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From the Second Amendment Foundation

Amid the renewed clamor by anti-gunners for a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” the Second Amendment Foundation today pointed to a new Quinnipiac University poll showing public support for such a ban to be at an all-time low.

Support for a ban has fallen to 50 percent, while 45 percent oppose it, and according to the survey, “This is the lowest level of support among registered voters for a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons since February 2013 when the question was first asked by the Quinnipiac University Poll.” Four years ago, 67 percent supported a ban and 29 percent opposed the idea.

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb said this is clear evidence the public is waking up to the reality that gun bans are not the answer to violent crime.

“Semiautomatic rifles have been around for more than a century,” Gottlieb noted, “and the popular AR-type rifles have been owned by private citizens for at least 60 years. Their use in crime is statistically minimal, so to blame their availability and demonize their technology is a false flag that borders on fraud.

“Increasing numbers of people realize there is far more to this dilemma than firearms,” he added. “For example, the same Quinnipiac poll shows a 40 percent plurality of voters think the real problem is rooted in mental health issues, more than twice the 19 percent who think the availability of firearms is at the core of the current crime spike.

John Boch for TTAG

“And don’t overlook political bias,” Gottlieb added. “Quinnipiac found that Democrats by a 91-8 margin want stricter gun laws, while Republicans by a 64-32 percent margin oppose stricter laws. Party affiliation clearly is a factor in whether one is guided by a knee-jerk dislike for firearms, or by common sense and rational analysis.

“The annual FBI Uniform Crime Report has consistently shown that rifles of any kind are involved in a fraction of all homicides in any given year,” he said. “Only 2 to 4 percent of all murders are committed with rifles, so this push to demonize and ban an entire class of rifles is not simply wrong, it borders on being delusional, and it is certainly dishonest.”


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  1. I *really* hope we get some clearer guidance in the upcoming ‘NY Pistol’ SCotUS decision.

    Heller mentioned “in common use” are protected, and over 15 *million* sold certainly qualifies.

    Or not. Who the freak knows… 🙁

    • That depends on who gets to define “common use”.

      If you assume that 15 million rifles were each purchased by an individual that would be ~4.6% of the population.

      You can see wiggle room there for “4.6% isn’t common” as an argument. And let’s not act like antis are going to argue in good faith.

      • If we define assault rifles as semiautomatic with a detachable box magazine capable of holding over 10 rounds we’re talking well over 100 million Firearms if we go with semiautomatic firearms we would be north of 300 million very quickly

        • Let’s be real here. If it comes to that you’re mostly fucked anyway if large numbers of people comply. (Which I think mostly depends on the situation at the time such a thing becomes “law”.)

          They’ll *cough* incentivize *cough* people to turn in/get rid of the rifles long before a court comes to the rescue.

          If there’s one thing these people love it’s doing damage in a way that’s almost impossible to undo that damage.

        • “…you’re mostly fucked anyway if large numbers of people comply.”

          As I recall, NY State *required* registration of MSRs, and they got less than 10 percent of the ones estimated sold.

          I’d call it a fair assumption that a similar percentage would ignore it while parking it somewhere local, in the hopes a SCotUS decision striking it down in the future comes to be.

          (Providing the current High Court balance is maintained, that is.)… 🙁

        • Geoff was somewhere less than 5% and we have bought more compliant AR’s than existed in the State since which makes the common use question a little tricky. But I am sure most of my fellow residents have plans to normalize their rifles if certain laws fall apart.

      • it’s at least 20 when you add them all in…AK’s, mini-14’s and several others…15 sounds about right for AR’s….

    • Not likely. The Court kicked the can again today. Still 18 cases to be announced.

      So that means that the NY Pistol decision will not go our way, and the left has been successful in threatening the Justices and their families, causing them to leave Roe in place.

      • We’ll see what happens.

        I figure they will drop the steaming, malodorous turds right as they step out the door under retired Navy SEALs protection.

