A New Threat of ‘Executive Action’ on Guns [VIDEO]

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This Week in Gun Rights is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal, legislative and other news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. 

Background Check Bills Through to Senate

Chuck Schumer gun control trump
Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer of N.Y. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The House has passed, mostly along party lines, two gun control bills. One would require background checks for virtually all firearm transactions, and another would give the government seven additional days to sit around twiddling their bureaucratic thumbs before finishing a background check, increasing the current three-day time period to ten.

As many have observed, the background check bill threatens to pave the way to a nationwide gun registry.

The effective registry problems may seem like hyperbole, given how frequently the pro-gun side warns of this, but it’s a more credible threat than you might think. Many states that are point-of-contact jurisdictions hold on to firearm sales data, and law enforcement is able to look up transfers on a given firearm within the state.

Where private party transfers are fine, even state databases through NICS point-of-contact checks aren’t effective, as there is a legal presumption that the firearm could have legitimately changed hands numerous times between the last transfer and the time of the check.

Were HR 8 to pass, though, the firearm not “lining up” in the state database would be much more problematic for whoever was in possession of the firearm. Even if one accepts as legitimate this proposition, firearms acquired out of state could spell trouble for gun owners. Not a good outcome.

Four Senators Urge President Biden to take executive action on “ghost guns”

Build your own ghost gun
Are you scared by the sight of this pistol? (Travis Pike for TTAG)

A group of lawmakers led by New Jersey’s assiduously anti-gun Senator Robert Menendez, wrote to the BidenHarris administration begging for executive action on the ever-maligned “ghost gun” problem that’s sweeping the nation

“Specifically, we request that you immediately direct the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to regulate these firearms under the Gun Control Act and ensure that they are subject to a background check,” the Senators opined. “Additionally, the ATF should collect data on when ghost guns are used in crimes and publicly release that information.”

It’s kind of curious that they want to begin collecting data on the very same thing they want to eliminate by executive fiat. It’s almost as if they’re admitting federal action wouldn’t actually cause them to magically disappear.

Let’s also be clear that “executive order” and “executive action” are very distinct things. Executive action is basically the sincere hope and wish of the executive, while an executive order can wind up carrying the force and effect of law.

For what it’s worth, Biden has repeatedly indicated that he does not want gun control to come through the executive. Time will tell whether he’ll honor that and actually respect the structure of the Constitution.

Everytown trademark was opposed by Adidas

Some of you might remember that Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety went after Mom at Arms, who released a hilarious take on the “moms demand action” marque. Well Mom at Arms just uncovered documents revealing that Adidas, whose trademark is three parallel lines, were opposing Everytown’s trademark registration for three parallel lines, interrupted at the left quarter.

The two sides eventually come to a resolution, allowing the registration to go through. It’s an interesting situation, though, as an unmitigated registration of the admittedly similar logo would enable Everytown to come out with their own competitive tracksuits.

Kansas’ Concealed Carry bill passes house

Concealed carry gun pistol

Kansas HB 2058 would recognize all out-of-state carry permits, and allow individuals 18-20 to apply for a Kansas concealed carry permit. This is a good step, and it seems Kansas’ house has its head in at least the right general direction.

South Dakota gun bills head to the Governor’s desk

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem
Gov. Kristi Noem (AP Photo/James Nord)

SB 100, which provides civil protection to gun businesses and prevents the government from regulating arms during declared states of emergency, along with SB 111, which reduces the cost for certain concealed carry permits, are headed to the desk of Governor Kristi Noem, who is expected to sign them.

Colorado House Passes Mandatory Storage Law

Handgun Safes For Preppers (1)
Courtesy Dave Goetzinger

Colorado’s HB1106 passed the house 40-25. It now heads to the senate. The bill imposes strict standards on Coloradans for storing firearms. We often hear about provisions like this, called anything from “Ethan’s Law,” to “safe storage” mandates. They place a burden on firearm owners that may have children, or who may have children in their homes.


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  1. He/they can threaten all they want, but when it comes to Constitutional/Constitutionally protected rights, they’d better get it right(no way in hell), lest they suffer dire consequences…

    • Scorched Earth is ALL they know, right, wrong or otherwise matters not to them.. “Kill em all and let God (or SCOTUS) sort em out”… is the order of the day, every day in the Federal Government…

  2. So they’re “literally” seeing how far they can push before there’s a serious pushback! They wont be satisfied until people are lying in the street bleeding, then blame it all on WHITE SUPREMISIST GUN NUTS!!!

