Nappen: Bruen Gives 2A Supporters a Weapon of Mass Gun Control Law Destruction

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The [Bruen] decision handed down in June already has led one judge to temporarily block a Colorado town from enforcing a ban on the sale and possession of certain semi-automatic weapons.

The first major gun decision in more than a decade, the ruling could dramatically reshape gun laws in the U.S. even as a series of horrific mass shootings pushes the issue back into the headlines.

“The gun rights movement has been given a weapon of mass destruction, and it will annihilate approximately 75% of the gun laws eventually,” said Evan Nappen, a New Jersey gun rights attorney.

The court battles come as the Biden administration and police departments across the U.S. struggle to combat a surge in violent crime and mass shootings, including several high-profile killings carried out by suspects who purchased their guns legally.

And given the sheer number of cases now working through the courts, a lot more time will be spent in courtrooms no matter who wins.

“We will see a lot of tax dollars and government resources that should be used to stop gun crime being used to defend gun laws that are lifesaving and wildly popular,” said Jonathan Lowy, chief counsel and vice president at Brady, the gun control group.

— Lindsay Whitehurst and Alanna Durkin Richer in After Supreme Court ruling, it’s open season on gun laws in Colorado and across the U.S.

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  1. ““The gun rights movement has been given a weapon of mass destruction, and it will annihilate approximately 75% of the gun laws eventually,” said Evan Nappen, a New Jersey gun rights attorney.”

    Cool… 😉

    • What’s so cool about running to a judge and having to ask for a restraining order against Gun Control to protect your Second Amendment God Given Right of Self Defense when History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is an agenda rooted in Racism and Genocide?

      • Debbie — for now, what is the alternative?

        Gun owners are normally a bunch of rules-playin’ fools — we obey the law and work within it to achieve our goals.

        • Not anymore. As I have not said, ever, I am not obeying any carry prohibitions unless I will be subject t search or metal detectors.

      • “What’s so cool about running to a judge and having to ask for a restraining order against Gun Control to protect your Second Amendment God Given Right of Self Defense…”

        Because, Deborah, ask, and you shall receive.

        We ask an honest judge to strike down unconstitutional gun laws, and we receive the legal blessings…

        • Why don’t you just ask the ‘honest’ judge to have the person(s) arrested for attempting or conspiring to deprive you of your uninfringeable 2nd/A rights? Under 18-241-242.

      • I understand and share your frustration. It would have been nice if everything potentially on the chopping block would be axed all at once.

        Unfortunately, we’re looking at a long and lengthy Lawsuit process.
        Brueun is a significant step in the right direction, and gives us analogical Ammo for the fight.

    • Until the Supremes state unequivocally that 2A rights shall not be infringed “in any manner” the anti-gunners will impose seemingly “reasonable” restriction after restriction until the 2A disappears.

      • Bill, it already does that by not enumerating any qualifiers, exceptions, restrictions, prohibitions, or etc. After the word infringed. It says ‘Shall Not be infringed. Period!

        That’s why they always debated that the guaranteed right only extended to the militia instead of debating the last phrase of the Amendment. But when that was ultimately settled they switched gears and tried to argue that the phrase SNBI didn’t mean absolutely period, and that there could be unenumerated exceptions.

        But most Subsequent challenges confirmed that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED does not come with any qualifiers when it comes to the government’s authorized ability or consent to regulate that particular Amendment, except maybe in Heller where Scalia did a little bit of a qualifier in his language. I forgot the exact phraseology but I’ll look it up.

        But in the Forever battle, the anti-gun or rabid gun control advocates never concede. And you’re right the ‘unequivocal’ reality clashes with ‘reasonable’ But the Framers were not reasonable in so much as they were adamantly pragmatic. ‘No M0FOing restrictions on what firearms the people can have. If the potential G-Tyrannical bad actors and their army can have it, so can the people.’

        There was also a case law where the ruling said that the SNBI statement also included any new and improved or future modern weapons as well.

        So here’s how they really get around it. The gun control states makes a law, which technically is illegal, doing some type of restriction or prohibition that doesn’t say you still cannot OWN/possess a firearm, but for all practical purposes their ‘reasonable infringement restrictin heavily deprives you of your ability to exercise your right to use it more effectively, or with greater expansion for better personal protection. And certainly for greater protection against a Tyrannical State when it ‘restricts’ the type of weapon and firepower you may possess.

        See they play that game with the main States v. Federal Government Amendment that gives States the authority to make any laws that apply to situations NOT specifically already enumerated in the Constitution.

