North Carolina Sheriff Candidate: Kill Gun Owners Who Won't Give Up Their Guns
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On March 7th, Democrat Sheriff candidate R. Daryl Fisher appeared in front of a Moms Demand Action meeting at the West Asheville, North Carolina public libary.  At the meeting, he professed support of “common sense” gun control laws. And now we find out he went much further.

By common sense legislation, he means that he wants to see bans on full-capacity magazines for both rifles and handguns, bans on any weapon used by the military, and upping the purchase age for all guns to 21. And he endorsed a whole slew of new restrictions and regulations on concealed carry.

And what would he do if gun owners don’t comply with the laws he’d like to see enacted? He advocated killing anyone who refuses to surrender their guns. “You’ve heard people say you have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands.” He then shrugged his shoulders, shook his head back and forth, and then continued:  “Okay…”

North Carolina Sheriff Candidate Daryl Fisher: Kill Gun Owners Who Won't Give Up Their Guns

The approving Moms Demand Action crowd erupted in laughter and applause. Of course. Meanwhile, would-be Sheriff Fisher just grinned.

Here it is :

As more and more Americans see the video of this would-be tyrant’s remarks, the outrage has only grown. First he released one statement in response, and then a second criticizing those spreading “false information and propaganda”.

In the second statement, released on Facebook, he addressed his “cold, dead hands” remarks, claiming the statement was a “joke”.

I admit the joke was a mistake and I should not have joked.

At the same time, he failed to apologize or even acknowledge the horrific nature of his remarks.

Judging by the hundreds of caustic comments on his campaign’s Facebook page, his murderous fantasies don’t sit well with most Americans.

The fact that Robert Fisher’s day job is as the Asheville-Buncombe Technical College’s law enforcement training director should cause even greater concern. Is he teaching young police recruits that it’s okay to shoot gun owners who bitterly cling to their Constitutional rights?

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  1. Welcome to the New World 🌎 Order! Globalism on the Move….Let’s all help fight the future before its to late……

    • “I admit the joke was a mistake and I should not have joked.”

      Good policy choice. What could possibly go wrong?

        • That county went deeply for Trump.
          He was speaking to the communist community in Asheville. That city fits better in CA than NC.
          That town is as full of liberal hypocrites as Hollywood.

        • @fishydude – ALL major cities, no matter what state, are leftist hellholes. Libturds do NOT do well in a rural environment, they need a nanny state, like fleas need a dog!

      • That’s big “talk”. If you really want to attempt that, bring it and let’s see who is left standing. To those who want another civil war, this will do it. This is that RED LINE the “Barack Hussein Obama Sotero Sobarkah” fans “DO NOT” want to cross.

        • All of these Left Wingers fail to understand that most of law enforcement and the Military are on the side of gun owners and that the vast majority of firearms are owned by Conservatives. It would be a very short lived revolution.

    • Rare moment when a Democrat Politician is being honest. He apologized for “joking”, does that mean he was serious about that comment? Either way he is too biased for office.

    • He wasn’t joking. He was voicing what many gun grabbers really want – the absolute destruction of the 2A and those of us who support it. As for the POS, I wouldn’t shed a tear if …..

      • That POS will likely meet his maker sooner than he plans! There isn’t anywhere he can go that he will be safe from some accident, assault, robbery, or more. And no one will shed a tear. As for TWATS and her group, their kitchens and bedrooms are calling and their house needs cleaning! At least there, they might be able to do something useful!

    • I used the link for the so-called school where he teaches.

      Every ‘professor/instructor’ with the last name beginning with F, has the same last name of Fisher.

      Seems a little Fishy.

    • This jerk, if elected sheriff, will put his deputies is mortal danger if he gets his way. Now you know why we have our 2nd Amendment.

      • Hopefully his deputies will be smarter than he is. If not, there will be a lot of bloodshed due to the general populace trying to defend their God given rights of self defense. I hope and pray that this does not happen, but inside, I fear that eventually it will. History tends to repeat itself for those who don’t pay attention to the lessons of history, and a lot of folks, especially the younger generation, don’t even seem to know history. We may see the repeat of the Russian revolution, which led to Communist rule 100 years ago, in the U.S.S.R.. Tens of millions lost their lives in that bloody revolution, and tens of millions suffered horribly for decades after the Communists took control of the government. I don’t understand why people here are so eager to give up their Constitutional and God given rights, so easily. Maybe it is all of the drugs that they have been taking.

        • Art, our schools do not teach the same history we were taught in school many years ago. Some schools no longer teach Math, History and English at all. Most schools do not teach, they indoctrinate. That’s one reason everything is going south for youngsters these days. It’s only going to get worse.

        • The ones that are smarter than he is will find positions elsewhere, or he will get rid of them. Then you’ll have Broward County Cowards 2.0.

    • Yep. And this guy’s right popular on his campus, I’ll bet. The newly arrived east-coast libtards who moved south to escape the high-tax, totalitarian cesspools they’ve created up there just brought the very cultural values that created their home states with them. And now they infest North Carolina. Same thing’s happening to Texas.

      • People in Texas better hurry up — make sure the right to keep and bear arms is fully intact and entrenched, that their police force doesn’t have gun grabbers, they build up their militias and they don’t allow the Feds to dictate and control — before too many Cali-boys come to Austin to setup shop.

        • To many Cali-libs in Austin already. the Texas Supreme Court will hear the case of Austin City Council election fraud tomorrow.
          Dimms can’t win unless they cheat.

          Travis County (Austin) Sheriff has already declared Travis County to be a Sanctuary. She recently refused a $240,000 grant for safety equipment (especially vests) for her department because she wouldn’t sign the application which contained an assertion that she was following Federal Immigration Laws.

          Guess her deputies are ok with that.

    • He doesn’t mention how many guns will have to be pried from the cold, dead hands of the assaulting law enforcement officers attempting to enforce his edict while he sits comfortable in his office. Or how many times that will have to happen before his deputies will give him a big F-U when orderd to undertake the task.

      • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt . . .”
        – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

        • This deserves to be repeated everywhere. Sounds like the basis for a Hollywood blockbuster.

  2. This schlub wont be taking point, but would have no qualms about sending in SWAT teams in Bearcats to disarm the evil NRA members of their fully automatic assault rifle weapons of war machineguns. Thats what he means with a shrug and his cryptic “OK.” Half the Sheriffs in this country would like to see the civilians disarmed, because it cedes more power to them.

    And those SWAT boys will be “just following orders.”

      • Body armored commed nightvisioned SWATtroopers with fullauto SIGs in helos and Bearcats vs. homeowners in basements with Mossberg pump guns.

        Doesnt seem like a level playing field.