    • And TRUMP, don’t forget “Orangeman Bad” is responsible for ALL the bad decisions made by the Harris administration since Jan 20….

    • “seeing how far they can push before there’s a serious pushback”

      Which is why election law reform, silencing the opposition, and running up the immigration numbers has been a top priority for them. The ability to push back will be gone after a few more years of this. The country as we have known it will cease to exist. That’s the plan anyway.

      • and running up the immigration numbers

        I don’t want to be the bubble popper here, but “NEWSFLASH” If they think a bunch of illegals are going to pick up axe handles and sacrifice their lives for a bunch of politicians they are seriously mistaken…

        • The planned 20+ million new immigrants with more on the way is really about running up support for The Party and thanking their donors…which runs up support for The Party, and forever changing the country…which runs up support for The Party.

        • MADDMAXX…agreed, the swarming illegal masses won’t fight either way here. They were too pussy assed to “fight to make right” in the shit hole countries they are fleeing. They are just after American free shit and easy “freedom”……..under another tyrant’s boot whom by their presence actually are pushing to power and control. But, they will provide millions more names for the Libtards’ ballot machines to vote under, and consume massive dollars toward bankrupting America. Then, they will make great cannon fodder and eat up a lot of ammo when the tyrants’ knuckle draggers BlindLooneyMasses/AntFarts drive their herds.

  3. As a reminder to All. We are but 1 month from the anniversary of the beginning of “We the People’s” fight for their Right to Keep and Bear Arms. (4/19/1775) Which also coincides with the War on Tyranny. A Tyranny that was defined by the unilateral actions of a Ruler without the agreement of those under his Control. Much as is being perpetrated against the law Abiding Citizens of Our Nation now in regards to the Enumerated Rights held within the Constitution/Bill of Rights. There came a point in time when the citizens of Our fledgling nation came to realize that their voices of discontent were nothing more than shouts upon the ears of a uncaring Tyrant. Though not knowing what the future held and with great courage they chose to let the actions be their words. Standing against the greatest army of the day in direct defiance of the Tyranny which sought to Control their lives. “We the People” are once again at he crossroads of the Tyranny the Founding Patriots faced and warned Us about. Through their Heroic Efforts and Courageous Sacrifice they passed unto future Generations a Nation based on Freedoms and Liberties. Along with these Freedom and Liberties was passed the responsibility that they be Preserved and Protected against All Enemies. Foreign and Domestic. To Our generation now comes the question do We by Complacent Cowardice allow those Freedoms/Liberties simply to taken by the Edict of a Ruler Or do We Stand against such Tyranny even in the face of great danger and by Courageous Sacrifice pass unto future generation the knowledge and understanding that comes from the Freedoms/Liberties that has made Our Nation the Freest in the history of humanity. Victory is never guaranteed, but history will show whether ‘We the People” were willing to risk all for a cause greater than Ourselves or Knelt to Our Rulers that they allow Us to continue to Live. Albeit under the Boot of their Tyranny. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Darkman…….I copied the following copy from some uncredited source…..fits well with your comment.

      Throughout history Freedom and Liberty has been attained and preserved at the point of a sword, spear and firearm. The only reason for those in Control to disarm a populace is to ensure they never attain Freedom and Liberty from the Tyranny of those in Control. Your Freedom begins and ends at the point of a sword, spear, or firearm. Either you lay them down willingly out of Fear or Complacent Cowardice in exchange for continued life albeit under the Boot of Tyranny, Or you choose to Stand and Fight with the point of a sword, spear or firearm. Doing so with the knowledge that your Courageous Sacrifice may cost everything including your life. Choosing to do so for something greater than yourself. That Freedom and Liberty may be passed down to your children and their children’s children as was passed down to You. On the Blood and Sacrifice of those who Stood, Fought and Yes Died for something greater than themselves. Freedom and Liberty. Mere words have never won the day when the end game is either Enslavement or Freedom. History has shown that and will show so again. Which will be the future of “We the People”. Keep Your Powder Dry.
      P.S. Remember We All Die in the End. It’s how We Live and are Remembered that is Our Legacy.

      The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible. Welcome to “common sense” gun control.
      History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it.

      • That’s all fine and dandy, but unless at least one third of the population does the same, you’re fighting a losing battle…. its it’s a numbers game, obviously.
        What good is a handful of dead Patriots if nothing is gained?….
        I’m down with the struggle, but we gotta be real and think long and hard about what we’re gonna do when THEY come…..