        Summer 2022 should make 2020 look like ‘kiddie camp’…. 🙁

        • Well Albany did hire a bunch of new cops over the last 2 years and everything is on response agreements and monitoring the relevant social media so should have different results this time. Also lot more new gun owners from every demographic that wants nothing to do with that mess. But it’s also still NY and we have enough mental/emotional deadwood to keep the chaos an option.

      • Unlikely. Not that it matters: Bruen will not address firearms or “in common use” as those issues were not raised or argued in the briefs or before the Court. Its decision will be limited to the level of discretion a public official can exercise in the issuance of concealed firearms permits–and at least in theory, whether a license can even be required in order to “bear arms” outside the home. No more than that.
        But cases involving “assault weapons” wait in the wings (i.e. held pending determination of petition for cert.), with the odds being that those cases upholding limits/bans on those weapons will be reversed and remanded for redetermination in light of the standard of review the Court sets out in Bruen.

    • relax guys…look at what little they were able to get from congress…[and even that’s not final]…the climate for more gun control just doesn’t exist…the dems will try to ride it but in the end it will be a loser for them…as it has always been…they’ve got very little to run on and are getting desperate…

    • In Caetano v Massachusetts, SCOTUS made it perfectly clear: ALL bearable arms are protected under the 2nd Amendment and guaranteed to the people. Any bill passed that violates 2A is automatically void and of no effect (Marbury v Madison). And deprivation of Rights under color of law is felonious (18USC242). Conspiracy to do the same is also a felony (18USC241).

      Someone PLEASE tell these tyrants that if they try to disarm us, We’ll be coming…and hell is coming with us!!!

      • Yup there’s even a part in Caetano v Mass that explicitly says “…the 2nd/A extends prima facie to ALL instruments that constitute bearable arms, EVEN THOSE NOT IN EXISTANCE YET AT THE TIME OF THE FOUNDING, and that the 2nd Amendment is fully applicable to the states”.

        So why aren’t all these so called law makers and any body else trying to deprive us of our Constitutional Rights under 18-241-242 immediately arrested and prosecuted?

        It’s because States don’t get to enforce Federal laws for the most part, and the Federal Justice system with its totally corrupted politically agenda-based prosecutors refuses to allow charges to be filed based on their ‘discretionary’ analysis of the situation. Instead, they say ‘oh this doesn’t rise to the level of criminal deprivation of your rights, it’s just a misunderstanding of the situation that you can take through the court system to work out.’

        So, that’s on the short list to fix after we take back our Republic from these totalitarian Marxist traitors this November, and at least start reversing and repealing all illegal gun control laws. Including the 68 GCA that’s being set up for the final buy-back-confiscation agenda where they’ll use the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the stupid masses that make it a permanent prohibition of firearms for any felony. The ‘felony’ penalty for confiscation will be to not turn in your newly restricted or banned firearms. Anyone caught with a firearm after the new ban will face an automatic mandatory prison term if convicted, which you will be when they find your guns. Everyone will be surprised by the number of people who will Comply because of all the facilitation of snitch networks for bounty.

        And in addition, there’s one more ace in the hole of their demented psychopathic determination to disarm the population without even having to send out the special confiscation teams.

        It’s so diabolical–and in the works as i write this–that it’s almost unthinkable and I don’t want to ruin anyone’s Father’s Day to elaborate right now.

        And take a moment to remember our visionary Founding Fathers as well, without whom we’d have no American liberties at all.

  2. People have more important concerns on their minds than guns. Do they quit their jobs because they can no longer afford gas to and from work? Are their kids going to be hungry?

    The last time we as a nation were this desperate was the great depression. Guns aren’t a concern except for those few that don’t have one.

    • I fear you’re right, I have been stockpiling food for my family because of the gross incompetence of all those fools in DC

      • I can’t speak to the overall issue but I can give you three data points on it.

        Rancher down the road is getting eaten alive on costs. He says expect meat prices to double, at least.

        My wife’s cousin runs a largish farm in the Midwest. His costs are up so much that he’s planting about 1/3rd of his land. A damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t situation. Costs are up so much he can’t cover them out of pocket but a bank won’t give him a loan unless he puts his land up as collateral because they’re afraid that if they make the loans the price of food won’t go up enough to cover paying the loans back.

