FILE - In this Oct. 30, 2020, file photo,m Burgess Owens, Republican candidate in Utah's 4th Congressional District, poses for a photograph during a campaign stop on, in Spring City, Utah. The newly-elected Republican Rep. says he accepts Joe Biden's win as president and has apologized for characterizing liberals in as Marxists and socialists. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)
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By Larry Keane

U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah) took to the floor of the House of Representatives with a reminder to the politicians pushing gun control. Those proposals have their roots in a racist past and it only serves to further victimize disaffected communities.

In 2020, African Americans led the historic gun-buying surge, taking self-protection into their own hands by buying firearms at a rate 58 percent higher than they did in 2019.

All told more than 21 million background checks for the sale of a gun were processed by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), including more than 8.4 million first-time buyers. While Democrats push to institute more gun restrictions, Americans’ appetite for gun control dropped to the lowest levels in years.

History Lesson

In opposing the bills, H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446, Rep. Owens said he received thousands of constituent emails and calls urging a “NO” vote.

“I absolutely will fight these measures with every tool in my grasp,” he said. “These rights protect my life, liberty and property, were granted to me by God and cannot be taken away from me by D.C. bureaucrats!”

Rep. Owens’ comments got personal.

“I grew up in the deep South at a time when African Americans were unable to defend themselves. After the Civil War, Black Codes and Jim Crow laws prohibited people of color from owning firearms,” he explained.

“As a child my father witnessed an altercation between his father and a Southern white man who thought my grandfather was being disrespectful and threatened to teach him a lesson. But my grandfather was prepared…without firing his gun on another human being, my grandfather’s rights to own a firearm ensured his rights to protect his life, liberty and property.”

Take Ownership

In 2020 the coronavirus pandemic coupled with community violence, riots and looting was widespread in America. Police were stretched thin, criminals were released from jails and calls to “defund the police” rang out. Law-abiding Americans saw danger in front of them and acted by purchasing firearms. Black Americans were among them, for good reasons.

Danielle Campbell, an African American mother in Florida, didn’t like what she saw and bought a gun. “A lot of us are single mothers…We’re learning that we can protect ourselves; we don’t have to be victims,” Campbell said. “I decided I needed to take the safety and security of my family into my own hands.”

Another African American mother, Trish Wendt of Pittsburgh, left a local gun show with new purchases. “I have one for home defense and one for carrying. I have kids and we’re alone a lot, and it’s my responsibility to protect my children,” Wendt explained.

President and Founder of the National African American Gun Association Philip Smith knows these developments firsthand. The NAAGA saw membership grow by 2,000 each day at points during 2020, their normal yearly new membership total.

“We’ve seen a trend of more African Americans choosing to express their Second Amendment rights to own a firearm, especially for personal protection.”

Black Guns Matter Founder Maj Toure summed up why he is laser-focused on promoting black gun ownership, gun education and safety. Of the African American community, he says, “People somehow forget that we have the right to defend our lives with firearms…I pick my words very carefully: All gun control is racist.”

Attempted Point, Definitive Counterpoints

Back in Washington, D.C., U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) has voiced support for gun control efforts before and will likely support current efforts in the U.S. Senate. Sen. Booker tweeted, “If you need a license to drive a car, you should need a license to buy and possess a gun.”

His counterpart across the aisle, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), disagrees, “The Second Amendment is fundamental to ensuring freedom and democracy and it should not be infringed upon.”

Rep. Owens’ House colleague Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) also came out swinging against the antigun bills.

“Democrats in Washington, D.C., are trying to infringe upon your Second Amendment as we speak with H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446,” Rep. Donalds said. “I will always stand up for law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms because I know gun laws only impact law-abiding citizens, not criminals.”

As President Joe Biden’s administration and Congressional Democrats continue their attempts at increased gun control, law-abiding Americans of all stripes and backgrounds will continue taking their safety and security into their own hands. This includes black gun owners. The Second Amendment is an American right for all.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



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  1. Those promoting gun control are too stupid to understand history, facts, truth and logic.

    If you think about it, gun control is the perfect IQ test. It requires the ability to research both sides of an issue and come to a logical conclusion.

  2. Hallelujah! Well spoken!

    I didn’t know that the African-American community contributed so much to the understandable gun buying spree.

    I’ve often wondered if the minority communities weren’t going to be seriously hampered in trying to defend themselves what with gun control all the vogue of late. I’m delighted that they, apparently, saw it much the same way and did something about it.

    Bully for them. I’ll stand with them whenever needed.



    • “I didn’t know that the African-American community contributed so much to the understandable gun buying spree.”

      There were multiple articles last year trying to say that the reason they were buying firearms is because they were worried about white supremacists. They couldn’t admit that most were probably worried about the BLM-Antifa rioters.

