen name I use, since it’s no different than many contemporary names. What exactly were you searching for?

      • What started the rebellion was the unprovoked attack on fort Sumter, a property belonging to the United States of America and operated by our Armed Forces under the authority of the constitution.

        Once the confederate Armed Forces had fired on American citizens serving the United States of America, it was a full-fledged rebellion against a duly constituted government of the United States of America and a violation of the Constitution.

        Furthermore, The Supremes ruled that unilateral secession is not constitutional:

        “The Constitution does not directly mention secession.[53] The legality of secession was hotly debated in the 19th century. Although the Federalist Party briefly explored New England secession during the War of 1812, secession became associated with Southern states as the North’s industrial power increased.[54] The Supreme Court has consistently interpreted the Constitution to be an “indestructible” union.[53] The Articles of Confederation explicitly state the Union is “perpetual”; the U.S. Constitution declares itself an even “more perfect union” than the Articles of Confederation.[55]”

      • I am truly sorry that you miss the entire point of memorializing a magnificant military figure. General Lee was an outstanding graduate of West Point and a friend of General Grant. He took up arms not to forward slavery necessarily, but to stop the tyranical interference in state matters by the Federal Government, as we see happening today.

        It would do you some good to realize the difference between memorializing an individual for WHO they were and for their political correctness.

  3. Where’s Antifa (they’re a joke, but they believe they’re righteous)? Fascist corporatism has historically been used to quell the political opposition. We’re witnessing the most powerful corporations in this country (and the world) align with a political ideology that is increasingly authoritarian. What could go wrong?

  4. Everyone talks about owning guns to reject oppression. We are living under oppression? Are our guns just toys? I can’t say the truth: the Jews control the banking system and the media-banking-industrial complex is destroying the White family and church. If you speak out, you will loose your job. Even the gun blogs are pushing teachings from the synogoge of satan.

    You can’t just start your own bank. You can’t just start your own Google. Companies and getting woke and not going broke. In fact they are getting richer and more powerful. Every ad has an interracial couple. Usually black male and white female.

    Han in China have more freedoms than whites in America. Voting? Our elections are rigged. Religion? You can’t be openly Christian anymore without loosing your job. Guns? You have se nsi ba telling you that you have to engage peoples’ delusions with transgenderism. We don’t endulge other delusions- do we? Like anorexia? No. We don’t.

    Makes you think think🤔

      • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yah- people are more free in China.

        – they dealt with COVID and now they are back to normal- no lockdowns
        – you can say that homosexuality is immoral without loosing your job
        – no divorce raping of men, no child support
        – you can smoke cigarettes outside
        – you can say Jews run america
        – you can slap your wife without going to jail
        – the only thing you aren’t allowed to do is criticize the government. (In America, the things you aren’t allowed to do change with the wind. Whatever you are doing now will probably make you a RACIST next month.)

        • Oh, there are lockdowns in China, Covid and political. The CCP is closing whole cities and sections of cities – if the people don’t have adequate supplies, oh well. They have to rely of food smugglers or family members to bring them food and the police expect a bribe in the exchange. There is no unemployment insurance, disability insurance from the government, this is akin to the city bricking up your windows and doors and leaving you to rot, like was done during the black plague.

        • “you can slap your wife without going to jail“

          I know this one really bums you, I’m sure you’d like to smack her around anytime she talks back to you.

    • “Even the gun blogs are pushing teachings from the synogoge of satan.”

      Pardon me, your delusions are showing and it’s not a good look.

      If you are Christian, you are worshiping a Jew, who was born from a Jew, in a land filled with Jews.

      • Christians should not let non-Christians tell them how to be a Christian.

        Are you Jewish, Miner?

        • I’m kinda like Thomas Jefferson, I don’t believe any of that divinity crap but I do believe that the writings attributed to Jesus have much merit.

          Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, if followed by those who consider themselves Christians, would pretty much shut down this blog.

          If I were to pray, I would ask:

          “Jesus, deliver me from your followers”

      • Not just “a Jew,” Miner. The Messiah. Big difference.

        “Jesus, deliver me from your followers.” What a bunch of nauseating pabulum.

        If you want to be delivered from the followers of Jesus, you can answer your own prayers (and ours) by moving to a Muslim country, or China or Japan.

        And if you did (you won’t, of course, because you enjoy living in a society that Christians built), while you were enjoying your second-class status in a racist society that doesn’t accept immigrants, doesn’t believe in natural rights, and (in the case of Islamic and Chinese societies) condemns most of its inmates to grinding poverty and ignorance, you could also reflect on the facts that Christianity shaped Western culture, that Christians built the USA, and that Christian culture is responsible for the rights, tolerance, and prosperity you left behind when you were delivered from the followers of Jesus.

        And no, I am not religious — but I did have a good religious upbringing, and I do understand what we all owe to Christianity.