        Seems like the Clinton era concepts of banning guns for civilians and militarizing police were well thought out. They have all the bases covered, and with the marching Kommie Klown Kids and a weak kneed Trump this inevitable collision of ideologies could get interesting. Remember Waco.

        • If you don’t think there’s a sizeable percentage of well trained gun owners that own NODS and rifle plates and are ready, willing and able to defend our rights, you’re sadly mistaken.

        • 😂 you think it’s going to go down like that? You need to do some serious research and quit reading mommy blogs.

        • “Doesn’t seem like a level playing field”

          And that is his disconnect, and that of those idiots he was talking to. The entire POINT of the Second Amendment is that the PEOPLE must have weapons of military value in order to “level the playing field” when a tyrannical government (or its agents) comes calling.

        • The Brits had the same attitude, But a rag-tag bunch of settlers engaged in asymmetrical Guerrilla warfare. GO INTO ANY SITUATION WITH THE ATTITUDE YOU ARE GOING TO WIN! Those jack-boots aren’t bulletproof, they go home too. LEO’s need to decide if they want to be on the side of tyranny or Liberty.
          IF things go sideways and jump off; NO QUARTER!
          (I do Not condone or advocate violence toward ANYONE when we have many peaceful diplomatic alternatives available to us)
          As in Road House: “BE nice until it’s time to not be nice”

        • I would remind this clown that there are lots of tall buildings around his known and fixed defensive position, with easily monitored ingress and egress routes. The legislation he would love to get would not happen overnight and not even his own officers would trust him.

        • All the Sigs and Bearcats in the world can’t save them when they are loading groceries in the car at the local big box store.

        • I suggest that you lead the first raid, in taking firearms from Americans. U will be dead before u hear the shot. At least, You would be, if you come for my guns. FACT If you think that swat teams or any other police unit are eager to confront a well, trained and armed patriot…I have some ocean front property in ND to sell you. We out number the police, the FBI, the CIA and of course, all of you liberal pussies.

        • While it is true that when they come for you it won’t turn out in your favor in terms of how many you get before they get you. However, if you go after them things can turn out differently. Like in any fight, don’t let the opponent dictate where or how the fight is going to take place.

        • Exactly….after the first few instances of state sanctioned murder for confiscation takes place (in order to rule out justified LEO operations), it would be time for Patriots to mobilize on these specific regions and take defensive measures. This means pursuing those responsible, in the middle of the night, inside their homes while they sleep, and slaughtering the criminals responsible, as the sleep in their beds along side their wives as their children sleep down the hall. How many of these events will have to take place before their substitutes realize it isn’t worth desecrating the constitution for a failed political ideology? How many Liberal Terrorists™️ will have to be sacrificed before our Constitutional Republic is restored to what our Founders intended?? Hahaha. That’s a trick question. Answer…ALL OF THEM. And yes, that means the literal genocide of 10’s of millions of these filthy leftists.

        • More people died in a year in Brazil than Americans died in Vietnam. Mexico had about half as many reported murders (in 2017) as Brazil did. Those two places have strict laws on keeping and bearing arms.

          Mexico has the laws that Americans are calling for. Like restricting calibers, banning citizen ownership of specific guns and not allowing people to carry guns outside the home. This was a country that had the right to keep and bear arms in their constitution until they changed it.

          In Mexico and Brazil criminals assassinate government workers for their guns. They smuggle them into the country too. A revolver kills a cop just as well as a rifle. The criminals eventually amass fully automatic rifles and belt fed machine guns.

      • After a few SWAT raids to kill gun owners and confiscate guns illegally those whose families were ripped apart will be willing to go rip apart a few SWAT team members families. Last time I checked it’s only the SWAT team that has all the military hardware. Help me again, I can’t remember what the smallest size plate carriers they make. War is hell. Don’t want none, don’t bring none.

        • Ask the folks in NY how their armed resistance to the SAFE act is going. Oh, thats right, there is no resistance. NYers have either sent their guns out of state, sold them, or are handing them over to the cops when they show up at the door. The photos of lines of obedient gun owners in NY preparing to register their guns do not lie. Its called ATTRITION, quietly going out on various other legal matters and oh, btw, you are shown to have illegal assault weapons, hand them over, your wife says you still have them.

          Koresh put up armed resistance in Waco and they just sent in tanks to burn them out. That Dallas cop killer Micah Johnson got bombed for his trouble.

          A little too much watching Red Dawn and not enough actual footage of SWAT procedures methinks. If the whole country went into complete chaos at once, then perhaps a Red Dawn scenario could emerge, but with the lights on and McDonalds open? How do you fight tanks with AR15s when they control the communications?

          Fact is, we are closer than ever to complete tyranny. The police state has been built and is functioning. Tough to put the milk back in the spilled carton.

        • Texas is not NY. At least not yet. And I bet the only guns cops are confiscating are the registered ones. Take a lesson!

        • LarryinTX, not yet, but give it 5 more years of California granola brains moving there. Same with the South, all the yankees moving there claim to want to get away from the high taxes and ridiculous laws, then they start demanding the same idiotic crap they ran away from an hour after unpacking their crap in their new home. More schools, more cops, more roads, more services, = more taxes and more laws.

          You dont smash a rock into a million pieces with one blow, its done by ATTRITION. And these nasty leftists have been pounding away 100 years, they arent going to quit. 100 years gave us Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Clinton, and the hardcore commie Obama, and he did 100 years worth of damage in 8. Trump aint the saviour. The next Democrat President is gonna seal the deal, and that could be in less than 3.

          No way will the Federal behemoth stand by for the creation of an ethnostate, Freedom Sector, Region of Constitutionalists or anything not completely under their umbrella of forced obedience. States like Arizona cant even seal their own borders from invaders, much less foster a Zone Of Freedom.

          Trannies openly serving in the military and Mattis is ok with it. Need I say more? Game over man, game over.

      • The takers have to go home sometime assuming home isn’t burned down while they are out violating their oaths. How many who still have a family and a home will continue doing as they are told when half the other offices homes are ashes and their families dead? This idiot should have kept his mouth shut.

  3. Tyrants like this don’t seem to realize that they share the same soil as those he’d like to kill. Unless he has 24 hour armed guards protecting himself and ALL his family members, especially during the middle of the night, he should keep his mouth shut. We WILL defend ourselves against their “War of Leftist Aggression”.

    • And armed guards protecting his armed guards. They have to go home sometime too. And grocery shopping. And to the barber. And stop for gas.

      It seems that prospective tyrants NEVER actually think these things through to their inevitable climax.

  4. It was a joke. He shouldn’t have to apologize and there shouldn’t be any outrage. I mean his policies are terrible but get angry over that and don’t worry about his jokes.

    • It wasn’t a joke. And the crowd’s reaction proves there’s some support for these actions. They won’t like the result. Not one bit.