        But they are choking the legal chicken by reversing the logic to effectively say “…it doesn’t say we can’t just restrict it a little for public safety and crime prevention? We actually are Not really preventing you from owning them and bearing them for hunting and sporting as such? And we’re making it a law so it can’t be bad…?”

        And up until recently, most people fell for it…

        But it was blatantly illegal if it doesn’t pass the stinko test?

        Reality test:
        1. Is the 2nd/A a guaranteed Constitutional Right
        2. Does any form of deprivation of that right violate it?
        3. Is it a crime to violate that right?
        (notwithstanding the defining semantics of is infringement the same as reasonable restriction being the same depriving someone of 2nd/a rights.)

        If you answered yes to all of the above then that conclusion seems to fit right into the context of the serious felonies for deprivation of conspiracy even under color of law in the Federal Statue 18 USCC 241-241 which doesn’t seem to qualify or mention caveats for the 2nd/A or any other rights?

        If I was a prosecutor I’d indict everybody who conspired to make a law to restrict in Any and ALL manner…because, in FACT, the 2nd/A doesn’t say I CAN’t. Which means it is ‘purely’ uninfringeable if you can get through the counterintuitiveness. Because It DOES NOT Enumerate specifically the MOFOing restrictions, bans, prohibitions, or etc. ! So as a Prosecutor I can cite both Constitutional Prescedent AND the Criminal Statute language to rationalize and justify a clear and present criminal indictment against intentional anti-gun action. Take that you dirty Marxist Rights Deprivers,

        Read the criminal statutes.

        So why aren’t prosecutors indicting anyone and everybody for making anti-gun law restrictions of any kind for violations?

        Because the entire Justice Dept is politically compromised and corrupted.
        Soros just got busted out for supporting ‘Woke’ prosecutors in one of the elections, today, I think i just heard or saw as a headline.

        Couple that kind of thing with most people just don’t know what I just explained, and we are desperately in troubled times.

        The only way out is at the voting place;. Get yourselves seriously involved on the local level for midterms. Or Nikki Haley’s Dire prediction will certainly be a reality.

        And even worse…

        • Clarence Thomas made clear the “two tiered tests” courts made up after “Heller” is over.

          The only exceptions are where restrictions are long in place, especially on explosives and explosive (Grenades, mines, rockets, etc.) ordinance or the danger to the public is clear.

          Any traditionally held weapon or in common usage is NOT subject to undue restrictions.

          The “licensing/permit” systems that make 99.99% applications fail is not legal, period. Eventually the SCOTUS will rule on few, and toss out a few, invalidate all the others.

          I know NY State is already playing games with it’s Sullivan (Sullivan 2.0?) Law update, to achieve their ends. That is not going to pass SCOTUS muster, but liberal lower courts are liable to do legal tap dances and mental yoga to let it stand till it hits there.

          Thomas was clear. There is NO intermediate scrutiny where judges or appeals courts twist the law to allow unreasonable laws or systems to stand.

          He also held current systems that allow most non-prohibited persons to have/carry weapons are legal if not too onerous.

          Some states have expensive classes/courses to get carry licenses/permits but he didn’t toss them out wholesale.

          What is “reasonable” will be the next item AFTER they throw out a lot of clearly unconstitutional laws now.

          The screeching about “AR-15s” and “Weapon of War” is over. Those guns are in ‘common use”, and Thomas was clear on that.

          Just because SOME misuse them for crimes does not mean everyone must be punished by taking away weapons.

          Of course liberal courts and judges, and law makers will try to abuse their power and discretion to “Delay, Delay, Delay” removal of illegal laws and system, or try to implement new ones to try and defeat the “Bruen” ruling.

          Unless Biden or another Democrat appoints many new justices through attrition or court packing, they will lose in the end.

          In fact if they keep it up they’re going to get a “Roe v. Wade” slap upside the head ruling out of the court 5 years down the road or so.

          Of course Bruen didn’t invent a “Right” out of thin air. Reversing it will be a lot tougher.

  2. For some of us the Constitution is the bedrock of our nations values. We have taken a oath to defend it.
    For others it is an impediment in the way of reaching a higher goal.
    I will be damned if I can see how we will square this circle.

    • The Bruen ruling made it clear that the 2nd Amendment was a personal civil right on the same level as the others in the Bill of Rights. Heller and McDonald said the same, just not as forcefully, with the result that many states, municipalities and lower courts refused to comply. Bruen leaves them no wiggle room.

      This doesn’t mean they will fall into line and I wonder how Bruen will be enforced. Suppose (1) a gun owner is convicted of a state crime, (2) the Supreme Court, citing Bruen, overturns his conviction, but (3) the state refuses to release him from prison. Is there any mechanism for the Supreme Court to force the state to comply? Can it direct federal marshals to break him out using physical force against state or local LEOs if they resist?