        • Amen, brother. I’m not particularly religious either, but I do believe and try to follow the principles and ethics taught in Christianity. And, like you, I recognize that this country was build on those same principles, and that that foundation created the “shining beacon on the hill” that we are as a nation. Unfortunately, we are turning away from that and I fear that my grandchildren, and soon-to-be-born great-grandchild, will live in a completely different country than the one we were raised in.

        • “What we all owe to Christianity”?

          Well, setting aside the inquisition and the crusades, let’s just look at one aspect of how America has benefited from Christianity:

          “Vehemently anti-Catholic, the 1915 Klan espoused an explicitly Protestant Christian terrorist ideology, partially basing its beliefs on a “religious foundation” in Protestant Christianity and targeting Jews, Catholics, and other social and ethnic minorities,[40] as well as people who engaged in “immoral” practices such as adulterers, bad debtors, gamblers, and alcohol abusers. From an early time onward, the goals of the KKK included an intent to “reestablish Protestant Christian values in America by any means possible”, and it believed that “Jesus was the first Klansman”.[41] Although members of the KKK swear to uphold Christian morality, virtually every Christian denomination has officially denounced the KKK.[42]

          From 1915 onward, “second era” Klansmen initiated cross burnings (adapted from[43] scenes in the 1915 film Birth of a Nation), not only to intimidate targets, but also to demonstrate their respect and reverence for Jesus Christ.[43] The ritual of lighting crosses was steeped in Christian symbolism, including prayer and hymn singing.[43] Modern Klan organizations remain associated with acts of domestic terrorism in the United States.[44]“

          Next up, the Salem witch trials, a shining example of Christianity’s benefit to the America people.

        • Merely saying you’re a Christian or attending church doesn’t make one a Christian. You even said it yourself, “Although members of the KKK swear to uphold Christian morality, virtually every Christian denomination has officially denounced the KKK.[42]”

        • “you can answer your own prayers (and ours) by moving to…China or Japan.”

          But would they take him in as a citizen? I’ve heard they’re pretty xenophobic when it comes to immigration policy. One look at their citizens and you can tell they aren’t exactly into the whole diversity thing.

        • That’s my point exactly: they won’t.

          Meanwhile, Miner is all over the “what-about” red herrings as usual, taking a handful of aberrations and speciously implying that they represent what all Christians wish they could do. Never mind that Islamic societies and Chinese communists are doing that and worse to people RIGHT NOW.

          As for the Crusades, no, let’s not leave those aside. Nobody ever mentions that the Crusades were a direct response to the Islamic invasions of Christian Europe. The Crusades played a vital role in saving Europe from Islam, and we should celebrate them for it.

  5. History has shown us that it’s always the good guys who censor, ban, marginalize and excommunicate.

  6. We need a cleanup in the comment section. We as gun owners need to respect the rights of the bank to do business with whoever they want. If you don’t like it, you can start a new bank! That’s capitalism. You are a racist if you oppose the Jews, banking, capitalism, or tax cuts for billionaires! Get woke go broke! Democrats are the real racists! Our guns protects against Facism- like when Hitler burned porn books. That’s the real danger! I’m so glad we don’t speak German and have shows on TV like “I am Jazz”. When a government starts banning things like porn. I’m glad we have a media-run state instead of state-run media, a country that’s safe for Jews, and a gun blogs that promote homosexuality!

    • That’s a little over the top, my friend. Not everything mentioned falls under the scourge of racism. I also believe that private business has certain rights, but when banks, credit card and other financial services refuse to service the gun industry for political ideological reasons, they have stepped over the line. That tramples on our God-given rights and, in this case, a right that is specifically guaranteed by an amendment to our constitution.

  7. Big fucking deal… lose FDIC insurance. WHEN we go tits up, our main secured creditor, China, will claim deed to federal lands. Us peons will receive 2-3 cents on the dollar to spend as you like on the nothing available after hyper inflation takes the market over. Grim, huh? Welcome to the future.

  8. All these fucking idiots don’t even know the difference between “lose” and “loose.” Makes me think it is in fact the same idiot. At least Miner’s retardation doesn’t include basic spelling and grammatical errors repeated ad nauseam. Just a bunch of bullshit.

    • If that was a response to my post, I am not seeing where I committed that particular gaffe. If instead it was a general comment to no one in particular, I believe that a large number of them are the result of dialectical indifference to Proper English, or the fact that the Chinese language being mostly based on symbols has a hard time differentiating between verbs and adjectives, perhaps indicating foreign troll interpretation and response . Regardless, I think it very noble of you to defend Miner in that manner and applaud your willingness to drive in the lane against traffic.

      • I am forced to assign you 10 demerits for improper trolling… you should have signed as ” Stexas “. Nice try, though.

  9. im sure if there was a bank that did anything to stand in the way of a womans 14th amendment right
    -including NOT donating to planned parenthood-
    said bank would be treated the same as a federal courthouse in downtown portland

  10. Frighteningly fascinating comments appearing on this one…

    The juxtaposition of sentiments is… eye opening. Either the agitation trolls are having a feeding frenzy, or the truly vile have decided to brave the light of day and slither out from beneath their rocks to spit their venom.

