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Every once in a while, the mask slips on the mainstream media’s fake news narrative. The garbage polling that suggests that over 40% of Americans believe gun control is America’s top priority is revealed to be every bit as fake as it sounds. If you take a look under the hood of a new New York Times / Siena College poll, you can some of the real truth about guns.

Buried in the New York Times piece: the fact that 99% of Americans don’t see so-called “gun policies” as their biggest concern. And that fact bodes poorly for Michael “Daddy Bloombucks” Bloomberg and his talk-for-hire sock puppet, Shannon Watts. What’s more, it also spells bad news for Democrats in incumbent positions.

Put another way for those a little slower on the uptake, ninety-nine out of every hundred people didn’t shriek “gun control!” when asked what the biggest problem facing America is today.

From ZeroHedge . . .

Pre-midterm polls are rolling in as hot as inflation, and they’re bad news for Democrats. Yesterday, we noted that in the latest Harvard / Harris pollTrump would win vs. Biden if the 2024 election were held todayinflation is Americans’ top concern, and most people (62%) blame the current administration for high energy prices.

Also on Monday, the New York Times / Siena college poll found that momentum is clearly in Republicans’ favor going into midterms – and that Democrats are losing independent voters, particularly independent women, who went from favoring Democrats by 14 point to backing Republicans by 18 points.

And guess what the most important issues are to Americans? Not the climate. Not January 6. Not Covid (<.5%) The economy and inflation (44% combined vs. 36% in July). This is a mutual concern across all age groups, while the ‘Republiscums are the problem’ crowd (3%) skews heavily towards the ‘get off my lawn’ demographic.

Obviously Democrats can’t run on low gas prices, affordable food, good jobs, low crime, plentiful, affordable energy, a secure border or a strong economy. So instead, they’re running on gun control, abortion and Donald Trump.

Only now, polls of Americans’ priorities show that only a meager 9% of Americans care deeply about those three issues…combined. Is it any wonder that Dem campaign managers are quitting and the party is pulling spending on races formerly thought safe to defend districts formerly thought safer.

From PJ Media . . .

Some “safe seats” aren’t very safe anymore for suddenly vulnerable Democrats, and that has panicked PACs moving campaign dollars to protect previously invulnerable seats.

We’re down to the wire in Election 2022, and stuff just got real.

Today’s news takes us to deep blue Oregon, where onetime shoo-in Kurt Schrader just got the rug pulled out from under him by his own Democrat Party as he fights off Republican Amy Ryan Courser. According to AdImpact (as spotted by Josh Kraushaar), party ad spending for Schrader in the 5th district was shifted to the 6th to boost Andrea Salinas against Republican Mike Erickson.

Maybe you’re thinking this kind of thing happens all the time, and it does.

But it doesn’t often happen that Democrats appear to be writing off a district that Presidentish Joe Biden won in 2020 by nine points, to shore up a district that Biden won by 13 points.

If 10-and-up is the Democrats’ new firewall, they’re in bigger trouble than even I imagined. Complicating things even more for Oregon Democrats, gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek (looking to replace the outgoing and execrable Kate Brown) regularly polls behind Republican Christine Drazan.

Take nothing for granted. Make sure you go out and vote.

Make sure your right-thinking, higher-information friends, family and co-workers go vote.  You may need to anger them about their hot button issues to give them the proper motivation to take an hour to go vote on November 8th, but do it.

It might not even be gun rights.  It might be the high cost of gas and energy.  It might be the border.  Crime and violence might make them upset, especially if they’ve been the victim of crime.  Inflation, vaccine mandates, or the idiot in the White House of the wine-drinking queen of botox running the US House.  Push their buttons to get them to vote in this year’s midterm elections.  Especially if they’re the type who seldom votes.

The media, gun hating politicians and their globalist, freedom-hating cabal all want you, me and everyone else to think that voting doesn’t matter. They laugh at voting. “It’s not who you vote for, it’s who counts the votes,” they chuckle.