      • It was obviously a joke. We don’t need to be like SJWs and get upset over humor. Besides if you listen past him saying “Okay” he says “Whenever you pass away we’ll come take them.” so he wasn’t even joking about killing people. He was saying they could wait for the current owners to die then take the guns upon their deaths. So, not only was he joking, but he was taken out of context and misrepresented too.

        • So its okay that anything a gun owner says can and will be taken out of context? Yeah no. This jerk should be taken to task for his “joke”. Maybe its time to play the sjw game. Use their own tactics against them.

        • Because stealing items from the rightful heirs of the deceased is way more constitutional, right?

        • FYI, that is exactly how the country will be disarmed. Already in California, inheritence rights to registered assault weapons have been eliminated. If that stands in court, I expect that to be the means by which we are disarmed, slowly over an 80 year period.

        • “Whenever you pass away we’ll come take them.”

          C’mon, Reggie, under what conditions would a person die in which the coroner would be required to pry his gun from his cold, dead hands? Emphysema? Colon cancer? Texting while driving?

          The only ones I can think of, other than the obvious implications of being involved in a violent criminal act, are suicide and attempted gun confiscation raids.

        • Cliff H That is why it’s important to remember that it’s a joke. It’s not meant to be taken literally. “Take it from my cold dead hands.” “Okay, we’ll wait. SHouldn’t be too long. You’re an old fat white guy with diabetes.” it has comedic effect that way.

        • Any jackass that wants to run for ANY public office, that doesn’t take SERIOUS upholding ALL the laws of the land, needs to be removed from office and the ballots. Holding public office entails an oath to uphold the Constitution. You do not, as as a public servant, get to picks which parts you like and agree with. It’ NOT something to ‘joke’ about to get votes.

        • How about killing the criminals that abuse the freedoms we law abiding citizens have. Although the lafter and snickering would subside, outraged for the criminals “civil Rights” the death penalty should be the first step in “gun control” for the criminals who care less about the people’s civil liberties. Bring it back, let’s see how fast the murder rate in this country drops. And law abiding citizens should be praised for killing those who would murder, rape, and attempt severe bodily harm on other law abiding citizens THATS gun control!

    • “This is America, it can never happen here!!” as he was being lead into the cattle car still refusing to believe tyranny and oppression are possible in America.

      • So many replies.

        1 to Raul: I do believe that tyranny and oppression can come to America. And I believe when it does it will slander and misrepresent its opponents because it values partisanship and victory over principle.

        2: Ironhead, read response number 1.

        3: Premise, no it’s not constitutional or moral. But there is a difference between saying “kill anyone who won’t give up their guns.” and “Wait for them to die and then take the guns.” one is advocating murder and the other is simply advocating theft, which are two different things last time I checked. All I want is for people to be honest.

        4: Quest, I agree. That is how they would most likely disarm people because it will cause it will be less sudden and raise less alarm. Again, the problem is people are misrepresenting him. Misrepresenting him is not necessary and does not help our cause. It does not make us look good and is bad PR. You can hang him on things he actually said if you must.

        • Not misrepresenting him by much.

          If a thief breaks into my house when I’m there, I’m within my rights to stop him by any means necessary. If that thief barges in to take some of my stuff — which still belongs to my family, just as it belonged to me — when he sees that my diabetes has finally killed me, my family still has the right to stop him by any means necessary.

          Thieves get killed by their would-be victims fairly frequently (if not frequently enough). Yet somehow, if government is doing it, we have to put up with things we’d never tolerate from any individual or any other group of people.

          You say we should call it what it is — well, if the government is running theft and extortion rackets, maybe it’s time we started treating it like we’d treat a thief and extortionist.

      • Okay, I’ll accept that it was a Kinsley Gaff. Even so, the article misrepresents him. He still didn’t say “Shoot anyone who won’t give up their gun.” he very clearly says “Whenever you pass away, we’ll come get it.” which means waiting until they die then taking their gun, and yes, I do believe he actually wants to do that. It’s still not accurate, though, to say he is saying he wants to shoot anyone who won’t give it up.

        • I think you’re doing the misrepresenting.

          Violence is the entire context here. Everyone knows that the “cold dead hands” quip means you’d rather go down shooting. If you don’t mean to imply that you’re willing to “help” people die of high-velocity lead poisoning, you don’t make that joke.

          It’s on the same order as making public quips about nooses and Negroes and then wondering why “those people” are getting upset.

        • Okay, I’ve pretty much said everything I want to say about this. You can agree or disagree at this point. I’ve made my argument.

          However, to say that he wants to kill anyone who won’t give up their guns requires an assumption on his inner thoughts that doesn’t match with what he said. I won’t say it’s wrong to assume dishonest in every case, but it requires a lot of evidence and context to do so and its an unnecessary risk because you can as easily use what he directly said against him.

        • “Okay, I’ve pretty much said everything I want to say about this.” Good. Now, please go away.

        • I don’t believe he was joking when he said what he said about taking the guns from your cold dead hands. He said the last part to try and MAKE IT SEEM a joke. “We’ll wait for you to pass awy

        • Who are you dipshit(Reggie), his PR man? For you to say he was joking is pure horse crap! Unless you were in the dope’s head when he made the statement, “you ain’t gotta clue” as to what he was thinking! So cut the crap and get over your self!

    • Joking just a little bit there.

      Which part is the joke and which part isn't? The taking of the guns or the prying from the gun owner's dead hands?

    • If someone were to stand in front of an NRA meeting and casually mention how they’ll kill the people who disagree with them, it wound’t be taken as a joke. In fact, the media would go through great lengths to label them a domestic terrorist.

  5. Good job sir. Advocate the wholesale slaughter of otherwise law-abiding citizens who follow the Constitution and exercise their God-Given Right. I dare you to go around unarmed and without protection the rest of your life.

    BTW, how exactly were you planning to make our hands cold and dead? Oh- you were going to shoot us. With guns. Interesting.

  6. OMG. This asshat is a TYRANT in a cheap gray suit. Warning America, once it’s gone it hard to get it back. FREEDOM

    • “It was just a joke”
      No, it’s what passive aggressive people say.
      It’s not like he’s going to actually tool up and go in himself.

      • …’Now I’m the kinda man that’d not harm a mouse
        But if I catch somebody breakin in my house
        I’ve got twelve guage shotgun waiting on the other side

        So don’t go pushing me against my will
        I don’t want to have to fight you but I dern sure will
        So if you don’t want trouble then you’d better just pass me on by….’

  7. This is historically accurate for the State of North Carolina. Many blacks were killed for not turning in their guns when told to do so. Politically connected white people will get to keep their guns, just as they always have.

    The question is will gun owners in this county get activated?
    And what do the state level gun rights groups have to say????

