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“Gun manufacturers are very determined to flout the spirit of these laws, and they can do that because the laws are too technologically specific,” said Lindsay Nichols, federal policy director for the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “We need legislation that is broadly written so that it’s harder to circumvent. State legislators are scared to death to pass that type of bill, which is why we need Congress to pursue restrictions that can stick.” The Democrat-controlled House passed broad legislation to ban assault weapons in July, but it hasn’t advanced in the Senate, where Republicans have enough votes to block it.

A camouflage vest packed with rifle magazines hangs on the wall of Edward Newman’s office, just off Dark Storm’s factory floor. In a series of interviews, he was transparent about the firm’s origins.

“We found ways to provide a product that the consumers wanted and complied with state law,” he said. Newman credits booming demand for the AR-15 style rifle and what he calls an untapped market for firearms that comply with tougher state laws for making his company one of America’s fastest growing gunmakers. …

[New York Assemblyman Thomas] Abinanti and his colleagues envisioned saving lives by limiting the number of rounds a shooter could fire before having to pause and reload. That’s why they focused on banning removable magazines that could be preloaded and replaced quickly. But Dark Storm sells a $34.95 “re-loader” that’s made by another company; it can refill a fixed magazine in seconds. 

The lawmaker said he plans to ask New York Attorney General Letitia James to investigate weapons designed around the state’s law and find ways to close any loopholes. He also might propose banning reloaders in New York state.

“This is a clear attempt to evade the intent of the legislation,” Abinanti, a Democrat from Mount Pleasant, said, referring to Dark Storm’s rifles. Newman says the firearms comply with the state’s restrictions. And banning reloaders wouldn’t stop mass shootings, he says. “It just becomes a slippery slope where they would desire to just ban everything.”

The NSSF, the largest US gun industry lobbying group, says Dark Storm and others are hardly skirting the law. “These are companies that are helping their customers to comply with the law,” said Mark Oliva, the group’s spokesman. “It appears to me the lawmakers that are displeased are expressing sentiment over poorly-drafted legislation or frustration that they cannot infringe on Constitutionally-protected rights.”

— Jason Grotto and Michael Smith in Small Gunmakers Find State Weapons Bans Offer a Lucrative Niche

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    • Also, welcome to the California Gun Community’s mindset.

      “Oh, another Democrat gun control law was passed? Okay, back to the lab…we’ll have a functional work-around by Monday!”

      There are so many anti-gun laws and regs on the books here, and so many “legally compliant” work-arounds, it’s almost impossible for LEOs to properly enforce anything anymore at the street level.

        • The Libertarian Party wanted Zappa to run as their candidate in 1988.

          His answer.

          I can’t really stand up and support your platform whole heartedly because some the stuff you have in here is either wrong or stupid. And, in order for me to be a candidate for your party, would they, in fact, nominate me if I couldn’t be an ideologue and go the whole 9 yards.” He added it was doubtful they would support you at the convention if you didn’t just spew the whole thing. And said; “Well, I’m not your bot. Thanks a lot. Goodbye.”

    • Dear tyrant politicians,

      You don’t like that manufacturers are not following the “Intent” of the law??

      Americans don’t like that you are not following the intent of the Constitution

  1. LOLLOLOLOLOLOL. “Spirit of the law”. You’d be laughed out of the first hour of your first class on your first day of law school is you spouted that drivel, yet these people are legislators. I think I’ll hire a carpenter who can’t cut wood next and see how that goes.

    • The first interpretation rule in legislation is The Literal Rule which is the words exactly as they are on the paper.

      Usage of “The golden rule”, where the interpretation is what good is intended from the law, is further down the list and only used where The Literal Rule is ambiguous.

      So of course firearm and accessory makers are going to comply with The Literal Rule. It’s what law makers and enforcers use to determine what is legal and what isn’t.

