It Can Be Hard to Keep Up With the Pace of Gun Control Laws Falling Thanks to Bruen

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A New York gun control law that prohibits firearms in Times Square, Yankee Stadium, the subway and other sensitive places is on shaky legal ground after a judge found these provisions violate the Second Amendment, though the ruling is paused while the case is appealed.

The ongoing court battle over New York’s gun control measure is just one part of a shifting legal landscape resulting from the 6-3 conservative Supreme Court’s expansion of the Second Amendment in a June ruling, which has led lower courts to block or strike down gun control measures at a dizzying pace. …

“In the immediate aftermath, we’ve got a half a dozen courts who are striking down laws based on this decision,” said Jake Charles, a professor at the Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law. “I think it’s going to be shocking to people when we see the fallout from Bruen in the first six months.” …

“The Supreme Court has adopted a test that’s going to make it hard to justify a lot of gun safety laws, including uncontroversial ones like background checks or bans on domestic abusers having access to firearms,” said Adam Winkler, a professor at the UCLA School of Law and Second Amendment expert. 

— John Kruzel in Gun Control Laws Fall at Dizzying Pace After Supreme Court Ruling

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  1. The only way this all ends is when being anti gun is treated the same way as being a member of the KKK or being a pedophile, and any antigun politician is jailed under 18 USC 241 conspiracy to violate rights of a citizen.

    • Don’t get your hopes up. Great masses of ignorant woke yoot smurffs will be entering the Voter Ranks in the near future and will wreak havoc on the Constitutions.

      • I’ve been hearing that for 30 years now. That the next great young new liberal generation is going finally upended all these filthy old conservatives and America will finally become a solid left wing nation…. It was actually even a big part of Obama’s strategy….

        But… it never happened. And isn’t going to happen. They win some elections, then lose others, and the country stays pretty much 50/50 with no side gaining enough power to overpower the other side.

        The problem with this constant liberal theory of the next young generation is really just liberal hopium. Gen X was supposed to do it, millennials were then supposed to do it, now Gen Z is supposed to do it.

        In reality, young people tend to not vote, even if they are political. They also tend to get romanced by third parties. Then they start getting older, and steadily grow more conservative/right wing, albeit steadily. Also, liberals are much more likely to not have kids. Thinning out their own ranks.

        • Exactly. As the next generation comes of voting age, another generation becomes homeowners, and parents, they realize the impact of their tax burdens on the family’s quality of life. Their time on earth opens their eyes to the lies of the climate fear-mongerers, and the dangers of lawlessness. They become more cautious about government intrusion and less trusting that government will protect them. Many, but not all, drift toward conservatism.

        • Had they ran bernie instead of hillary we may have seen a ‘youth revolution’. But in biden they’ve got an engineer determined to run the train off the track. He is scaring everybody, including the youth. I think that the backlash against what they claim is ‘social-lism’ is going to be large and immediate.

          I preach this constantly. Corporate billionaires bought out the left. The left really does not exist anymore. Fascism owns the left. And it has shown itself to be a horrible way to govern.

          Ruined economy. A ‘president’ determined to put his opponents in prison so he does not have to face them at election time. A president fomenting insurrection with his anti MAGA American speeches calling for violence.

          Winter is coming and it will be ugly.

        • Things are changing, and not for the better. People are having fewer children. It’s been declining for decades. Fewer people are getting married. But there’s something more sinister happening. It’s been brewing for awhile. They’re indoctrinating our children.

          Americans who identify as LGBT by generation:

          Traditionalists 1.3%
          Boomers 2%
          Gen X 3.8%
          Millennials 9.1%
          Gen Z 15.9%

          Notice a trend? Now apply that trend to the next generation.

        • Dude, I have also noticed a trend that those that identify as LGBT are moving away from the left and becoming more conservative. This is happening with the younger generations, but much more with the older generations.

          The media lies are transparent.

        • THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT…..the yoots or yore were never exposed to the level of indoctrination that has been going on for the last 14 years. A generation that is 90% tamed will make big changes.

        • Ragnar, true. I’ve noticed people “trying on” the trendy “non-binary, etc.” veil for awhile, only to later return to “normal” (yes, normal). It’s fun and exciting for them because it’s new and trendy, and they think it makes them special. Then they realize how dumb it is. Still, I can see this crazy ideology having a significant negative impact.

        • “level of indoctrination”

          When in the history of the world has every single young person had a portable device with a direct connection to the people pushing the indoctrination? We’ve never been here before.