        Also this:

        • strych9,

          Well, that does not bode well. I will inquire with a couple of the farmers near me to see what they think is going to happen.

        • My wife works at an ag credit union kind of place, and is hearing the same kinds of stories, and seeing it play out.

      • Are you sure it is just incompetence? Or a plan to raise the price of gas so high as to “encourage” conversion to electric vehicles (that people will not be able to afford because of inflation and the cost of just getting to work). I read an article today that the availability of DEF, an additive to diesel exhaust that is required for trucks to run, is seriously impacted and in short supply, with costs rising precipitously. DEF requires urea, and urea is made from natural gas. Russia is a prime exporter of urea. Other countries are reducing or eliminating exports to assure supply for themselves. What happens of our truck fleet is substantially reduced and unable to deliver goods? I think you can guess the answer to that. Buy a hog and plant a victory garden (except on the west coast where it will be illegal to water your crop).

        • If it’s a plan it’s a shitty one since our grid is expected to have blackouts and brownouts this summer as it is and it would take decades to produce the batteries anyway. The whole thing is entirely unworkable on half a dozen (at least) levels.

          The more conspiratorial might think that limiting your ability to travel is actually the plan.

          DEF is certainly in short supply. Fun fact, some of the newer diesel vehicles will limit themselves to 5mph if you run out of DEF.

          A lot of petrochemical derivatives are in short supply. Gear oil isn’t the easiest thing to find and, at least around here, oil itself isn’t doing very well. Used to be every shop was stocked to the gills, now if I see they have enough to do an oil change I snap that shit up immediately. Petro based lubricants of all varieties are in short supply.

          And if that lady in the videos in the tweets (above) is right, this is gonna get many, many times worse later this year.

          When this spreads to medicines things are gonna get interesting. $5 each for .5mg warfarin tablets, anyone?

        • TX, TN, OH, AZ and other states are already dealing with heat/AC related blackouts this week. I’m sure millions of EVs charging will only help.

        • Diesel at 9 bucks a gallon by the time November comes around will really help our side.

          The viral video of a Leftist Scum ™ politician saying that all we have to do is buy an electric car and our problems are over is going to make *excellent* political campaign ads that will hurt them deeply.

          (And to think the inspiration came from someone French makes delicious irony. They do love their Continental politicians.)…

        • Don’t forget that most electrical grids couldn’t take the load of mass usage of electric cars.

          So how to charge the cars? Portable generators?😂

        • So how to charge the cars? Portable generators?

          There are numerous YT videos of people who own electric cars and have a gas genny in the back seat for when they can’t make it to a charger. Half an hour running the genny (usually 6500W to my eye) gets them just enough juice to get to a station, if they’re in a city.

        • Diesel at 9 bucks a gallon by the time November comes around will really help our side.

          Uh, not to be all dark and shit, but how exactly does the complete collapse of the US economy, logi network and food supply help anyone living in the US? That’s what $9 (or more)/gal diesel will do.

          The goal of a Republic is not to rule an ash/corpse heap.

        • @strych9 – Uh, not to be all dark and shit, but how exactly does the complete collapse of the US economy, logi network and food supply help anyone living in the US? That’s what $9 (or more)/gal diesel will do.

          That’s the plan. At the brink of becoming a third-world nation, the government swoops in and saves us. Besides, most leftists can’t think through the consequences of the idiocy of their ideas and positions.

      • President Biden threatened oil companys them with “emergency powers” if they don’t boost supply to temper surging gas prices.
        OK farmers/ ranchers bidens goin after you, next…..

  3. Anti-gun id10ts are being dishonest? Democrats and a few totalitarian Republicans, so no surprise there.

  4. I’m sure just like the gas prices, food prices, home prices and collapsing stock market it’s Putin’s fault the good person’s birthing and non of the USA aren’t supporting policies their octogenarian millionaire betters assure are best for them.