The media, gun hating politicians and their globalist, freedom-hating cabal are gaslighting us into thinking that we should just give up and surrender. They hope  we are the tiniest of snowflakes willing to give up and stay home at the slightest bit of feeling demoralized. Meanwhile, they shriek loudly that we are the greatest threat to America since the terrorists of 9/11.

Don’t buy it. Don’t fall for it. And don’t let your friends fall for it. Vote early if it makes you feel better.  Go vote and make sure those with at least half-a-brain around you also vote.

We aren’t a threat to America. We are a threat to them!


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  1. “Gun policy” is my top priority. I will vote against any candidate who even hints at restricting the Second Amendment.

  2. After watching the hitlerite scum ss/antifa rioting, burning and murdering the vast majority of Americans either own a gun or are trying to buy one.

    I guess we should thank dacian and miner49er for that little bit.

  3. The only issue I care about, above all others, is restoring unencumbered Second Amendment rights. Without them, the country is lost to the left-wing freaks and lunatics. Everything else can be fixed. If we lose the Second, it’s done for good.

  4. Jobs? Maybe.

    I have a very hard time believing most Americans put the stock market as more important than the cost of living. Most American don’t understand the stock market.

    We guns right and 2A freedoms rank so much lower then I’m asking where have we failed?

    • where have we failed? We failed to keep this woke nonsense in check by voting it out at the polls starting many years ago.

      • “We” failed to stop the Stalinist turncoats and infiltrators in the 20′ and 30’s. “We” failed to stop the communist takeover of public education and higher education. “We failed to stop the communist takeover of the media. “We” failed to stop the spread of mandatory public education controlled by the federal government, which is an obvious recipe for disaster as it provides a single entry point for ideological control by anyone who takes over the education administration. “We” failed to stop US entry into WWI and WWII without which Lenin would never have been able to get his communist revolution off the ground and Stalin would not have been able to get us to defeat his only real competitor for the hearts and minds of totalitarian ideologues. “We” failed to stop the growth and expansion of government throughout the 20th century. “We” failed to stop gun control in 34, 38, 68, 86, and 94 plus all of the state gun control laws spreading in the 20th century, and thus entire generations have grown up, grown old, and died never having been able to buy a suppressor or machine gun at the local hardware store and thus not missing that freedom or even realizing what they had lost.

        And that is just off the top of my head.

  5. Caring about make-believe, worrying over the existential and outright fabricating issues is a sign of good, easy times. It’s a privilege to expend energy over trivial nonsense.

    When times are less good attention turns to what is real and tangible.

    One could use this measure to argue Trumps 4 years were pretty good and easy for just about everyone since so much energy was spent complaining about the intangible, ephemeral and existential. Across the globe even. Spoiled children hating daddy because their lives are too good.

  6. Most Americans realize high gas prices are not the fault of the Biden but the fault of Middle East Criminals that have cut back on oil production.

    A big issue is the rape of a woman’s right to privacy which crushed a 50 year Constitutional Right and made women into modern day sex slaves. The Radical Far Right Morons on the Supreme Court should have realized that you do not take a Constitutional right away from the people for political reasons because that destroys the court’s credibility. The court is now a prostitute of the Republican Party.

    And if you think prices are too high guess what is going to happen to you when the Gangster Criminal Republicans take away Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, The Affordable Care Act and Unemployment Insurance. The Criminal Republicans will laugh all the way to the bank after the criminals in the drug and insurance companies fill their greedy corrupt pockets with gold and bankrupt you.

    Eventually the market and economy will sort itself out but if the Republicans take away all of your social services that is irreversible. I supposed the Far Right Morons are too damn dumb to figure that one out.

    • Rape of the Right to Privacy? Like 4473’s? UBC’s? Taking away constitutional rights? Like the NFA? GCA 68?

      You guys made it OK to limit civil and human rights. Now you complain when the other side does it.

      All you’re really worried about is how long before you are forced off the dole and have to find a job.

