Governor Abbott Texas Constitutional Carry
Governor Greg Abbott makes Texas the 21st constitutional carry state. (Dan Z. for TTAG)
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It did not take long for anti-gun activists in the media to make the claim gun control is a winning issue for Democrats, but only if the glaring problems with that picture are ignored.

Abortion, record inflation, large amounts of crime, concerns about democracy, and even climate change and healthcare ranked of higher concern for voters than gun policy according to NBC. Additionally, the New York Times reported last month only 1% of likely voters thought guns were the most important problem. No doubt, if guns were the only issue on the ballot, there would be very different results. The fact is, there were too many factors in play for pundits to make the claim people want more gun control. But there were many glaring cases in which pro-gun elected officials were rewarded for strong pro-gun actions.

Every single governor who signed a Constitutional Carry law, which would allow people to carry a firearm without a permit, won re-election. Brian Kemp won Georgia, Chris Sununu won New Hampshire, Kim Reynolds won Iowa, Kevin Stitt won Oklahoma, Greg Abbott won Texas, and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine also won reelection. All of the aforementioned either signed Constitutional Carry Laws in their current term or a previous term. Additionally, although Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida did not sign Constitutional Carry, he called for such legislation to be sent to him for his signature. If guns really were on the ballot in Florida, then the people of Florida clearly are rewarding him for his pro-gun stance by giving him another term.

Even the people of Uvalde, who suffered the horrendous tragedy of 19 children and 2 teachers murdered at Robb Elementary School in May of this year by a deranged school shooter, decided to vote more than 60% for Governor Greg Abbott, who again, signed permitless carry into law. In addition, a Republican challenger to the State Senator representing the area, won the Uvalde area by more than 17% and boasts support for the “constitutional right to carry” on his website. …

Declaring voters don’t care about their right to defend themselves because Republicans did worse than expected is a projection of desires rather than a report of facts. Many issues were on voters’ minds, but if appreciation for gun control was one of them, then that’s just clearly not reflected by the results.

Alex Madajian in Regardless Of Party, Pro-Gun Candidates Won Their Races This Week

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    • So What? What about all the DemoMarxist governors who don’t support Constitutional carry who got re-elected?

      • When Gun Control democRats like the caught red handed az straw purchaser mark kelly win days later that is the fault of politically inept do it for me Gun Owners who do not and did not stand and define Gun Control by its history of rot.

        The useful idiots who are dumb enough to vote for any democRat damn sure understand what a noose represents all while they lint lick Gun Control which history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide.

        Exactly whose fault is it for failing miserably to define Gun Control for voters when History Confirms Gun Control and nooses, slave shacks, burning crosses, concentration camps, gas chambers and swastikas all go hand in hand? The answer for many is in a mirror.

      • As long as PACs are allowed in politics you’ll find the crazies being pushed in the primaries which will result in terrible people winning. Like Whitmer, who was re-elected with less votes than the abortion proposal and now has a majority in the State legislature because of those above mentioned PACs.

  1. Uvalde County voted nearly 2 to 1 for Greg Abbott.

    Beta O’dork ran on the Uvalde tragedy, even disrupting press conferences where the families of the victims were present.

    The Dems dumped around half a billion dollars on Beta to make him a Trifecta losers. President, Senate and Governor.

    • There’s one famous Governor who isn’t part of that group, yet was just re-elected. Can you guess? I have to continue dealing with his nonsense.

      Anyone? Bueller…?

  2. If gun control was a factor Uvalde should have been 100% not Democrats because it was glaringly obvious the police couldn’t and didn’t protect children as they were being massacared. If they won’t protect children then they sure as hell won’t protect you either.

    • Not to mention that there remain some VERY importnt questions about the murderer to which we have not had answers.. HOW could a chump with a minimum wage job run out and buy a high end $5000 rifle with all the toys? And HOW could that came chump afford to be driving a VERY pricey pickup truck?
      I canot but help thinking SOMEONE was behind this clown and his despicable actions, supplying him with money and ideas. And it also seems highly likely that local LE had this punk’s number bot, just as in Parkland Florida, did not ACT on their information. Same story with quite a number of other similar incidents.. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Sutherland Springs, Aurora Theatre, a few that pop off the top readily.