  5. Facts? We don’ need no steenkin facts!
    Another fact typically ignored is the oft alleged “few seconds to escape” if the perp is required to change mags more often if only 10 round mags are allowed. What is ignored is that the time it takes to reload is the same whether it is a ten rounder or a 30 rounder–and that no one (except superman) can outrun a speeding bullet. And the fact that the school shooters usually have their victims trapped in a classroom. Or that it may take the police hours to respond.

    • Or that anyone with some enterprise and basic metalworking tools can voltron several 10 round mags into a single larger one. A firearm magazine is just a housing, end plate, follower, and spring.

  6. Mobs running wild in the streets lighting shit on fire doesn’t seem like it would boost support for a semi-auto ban.

    In fact, with a remotely well informed public it might substantially increase support for NFA repeal.

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation

      “remotely well informed public”

      OK, I’ll cut it down to only one “HA HA!”

    • I’ve never been in on a poll. I guess I could have been when some NRA gal called me a few years ago. I ranted for awhile as she hemmed,hawed & flumoxed. Oh well. Time for some more P Mags & ammo…

    • right about the former…never gonna’ see the latter…while the NFA was a creation of the dems, it was extended by the repubs…neither party would support widespread ownership of automatic weapons…

      • What have I ever said that would make you think I actually believe NFA repeal is realistic?

        I’m simply noting that if people were informed they might realize that a mass of people is best dealt with by a belt fed platform.

        200 people trying to burn down your house is enough to make you wish you had a M1919 and a few belts.

  7. Technically the federal government created the market for AR15’s… before the 1990’s assault weapon ban practically nobody wanted one and gun shops couldn’t give them away. Then shezzam one federal law and all of a sudden everybody wanted one.

    • True! Also to further your point, as I understand it (I was born in ‘95 so this was before my time and I can only go off of what I’ve read about it), the egregious government failures/murders at Waco and Ruby Ridge kick-started the modern militia movement, which I’m sure had a lot to do with the widespread adoption of modern sporting rifles, then the indirect effects of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, dispelling the atrocious reputation the platform gained in Vietnam… so yeah, the federal government certainly did quite a lot to turn Stoner’s flagship design into “America’s favorite rifle”!

    • not really true..but they were a bit more expensive back then…people were buying them in the 80’s and converting them to full-auto…something rather easy to do with the readily available drop-in auto sear and a parts kit…all easy to find at your local gun show…gotta’ believe there are still a lot of those out there…a friend of mine who liked to indulge his kid….”Daddy, I want a Corvette”..[.got him a ’63 split-window coupe]…”Daddy, I want a machine gun”…so he went that route, completed the conversion in 30 min while sitting at the kitchen table using nothing more than a butter knife…took me a little while to convince him that was illegal and what the ramifications were….

  8. i have put my foot down and banned anymore AR building for awhile…or until a deal comes along that cannot be passed up. Assembling a decent weapon with select parts like a Daniel Defense carbine barrel, Aero Precision stripped M4E1 upper receiver, a good 7.25″ rail height carbine hand guard, clamp type rail height gas block, melonite tube, flashider, quality name bcg and a name brand charge handle is around $733.00 plus or minus. Doesn’t include the receiver, stock, bcg, USGI sling, one Talon sling swivel, 1 m-lok sling stud, etc. You can trim the fat and buy a kit but you get what you pay for and potentially less.

  9. This government doen not give a rat’s tukass about what the public wants.

    Where is the baby formula?
    Why is gasoline so expensive?
    Why aren’t we energy independent anymore?
    Why are there food shortages?
    Why are our borders so porous?
    Why are there 46 USA funded and operated bio-labs in the Ukraine?
    Why are our 5 year-old being taught they are racists?
    Why are schools allowing peodofile teachers to groom our kids?
    Why are criminals set free but the people why defended themselves punished?
    Why are peaceful protesters rotting in a DC jail while AntiFa and BLM suffer no consequences from burning down city blocks and looting?
    Why are all the ant-gun measures directed at those who obey the law?
    Why did Brandon threaten our oil companies with the Emergency Powers Act?
    [Insert your questions here]

    Our government does not give a dead-rat’s tukass about what we think. They intend to take what they want and kill or imprison those who resist.