  8. These nwos need to taught who they down down to the people not the other way around. If they don’t respect the people then a second 1776 will fix the problem.

  9. Remember this clown the next time someone says “no one wants to take your guns”. The State and loyal Party members want us dead and will not tolerate our continued way of life. Make no mistake, they are more then happy to sign our warrants. I have no doubt that the audience would have happily cheered if this POS Party member had brought out an NRA member and executed him or her on the stage that very moment.

    The mere fact that they feel so emboldened to say such things knowing it will be on the record should scare all of us.

    We are at war and while it is, at the moment, (mostly) a war of words it will heat up and make what is happening in the Middle East look like a pre-school playground brawl.

    We are past the point where we can exist as a unified society and we need to separate the two peoples and go our separate ways.

    • That’s the problem.

      Too many morons on our side still have their heads in the sand singing, “This is America it can never happen here, it was only a joke!!” like some idiot said above. It is the same mindset that has allowed the Communists to take over our society and why America is in decline.

      Well IT IS HAPPENING!! We are at war!! Just because the shooting hasn’t started yet doesn’t make it less so.

  10. EVERYTHING government does is ultimately backed by the threat of death. Selling individual cigarettes? You might die. Don’t pay a fine for having the wrong kind of kitchen curtains or growing veggies in front of your house? You might die. Call 9-1-1 because someone in your family needs mental help? You might die.

    That’s what government is, folks. A monopoly on violence.

    • Call the police to report that a neighbor might be being sexually or physically abused? YOU might die when they arrive.

    • This. Every law has an invisible – but very real – death sentence attached. When any politician votes for any law, they are advocating the death of anyone who does not comply. The role of the police is to kill you if you resist. I don’t know why anyone is surprised by this.

    • This is actually quite an insightful post. As Progs make more and more things illegal (mostly so that they can tax it or control access to it to get their cut), police interactions with citizens have skyrocketed. Assuming that some small percentage of interactions can go bad due to human error, you are dramatically increasing police interactions which end up getting violent. That man in NY should NEVER have died over selling single cigarettes. Somehow people forget that most police interactions that go bad (meaning unjustified use of force or over use of force) happen in because of stupid laws or overreach by Progressive politicians.

  11. Leftist gun grabbers, from Marx to Hillary Clinton, have absolutely no compunction about using FORCE/violence to achieve their goals. Ladies and gentlemen, they are no longer in the closet about confiscation.

  12. For those that don’t know Asheville is stuck in the sixties. If you need parts for VW Bus that’s where to go. Just follow the smell of petrully oil.

    • Asheville was populated by hippies in the 60s and they and their children still reside there. It is an “unusual” city to say the least.

  13. Well. That escalated quickly. Jesus! Does he really think we’ll trust him to uphold the law!?!? Sure liberal media may fawn over him briefly but the rest of the voters are apalled by statements like that he is openly advocating government sponsored mass murder. Oh and the potential Sheriff would be wise to keep his pie hole shut statements like that might get some deputies shot, those statements don’t exactly give the public a case of warm fuzzies for dealin with the police.

  14. Wait, he’s running for sheriff in North Carolina? Is Ashville close to Mayberry? He appears to be a relative of Barney Fife. I know Andy Taylor would never have said that. It’s gotta be Barney Fife.

  15. Not surprised. I live in Chicagoland. There’s plenty of leftard dumbocrat sheriff’s and po-leece chief’s threatening US. I will never disarm…

    • Sheriff Tom “I am just a social worker and I’m doing this sheriff thingy because it pays better than social work” Dart.

  16. North Carolina was a wonderful state for a long time, then some big financial corporations moved into Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham and brought in employees from outside NC instead of embracing the beauty of the state they immediately set to change it to another progressive utopia. Asheville has always been a progressive bastion. With those 3 major metropolitan areas plus NC State a UNC turning out hundreds of indoctrinated students the future of NC is likely Blue.

    • If NC had bothered to invest in it’s state education system in the 80’s and 90’s new economy companies wouldn’t have had to import workers from states and country’s that did. Regardless, the influx from out of state has been a huge benefit to the over all economy and tax base of NC. NC is just experiencing what happened in Virginia a generation ago, becoming richer and more educated, that’s a good thing. The old south is very slowly dying from the north downward. Some people may not like it, but many do, regardless it is inevitable so don’t worry about something you have no control over.

  17. All these people who claim to be anti gun and anti violence aren’t really being honest with themselves or anybody else. The truth is, guns and violence are both ok, as long as they are being used to advance their agenda.

  18. “Jesters do oft prove prophets.” Shakespeare, King Lear

    I’d suggest a resignation or firing is in order. He may regret getting caught joking, but he still believes it. “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” Benjamin Franklin

  19. What is it with liberals and mass murder?

    Wouldn’t you think that if your social-improvement program relied on mass murder, maybe there’s something wrong with your social improvement program? Maybe mass murder doesn’t put you on the moral high ground after all?

    Not too long ago a white college professor called for the killing of all white people, in that white people are “the problem”. Why does an “enlightened” professor endorse mass murder?

    There was a woman in, was it North Carolina, who recently stated her goal for solving the world’s problems: kill off 95% of the men in the world. Men are harassers, rapists, violent, men start wars, and on and on. So kill off 95% of them, just leave 5% for breeding stock, and hey, those guys won’t be complaining so — win-win, in her mind. As if the mass murder of 47.5% of the world’s population is a good idea?

    This idiot, with killing off the gun owners. Mass murder again?

    And wasn’t there a story here on TTAG about a year or two ago, where some thinktank had determined that most people will turn in their guns, but something like 20-30 million wouldn’t, and they’d obviously have to be killed?

    One of the goals of the so-called illuminati is to kill off the “eaters”, getting overall human population down to, what, 500,000? Do they not see a moral problem with this?

    What the **** are they thinking? Mass murder your way to societal improvement?!?! Do they even hear themselves?

    And they say we’re the violent ones…

  20. Ultimately, any rights you believe that you have might need to be defended with your life. The purpose of government is to prevent that from being necessary but if the government turns against you, you may have no choice.

    If you say that you are not willing to defend a right with your life, then you likely won’t have many rights for very long.

    • “It is no longer enough to be willing to fight and die to protect our rights, one must be willing to kill for them, too”. IST

  21. This guy is so wrong it is unbelievable. But, I don’t think his joke was that he was going to kill them; he did say “ok, after they pass away we’ll take the guns then.” That sounds more like him saying he’s willing to wait and just not let the guns be inherited, rather than he’s willing to send SWAT to kill anyone who won’t turn in their guns.