      • He lost me when he said abortion is a constitutional right. It really says all you need to know about she/him.

    • Odd that the mideast production cutback is fairly recent more of a longer term stall when we undercut their pricing with domestic production at energy independence. I don’t see a mention of domestic cuts to energy production or shutdowns of energy infrastructure related pipelines in that rant. Well good luck out in Ohio I am sure public transportation and a bicycle will get you far.

    • Easy… return to producing domestic oil, build a few more refineries and export our oil cheaper. We can out produce any other Country and we can benefit from the product. Thonk globally. We wn the market, OPEC and Russia will beg us to slow down production because they wiill lose billions.

      Drug companies did mighty fine with the Democratic Party. Weird how you people are demonizing the pharma folk after you bent over backwards for them. Didn’t get enough of a reach around?

      Abortion was not a right to privacy, and in except of extremely rare cases it is not health care. It is an elective procedure for people who don’t practice responsibility. Very few cases of legitimate abortions exist. And how many babies of color are terminated? Don’t give the lame excuse that the children would grow up to be criminals either. It doesn’t fly intellectually.

      Don’t forget RBG said how Roe was decided was wrong. If you people were as intelligent as you think you are, you would have made an amendment to codify it.

      Look at it this way, once we decide to produce more oil, create more revenue and pay off some debt, we could try some of those ideas you have. No tax raises, just use our profits. Of course the likes of you should not be involved in the administration of anything that has to do with peoples quaity of life. You would literally kill off the old, disabled and anyone you deem undesirable. Reminds me of a few people in history you seem to emulate.

      • Storm Trooper you live in a fantasy world.

        We do not have the oil reserves that the Middle East has and our shale oil is way too expensive to produce to compete with the Middle East Countries. When we did produce it the Middle East simply reduced their prices to destroy our shale oil industry. Our venture into shale oil proved to be a total failure. Draining dry our natural oil reserves is just plain stupid by that is the shining attribute of the Far Right as they are always their own worst enemies and they are so greedy they squeeze every penny until is screams for mercy even if they end up destroying our own country through global warming.

        As far as abortion you are damn wrong because it is a constitutional right. The Supreme Court declared it a right 50 years ago. We had a former poster reveal that abortion in Colonial America was practiced in numerous states and was totally legal so there is a president for abortion even before the Constitution was formed and just because the Constitution does not specifically mention abortion the 4th Amendment and the right to privacy certainly cover this right beyond all doubt.


        And studies show that unwanted children often more than not grow up to be abused and neglected and they do indeed grow up to be deranged criminals and mass murderers if they are male and if female they end up on welfare which costs the taxpayers billions. Again the Far Right scream their heads off about paying excess taxes but the homicidal maniac morons bomb Planned Parenthood and cut off funding for Planned Parenthood when 95% of their business is birth control that the depraved Far Right are against as well.

        The latest trial of the mass murder at Douglas High School in Florida was an abused child that was driven to insanity besides being abused even when he was in the womb by an alcoholic mother. So shove it up your kazoo zoo when you mouth off that unwanted children grow up to be shining examples of good citizens. Yes some children do become good people but that still does not cancel out he right of a woman to choose if she wants to be a sex slave or not.

        The Far Right scream that women should not have the right to vote, or the right to work, or the right even to drive a car. The Far Right Neanderthals scream they all should be kept barefoot and pregnant and we should go back to the middle ages and burn witches at the stake and create a white Christian Caliphate forcing everyone to be Protestant Christians or have their heads chopped off. Show me the difference between the far right of the Islamists and the far right of the Bronze Age Christian Fanatics. There is no difference they are one and the same.

        I am damn sick and tired of you religious fanatics forcing Christianity down my throat and everyone else’s throat with your nativity scenes and crosses (elements of torture) plastered all over governmental buildings where people are required to attend to complete legal business.

        Or forcing kids to pray in school which is another total rape of Constitutional rights. Despite the depraved rantings of the Far Right the U.S. was founded on the principle of the separation of church and state.