    • Why, LifeSavor, I do declare (gasps audibly, clutches pearls…). You must be truly frustrated to employ such salty language…

      Now if strych9 were here…

      • Haz,

        My Jewish grandmother used the word “tukass” all the time. That makes it OK.

        Now, I will not repeat the emotional language my Puerto Rican mother shouted in her native toungue. It did, however, motivate me to learn the language

        • Ah, I see.

          My mother pronounced it as “tuckus”, which I myself still used to this day. It means “keister” in our family.

        • Haz,

          Funny!! I kept looking at how I spelled it, thinking “That ain’t right”. Maybe you are correct that my frustrations were getting the better of me and it all came out in the arrangement of letters.


        • Haz and LifeSavor,

          Not Jewish, but I practiced law in LA for 45 years, so I am more than passingly familiar with Yiddish. I was always taught it was spelled “tuchus”, with the Yiddish “ch” sound for the middle phoneme. FWIW.

    • Why didn’t people see this coming in 2020?
      Why didn’t anyone with a large voice sound the alarm?
      Why are people so myopic?

      When I kept asking “What do international shipping rates have to do with your 2A rights?” and talking about interconnection of everything… what did y’all (hat tip to Nero) think I was alluding to?

      This shit’s [there ya go, Haz] been obvious for quite a while. This country hasn’t been doing well for quite some time. Some say since 2008, others longer, but either way it’s been obvious for a minute. Heck, JM and I were discussing parts of this vis a vis the national debt more than $10 trillion dollars ago.

      Then on top of that, the road we decided to allow ourselves to be dragged down in 2020 was going to get rough-as-hell no matter what. Add in starting from a bad position? That’s how governments fall.

      I didn’t develop a penchant for bringing up Algeria in the 1950’s for no reason. I haven’t been banging away about the methodology and techniques of propaganda for years because I think it’s just a cute academic thing to study.

      At this point, honestly, I don’t think TPTB can tell the truth about anything. I think they’re incapable. Their reflex is to lie about everything and the more important the topic, the bigger the lies.

      And I can see why people get conspiratorial in the extreme. Many of the lies are, when you get the data, things that the liars knew in advance. They then decided to craft bad policy anyway and then spin the lies about it to the public. And they’ll keep doing it even after they’re caught. It’s nearly unbelievable.

      • The Puppet Administration as well as the Federal Reserve lied about imminent inflation. They did that for well over a year for the sole purpose of trying to pass the ultra insane Build Back Broke bill. Now imagine how much worse and how much longer inflation would be if they had passed that! They knew what would happen and they tried anyway! There’s no way they’re that incompetent! Everyone should be calling for the resignation of both Janet Yellen and Jerome Powell on a daily basis!

        Furthermore, WTH was Congress doing passing a trillion dollar infrastructure bill with imminent inflation coming on the heels of a historic spending spree? Trump asked for infrastructure as soon as he came into office. If it wasn’t important pre-Covid, then why do we need it now? Remember when they said we can’t afford to pay for a $4 billion border wall? It’s all about money, control, making deals, and paying back the people that lobbied for it. It was barely even reported on.

        The scary part is, that’s just scratching the surface of the problems you’re talking about.

        Oh, and what happened with the latest war? Why is it no longer front page material?

      • I just checked CNN for the latest propaganda. The lead story is (paraphrased) “Sure borrowing costs are going up, but there’s good news for savers!” Are you kidding me? Hey, just commit to a large, long term deposit for a 2.5-3% return while we’re having 15% inflation. Yeah, great news. What a joke. I’m scanning the page and I don’t see a single word about the war in Ukraine. Are people beginning to lose their stomach for all of the death and destruction? At what point does that become another embarrassment for the most popular elected officials in the history of the world? More popular than Obama.* The first female VP! Maybe that meant something back when we understood what a female was. /rant

        • UKraine has turned into a stalemate…not much to report there…let me know when they issue a CD worth the effort…you could make a lot of money with these back in the seventies and eighties as well as other investments…

      • why?…you elected(?) a guy who could screw-up a one-car funeral…that’s why…unfortunately we’re stuck with him for the next two years…..