    • Oh, when the state can use it against you, they’re really willing to go with the spirit of the law. I was in attendance at (not the subject of) a meeting prior to a mental health hearing. I pointed out to the assembled group that the law did not require them to push forward with the hearing for this subject. The law granted them discretion. I met blank stares, as if they’d never heard of such a thing. The court appointed attorney said to me later, “There’s often a difference between the way the law is written and the way it is implemented.”

  2. …the laws are too technologically specific,” said Lindsay Nichols, federal policy director for the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “We need legislation that is broadly written so that it’s harder to circumvent.

    Which of course, makes them unconstitutionally vague. What a mush for brains moron.

  3. I could not agree more that the gangster criminals in the firearms industry do everything possible to make an end run around the new laws so that maniacs, criminals and Trumpite Insurrectionists like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers can keep their weapons of mass destruction and continue to threaten our Democratic way of life and processes. They have sworn to establish a one party white utopian state with Herr Drumpf appointed as Der Fuhrer for life.

    The U.S. if it wants to continue to exist as a free country must make sure crazed demagogues like Trump are put in prison for life and that easy access to high capacity weapons of mass destruction are at least severely vetted before being sold. They should also be put on the NFA list and the NFA tax stamp of $200 be adjusted to account for the inflation that has taken place since 1934 which would make the new tax stamp cost $4,000 in today’s money. That would keep the majority of the Trumpite jackbooted stormtroopers, insurrectionists and the unwashed from buying silencers and weapons of mass destruction which was the original intent of the 1934 act.

    • Funny that. My take on keeping freedom in America is a life prison sentence for the hitlerite mob like dacian and miner49er.

      I guess we’ll just have to see what plays out.

      • Jethro the Janitor, the self-anointed history buff, fails again and of course gets it backwards. History has shown that the U.S. Government has been on our side not his. Its called “gun control laws”. That puts you behind bars not us. LMAO

        • ‘Jethro the Janitor’. Fascism at its finest. Belittle a man based on his class or education or job standing. A true social-list would never use a job title as an insult. After all the true social-list is for the working man. Or so they claim.

          Keep laughing, hitlerite scum.

        • Funny the US Governement passes laws all the time that are ruled unconstitutional. Simply because they can pass gun laws does not mean that they are legal and or constitutional.

          Your disconnect with reality really is something. You are either a shill or paid troll.

        • You should read up on history. Ever heard of Lexington and Concord? This nation was born in large part in the right to arms. Now take your meds.

        • “Jethro the Janitor”

          More to JWMs point.
          There are NO small jobs, only small people.

          The lil’dtard does a great job of showing everyone on TTAG what a ‘small person’ he is.
          Every day, and every way.

          Exactly why I use the lil’d reference, and this………

        • Jethro the Janitor has not learned that if you want to dish it out and harrass people constantly by stalking them you must be prepared to take the retaliation that results from it.

          Jethro does not debate the subject but behaves like a 5th grader in a school yard. Its hard to believe this guy is in his 70’s. Since Jethro likes to call people names then he has to learn that he gets name calling right back at him.

        • dacian, dacian, dacian. You playing the victim? Here? I call you a Fascist because that is the behavior you display.

          And when did you ever debate? You simply insult and accuse others of being ‘uneducated’ while it is painfully obvious that you are low iq and uneducated.

        • I never give the Fascist lil’d a break because he constantly pushes for gun restrictions that would have seen my youngest son killed by a pair of armed intruders that broke into his place. He was almost 20 at the time.
          Had to use his Diamondback AR-10 (18″ barrel 308Win) because he wasn’t yet old enough to purchase a handgun.
          He got an 80s vintage SIG Sauer P220 ST from me for his 21st birthday. Had his LTC in hand around 10 days after his 21st birthday.

    • darcydodo…You have the rot of Gun Control racists and nazis flowing in your viens…You need a transfusion you pervert.

    • I’m starting to sense copy-paste on at least the first paragraph

      But it’s good to see his comments he’s part of the community now lol

      • Professional trolls typically have a Rolodex of prepared statements they can selectively cut-n-paste from on the fly.