      • guess doing any proper research yourself would be too hard but reading conspiracy theory and liberal news media is your way to go.

        Daniel defense has credit loan program for buyers, the pu truck was not his, that’s right it was stolen.
        even a starter job flipping burgers will make a nice savings when one has no bills living under someone else’s roof.

  3. So guns aren’t an issue for voters but guns got the governors elected. And dems held the senate even without Georgia and the house is still in question. And constitutional carry is the that got those governors elected or re-elected. I hear stretching is good for health. In this case it’s just stretching. Prodressive, soft on crime, antigun prosecutors won elections all over the country including in red cities and blue cities in red states. Fact is the #gunvote narrative is barely holding up if at all. Go ahead and call me a troll for speaking a little truth. Many people hear should spend less time wallowing about in a persistent vegetative state of willful blindness, ignorance and denial.

      • THIS! As disgusting as it is fww is correct. Whatever happened to the day when a woman would say “I don’t care what happens to me just save my baby”.

      • Maybe in California, but in MI you’ll note stricter term limits gained close to half a million more votes than baby killing and Whitmer.

    • I think the point of the article isn’t that pro-gun policy won elections, it’s that if anti-gun politics were so popular, we would have seen the constitutional carry governors suffer at the polls. As it stands, second ammendment issues are bottom of the list of concerns with voters right now, as the article stated at the very start. It’s really just a repudiation of the claim by some pundits that “gun control is a winning issue.” I wouldn’t call you a troll, I’d just suggest you read the article through again.

    • “Go ahead and call me a troll for speaking a little truth”

      hmmm no, we will not call you a troll for telling ‘your’ truth that also happens to match the democrat ‘what they put forth as’ truth.

      we will call you a troll because you got duped into believing it and are now posting it. are you related to Miner49er?

    • Wrong. Get online.
      Look around.
      Lots of cheating.
      Cheating like a fat kid on a smartee. EVERYWHERE & blatantly this time.
      Videos of machines changing numbers after polls closed right in front of poll workers.
      Candidates taking pictures of the numbers on TV & waking up in the am with 30K LESS.
      Places “ran out” of ballots.
      Entire counties where NO machines worked.
      So much more.

      Question is, will anyone DO anything about it?

      • Last time, all those claims turned out to be fruitless. Everybody talked about precincts and counties with more votes reported than registered, but nobody can name them and give me the numbers. I’m open minded. Dems cheat, and I’m sure lots of not mentally competent people had their ballots collected from group homes and voted for them. Do you have links to those videos? If we spread them around, we won’t need to worry about courts denying standing or media blackouts. There are tons of peer-to-peer and sharing sites, so we don’t need the Big Tech names to host them. Otherwise, it’s just rumors, trolls, and blowhards.

        Machines can be hacked, but I haven’t seen anywhere that did a hand recount, with witnesses from both sides, that showed those shenanigans. The audit in Arizona turned up a bigger margin for Biden.

        What does seem consistent is that few of the candidates who said Trump was cheated in 2020 won their elections, and other Republicans who weren’t Trump did better. If they were manufacturing votes, why didn’t they fix the down ticket races? Trump celebrated the defeat of Republican Senate candidates that didn’t support him (O’Dea and Buldoc). He discouraged people to not vote in the GA runoffs, so the Dems won when the Perdue and Loeffler got hundreds of thousands fewer votes than they did in the general election. I thought his non-gun policies and results were great, but he seens to only care about himself and is happy to drag the party down with him.

    • I agree. The democrats won the last 3 elections. I think this article is just coping.

      If we want to beat the democrats we need to offer better candidates and have a better message because right now the democrats are the ones winning and will win again in 2024.

    • Imaho,

      I don’t necessarily expect “objective” reporting on gun rights issues from TTAG, just as I treat anything put out by EITHER the DNC or the RNC as . . . propaganda (which it is). All the pre-election surveys and polls made it pretty clear what issues the voters considered important for the midterms, and “gun rights” was a small issue, at best (EITHER side of “gun rights”). The majority of the people who would cast a “gun rights”, pro-2A vote were . . . already going to vote R. Not seeing from the (limited) post-election numbers that the “gun rights” issue swayed a damn thing.