    • If the police or swat teams kill you, are you not just as dead, as the man who died of a heart attack. He never said, how they would pass away. Libs will always tell the truth when in the mist of their own…I hope all of those in attendance at this meeting, have the oppportunity to face an intruder, and only have their vibrator and blowup dolls for self defense. They would be pro gun, very soon afterwArds, assuming they are still alive.

    • Still the same threat. When this jackass arrives after MY death, he’ll wish he had come for me, instead, as my sons are much more capable with my guns than I am. He and his goons will get their asses handed to them.

  22. He’s gonna need a lot of deputies.

    I think he might just have a problem finding anyone to take the job. Who wants to be a target that actually gets shot at on a daily basis?

    Gonna need Level IV armor too. Still might not be enough.

  23. Joking or not , The whole discussion points out the situation could get stinking messy fast .
    Keep that back hoe in good working order. Just in case.

  24. I find it interesting that NC requires Sheriffs to take three Oaths of Service prior to their assuming Office…Knucklenuts is just another Democrat who has not read the U.S. or State Constitutions nor does he care what they say when it conflicts with his “feelings” and Party Planks.

    Oaths of Office for Sheriffs
    At the time of their swearing in, newly elected sheriffs must take three different oaths of office.
    The first oath is required by Article VI, §7 of the North Carolina Constitution.
    “I, _________________, do solemnly swear (or
    affirm) that I will support and maintain the Constitution and the laws of the United States, and the Constitution and laws of North Carolina not inconsistent therewith, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of my office as Sheriff of ________
    ______ County, so help me God.”
    The second oath is required by N.C. Gen. Stat.§ 11-7 and applies to every person elected or appointed to office in North Carolina.
    “I, _________________, do solemnly and sincerely swear that I will support the
    Constitution of the United States; that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the State of North Carolina, and to the constitutional powers and authorities which are or may be established for the government thereof; and that I will endeavor to support, maintain, and defend the Constitution of said State, not inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, to the best of my knowledge and ability; so help me God.”
    The third oath is required by N.C. Gen. Stat.§11-11 and specifically applies to the Office of Sheriff.
    “I, __________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will execute the Office of Sheriff of _____________ County to the best of my knowledge and ability, agreeably to law; and that I will not take, accept or receive, directly or indirectly, any fee, gift, bribe, gratuity or reward whatsoever, for returning any man to serve as a juror or making any false return on any process to me directed; so help me, God.”

    • ? I solemnly swear to lie through my teeth and I will say anything to fool you. So help me I’m an atheist.

  25. it is out of the heart that the mouth speaks

    he cant take it back now

    he just made himself an enemy of the state just like david hogg did when he called for revolution

    he gives all cops a bad name

    it will be a sad day in america if hes elected sheriff

    perhaps he should read the history of lexington and concord

    • You should go look up countless videos of sheriffs and police chiefs saying the exact things he did. You should see how they support and actively push for breaking the law of the U.S. You should see how cops are trained (like animals) to follow along with it.

      The State is not on your side.

      • Although we did not get to hear the whole dissertation therefore it was out of context what the man said was historically accurate.

        • While I disagree with this guy’s emphasis and position, Washington was not near as “noble” when it came to waging war as some would want to believe.

        • Now why is that important to understand? Because they are committed to their cause and way of life, as you are yours. And they see you as being wrong. … When people are passionate about what they believe in, they become a difficult enemy to beat.

          Perspective is important.

          Were the “founding fathers” terrorists for running away from the Crown or was the British Army terrorists for attempting to force them to expand the Crown’s territory?

          Is the State wrong when they pass “laws” to restrict the rights of the people whilst giving themselves an exemption? How is that any different than an Islamist who wants Sharia law? If the citizens think those types of people are wrong, are the citizens now a terrorist/sovereign citizen loon or only when they defend themselves from force they become terrorists?

          Most of the time you encounter sovereign citizens on a traffic stop, but it’s the same no matter what. … I am gonna say, ‘sir (or ma’am), can I see your driver license, please.” … When they say, ‘no.’ … Then I move on to the tell stage. ‘Sir (or ma’am), — I am telling you — I giving you a lawful order to provide me with your driver license. If you do not, I am going to remove you from the vehicle forcibly and I am going to charge you with obstruction and possibly other crimes.’ If they continue to refuse, then, it’s go time.

          Now, imagine the same mentality and logic applied to “laws” passed to restrict the human right of self preservation (using modern tools).

  26. I’m not surprised that such a person runs for and becomes a sheriff or police chief. That has been the norm since I was born. That’s how peace officers became a law enforcement officers. How “The Boys in Blue” became “The Men in Black.”

    People follow orders and leaders. If a leader orders them to confiscate guns from someone, people will do the job given to them. If a place like California can pass “legal” laws infringing on the U.S. constitution, law enforcement will follow “lawful” orders to disarm the people of California and federal agencies will help out if there is resistance.

    The Bill of Rights are just words on paper. The words coming out of most people’s mouth are not in support of the concept of human rights protected by law. Actions speak louder than words. The actions taken for many decades has been to ignore the law and do what they want. As we have seen, laws don’t stop bad guys, people do.

    What disturbs me is how horrible those people in the room are. They are essentially conspiring with a tyrant to overthrow a Constitutional Republic… They’re gleeful when they think of the death of people who will fight for human rights of all people within the U.S. It’s like being in a room of pedophiles as they talk about their favorite past time. Disgusting…

    • “What disturbs me is how horrible those people in the room are. They are essentially conspiring with a tyrant to overthrow a Constitutional Republic…”

      Happy little facists, all of ’em. That’s why every time they put on a national demonstration, Americans go out and purchase more guns and join the NRA (who’s membership is expanding exponentially right now). Resisting tyranny is in the American DNA. We know exactly who we are dealing with.

      BTW: this is out of context but I think it fits anyway. If you want to see a perfect example of just how Americans respond to tyranny, Google “The Battle Of King’s Mountain”. This is the story of an epic revolutionary war battle where “over mountain” villagers banded together to decimate a British regiment that was coming for them.

    • not quite right CZJAY. there is quite a difference between legal and lawful. all laws are legal but not all laws are lawful. if the laws are not lawful to start with then that makes an order to enforce them unlawful not lawful. legal is just law that has been made lawful or not. a lawful law is also morally right. if a law was made tomorrow that said that cops must shoot every white male they saw yes it would be legal but with the aforesaid would it in effect be lawful to either give or follow an order to carry out that law? why do you think that the Nuremberg Trials found those guys guilty even though they were “Just Following Orders” even though not following those orders would have seen them killed themselves

  27. Well, I’ve read going back even farther than the “cold dead hands” quote, something by Thomas Jefferson to the effect of “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    Oh the hilarity! I hope no one out there agrees with that sentiment with the same alacrity with which the good sheriff embraces mowing down millions of Americans in cold blood.

