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If anyone exemplified the *ss backwards nature of the March for Our Lives it was Yolanda Renee King. Ms. King stood in front of the crowd in D.C. and told the assembled throng that, like her famous civil rights crusading grandfather, Martin Luther King Jr., she had a dream. Her dream . . .

“This should be a gun-free world. Period.”

From the mouths of babes…. Ms. King’s simple, not to say simplistic statement disabused the idea that the anti-gun Children’s Crusade was about outlawing any particular type of weapon.

Gun-free. Period. End of sentence. End of armed self-defense. The same armed self-defense that her grandfather sought to employ by applying for a concealed carry permit. Which he was denied. Which didn’t stop Dr. King from having guns hidden around his house.

As for disarming armed police officers, well, I guess little Ms. King and her audience figure they can deal with that later. Or not. ‘Cause someone’s got to catch the criminals who don’t disarm, right? Which would be anyone with a gun who isn’t a cop.

Make no mistake: Ms. King’s vision isn’t utopian. It’s dystopian. A nightmare world that Venezuelans are currently enjoying (amongst many other nations’ citizens). A future that looks exactly like the past that claimed the lives of my grandparents, Jews gassed by armed concentration camp guards.

What do you expect from a nine-year-old? A child who proceeded to lead the crowd in a feel good chant declaring “we’re going to be a great generation!”

Uh, no. No you’re not. Not if your aspiration is to deny Americans their natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. You’re going to be the generation that undermined and maybe even destroyed the liberty your forefathers lived and died to create and protect.

Idiots. All of them. From the youngest to the oldest.

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    • I have a dream too. A world devoid of demagogues, progressives and totalitarians. Until that dream comes true, I’ll keep and bear arms to protect myself against them.

  1. She’s a cute kid, but I think there is a reason we don’t give 9 year olds full rights to make decisions. I was actually fairly anti gun when I was a kid/teenager. I grew up, learned facts, I saw things from a different perspective…. Who knows how many of those kids will change their views. I doubt any of the speakers will. They will probably grow up in a left wing bubble. But some of the kids in the audience who were chanting might.

    • At nine my friends and I would have been declaring free tanks, F-14 tomcats, and M-16s for all. Because they were cool. And space shuttles. With lasers. Too bad I was buying GIJoe instead of stock piling real machine guns….

    • When I was nine, I probably would have opined that the car in every driveway must legally be a Transformer.
      Yes. We do not look to children to tell us how to live. That should tell us all we need to know about those that are giving them a stage to speak from right now.

    • Stole my opening, Reggie!

      I was going to say, “She’s a cute kid, but…”

      There is no way a nine year old can understand that with a Glock 43 and even a little bit of training she could stand toe to toe with Genghis Khan and put him in the ground.

      But so long as NOBODY has any guns it will be the strongest, most ruthless men who rule the world.

      And her cute little sun-bleached skull will only be one of the tens of thousands stacked outside whatever town she lives in as a warning not to fuck with the Khan.

      When guns are outlawed only thugs with swords and clubs will make policy and they will not be asking for your vote.

    • whats funny is the actress who said that is a liberal………..and the movies were created by and starred liberals…………..so there is some irony with that line.

  2. I would suggest that the real “Zero” in this story is young Miss King’s parents for letting the little one speak at this rally.

    And a strong second place would go to the media outlets, all of them, that carried the story.

  3. Wholesale virtue signalling going on. I’m sure the participants felt morally uplifted by their “doing something” signifying but, increasingly, these kinds of demonstrations have become all too predictable. Meanwhile, more and more Americans make the decision to arm themselves. The paradox of the gun-control movement is that, historically, each of its major public efforts has served to create more gun-owners. This latest effort felt like a nadir.

  4. My granddaddy on Mom’s side was a clan member, he didn’t want your great granddaddy to have any guns either. Goodness child, your parents should teach you some history.

  5. The content of her character is pretty lacking.

    We had that in the 200s. Every wantabee warlord declared himself king and wared all the others than wanted to be ruler to the point that when the wars (relatively briefly) ended the population was a THIRD of that it was before.

  6. I’m a fan of Alveda King-the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s niece. As far as I can tell the only ancestor worth a damn…

  7. I’m not really going to criticize a 9 year old who is clearly being fed lines and used as a prop. I will criticize her parents though. They should be ashamed of trading on their family name and using their daughter as a propagandist mouthpiece for stripping others of their civil rights… Something Martin Luther King Jr. definitely would have opposed.

  8. I had some dreams, only one I can discuss here. I dreamed of a commie/democrat, illegal alien free country. It was fantastic. Let’s bring our little Ms. king’s dream come true one way paid ticket to Venezuela and all she has to do is renounce her citizenship here.

  9. One thing your parents might want to mention:
    Dr. King was armed. He recognised that a firearm was a good thing to have for self defense. I wonder if the narrative since the civil rights movement took off was not just equality and peace for all people, but equality and peace for all people and that parity of force with your aggressors/oppressorsors is how it is achieved/maintained…

    • Clearly not, but it should have been. Charles E. Cobb, Jr., a man who marched with MLK, wrote a book on it that I suggest everyone here reads. “This Non-violence Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made The Civil Rights Movement Possible.” Nicholas Johnson wrote a book on the matter, too. “Negroes and The Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms.” There are many others as well. Educate yourself and as many others that you can convince to listen to you.

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