      Now, it IS interesting that the use of the “blood in the streets!!!” nonsense to oppose constitutional carry was obviously not a negative factor, but . . . everybody that voted for Abbott was going to vote for Abbott, anyway (as just one example).

      Let’s face it, other than the true partisans on both sides of the gun control debate, it just ain’t a major issue for most people. And there are only so many Shannon Watts and Mini-Mike Bloombergs (thank God!!).

  4. And all the govs who had their states locked down for covid like Commies got re-elected as well. What does that tell you?

    • It tells me we live in two countries now, governed with two entirely different founding ideals. Like the eastern and western roman empires, we are starting to be a single country in name only.

      • Then please share them. Post some links. BTW, who were your top 2 votes for Representative? (no need to list them in order)

    • And IMHO, I think this sort of talk is why there wasn’t as large of a red wave. Independents didn’t vote as strongly Republican because so many candidates have voiced that they think any election they lose must be rigged. While 60% of Republicans believe this narrative, Independants and right leaning Democrats don’t. It’s not a popular platform and distracted from the narrative of all the screwed up policies of the progressives. If you really think elections in this country are now stolen and democracy doesn’t really exists, it’s time for you to use the second ammendment for its original purpose. Funny thing though, I don’t see too many revolutionaries right now conducting partisan raids.

      • You can’t tell me that Biden got more legitimate votes than Obama did. It just didn’t happen. And it definitely is not the time to use the 2nd Amendment. That would be a truly horrible day for our Nation. We can fix this we just need to fight like the dems do, like ballot harvesting where it’s legal and playing to win like they do. And supporting quality candidates. As much as I think President Trump was awesome his time is over. He’s too divisive and there are quality candidates out there.

        • Agree, Muckraker, with all but Biden not getting more votes than Obama. The whole nation voted in a much larger percentage, and this rose all boats. And the dems didn’t go to the polls to vote for “Biden in the basement”…they voted because they had a nasty case of Trump derangement syndrome and hated him like death incarnate. The election was “stolen” from Trump by the media and Feds, who sat on Hunter Laptop during the last month, and it was proven that the story would have swung key swing states.

        • You may be correct about the Bidum getting more votes than Trump it’s just really hard for me to believe. You definitely are correct about the media and alphabet agencies colluding to win the election for the dems.

      • Agreed, CannotComply. Focus on 2020 and rigged elections (true or not) will only doom the Republicans to failure in 2024. Florida points to the future.

    • You do understand that most voting methods don’t have instant feedback, right? in all likelyhood, the counts were going up after polls closed because the system was catching up with itself from voting locations with poor internet. If this were a conspiracy, why wasn’t Abbot voted out? The Democrats have put so buch into Beto, you’d think he’d be top of their list to cheat into office. I get it, the conspiracy can’t seem too obvious so not every election can be stolen. But wait, why bother risking discovery in the races you don’t intend to win? and why not steal such a crucial state and say it was because of pro-choice and gun control voters. What a propaganda win that would be. If you just look at this logically, there’s no reason for any of this nonsense. Conspiracy claims cost Republicans elections this year, as I stated in a previous post. If you believe otherwise, after the courts have ruled against countless cheating claims, then get off you high horse and into your foxhole and start the revolution. If you’re just venting, find somewhere else to do it and stop egging on the crazies. Your conspiracy doesn’t make us gun rights advocates look any better.

      • If switching votes happens by pure chance, then it will happen equally to both parties. I haven’t personally looked into this, but that’s where I’d start before dismissing it. The dems won every single toss up election in the first midterm election of a disastrous administration. That goes against everything we know about elections. That means another(other) variable(s) has(have) been added to the equation.

      • yes, voter count always increases after voting has ended. even did it back in the days of paper only as the numbers came in. basically, it changes because the vote count and voter check in starts to be reconciled after voting stops and that happens in ‘groups’. in today’s computer based systems, delays in processing the numbers may cause such an appearance. that may be what happend here, time and investigation will tell.

      • CannotComply: Well said.

        I didn’t vote “for” any candidate in this election. Instead, I voted against the conspiracy whack jobs. In view of the results, many agreed with me.