    • like the leftists haven’t been making end runs around the constitution for as long as they have been in existence

    • So called assault weapons were widely available on the civilian Market when the 1934 National Firearms Act was passed and legislators deliberately exempted them from NFA regulation. There are also very explicit constitutional prohibitions against ex post facto laws.

    • You have no idea what a real weapon of mass destruction is.

      Rifles are not weapons of mass destruction. To call rifles wmds is not just ignorant but a lie. If you lie about what a wmd is, you are lying about everything else.

    • So let me get this straight, In order to save our democracy/freedom, we need to give up our first and second amendment rights, so that “law abiding” democrats can arrest anyone that disagrees with them, I believe that would be called taking political prisoners. Fortunately for me (but not for you) we don’t live in a democracy and I certainly don’t want to save any aspect of American Democracy/Fascism/Nazism/Socialism/Communism (those last four are forms of Maxism, that is why they end “ism” 😉 ) they all represent a totalitarian form of government where the government can do anything it wants to the individual. The proper name for the form of government for this country is a Republic which means those first and second amendments rights aren’t some privilege granted by the government to the people, but a condition of the people that preexists the establishment of the government, so the government has no say in the exercise of said rights. Which is what the term inalienable (incapable of being separated)

    • “The U.S. if it wants to continue to exist as a free country must make sure crazed demagogues like Trump are put in prison”

      For what exactly?
      Unlike Joe Dementia or Barry O Mr. Trump never investigated or targeted members of the press. Nor did he utilize the IRS to thwart his opponents. Or have the DOJ prosecute his political opponents.

      You need to limit your intake of “recreational drugs” and socialist-democrat propaganda.

    • From someone whose only law is the law of party. Saves having to deal with that pesky democratic process. Obstructions are dealt with by executions.

    • The biggest threat to our Democracy (actually a Republic) is those who want to censor anyone who disagrees with them.
      That would be the Democrat Party.
      Someone noted,
      “I need new conspiracy theories! All my old ones keep coming true!”

      BTW, if you really believe that was an “insurrection,” you just might be a idiot.
      It was a protest, turned into a riot.
      For it to be an “insurrection” you need to bring things like firearms, ammo, clear command and control, take key objectives, and you might need the support of the military, police and the NG.
      We most certinately did not see any of that on the 6th.
      Biden also pointed out, “You need F15s!”
      I did not see any Ultra-MAGA, or now, MEGA MAGA F15s in the skies that day.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, The gangster criminals are not the gun makers, or the gun owners. but your criminal buddies who want to leave us unable to defend ourselves against your criminal friends.

  4. “This is a clear attempt to evade the intent of the legislation,’ Abinanti, a Democrat from Mount Pleasant, said, referring to Dark Storm’s rifles.”

    No it isn’t. It was clear that the law said a thing and the manufacturer did that thing as required by the law. Whats even more clear here is that you want to invent ‘intent’ to satisfy your gun-grabbing dark soul and interpret the law to mean what you want it to mean rather than what it says which is clear.

  5. I’m so tired of playing these games.

    We surrender the premise that such laws would actually do what they claim – force a “pause” by an intended mass murderer that would allow “someone” to intervene and – do what, exactly? – well, nobody really wants to say… go up and ask nicely, “please stop shooting people?”

    Here’s the fatal flaw: IF we concede that said mass murderer will comply with the law, and only carry 10-round magazines (an absurd notion on its face) it STILL DOESN’T MATTER. Said murder has all the time in the world to plan and PRACTICE. We all know that with practice, one can become VERY speedy and proficient at swapping magazines, so fast that the actual capacity really plays almost no factor in how many rounds one can fire in a short amount of time.

    It is incumbent upon OUR SIDE to keep the debate focused on the real world. These magazine capacity limits ONLY hurt the law-abiding citizens who do not practice every day, and would therefore be at a significant disadvantage over the murderer who would be VERY prepared to carry out his plan.