        You Far right hypocrites are constantly screaming of Constitutional rights but only when it fits in with your depraved ideology of turning women into sex slaves and creating a Christian Caliphate which is as Unconstitutional as you could possibley get.

        • Shale break even point is about $46 a barrel, there is some leeway either side.
          For SA, it is about $20 a barrel.
          And unfortunately, shale depletion rates are exponential i.e. a well producing 1,000 barrels a day, will fall to 500 the next year, 250 the following year etc.
          That is beside the point.
          Fact is, the long dominated US dollar and US petrodollar is under attack. The Biden admin and The Fed are doing everything they can to maintain dominance, and are failing. The whole world sees that under the Biden admin we are looking at the modern day fall of Rome. The Biden admin and The Fed will raise rates to maintain a strong dollar, all the while starving third world countries. Millions will die in the next year or so from the Biden admin economic policy.
          The US will fail as a super power on the global stage as the Biden fo green policies will fail on a epic scale. Here in the states, we will see higher costs of energy across the board as green energy fails to meet the gap between coal, NG, and nuclear power plants.

          I am perfectly fine with abortion up till birth, as most whom exercise that right, are Leftists. They shall not reproduce, they shall not continue their line. Less Leftists, the better I say!
          No one on the Right is saying women do not have the right to anything you mention. That is nothing but Leftist propaganda. Just look at the recent Stacy Abrams Ophra Windfrey interview, a lot of claims with no evidence to back up her claims.
          And as others have noted, you spew the same claims with no evidence to back them up. Just shrill cries of “OMG!SS!MEDICAREMEDICADEAFFORADBLECAREACT!!” are going to go away under a GOP House and Senate!
          This is what happens under a political party that is DESPERATE, when they are facing a loss in the mid-terms. They resort to fear propaganda with no facts to back up their claims.
          What a weak and inflectional party the Leftist Dems they are.

        • Imagine.
          If only Dacian’s mother would of have been a swallower vs a spitter, or exercised her abortion rights, we would not have to suffer Dacian’s existence to this day.

        • You do realize that computers, the modern printing press, all forms of electronic communication didn’t exist when the Constitution was written, and yet they’re afforded the same right of freedom of the press and freedom of speech as the written word, right?

          I’ve heard your pathetic lack of understanding about constitutional law for 30+ years from all manner of people with regard to guns. Your analysis has been ignored by the Supreme Court, because it has been presented in legal arguments going back a number of years. If they accepted such an argument, then your right to freedom of press in electronic forms is now null and void, your right to privacy of your electronic documents and data is null and void, because those things didn’t exist in the 18th century either.

          Lastly, the Supreme Court did not “declare abortion a right 50 years ago.” No, this is the sad lack of understanding that leftists have about the Constitution that they say such nonsense. The SCOTUS found that the Constitution recognized a right of medical privacy and decisional autonomy of a woman, and it did not create an unfettered or unregulated right to abortion. This is how I know I’m talking with an ignorant person: I ask them “what did Roe v. Wade say?” The ignorant will give replies such as yours, and it is a certainty that you have never even read the decision. You’re just parroting what you’ve been told by some feminist group, and it shows further in the rest of your absurd rant.

          Roe v. Wade said that abortion was legal and could not be restricted in the first trimester, could be subject to state regulation in the interest of the mother’s health in the second trimester, and in the last trimester (ie, post-viability), a state could regulate or even outlaw (with exceptions for the life or health of the mother) abortions.

          There was no “constitutional right” created for abortion – there was a finding that the procedure(s) for abortion were covered under other, previously written and litigated, constitutional rights. This is where the court used the “penumbra and emanations” language.

          The reason why Roe was struck down was because it was a decision written with highly dubious reasoning, based on a fraud upon the court. A court is free to reverse any decision it might have handed down once a fraud upon a court is discovered. Norma McCovey (I’ll bet you didn’t know that was “Jane Roe’s” real name), was never raped. She never had an abortion – the baby was born. Two huge lies led to a fraud upon the courts that heard this complaint, and it is time that the fraudulent lawyers who presented this case were punished for their lies.