      • Texas seems to be one of the few states that have taken steps to reduce/minimise vote tapering of various sorts. Florida, too. Remember the arrests of a signficant number of people stuffing ballot boxes? In the crookedest county in Florida? Texas seems to be one of the cleaner states with respect to election integrity.
        COntrast the three Worst Coast States….. all far crookeder than a lame dog’s hind leg. Washington has been since before Queen Christine got manufactured as governess. I have inside informations on how the vote recounts went. I know people who were there…..

        Like I think it ws Stalin so famously said.. it ain’t about who votes, its about who COUNTS the votes And the chinese influence and meddling in that regard runs srong in this. They will do anything for money and/or power. In this swindle they get both.

  5. Governor Matt Bevin who signed the Constitutional carry bill in Kentucky was attacked by the school teachers. Because he believed their representatives demands were harmful to the Commonwealth’s budget. He had also previously stated in public that he supported legalizing marijuana. But that was not one of his priorities. Making Kentucky a constitutional carry state was. But that wasn’t good enough for the Libertarians. Because drug legalization, making driving while intoxicated legal, being able to urinate and defecate in public without getting arrested. Making it ok to steal. And making human trafficking legal are much more important priorities to Libertarians. Than Second Amendment civil rights.

    From 2019

    “Libertarians “happy to split the vote” in Kentucky governor race. “We are always happy to split the vote in a way that causes delicious tears,” the Libertarian Party (L.P.) of Kentucky posted to Facebook on Tuesday. “Tonight there are plenty of delicious tears from [Republican Gov. Matt] Bevin supporters.”

    The following year in 2020 the Democratic governor ordered the Kentucky State Police to ticket Christians who attended Easter services. Because he had ordered a lockdown. And that is something that many Libertarians supported.

  6. There is never any context with polling.
    10 people can all rank guns or gun control as their #1 issue when 5 of them want a ban and 5 want to strike the GCA and NFA.

    Truly useless data comes from polls yet pencil neck nerds make millions off polling. The only data more useless is the “journalists” reporting on said polls who are sure to leave out any detail, context or nuance the polling may contain.

  7. “Many issues were on voters’ minds, but if appreciation for gun control was one of them, then that’s just clearly not reflected by the results.”

    Whitmer and Hochul were pretty clear on gun control. For rhetorical purposes: did they win despite, or because of, that stance? Or some other factor, like the TikTok vote? And, there may be more pro-abortion voters than pro-2A voters. If one is pro-both, which is more important to one?

    The bigger question is, would Fetterman have won without PA’s early voting system?

    • Anthony DeLuca-D was just re-elected to the PA state house after he was already dead. So PA elected two brain-dead Democrats and an all dead Democrat in just two short years. Needless to say, many of their votes were cast by dead Democrats. Hey, the dead have to stick together.

      I’m moving to Pennsylvania and changing my party affiliation just as soon as I die so I can have a great career in the afterlife.

  8. guns were a #1 issue this election season for both me and my wife:
    she thought i had too many
    i thought i didnt have enough
    the truth however
    was somewhere in middle

  9. Georgia Gov Kemp totally destroyed gap tooth, 450lb, Aunt Jemima Abrams again in a complete landslide. I wonder what the African will blame it’s loss on this time?

    • Well, they are blaming black men for her failure to win.

      You see there have been things going on, for a number of years now in Black politics. But most white people are not paying attention to this. But Trump was paying attention. Which is why Donald Trump got 14% of the black male vote, in 2016. The previous Republican got less than 2%.

      Racial voting based on political party has changed in the United States. There are a lot of reasons why black male voters publicly refused to support Stacey Abrams for governor. The white press was never recovering this. And neither was the black press covering this issue. But the alternative/independent press was.

      Also Large numbers of Hispanics who never voted for a Republican gave up on the Democrat Party. And they helped to re-elect the Texas Republican governor. The same thing happened in Florida. Where Cuban Americans gave up on the Democrats and they re-elected the Republican Governor there.

      I am not surprised Stacey Abrams lost. But I would be surprised if Warnock got re-elected.