    • with simple and effective instruction and some dedicated practice anyone can swap a magazine on any type of firearm in somewhere between one and a half and three seconds. I am way out of practice and can easily do it in less that three seconds

      Many shooters take up to three seconds so acquire and sight in a new target. They’re just looking for more ways to control us and find ways to criminalize out normal conduct. Meanwhile the dirtbags will use whatever banned tools suits their fancy. Face it, anyone who takes up arms with the intent to kill innocents is violating laws far more basic and universal than any sill mag cap ban. And anyone who will do that wont even blink at using the “wrong” type of magazine.

  6. “Gun manufacturers are very determined to flout the spirit of these laws, and they can do that because the laws are too technologically specific,” said Lindsay Nichols, federal policy director for the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “We need legislation that is broadly written so that it’s harder to circumvent.”

    That makes me so unbelievably angry, I bet most of you can’t imagine.

    • I live in the state and it’s a mix of anger and humor I feel when they talk about anything gun related. Thankfully I find myself needing to listen to them less as their words become less relevant. I can understand your anger but to try to see the humor as it is a wonderful mix of Monty Python and Idiocracy.

  7. um….so they left is mad that we’re circumventing the laws they keep writing that most Americans dont actually want?

    pot meet kettle.

  8. The same sort of thing happens to stupid parents whose children are smarter than they are and know it. Eventually the best they can muster is “because I said so!” and “you know what I meant!”

    The real problem is those stupid parents refuse to accept their stupidity by virtue of age, authority, fairy tales of engrained “parental wisdom” and other human psychological trappings.

  9. They make law the exempts license holders from NICS and then complain when they buy guns at gun shows with going through NICS.

  10. “We need legislation that is broadly written so that it’s harder to circumvent.”

    Translated for those less familiar with anti-gun’ese: You want anti-gun laws that are broadly written so you can interpret them any way you want anytime you want for any situation you want and then call it ‘common sense gun laws’.

    Well we already went through this a long time ago, it had a name – it was called the Revolutionary War. The king was fond of ‘broad laws’ and ‘rules’ being imposed on the colonies, and the King and his minions did not hesitate to interpret them any way they wanted anytime they wanted for any situation they wanted.

    We didn’t think then it was ‘common sense’ to be under the rule of a tyrant, and we don’t think its ‘common sense’ now either. Yet here you are wanting to bring back tyranny.

    • In my ongoing study of that period of our history I came across a VERY interesing interview. The subject was one of the men who had stood on the Commons at Lexington with Captain John Parker and the seventy or so others who stood up against the Regulars that April morning. The man was tracked down some forty years after the event, and was interviewed by the writer whose report I was reading. Can’t remember his name, but no matter. The question was put to this Member of the Lexington Militia “why were you out that norning? Was it the tea tax?” No, I never drank the stuff, not many others did either. “Was it the stamp Act, the tax on printed goods?” Nah, I never saw one of those stamps, I don’t think they sold very many. Well, then WHY were you out that morning? What was at the root of it?”

      Here comes the bombshell….. by one who was THERE and faced off against General Gage, and had to help bury eight of his fellow townsfolk then go off and lie in wait for Smith’s men to come back through Lexington and back to Boston, a little skirmish referred to as Parker’s Revenge)

      His response sums it ALL up: “they had a mind that they should tell us how we would live, and we had a mind that they would not”.

      That still works today, doesn’t it?

  11. If she wants gray area laws then why don’t we pass some targeting her and her damn children so eventually they’ll ALL be in prison, or worse and we’ll be done with these decrepit gun controllers and haters finally? Nothing is ever done about these traitors.

  12. Ya gotta love it! Time marches on & so does technology. BTW that basturd Cruz used 10 round mags to murder in Floriduh. But muh low capacity idiocy…

    • So did the Sandy Hook shooter, the clown that shot up the flicker house in COlorado during the crazy movie, the Virgina Tech shooter, the two illegal immigrant clown murders who shot up the Christmas Party in San Bernardino, and if memory serves, the punks that stole their Dad’s handgu and shot up COumbine school.