        • You were entirely fucked long before Joe came along. He’s just accelerating the process.

          Before Joe you were already $230 Trillion behind the eight-ball and on course for a Zimbabwe style currency collapse at some point in the future.

          Both parties have been taking advantage of you for longer than I’ve been alive. Just go have a couple highballs and snort some lines with the Senior Senator from Kentucky. He’ll tell you all about it once you get him good and lubricated.

  10. the fact that theyre moving forward with this
    so hard and fast
    with so little popular support
    is a pretty good indication
    that theyre not worried
    about the midterms
    ie they have something big up their sleeve
    another october surprise
    bigger than gretchen whitmer
    and bigger than cesar sayoc
    because of what they did in 2020
    to get get into power
    they cant ever not be in power again

    • I fit follows normal, traditional patterns why would Democrats be worried?

      Republicans will win the House and take a useless majority in the Senate, fail to get anything done and, as per usual, get the blame for all the problems.

      Democrats then get to be the party out of power and use their media megaphone to scream about how the GOP is at fault for everything and is stopping poor Joe from fixing things. Meanwhile they run the country by EO and agency decree.

      Short of actual collapse, why would they be worried when they know that if history repeats (or rhymes) they’ll skate on the blame?

      • “Republicans will win the House and take a useless majority in the Senate…”

        It’s not useless, it’s insurance they can’t change the Senate rules…

        • They don’t need the Senate, really.

          They run most of everything by EO and agencies within the Executive.

          Besides, on anything major they’ll use the media to browbeat weak RINOs into capitulation.

          Realistically, the Senate can’t fix any of the serious problems with this country. The GOP needs both houses and the White House to really change anything (which they wouldn’t do anyway).

          Nothing that happens is going to change what happens later this year and if this all works the way the media usually does you can’t begin to imagine what’s coming this fall and winter and there’s zero hope of fixing it until next fall.

  11. You seem to be under the impression that the democrats care about a group of people the it the democrats got there way would mandate the extermination of every single one.

  12. Oh piss on that poll.
    My beloved and most esteemed President of The United States said assualt weapons must be banned and His nation agrees.

    • possum,

      Yes, “his nation” (which consists of dimwits like dacian the stupid and MinorIQ) does agree. The nation of which he is allegedly “(P)resident” does not. But, a little thing like being completely full of s*** never stopped Senile Joe. Besides, if he could whoop Corn Pop, why would he care about any of us???

  13. Dont forget the R factor. If it looks like the Democrats are going to get the electoral ban hammer in the Mid-Terms, look for the riots to crank up in Blue Occupied Cities. The R factor could kick in earlier if key SCOTUS rulings don’t fall in line with the lunatic left fringe.

    When the riots come and the Police sit back and let it happen, the Mama Bears want protection. Gun control will be on the back burner. Evil Black Rifles will be just fine with Mama Bear if the inner cities near her suburban utopia are ablaze.

    Almost 30 years ago, my oldest son was born in a crime-ridden city in the South. He was pre-mature and our family kept a 24-hour vigil. I will never forget my late petite Southern Bell Mother asking to borrow my .38 Special Snub Nose while she traveled to and from our home after dark to watch over her grandson. On the one hand I was taken aback. On the other, I was pleasantly surprised. Mama Bear wants security.

  14. I would like to point out that if someone wants to procure a firearm, they will find a way to do so. Most weapons used in these mass shootings were gotten illegally. If the government had enforced its laws as they are written, almost all of these shootings would not have happened. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to blame the firearm for the problem, when it is not the firearm’s fault. A firearm is an inanimate object. It can neither determine when it is good to fire or bad. Blaming the firearm is just a government cop-out because they are too lazy or incompetent to apply the laws they have enacted. By the way, I have been around firearms all my life and have yet to see one that fired itself independent of someone putting their finger in the trigger and pulling that trigger. Anyone that says their gun fired itself, is either delusional, or an outright liar.


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