      • Dredd Scott was also came from scotus.

        The rest of your rant is just rage filled insanity. I wonder if you will kill your mother first and then move to an elementary school to continue the killing? You certainly fit the profile, dacian.

    • Most American’s know the Biden admin is out to put gas and oil industry out of business. The gas and oil companies saw it with the Obama admin, but with Trump, they thought it may of turned around.
      It did during his admin.
      But as soon as Biden won, the gas and oil companies saw the writing on the wall: The incoming admin has declared war on the gas and oil companies.
      On day one, Biden canceled the XL Pipeline.
      The Biden admin has also issued the fewest gas and oil leases since the 1940s.
      Biden trying to restart the Iran nuclear deal angering our so-called allies in the Mid-East, was a foreign policy failure. And continues to be so.
      We now know the Biden admin begged SA not to cut oil production till after the mid-terms, even offering to buy SA oil at $80 a barrel. As we saw, SA lead OPEC+ gave the Biden admin the finger.
      Biden tried to blame everyone from the gas and oil companies, to gas stations themselves.
      Fact is, the refineries were running at 94-96% capacity. Could they go to 100%? Yes. But that is like running a engine at the red line for prolonged period of time. Something would likely break, and there are safety concerns.
      Gas stations, they might make one cent, or two off a gallon of gas.

      The energy crisis in the UK and EU are going to continue, and it will spill over into the US markets. Leftists for some reason are unable to comprehend what a globally traded commodity is, and how the economy works.
      No matter who is in the WH, or controls Congress, can control what OPEC+, Russia, China, etc do.
      A recent survey of CEOs found nearly 100% of them are planning for a recession in the next 6-12 months. That is IF we are not in one already.

      No one is taking away SS, Medicare, the un-Affordable Care Act (even Dems have said it was unaffordable and needs fixed). To think so it idiotic and moronic.

    • You really are misinformed, and thus every statement you make is a fallacy of Logic and Reason.
      Joe McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants Biden declared War on American Energy on Day One of his Presidency, and he signed those EO’s on live TV for the country to witness. McSniffy is the sole reason why our Gas and Energy prices are so high. He owns that llLck, Stock and Barrel. You can gaslight all you want, but the Truth is available to watch on You Tube 24/7.

      keep guzzling that Kool Aid, but as Jim Jones once reportedly said, “The Kool Aid only works if everyone drinks it.”

  7. This is why 85% of Americans believe that our media is filled with Lying POS who do not report news, but make it up, or don’t report it at all. Enemy of the people doesn’t come close to describing what they are. When 10 different channels report the same thing, using the exact same talking points, it is not news, it’s a political strategy to hide the truth from their viewers, and push a narrative written for the by the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, and so on. These people need to be held accountable by the very people they lie to, hopefully that day may be coming, no one deserves it more.

  8. I am dismayed that only 1% believe that gun rights and policies are important. At this point, I am basically a one issue voter, and that one issue is gun rights.

  9. which would explain this:
    “RealClearPolitics Projects GOP Wins in MI, WI, OR, NV Governor Races”
    and this:
    “Poll: Lee Zeldin Takes the Lead in New York over Gov. Kathy Hochul”

  10. I’ve been involved in the RKBA debate since for 30 years. It is my experience in all that time, unchanged, that the following two things are facts:

    1. The American electorate cares most about their wallets. That’s what will move the electorate. It is what caused Jimmy Carter to lose in a landslide. It’s what caused the Democrats’ best efforts to unseat Reagan in ’84 to lose by an even bigger landslide.

    2. The support for gun control is what I like to call “a mile wide and an inch deep.” Gun control is something that the press salivates over every election. The press is filled with fools and idiots, and they honestly think that the electorate is as stupid as they are.

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