      What these idiots fail to recall (lack of functioning brain cells, or wilful moral corruption? Not sure which….) is that EVERY ONE of those shooters was breaking laws far more serious and fundaental than any silly mag cap ban.

      Anyone else remember this one, from some years ago in a far away place: “THOU SHALT NOT MURDER”. Predates every one of these midget-brained twits warting over whether my carry gun can hold ten or eleven rounds and still be legal when I NEED it to defend against the five armed thugs busing into MY house with MY family home. NOT ONE of those five armed thugs has given one twitch of a brain cell to the issue of how many rounds THEIR guns can hold. Meanwhie these stuffed shrt poohbahs want to tie MY hands behind my back.

      Reminds me of a rather well known quip from C.S. Lewis: you geld the stallion then bid him be fruitful.

      Methinks some of these dweebs need gelding….. I do NOT like the fruit they are producing.Time to “cut it off”.

  13. Mag lula has been around for a long time. Other mag loaders have been around for a long time. A reloader is someone who reloads ammunition, we been around even longer. “How are we ever going to get 1 world government if we don’t disarm the populace?” His return is neigh.

  14. Abinanti is going have alot more to worry about than Bear Flag Defense loaders being sold in NY post Bruen. The lawsuits are coming fast an furious and they are making there way through the court system. In another two years NY State Penal Codes 265 and 400 will be in shambles.

    • Well, if the law is broad enough they can cut off anything they want when they want how they want and then spin it in MSM as ‘common sense enforcement’.

  15. The intent of these laws are unconstitutional. Any effort to circumvent these laws are legal, Constitutional and moral.

    We are becoming the Country our Founders revolted against.

  16. “The lawmaker said he plans to ask New York Attorney General Letitia James to investigate weapons designed around the state’s law and find ways to close any loopholes. He also might propose banning reloaders in New York state.”

    Not with the ‘Bruen’ decision, you can’t.

    They are gonna be spitting nails when they discover gun bans, magazine bans, pretty much *any* ban on guns or gun accessories or ammunition will be found unconstitutional.

    They haven’t woken up to that yet. Suckers… 🙂

    • As well as a clear intention on the part of these bureaucrats to circumvent the Constitution, and it’s inbuilt supremacy clause.

      Ok class, in criminal law, what is undermining the Constitution and abrogation of Civil Rights called again?

  17. What happened to the spirit of laws that put criminals away, that prohibit violence during riots, that deal with pedophiles and rape, that deal with theft, and those that deal with illegal immigration?

  18. If Democrats regulated cars the way they regulated guns, then they’d be passing laws to make it more difficult and time-consuming to change a flat tire. For example, they would ban scissor jacks to make it harder and slower to changer flat tires.

    Then when some enterprising entrepreneur starts selling hydraulic jacks to make it easier to change tires again, while still complying with the law, the Democrats would cry foul!
    They’d whine, “Auto parts manufacturers are very determined to flout the spirit of these laws! Didn’t you know our intent was to make it a PITA to change a flat tire? How dare you give consumers what they want!”

    Democrats would also ban safety features for cars, such as mufflers (suppressors) and seatbelts (barrel shrouds), but that’s another topic.

  19. Well. I understand that the firearms company Troy Industries makes an outstanding pump-action AR-15. And Henry Firearms makes a lever action rifle in 556/223. So when these gun grabbers tell you they’re not after your guns. They’re just lying about it.

  20. Mr. Abinanti has no shame. “This is a clear attempt to evade the intent of the legislation.” REALLY? You mean like the so-called “Concealed Carry Improvement Act” and how it’s a deliberate attempt to nullify a Supreme Court decision?

  21. Because all gun laws are violations of the Second Amendment.

    You can’t get around the original purpose. Look at a stripped AR lower. Is it a pistol? Is it a rifle? Is it an “assault rifle” with select fire?

    It’s all of those. Anyone can assemble the pieces.


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