        • If you wait for the door kickers it’s already to late at least for you. Less than 10% of the citizens rose up against Tyranny over the entire Revolutionary War. None knew their fate and yet they fought and YES died, but fought they did for something they believed in and yearned for. Freedom. They Chose Courageous Sacrifice with a chance at Freedom rather than Complacent Cowardice for Guaranteed life. As a Subject under the Boot of Tyranny. We All Die. It’s how We lived and what We Lived for that makes the difference. If my time is to come let it be said that I fought the good fight and died as a Warrior against Tyranny, not as an old man filled with the regrets of knowing I gave my Freedom up because I was afraid.

        • Darkman/Patriot in a Holler……there will have to be a growing number of “it’s already to late at least for you” Patriots…..probably old patriot veteran geezers…..before the youngsters will put down their smartphones and video game controllers to defend Freedom. They are too comfortable, haven’t paid any price for their Freedom, Rights, Liberties to defend what is perceived as free…..sans sacrifice. It will have to get much closer to home before they perceive the need. Maybe too late before they feel the pain.

          “Everyone must determine for themselves what level of tyranny they are willing to tolerate.” Some old white guy

          “I’ll take dangerous liberty over safe slavery every second of my life.” Easy to say; tough to act upon…….the difference between freedom and servitude….Government Plantation Dwellers and free Patriots.

          “Although Might never makes Right, Might is always required to enforce Right.” Actually Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties. He who has the Might, determines who has the Right. There’s the gun control agenda in a nut shell. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder…..RIGHT IS IN THE EYE OF THOSE WITH MIGHT.

          Regarding “What good is a handful of dead Patriots if nothing is gained?”……one might ponder Gen George Patton’s admonishment pre-D-Day…..“Now, I want you to remember that no son of a bitch ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb son of a bitch die for his country.” Sadly, most Medal of Honor recipients were awarded posthumously. Usually requires several “poor son of a bitches” on one side before they start ringing up on the other side.

        • My reply comment to Darkman and Patriot in a Holler is under “review” by our 1st Amendment TTAG Controllers. How does one support 2A while “moderating” 1A???? Following is an addition that didn’t make it into that initial reply. “…. It will have to get much closer to home before the youngsters perceive the need. Maybe too late before they feel the pain. That’s the why of Hitler’s “blitzkrieg”……one end of the Might Stick with “creeping Socialism” as the other end. We are about to pass from the decades long “creeping” end of the stick to the “blitzkreig” end under Sleazy, Senile old Joey and KamalHo. Buckle up….it’s gonna be a hoot of a ride.

  4. Ks. HB 2058 will pass – – – – –
    Because you can’t carry a gunm on an airplane.

    I think Prez Joe Biden gets a stiffy evertime he hears the word, Executive Order.
    *Boing*,,, The Power
    Dianne ” Oh Joe, is that a pickle in your pocket or did you shit your pants again”
    Joe ( panting and slobbering)” Nouuu itsch jusht Eggsheshitvive ORDER. “

  5. Yikes! All I’m really looking for is a 2 point sling for my scary rifle.Can’t find reasonably priced ammo. Thanks for the dough slow Joe😏

  6. What do you think this is? A one-horse pony show? Of course we’re going to take action on guns! Look, it’s time to unify. The MAGA folks need to get with the program.

  7. The “safe storage” ordinances in several California cities apply to ALL gun owners, not just those with kids or who may have kids in their homes at some point. And yes, that includes individuals living alone with no visiting minors. The San Francisco ordinance tried to get as close to the line drawn by Heller without crossing it–and of course the Ninth Circuit upheld the ordinance.

    • Before I got my CCW I used to carry concealed at home. I vaguely recall CA law about carrying in the back yard, but the gray area of the law was about it being fully enclosed with locked gates, no indication of wall/fence heights. Being in an open (door) attached (to the house) garage is a no-go. I wouldn’t open carry at home, in CA anyways, some liberal neighbor looking into your house will freek out and call the cops. Concealed means concealed.

      • Besides Cali, I wonder how many other States restrict carrying a weapon on private property (yours). What you a describing is just sad..and dangerous for the property owner who might need to defend themselves.

  8. Anything good in the video? I bailed after listening to blabbering about censoring cuss words for 4.5 minutes.

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