    • Micah Johnson [Army] and Gavin Long [Marine] thought it necessary for them to attack the government. They killed eight law enforcement officers.

  28. “…bans on any weapon used by the military…”

    So ban citizens from having any weapons that are readily available and effective, that let them understand the capabilities of the Gendarmes they interact with. Got it.

    The Feds have said repeatedly that a mid-power AR-pattern carbine is the best (least bad?) choice for a defensive fire arm, so we can’t let the regular folk have those.

  29. “You’ve heard people say you have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands.” He then shrugged his shoulders, shook his head back and forth, and then continued: “Okay…”

    I’m so old, I remember when a “peace officer” thought their job was to defuse potential violence; they measured success in how many people walked away unhurt. Apparently not success is measured in your bag count — only in-season, one assumes.

    Not surprising the audience clapped. Mothers Against Only Some Violence aren’t against people getting killed, or violence, or really even gun violence. They’re about retribution on the WrongThinkers as long as they don’t have to do it themselves: assassination by internal police hit squads will do.

    God I wish I was wrong. We’ve jumped right past Muggeridges Law: you can’t get over the top enough to even keep up with their craziness, let along parody it.

  30. You can’t tell me he, as a public speaker, he didn’t know his audience and didn’t know the absolute effect his words would convey to his cheering audience. To argue otherwise is the true act of a liberal who will argue right down to the literal to squirm away any sense of responsibility someone on their side should take for their actions. Meanwhile, a shooting happens and suddenly the NRA did it. Excuse me? Did they really pull the trigger? No, a liberal can use all the superlatives and hyperbole they want and it will always go unchecked.

  31. “Turn them in or get killed’ would make registration … a target list? Huh. Better go inform on somebody to the Feebs — get me some administrative cover.

    Deer feed plots are unsporting but they’re fine with GPS-enabled databases of citizens … er, people … sorry, “targets.”

  32. Tin foil hat to ironicatbest, come in over. ” Ironicatbest 5 by 5 over.” They’re stirring shit, trying to make a Tim McVeigh, they are hoping something will happen. Talking revolutions and killing Bill of Rights advocates. Wanting and waiting on their reason to declare war………..As far as prying guns from cold dead fingers, the carrying out of a law against the 2a would be up to the LEO or Guardsmens choice. Uphold the Constitution or not. Say what you will, and I bitch about cops too however Support Your Local Law Enforcement is true, without those as our first line of defense it gets real messy, CIA, FBI , Secret Agent Undercover Mans no, the support they need is finding another job.

  33. Pandering to a crowd with veiled threats is not a joke. Not now . Not ever. There are people applauding violence, on the non- violent, to stop violence. I am sure the people you swore to protect feel safer. Enjoy not being Sheriff, funnyman.

  34. Like most Cops he does not know shit about the law. In California they recently passed a law that does indeed force people to turn in semi-auto rifles for destruction that they have owned for years. Other States have confiscated high capacity magazines for destruction. Remember he stated it was unconstitutional. Well then tell him to explain what is going on in the rest of the U,S. The only other explanation that would make any sense is that it might be against their State Constitution and that can be changed far easier than the U,S. Constitution and with the mood of the country right now in full blow mass hysteria that is a done deal.

    And remember many a truth is said in jest and power mad cops would not hesitate to wipe out an entire neighborhood if they could legally do so when out to confiscate firearms. Remember Janet Reno when she said “burn em down kids and all” and they killed 80 people and it was only entertainment for the proletariat that night while watching TV. No one cared in the news media because they were religious and owned guns therefore they were expendable.

  35. It wasn’t a joke. If he didn’t really think it, he wouldn’t have said it. These left wing bastards really DO want to see you DEAD!

  36. There was a Sheriff in TN recently that, on the radio, told his deputies NOT to dent his cars by running an UNARMED man off the road during a slow speed pursuit but to ‘shoot and kill the SOB’ and they did! The man was mentally ‘challenged’ and should not have been driving, and may had been drunk, but still…takes a life to keep his cars from getting dented or scratched. Southern Sheriffs need to be screened and vetted much better than they are currently. Maybe a mental evaluation at each election.

  37. I’m in Texas, but I hope that the voters in NC do the right thing and show up to show him that his comments have consequences and not let him get away with that. I went to his facebook page and there are tons of people unhappy and commenting…there was even one post where he tried to clarify what he said, but he’s not addressing those that are calling him out……….

  38. So who is going to do this deed? Is he willing to risk lives? Does he think people are going to stand there in their front doorways and let it go down Easy?
    Pretty reckless talk.

  39. He advocated killing anyone who refuses to surrender their guns.
    ….and I luuuv you too cupcake.
    Your so cute when you talk dirty……for Fascist Fun!

  40. Like hiLIARy, he just “misspoke”. It happens all the time. We know it as a Freudian slip, where one unintentionally speaks what’s truly on his mind. Oops!
    I am not a citizen of NC and sure gald I’m not because with all the ignorance of many voters, coupled with the “entitlements” they promise the loafer class, it is a distinct possibility.

  41. What an idiot. If this statement had been made by a Republican it would be national news for several days. This is the BS we have to stop

  42. Outside of the UNC Asheville campus, the coffee shops, breweries, and other tourist hipster places, it is a unpaved road very rural area of the state.

    Familiar with the area. There are some gravel driveways where some folks live and don’t like or want strangers even on good occasions.

    Let’s just say this wannabe assclown sheriff doesn’t want to go down that path. Or gravel driveway.

    Hank Williams Jr. Country Boy Can Survive comes to mind.

  43. Double the comments of the next most frequently commented article, five times the average article over something a nobody said in a nowhere podunk, in front of a bunch of retired hippie house wives’ and all the couch commandos get triggered in to spouting off there tired old revolutionary rhetoric and threats of violence. This sort of rage spewing has been around since the late 70’s when guys got back from ‘nam and had to compete even a little with minority’s economically and didn’t get the help needed from society to put there PTSD, alcoholism and failed relationships in a proper medical context. Some small percentage here may be young enough that they inherited the exact same coping mechanism from there father, retreating in to fantasy’s of glory and heroism through violence instead of addressing the actual root causes of there alienation. None of the “dialogue” here is actually about guns or deeply held philosophical convictions, it’s about coping with alienation through avoidance strategies.

    • I guess they be coping…

      These people be coping too…

      By the way, Google deleted the Black Panther video of the black people protesting against “gun control” laws. They will delete more videos with minorities protesting “gun control” and erase the history that exposes the tyranny. The woman who runs Youtube doesn’t want gun content (and history) on her platform.