    Either way- it is an unequivocal exemplification of how depraved, repugnant, and malicious both parties are.

    It’s dishearteningly regrettable to witness such animus on display here on TTAG.

    But I will defend everyone’s right to hold their own beliefs…
    (no matter how nauseating they may be).

    Be mindful.

    • I dont know what “animus” means but if it means I’m all pissed off and mad about it I am.
      Banks forcing industries in America to go broke ain’t cool.

      • possum, there are some very relevant comments being made here- many of which I agree with.

        What I take issue with is the statements that are, well… simply disgraceful. I believe the dubious comments are palpably self-evident, but that is just my opinion. Your perception may differ.

        • Anyone more right wing than you is disgraceful? Ok Hillary Clinton. Just call us deplorables and brag about your mixed race grandkids.

          Jews run the baking system.

  11. Banks forced a country to go broke and then that country went to War and killed a bunch of people.

    • If you are speaking of Germany, there are many viewpoints regarding the actual cause of their economic collapse.

      “Instead, the Allies allowed their desire for revenge to get the better of them, and historians are nearly unanimous in their judgment that the terms dictated to Germany were unnecessarily debilitating. Germany reeled from the huge burden of reparations payments required of it as a condition of the treaty. Payments made by Germany to the victorious Allies represented a drain of capital that would have otherwise been directed toward the growth of German industry.”

      Another devastating factor contributing to Germany’s economic collapse was the international trade war triggered by the passage of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act in the United States in 1930. This provision effectively prevented many German industries from selling their goods in foreign markets.

      In order to pay its debts for World War I, as dictated by the Versailles Treaty, Germany engaged in a tremendous hyperinflation of its currency, printing paper marks until, by 1923, they became utterly worthless. The destruction of the currency wiped out the people’s savings, which meant that there would be very little capital available within the German economy for years to come.”

      Hitler himself railed against the massive reparation payments required of Germany, he used this as a pretext to justify his aggression in Europe.

      General George Marshall understood this and worked to make sure the same mistake didn’t happen after World War II.

      • Oh, I was told by a german who was there at the time it was the banks. Maybe he simplified it.

  12. “Fire sensib a now!“

    Yes, cancel her immediately!

    Can you believe her, expressing her viewpoint in an opinion piece?

    What does she think this is, America?


  14. Miner said:
    “Manson, I understand you are rather enamored of the racist policies of the confederate states of America”

    Miner, as usual, misspoke. Here is the truth:
    Manson, I understand you are rather enamored of the racist policies of the democrats in the confederate states of America.

    The Republicans freed the slaves, not the democrats. The democrats loved to whip the slaves, kill the slaves, keep them away from guns, and hang them.

    The democrats are still enjoying killing thousands of innnocent living beings every day. Not much has changed in the party of hate and murder, even to this day.

    • You know it is intellectually dishonest to conflate the Democrat party of 1860 with the Democrats of today.

      Yes, I find it quite ironic that the Civil War was started by the south’s outrage over the election of a republican president but times change. Now 150 years later, that very same southern culture did select a republican president, how ironic.

      And, relating directly to the comment at hand, that means that ‘Manse Jolly’ was a Democrat and our current user of the handle must share those values, right?

  15. Miner said “You know it is intellectually dishonest to conflate the Democrat party of 1860 with the Democrats of today.”

    It is in fact intellectually more than honest.

    As a matter of fact, today’s democrats are much, much worse, with around 2,500 children slaughtered DAILY because of their policies, compared with an estimated 5,000 lynchings over 50+ years.

    Miner also said “Yes, I find it quite ironic that the Civil War was started by the south’s outrage over the election of a republican president”

    Civil war was mostly caused by the economic throttling of the South by the North, not some moral outrage over an election.

    • “A common explanation is that the Civil War was fought over the moral issue of slavery.

      In fact, it was the economics of slavery and political control of that system that was central to the conflict.

      A key issue was states’ rights.

      The Southern states wanted to assert their authority over the federal government so they could abolish federal laws they didn’t support, especially laws interfering with the South’s right to keep slaves and take them wherever they wished.

      Another factor was territorial expansion.

      The South wished to take slavery into the western territories, while the North was committed to keeping them open to white labor alone.

      Meanwhile, the newly formed Republican party, whose members were strongly opposed to the westward expansion of slavery into new states, was gaining prominence.

      The election of a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, as President in 1860 sealed the deal. His victory, without a single Southern electoral vote, was a clear signal to the Southern states that they had lost all influence.

      Feeling excluded from the political system, they turned to the only alternative they believed was left to them: secession, a political decision that led directly to war.“


      • “www.pbs.org/opb/historydetectives/”

        PBS ????? Hahahahahahaha… No wonder your mind is mush.

        And the saddest part is my money being forcibly stolen from me by the gubmint to pay for that propaganda arm of the lefty lunatic communists ….

  16. This whole Biden administration is a farce! Any businesses or banks that discriminate should be fined until their wallets flatten out!

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