      • Those BLM rioters have been mostly white people. Many having rainbow flags. And all have beeen allowed to burn many black owned businesses to the ground.

        • So in essence, they were mostly worried about white people, except they were worried about the white left wingers. The press would definitely never admit that.

        • to dude
          I’ve been calling the White Left racist for years now. It doesn’t make me not popular. And that is ok with me.

        • I’m not only not very popular. But I know I make many white Leftists very nervious.

  3. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Thursday, May 7th, 2020/LETTER TO THE EDITOR
    Gun control
    “Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ——-Martin Luther King
    As a local outspoken Second Amendment activist and advocate of the .38 caliber revolver (.38 Special and .357 Magnum) for the honest law abiding citizen I was naturally provoked to resistance against “Supreme Court ducks a Second Amendment issue-for now”: Herald and News: Thursday, April 30, 2020.
    This anti-gun commentary pontificated elitist uppity “LBJ/KGB” style socialist class warfare! Of course, don’t expect moral and intellectually honesty from an anti-gun journalist via the L.A. Times. Jeffrey Snyder’s “A Nation Of Cowards: The Public Interest Quarterly Fall 1993 states under The Unarmed Life, “The liberal elite (actually treasonous socialists!) Know that they are philosopher-kings. They know that the people simply cannot be trusted; that they are incapable of just and fair self-government; that left to their own devices, their society will be racist, sexist, homophobic, and inequitable – and the liberal elite know how to fix things. They are going to help us live the good and just life, even if they have to lie to us and force us to do it. And they detest those who stand in their way.
    The private ownership of firearms is a rebuke to this Utopian zeal. To own firearms is to affirm that freedom and liberty are not gifts from the state. It is to reserve final judgment about whether the state is encroaching on freedom and liberty, to stand ready to defend that freedom with more than mere words, and to stand outside the state’s totalitarian reach”.
    “Gun Control Is Not About Public Safety” by Nicohlas T. Loux, PhD is linked for further scrutiny on this civil rights/human rights issue via *” Finally my own January 2009 Herald and News letter: “Gun rights protect all races, not just a few” remains archived in this newspaper.
    James A. Farmer, Merrill
    Merrill, Oregon in Klamath County: Long Live The State of Jefferson!
    Note: JPFO, Inc. at * is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization” and is non NRA affiliated. Their online video: “No Guns For Negroes” has the moral high ground on the Second Amendment, private gun ownership, and the racist genocidal roots of American gun control/civilian disarmament!

    • “They are going to help us live the good and just life, even if they have to lie to us and force us to do it. And they detest those who stand in their way.”

      That’s it in a nutshell. Since their side is the correct one, all means are justified to get to the end.

  4. “If you need a license to drive a car,”

    A false premise. You do NOT need a license to drive a car. You need a license to drive a car on government roads. You can drive without a license just fine on private land. There You already do need a license to USE a gun on most government land for non-emergency use in most states. I’d say it’s scary how little he knows about driving laws, but he pays someone to do the driving for him (hopefully it’s not a Chinese spy).

    • I wish guns were regulated like cars. No background check fees or waiting period. No restriction on capacity or how big the engine can be. No performance limits. No extra expense to have a muffler. I already have my CCW, so I should be able to walk into any gun dealer in any state and walk out with a suppressed machine gun as soon as the salesman quits playing games about having to get manager approval because he’s giving me such a great deal.

        • The “License To Drive” analogy is one of my favorites whenever some idiot brings it up, because it’s a very poor and Unconstitutional argument. Driving a vehicle is a privilege, not a Right.
          Representative Owen’s is 100% correct. Gun Control was Racist from its very beginning.

        • Driving a vehicle isn’t a privilege, even if the government has turned it into one. It’s not enumerated anywhere, but it is absolutely essential to exercising the inherent human right to freedom of movement — which makes it a right in the same way that buying ammunition or having spare magazines for your firearms is a right.

      • Isn’t that the point?

        Do you feel free?

        Another solution would be: grow and raise your own food and supplies. Complacency is today’s biggest infringement. You don’t need 99% of what you buy.

      • That is literally the stupidest argument I have read on the Intarwebz for licensing/gun control. If that’s your best argument? Find a new hobby; you suck at this one.

        • I wasn’t arguing for licensing/gun control. I was pointing out the obvious that most, if not all, people will have to use public roads.

  5. You should not require a license to exercise a constitutional right. Period.

    ‘Public safety’ is not and never will be a good reason but people eat that crap up because it sounds good.

  6. Rep. Burgess has the correct perspective. He’s sees Gun Control for what is. It is an agenda that walks hand in hand with slavery, segregation, the KKK. Jim Crow, lynching, Eugenics and other race based atrocities attributed to the democRat Party.

    Next time I hope Rep. Burgess goes deeper and singles the democRat Party out for Monetary Reparations.