      • You be conveniently conflating one of my points with a much easier one for you to argue rather than actually addressing the one I raised and then simultaneously proving one of my others. The fact that black panthers conducted armed protests against gun control a hand full of times in one state almost fifty years ago during a time when blacks in America were undeniably suffering under systemized, legally codified oppression has nothing to do with my point. My point is the people on this forum aren’t protesting, or doing anything constructive. They are futilely spewing threats of violence (revolution) to people who already agree with them. That’s just “venting”. Venting is a coping mechanism and hence a substitute for action toward change. It is undeniable that the vast majority of people that indulge in such threats and inflammatory rhetoric currently (not 50 years ago) are older, working to middle class white males. The fact that you linked me directly to another of your comments indicating you believe gun control to be a racialized issue, and that somehow in modern day America whites are being oppressed only proves this as well as my other point that much of the violent threats spewed here are a result of repressed racial and economic anxiety from the Regain administration forward. Those behaviors are modeled by children, and the current economic situation for working class whites is even worse (much worse in fact) than it was in the late seventies. This combined with boomer retirement and subsequent idleness and the internet along with the intermingling of preparedness culture is why gun rights advocacy has taken on such a bellicose, violent tone. It’s become less about protecting guns and more about venting pent up bitterness on a whole host of racial and economic issues. Threats of violence by people who have know realistic ability to carry them out or reasonable expectation of success are almost always a sign of insecurity, true in the bar, true in the hood, true online.

        • I post the videos of black and indigenous peoples of North America to show that they thought the same as white people do today. Back then it was only the minorities that were complaining about the system being used to oppress people, murder them and disarm them. Now the system is going after everyone equally.

          Decades ago it was easy to go after people that were dehumanized and different than the majority. Hence why it was so easy for white America to support gun laws that were directed at blacks and exception of enforcement for whites. Now it’s whites pushing for laws to disarm whites. Those whites that want to get rid of liberty are using the blacks, Hispanics, Asians/Native Americans against the whites that don’t want to live in tyranny.

          To say it’s a bunch of struggling, racist, old white males is completely obfuscating the true issues. If you want to find a bunch of white guys like that look towards the Alt Right, Neo Cons and the NRA. You are more likely to find those types there. The internet is more diverse and younger.

          Some people might be venting on this website, but that isn’t to cope or sit idle. People are putting out their opinions on this public forum for the rest of the people to see. They are tired of the NRA speaking for them and they are tired of the Fudds. To them “Black Guns Matter” and they don’t care about hunting. Such people tend to be younger and passionate. The new gun owner is less like the stereotype people are used to seeing and they want that to be known. The younger people even have to argue on the internet with the old guard to make sure they don’t make things worse and they understand what is happening.

          The intensity isn’t because of racial or economic issues. It’s about the government transitioning from a Constitutional Republic to some Communistic Democracy. It’s about all peoples being oppressed by a bunch of immoral, international, elitist, power hungry, tyrants. They don’t want to become a total serf like their ancestors were; hence the blunt comments about resisting disarmament. They also are not a big fan of Trump or the GOP.

          I linked to my previous comment to show you that the video excerpt of the Black Panthers protesting gun laws was deleted after I pointed out that black people were speaking exactly how white people are doing right now. They were not speaking that way because they were trying to cope. They were speaking that way because they were being oppressed and murdered by the system (not by all white people). They first had to understand the system to know who was perpetuating it, that way they could plan how to resist and change it. They would have used the internet if it existed then.

          By they way, I don’t fit into your assumption.

    • Coping you clearly are not! Do you have even a clue how stupid those ass-umptions are? You have made a class 1 fool of yourself.

      • No, there not stupid, as evidence of this I offer you,… the clown above your comment who unwittingly validated most of my assertion.

  44. I think most Americans have had enough of threats, violence and coercion by the Hateful Left. Working Americans just want to be left alone, work for their wealth and be able to do as they please for entertainment. The Hateful Left uses threats of government force to extort taxes and kickbacks. They threaten your livelihood for disagreeing with them, threaten violence and act with violence against any who stand opposed and will even demand that police stand down so that their brown shirts can beat people up, destroy their property and threaten their lives. You don’t have to wait for Tyranny to become unacceptable, its already here. When they setup their police state they will find themselves greatly outnumbered. Beware the anger of the quiet man. If nothing else this last week alone has given us plenty of useful images and soundbites to expose them for what they are in the next election cycle. I hope Republicans have the guts to run ads showing progressive after progressive calling for violence against and murder of American citizens. Juxtaposing hyperbole with facts would make an excellent rebuttal to their silly march.

  45. the gun-grabbers just shot them-self(s) in the hoof!
    this may well be a major turning point;
    remember this day!

  46. Well since as someone who wants to be Sheriff, he either owns a gun/guns or will, and we all know he won’t give up his… there’s a place to start.

    • He’s a coward, just like Scot Peterson and Sheriff Israel of the Coward County Sheriff’s Department.

      If the balloon goes, up AT BEST, he’ll be cowering behind a police car, squatting in a pool of his own “bravery”.

  47. This doesn’t have to lead to violence.

    If NC quietly turns over his pelt to us, we won’t have to go to war with them (today).

    /sarc & FU to those in need of it

  48. The author of the article made me cringe when he uses the term “Constitutional rights.” That is an ignorant statement since the Constitution and the Second Amendment confers no positive right. It recognizes a pre-existing right. It is an additional limitation on federal power to infringe upon gun rights besides the fact that no authority is granted to the federal government in its limited, enumerated powers to infringe upon them in the first place.

    But moving along to the chuckle-head in the video, he wants to be Sheriff and if elected will swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and in the video he is already promising to violate that oath should he be elected.

  49. “Nice Family! I said, nice family! Man should take care to see nothing happens to ’em!”

    [In blood on the wall] TOUCHABLE!


  50. Having once lived in NC, I can say this guy, running for sheriff, has no chance of winning the county idiot award, much less sheriff. He’d have a hard time reciting the oath of office!

  51. I would like to thank candidate Fisher for candidly espousing his opinions. It helps the informed voter at the polling place. I wonder if he knew he was being taped….

  52. If all the “Fs” in the directory ars Fishers, there’s a good bet that there has been a lot of inbreeding there. Which inevitably lead to geniuses like this.

  53. This article misrepresents what he said. If you listen to the full quote, he explicitly says the government *can’t* take people’s weapons away, because it’s unconstitutional. Here’s the full quote:

    “What about people who already have weapons? Well, I’m gonna tell you now, don’t buy into the scare tactics. Don’t believe the scare tactics. You’ve heard people say, ‘You’ll have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands.’ Okay, whenever you pass away, we’ll come get it. I don’t know, I’m just saying. Joking just a little bit there. Now, the government cannot take a firearm that was legally purchased. So, based on the law today, if somebody purchased a firearm legally, if we were able to pass a law tomorrow banning that firearm, or banning a high-capacity magazine, there is case law that states we cannot enforce what happened yesterday on a law past today. That’s called an ex post facto law. It’s unconstitutional. We just can’t do it.”