      • If a federal marshal has a court order no state level leo is going to fight him. He would, if he survived the incident spend most of his life in a federal prison. And yes a marshal would arrest a local leo that tried that crap.

        I worked at a federal agency in WV for 10 years after my military time. I was in contact with federal judges and US Marshals on a near daily basis. The power these people have is unbelievable.

        I witnessed a Deputy Marshal disarm a WV State Trooper. That was a hell of a thing to see.

        • That supremacy clause backing them up & unlimited jurisdiction (all 50 + every square inch of all US Territories) is a bitch sometimes.

          Some people just don’t know.

        • One other thing a marshal can do that I’m not sure any others can. He can go to the nearest military facility and request troops to support his efforts. And he will get that support.

          If you remember the civil rights days there were troops integrating schools in the south. In a lot of the photos taken during that time you saw soldiers with one or two men in civvie clothes wearing white painted helmets. Those were deputy marshals and their presence made the use of regular troops legal.

        • Interesting, learn something new every day. Thanks for that.

          Leaves me wondering how that squares with Posse Comitatus tho.

    • Vets sign on that dotted line to defend on foreign soil American Freedoms, Rights, Liberties,and sovereignty; kit up; leave their families; do things that haught at night/even in daylight so others sleep peacefully, et el…….then, come home, down-kit, and watch politicians….some also vets ala Tammy DuckDuck, et el…… use those very Freedoms, Rights, Liberties to take those Freedoms, Rights, Liberties away right from under their noses. Whack-A-Mole on steroids. Not an “enemy in the wire” scenario, no Southern wire at all. For decades, the enemy has been sitting in the Command Post. Nary a shot fired in defense.

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
      An excerpt from “A Pillar of Iron” by Taylor Caldwell depicting the spirit of ancient Rome in its last days of glory. The hero of the story, the man called “a pillar of iron” is Marcus Tullius Cicero, the lawyer-statesman who tried vainly to save the republic he loved from the forces of tyranny.

  3. 75%?? Gotta pump that number UP!

    I’m gonna buy a new gun today to celebrate. Time for an AK. Century? Zastava?

      • call me skeptical. directly from the rave review:
        “…the BFT47 have been recalled for a ‘potential durability issue’ that Century felt ‘may affect proper feeding and/or chambering of ammunition…'”

        • I read it a bit differently:
          “While certain models of the BFT47 have been recalled for a “potential durability issue” that Century felt “may affect proper feeding and/or chambering of ammunition,“ …”

          A manufacturer-initiated recall? On “certain models?” Yeah, that’s never happened before with any firearm.

          Perhaps, just perhaps — I said that I don’t know squat about AKs by saying that I don’t know squat about AKs.

          Because I really don’t know squat about AKs.

        • @Alien

          The general rule is, do not buy US manufactured AK’s. One exception, being Kalashnikov USA.

          The former, if you value your life. Over here, if it’s not built from a parts kit (like Arsenal and a few others do), it almost certainly has cast trunnions, or poor quality forged. They are subject to chamber erosion issues, and subsequently out of battery detonations. With only a thin bit of sheet metal between your face and that massive bolt carrier.

          Cut corners with an AR means either improper function, or it doesn’t work at all. With an AK pattern, it means a heavy piece of steel embedded in your eye socket, or shrapnel in your face. Maybe you live out your life heavily scarred, perhaps minus an eye, or maybe you get carried by 6.

          Not an advisable risk.

          If you ever have a question about an AK platform, look up 2 people in particular. One is Mishaco, pretty much the foremost expert and an encyclopedia on everything AK in the U.S. (and blind btw).

          Other being Rob Ski at AKOU, AK Operators Union Local 47. Rob runs real world destruction tests on every model he can get his hands on. 5k rounds is the de facto standard checked with headspace gauges periodically.

          And everyone needs to know, almost no domestically produced AK pattern has ever passed. Speaking personally, I consider the one that did an outlier fluke until results are repeatable.

          Rob Ski > everyone else.

        • Thanks, everyone.

          I don’t know nuthin’, but I always learn sumpthin’ from the posters here.

        • @ Alien

          Np mate, we all have our specialties, and once upon a time we all knew exactly jack, & shit, respectively.

          Hope you didn’t take it like I was climbing all over your backside, only that it is a serious subject that gets people killed, and I have no sense of humor about US manufacturers malfeasance. Here’s a buyers guide that’s very helpful to refer to. Keep it and pass it along when anyone starts asking AK related purchase questions. It’s worth the read. 🙂

        • Yes. Norinco overbuilt their AKs. Thicker metal and the one I had looked like everything inside had been heat treated. No scary threads on the barrel for flash hiders and such. More better if it has a square receiver and than a slant so you can swap stocks.