  7. Hopefully Gunms do for racism what Jimi Hendrix did for it with his music.
    It would be wonderful .
    One Nation undivided. ( do you think the powers that be want that?)
    “Well I stand up next to a mountain
    Chop it down with the side of my hand”

    • Hey possum where you going with that gun in your hand
      Going out to shoot me some crazies caught them stealing my magazines again
      Hey possum I hear you shot ’em down down
      Yes I did I ain’t messing round

  8. New Jersey style gun control was so effective in Camden, Booker wants to replicate that kind of success on the rest of America. After 2020, I think he may get his wish. Cities that abandoned their residents during rioting are going to lose their productive members of society and all the prosperity that comes with them.

    • The only facts that matter to the left are the ones they make up to cover their tracks, like the Hunter’s laptop story being a Russian disinformation campaign.

  9. To cory booker:

    Simple solution to drivers licenses… Throw them away with the gun licenses. That should also solve registration taxes.


    Free, or not. Anything less than total freedom is oppression, and taxes are FUCKING ILLEGAL.

    • I bought some land in 1983, I’ve been renting it from the government ever since.
      The government never does any improvements to it but yet my rent goes up just about every other year.
      I worked for a Farmer/Rancher once, he was going on and on about the land he owned.
      I said ” Yah dont own shit, your just renting it from the government, miss three years of taxes and you’ll find out who owns it.”

    • Montana Actual,

      Unfortunately, they aren’t, and it’s “our” fault. We passed that execrable 16th Amendment, so income taxes are “as legal as church on Sunday” (ironic that that is NOT legal anymore, innit it???). Not saying they are right, or that you can (even with the 16th) legally tax a Constitutional right (you can’t), but the income tax is legal, and SCOTUS has ruled sales taxes legal, even before the 16th. Sorry.

  10. “I grew up in the deep South at a time when African Americans were unable to defend themselves. After the Civil War, Black Codes and Jim Crow laws prohibited people of color from owning firearms”

    I call BS even though its painful and B. Owens seems like a decent guy. Blacks across America have owned firearms for centuries. Even if there were laws on the books, history shows blacks had guns prior to the passage of the ERA. Heck Dr. King owned guns. Prior to the GCA, even if some southern municipality had laws that impeded black ownership of guns all one would have to do is send a check or money order to one of the many companies that sold guns through the mail. Yeah, statists want to ban weapons but we don’t have to distort history to make our points.

    • You need to read “Negroes and the Gun, The black tradition of Arms” (2014). In that book the guns blacks owned they had to steal and hide them. Because no white owned gun store would sell to them. Or in later years, the 20th century, blacks could buy machine guns and other firearms through mail order catalogs. Mail order ammo as well.

      With direct delievery to their home. And know one would ever know they had guns.

      • Oh, yeah, they would. Many places in the South would not deliver voting registration papers to blacks, it was stopped at the post office. Blacks, particularity “uppity” ones were watched by all the whites in charge.
        Black churches held food sales, car washes, anything they could do collectively to get money to send people who got in “trouble” north. Many did not go for work but left because of trouble.

    • Yea I think the historical inaccuracies of that quote are pretty cringe.

      What they mean is the ones who refused to defend themselves also refused ways of obtaining firearms. It’s the same as saying “I grew up in the king george days, where (insert peon denominator here) was unable to fight against tyranny.” We all know there are those that do, and those that don’t. The majority has never stood up for themselves, regardless of race or other factors.

  11. As I have said before, the most dangerous person, the most terrifying person, in the United States is any articulate black person with a gun. And especially a black person who is telling other black people they have a Birthright to the Second Amendment. Years ago Maj Toure said on one of the gun podcasts that they, the racist white left, Are going to try and stop him from traveling and teaching responsible gun ownership. As well as de escalation, when dealing with the authorities or in their personal lives.

    The left thrives and grows on Chaos in the black community.

    • Not just blacks… Minorities. Including “women’s rights” and any other equality issues too. There are some obvious exceptions and same could be said for the opposing extremists refusing to allow others to just live their life the way they want to, but the left has always made the small issues into bigger ones than is necessary. Keep in mind, it’s been the right leaning conservatives who have made the most change in regards to the limited freedoms we currently are allowed. That doesn’t make them the best choice, but certainly a better direction than the opposition. It certainly wasn’t the left or democrats who states “all men are created equal” or fought to end racial slavery. A black right leaning gun owner is like a punch to the throat for their narrative, even more so would be a gay black conservative gun owner. But hey, facts don’t matter to them…

  12. Good for him! Dianne Feinstein needs to listen to him and she needs to read “Gun Control in the Third Reich”, although I doubt it would make a difference.

  13. Next up: historic gun buying spree by Asian Americans. Next fool who tries to shoot down some Asian women might be in for a surprise.

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