  54. Disarming the People

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    That is the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. According to Daniel Webster’s dictionary, this meant “shall not be broken, violated, transgressed.

    NOTHING in this Amendment limits the right of the People to a well-regulated militia…but it points out that the People have the right, not only to keep and bear arms as individuals, but to use that right to form effective military units in order to keep their State (and the People within it) secure and free.

    Washington: ““A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.” “

    Hamilton: “The constitution shall never be construed…to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”

    Jefferson: “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
    And “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”

    It was clear to any but irrelevant fools that those who supported this Amendment had no intention on regulating, limiting, constricting the ability of law abiding citizens from arming themselves as individuals, or of banding together in effective units.

    It is an act of war to disarm a population. You disarm an enemy, not your allies. The current push for gun control is not to make us safer, but to control us.

    More than that, it is in direct violation of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. It is nothing short of efforts to bypass further the Supreme law of the land, and replace it wit arbitrary decisions of judges and lawmakers: a coup, rule by rulers rather agreements among representatives.

    So the effort to disarm us is in fact a civil war waged under pretense of forcible pacification.

    This makes those supporting the gun grabs from law-abiding citizens traitors against the Constitution, and our enemies.*

    This must be stopped and the criminals seeking to subvert our Constitution and our liberties held accountable.

    • It’s an oft misunderstood construction in the 2nd amendment, that whole “free state” bit.

      It has nothing to do with a geopolitical or geographic construct. The founders were speaking of individuals, and rights that were possessed by individuals.

      The 10th dealt with state’s rights. And it was the only one (after all, did the first detail a “state’s” right to free speech, or the fourth the right of a “state” to be secure in its possessions?).

      It is THE STATE OF BEING FREE. A State of Being.

      As in, looking at puppies puts me in a Happy State. The whole “National Guard” nonsense arose from the popularization of this mis-reading (intentional or not).

      The possession of arms (“Fire” or otherwise, regardless of whether “firearm” is a word of art), guarantees maintenance of a state of freedom, for the individual. Full stop.

  55. I’m a law enforcement officer in NC, and a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment. I know I’m not alone when I say that I will refuse to enforce any unconstitutional law, let alone kill someone for breaking an unconstitutional law. This guy is an extreme minority when it comes to law enforcement.

  56. Ban him from the erection all together. And if his dumba@# felt so strong about it then y is this parrot reading from the paper he should have known what he wanted to say what a piece of sh/÷ swearing to uphold the law in one hand and break it with the other just to make a bunch of bored housewives with nothing else to do with their lives happy, welcome too modern militarized police force

  57. This joker has to be a complete idiot. In the climate of today, it is extremely stupid to make the statement he made. In particular by someone seeking a position in law enforcement.

    What is equally in poor taste, is the audience approved of his crude statement.

    He apparently has an issue of spouting off his mouth before his process to think logically kicks in.

    Individuals voting for this joker will get exactly what they deserve. The problem is however, those that didn’t vote for him will likely end up suffering.

    • Nah it’s politically correct to joke about killing conservative white dudes. Hispanic guys too, but not if they’re liberal (then they become “P O C”)

  58. This type of talk started a Civil War down in this guy’s neck of the woods back in 1865 and they got their butts kicked.
    In the 1930s, the Nazi SS confiscated firearms and later killed the owners in a type of tyranny this Sheriff-Wanna-Be is professing.
    Watch your talk Mr. Sheriff-Wanna-Be, you just might get what you don’t want.

  59. 2A says that for a free state to remain free it must have a well regulated militia. It then goes on to say it is necessary for individual citizens to have the right to keep and bear arms. This second part (keep and bear arms) is necessary to populate the first part (well regulated militia).

  60. Radical gun owners make the stupid joke about prying their guns from their cold dead fingers all the time. Then, when someone continues the joke by agreeing with them, they get all whiney.

  61. wow, so all the legal people who owns guns and do not want to get rid of them would be killed, end of problem right? but all the gangs and drug dealers who do not have legal guns would never have their doors knocked on because they don’t have legal guns, for one, and the cops turn their heads looking the other way like they do here in Henderson as instructed by the Sheriff who is allowing the gangs and drug dealers to run this once beautiful town to go around killing whoever they want as long as the price is right lining the pockets. But now the decent people who has kept out of everyone way and just go hunting to support our food supply has to give up our guns or be killed? WOW, who really is the thugs???

  62. As soon as I am absolutely guaranteed that all evil people are gone from the face of the earth then I will give up my weapons as a law abiding citizen. O, by the way that will be when Jesus returns to rule the world for a 1000 years. For now it is people like this law officer and the progressives that are very evil minded. Many Law Enforcement Officers that I have worked very closely with want the good people to have guns for their personal protection and theirs as well. Strange as this sounds if he was in trouble and needed my help I would still defend him to save his life and the life of others.
    1911: Turkey; citizens disarmed – 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered
    1929: Russia; citizens disarmed – 20 million Russians murdered
    1935: China; citizens disarmed – 20 million Chinese killed
    1938: Germany; citizens disarmed – 6 million Jews murdered
    1956: Cambodia; citizens disarmed – 1 million “intellectuals” killed
    1964: Guatemala; citizens disarmed – 100,000 Mayan Indians massacred
    1970: Uganda; citizens disarmed – 300,000 Christians put to death
    Is USA NEXT?

  63. Do you want a civil war, because this is how you get a civil war, and the previous one would look small in comparison.

    • no dont want a war however i have seen it coming for a long time in both our respective countries. that being said if it does not happen our countries will slip beneath the waters of time as countries that once had liberty but gave it up for a little temporary safety and got shafted

  64. his type of mentality puts “his laws” as the basis for life and makes it mandatory to follow him as if, man was made for the law (instead of the laws made for man). He is the very type that would turn on his neighbor, family, church friends, fellow officers…you wouldn’t want him watching your back…

  65. That dude is an idiot. The funny part is the mom demand action group laughed and applauded. Goes to show how peaceful they really are. These people are pushing they’re weight around just a little to much. I hope we don’t go into a civil war. But they do keep backing us into a corner. Taking away our rights ,raising taxes and trying to take away the constitution.

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  67. Even if he said it was a mistake, it was not a mistake.
    It was a walk back because he got questioned about his comment “joke”
    Typical of politicians today when things get uncomfortable.
    Fisher’s contract with AB Tech should not be renewed

    Any law enforcement officer worth his/her salt realizes that it is the criminals who are at fault and not the owners. Legislation should be much, much stricter for the criminals using firearms in the commission of their crimes. That is true gun control.

  68. would like to have been there when he said it…would have challenged him on the spot…he would have known I was there….


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