        • As shiggs said, very much yes, and very desirable since being banned from import, prices having gone through the roof in recent years because demand. Norinco & Polytech MAK90’s are true Type 1 AK47’s and are rare-ish in the current day. Milled from a solid block of steel, not stamped sheet metal like the AKM’s and their derivatives. Better still if it has the bayonet, definitely snap that one up as priority.

          Do be careful marsupial, there are still some 3rd hole Norinco’s floating around popping up from time to time at shows and shops, and most are a Feeb trap. 3rd axis pin is for FA. See it? Run away.

          Some have an additional rivet there to cover it up, but the ruling is “once a machine gun, always a machine gun” in the eyes of the law. Easy to spot, the 3rd axis pin sits directly between safe and fire positions on the safety, slightly overlapped by the AK scratch left by the safety as it traverses.

          Nothing wrong with stamped receiver at all, but forged steel always will outlast a stamping. Polytech is the better of the two, but really the differences are marginal. Russian Type 1’s are more valuable, and slightly better quality than either, though near unobtanium as well.

          Miss the old days, either used to flow through hands like water. Paid $400 for a Poly and $350-375 for a Norinco back then. House fire got mine long before the resurgence of interest. Should’ve kept them in the safe, but proudly displayed them on the wall instead. A mistake I won’t ever live down.

        • That ^^^

          Run away from the domestically built models. The imported by Century models are fine. Do your due diligence, and don’t just smash the buy button.

      • Got moderated, but basically Zavasta is about as cheap as you want to go. Not “American Made” but whatever. Gotta remember AKs ain’t cheap in America.

  4. Perspective:

    Despite the dramatic increase in mass shootings, today’s violent crime rates are still well below what we saw in the 1990s.

    In 1991, there were 9.8 murders per 100,000 people. In 2020, we were at 6.5, in 2022 it looks like 4.96.

    So, we have a lot of high profile incidents, but overall, the numbers are still way down.

    • I read somewhere yesterday that an average of 7 persons per year have died in school shootings over the past 20 or so years.

      Statistically, that’s insignificant.

    • “In 1991, there were 9.8 murders per 100,000 people. In 2020, we were at 6.5, in 2022 it looks like 4.96.“

      You’re absolutely correct, in 1991 we were coming off of two terms of republicans Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush leading the country.

      After two terms of the Clintons, the murder rate had dropped by almost 50% from the Reagan/Bush years, down to 5.5 per 100,000.

      And continuing the historical trend, now Republican congressmen are calling to defund the FBI:

      “Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted Wednesday that Democrats should defund the FBI, the same agency investigating whether the Florida congressman participated in sex trafficking.”

      • LEL you will find a stronger correlation of boomers coming off of the highest exposures to leaded gas fumes and violence rates than any political cherry picking but knock yourself out buddy.

        • More than just finding correlation of violence to lead poisoning, I think he’ll find extremely limited success in blaming gun violence on Republican presidents. There have been a couple of those since Bush Sr left office and there was no rise in murder rates.

          Also…. I’m not sure if Miner is aware of this, but the FBI’s investigation into Gaetz has caused exactly zero people to commit murder. Talk about an impressive feat of mental gymnastics

        • ROFLMAOBT! Can you account for all the violence coming out of Chicago, New York, San Francisco, etc from people who do not own a car? That is pure unadulterated poppycock! Someone needs their brain checked.

        • Walt do cars drive down the street in said cities and do fumes linger in the air with less ventilation to clear them like with smog issues?

      • MINOR Miner49er As the FBI has become a POLITAL PAWN of you Leftists, it needs to be disbanded and replaced by a law enforcement agency.

      • You had to have been aware of how many logical fallacies are in your comment as your wrote it. Unless you are actually some kind of low-rent bot? Could be.

    • “…the Biden administration and police departments across the U.S. struggle to combat a surge in violent crime…”

      Struggle? It was the Biden regime and the blue city/state executives that created the chaos leading to this crime surge. They are hardly struggling to reduce it- they’re not “wasting” this opportunity they created to try to disarm the American people.

  5. Wildly popular with some urbanites that have never done anything. Can’t load a rifle, shoot a rifle, can’t load ammunition, yet somehow know what kind of rifle and ammunition I should be allowed to have in west tn. Growing up in rural fl in the 70’s we all had gun racks with something in them and not a single mass shooter. The government is behind it to justify taking our guns. In 2020 nobody’s going to take your guns. In 2022 we’re coming to take your guns, IRS stockpiling ammunition and 87,000 new IRS agents. Just sayin

    • Same in rural West Virginia in the 50s thru the 80s. Granted I attended a private military school in the 60s, but my final, award winning, speech was about my new Remington 700 and I took it to school for illustration. And as late as the 80s it was not unusual to take a gun or bow to work in order to stop and deer hunt at a favorite spot on the way home.