      • “Racial voting based on political party has changed in the United States. ”

        Very true, but sadly, the votes of single females of nearly every age have been more than enough to offset all of this.

        Nearly the same reasoning has guided both race and gender issues. Neither voting bloc category can bring themselves to trust their “membership” to be smart enough, on their own, to fix their problems issues on their own; they have to put the onus on the government to both think and act for everyone.

        One might try to draw a parallel between voters like this and 2A supporters voting en masse. The primary difference, however, is that the 2A is readily available to every American of every age, gender, creed and race. The race and gender issues never seem to cross those lines to include all Americans very well and are mostly “user specific”.

  10. Back to the original topic of the article we’re posting…

    IA Gov. Kim Reynolds supported and signed Constitutional/permitless carry into law in Iowa a couple years back. She also supported the amending of the Iowa Constitution to include the US 2A language, including a mandate to judge all firearms law using strict scrutiny, this fall as well. Along with Bruen, one would think Iowans are fairly set for a while in this regard.

    Governor Reynolds won a resounding victory over a Stacey Abrams look-a-like/act-alike in the mid-term election just concluded. (In Iowa, anyway…)

    As for passage of the Constitutional amendment, an interesting set of statisitcs are worth considering:

    The Amendment passed by many thousands of votes more than the total for the re-election of either Gov. Reynolds or Sen. Chuck Grassley. Many thousands more. This means that either many thousands of Iowans only voted for the amendment or many thousands of democrats crossed over to vote for the amendment and the support of the Second Amendment despite the stated goals of their party. The final results cannot be placed only on independent voters.

  11. That is a great thing, but how did all the nutcase democrats get re-elected?? Whitmer, Hochul, Newsom, Too many to name. Who voted these wackos back in office?? They had to cheat because who in their right mind would vote for these people when they are destroying everyone’s lives. The democrat city’s are nothing but a sewer, it just defies logic!

    • Perhaps, but if one has only lived in a sewer, they have little to compare it to. Seriously.

      Sewer or not, most Metro dwellers have some sort of shelter, access to food and medical care, often even a cell phone and internet at no, or little cost to them and have no responsibility to have to work to provide for the offspring they have propagated. The State even pays for their daycare, food, Pampers, etc. This is a much better life than 75% of the rest of the world, and one needn’t work or even try to attain it.

      • Craig, you are correct urban dwellers elected Hochul. Patty Murray keeps winning because Seattle and King county is filled with active and retired government and tech workers who were and are unaffected by COVID and the state’s lock down. A large number of Seattle voters are single women and 20-30 year olds with worthless college degrees. This large block votes for the free stuff Craig mentioned as well as college debt “cancellation”

    • @Samson:
      “How did all the whackos get re-elected?”
      Look at our CA ballot envelope for one. Supposedly covered on the inside with black squiggly lines. Except in our West Coast Shangri La. Looking at the inside shows large intricate blank areas (NO LINES!) less understandable than Pennsylvania gerrymandering. WHY ARE THEY THERE?
      I can only answer that it’s ON PURPOSE. Always shows how you voted on a key candidate or issue.
      Hair Gel’s recall vote was a perfect example. That issue was the only thing on that ballot. You could read (then discard) any ballot you didn’t like, and not even use a flashlight, or open the envelope because the vote mark showed right through the (unprotected) paper. Perfectly centered in the blank white signature block. PERFECTLY.
      My Dad moved us out here from PA in 1955, for a teaching job and to escape the corruption. It chased us out here.
      I kept my ballot and envelope from this election as a souvenir. It would have never been counted anyway. Smell-O-Fornia is just like PA, NJ and NY.
      Hopelessly Screwed…

  12. Well the democrats won the midterms defying history and despite a myriad of problems they caused. They beat Trump and they won the midterms in 2018. Democrats are the ones winning here. It’s time to acknowledge that and get back to beating the democrats like we did during the Obama years, because right now we are losing.

    • “Well the democrats won the midterms defying history and despite a myriad of problems they caused. ”

      The democrats haven’t won the mid term. Some democrats won their races and some Republicans won their races. They are about evenly divided in the senate right now at 50 – 49 with one race to still call, and still ahead in the house and will likely take the house.

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