  2. The court would be 5-4 Liberal instead of 6-3 Conservative without MitcheeBoy’s Monkey Shines….Bruen would never have been heard…..thank the Senator if you see him.

  3. Although I am pleased with the SCOTUS Bruen and Roe decisions, I cannot forget that they hid under their beds rather that address the 2020 overturning of the USA Constitution. The damage to this country, since then, has been extensive, penetrating deeply through our economy, our society, our health, our legal system, our energy systems, our military, and our public safety. It may take decades to recover from the damage SCOTUS has enabled.

      • Trump handed the Puppet a secure border, cheap energy, low inflation, Middle East peace agreements (which John Kerry said was impossible), no new wars, and an economy ready to go (sans Covid tyranny). All the Puppet Admin had to do was…nothing, and it would have been successful. What did they do? More Covid tyranny, forced vax, open borders, lawlessness, limit affordable energy, and stealing our treasure from us, giving us stagflation while their friends and family reap the rewards. FJB

        • Trump also made marijuana legal. Not THC. But industrial hemp is legal now. And Sen Mitch McConnell was behide it. Now let the winers begin crying about not being able to get legally intoxicated.

        • Chris T in KY, Sorry bub, but while Trump favored making pot legal, he did not make it legal. I don’t know where you got that but it is NOT TRUE!

      • Sometimes wish for them to stomp on the gas and go full tilt. Under Hitlery’s full blown dictatorship, pretty sure this reset party would’ve been kicked off already.

        Wax philosophical frequently between the animated contest to retain We The People’s greatly diminished freedoms, and animating the contest much more directly to regain them all.

  4. So far the States are not paying much attention to the Bruin decision but making end runs around the ruling and prior gun and magazine bans have not fallen either.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. It seems New Jersey with a consent decree in a case involving the Bruen decision. What it isn’t resolved by agreement will be resoled by the courts. Their “end runs” are hittng a stone wall!

      • Illinois tried that garbage. Then they got the WORD from the court. 30 days. Either a working shall issue in place or constitutional carry.

        dacian isn’t smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall. If he was he wouldn’t be dacian.

  5. I would be a whole lot easier to keep up with if there were someone keeping score on an electronic dashboard. I’m not that guy, but I think it’s time.

  6. Thinking “falling”/”fallen”/”stopped”, etc. are incorrect words. The situation is more like “temporarily inconvenienced”. Think “Cloward-Piven” (overwhelm “the system”).

    Every gun law in existence must be put through the court washing machine, then re-issued, then put through the washing machine. Note the judges are issuing partial injunctions, meaning, as Scalia and others declared, “some regulation is permissible”.

    So long as anti-gunners, anti-Constitution officials keep getting elected, the game rolls on.

  7. That headline might be true in free states, but here’s a better headline for those of us in New York or New Jersey: “It Can Be Hard to Keep Up With the Pace of New Gun Control Laws Being Passed by Democrat Politicians Furious About Bruen.”

    Democrat politicians in the Northeast have a new tactic — pass hundreds of new gun control laws faster than courts can possibly invalidate them, and faster than gun owners can possibly keep track of them, making every gun owner fear arrest (and every criminal feel emboldened). New Jersey has dozens of new anti-gun laws in the works, and it’s impossible to keep track of which ones have been passed, as the list changes from day to day. It includes an anti-carry bill that bans people with concealed carry permits from carrying in buses, trains, subways, taxis, Ubers, or EVEN their own car! Not to mention banning carry in parks, theaters, sports or recreation areas (which might include gun clubs!), or other “sensitive places.” These new gun control laws are a criminal’s wet dream, disarming law-abiding citizens and making honest people with carry permits afraid to step outside their own house for fear of being arrested.

  8. “resulting from the 6-3 conservative Supreme Court’s expansion of the Second Amendment”

    Firstly this is not an “expansion” of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment does not need expansion. It is quite clear as it is written.

    It is an explanation for morons like the author of the article and similar ilk and also, a guide to ward off power hungry politicians and wouldbe despots.

    The second amendment gives the people the tools needed to stop tyranny weather it be personal such as robbery, assault, and outright violence. Or, if it is on a more broad level such as in case of war and/or invasion EVEN IF THE WARRING/INVADING PARTY IS OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

    This has been talked about as the primary reason for the Second from the time of it’s writing. The opposition of, and if need, be the removal of a corrupt government that no longer follows the will of the people is THE reason for the Second Amendment.


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