      • “Growing up in rural fl in the 70’s we all had gun racks with something in them and not a single mass shooter“

        Historically, Florida has had their share of mass shootings, its just something that one talks about in polite conversation:

        “The Rosewood massacre was a racially motivated massacre of black people and the destruction of a black town that took place during the first week of January 1923 in rural Levy County, Florida. At least six black people and two white people were killed, though eyewitness accounts suggested a higher death toll of 27 to 150. The town of Rosewood was destroyed in what contemporary news reports characterized as a race riot. Florida had an especially high number of lynchings of black men in the years before the massacre,[2] including a well-publicized incident in December 1922.“

        • “lets see what else you can dig up“

          Challenge accepted, here you go:

          “By most estimates, a total of 30–35 black people were killed in the violence.[1][2][3] Most African American-owned buildings and residences in northern Ocoee were burned to the ground. Other African Americans living in southern Ocoee were later killed or driven out of town by the threat of further violence being used against them. Thus, Ocoee essentially became an all-white or “sundown” town. The massacre has been described as the “single bloodiest day in modern American political history”.[2]

          The attack was intended to prevent black citizens from voting. Black people had essentially been disenfranchised in Florida since the beginning of the 20th century.”

        • so 2 and only 1 was barely within a century of today………….kinda weak there bud. You seem to be pushing a agenda in search of a grievance. But hey you can try native massacre and abuse I guess.

        • MINOR Miner49 Why don’t you reach further back into history? That was almost 100 yrs ago. YAWN!

        • Funny thing about this is those that committed the violence and murder were DEMOCRATS!!!!

        • “Funny thing about this…”

          Yep, says it in the article he wants us to read. It also noted a Republican judge “…started a voter registration campaign to register African Americans to vote in Florida…” and was later threatened by the local KKK.

        • Come on hawkeye you trying to break the guy? Parties switched somehow just ask the Clintons and their friends.

        • So the people of today MUST be punished for what others did a century ago?

          Is this your kind’s s0cial justice?

        • Cool whiner, now do Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit last weekend. 🤔

          Oh, I forgot black on black murder in demtard run areas doesn’t matter to Marxist scum such as yourself.

        • So what are you going to be when Communism arrives?

          A poet, writer, musician, or philosopher?

          The USSR had a term for such people. “Social Parasites”.

          You will do what you’re told, when you’re told, where you’re told. Or you’ll be doing something much worse, in a worse location, and in worse conditions. Your survival is optional.

  6. Most seem still not to realize that the other 25 percent will be heavily impacted by the ruling on a case that probably doesn’t even reference firearms, West Virginia vs EPA that impacts non-legislated rule making by federal agencies. In my experience as a former coal guy two agencies that rely heavily on non-legislated rule making are EPA and ATF.

  7. When same sex marriage was ruled constitutional, laws were overturned almost immediately.
    When an enumerated right is affirmed by SCOTUS it will take years of litigation to overturn the affected laws.
    Something wrong here…..

    • Correct observation. Heck IIRC, the decision came out on Friday and there were lefty cities who opened offices on that very weekend to do marriages. Probably first and last weekend since WW2 that government worked on a weekend.

  8. As long as we keep focusing on symptoms of the problem rather than the problem, we’re going to have a fuckin’ problem that doesn’t get solved.

    I’m really not sure how that’s hard to see. The question is if you can see the problem. A certain 19th century philosopher saw it and accurately predicted where it would go. Yet most “educated” midwits are still standing around wondering what’s going on while alternating between scratching their head, ass and the inside of their nose.

      • No, not Hobbes. I’m not a fan of his work anyway. A few good points buried in too much ink spilled being a tyrant’s apologist.

        Leviathan is from the 17th century, Hobbes died before the start of the 1700’s.

        I’m talking about the “nihilist” that no one should read because it’s dangerous and corrosive, even though it’s not and the people saying that have never read anything but selected quotes. He basically spelled out the postmodernist playbook before it was written and was shockingly accurate in his predictions. Basically, if you bother to read the guy, he predicted all the horrors of the 20th century, and elucidated the reasons behind them, well before 1900.

        • Classical lit was always a deficiency on my end but even without reading it nihilism does seem to be at the root of a lot of self destructive theories, cults, political organizations, and movements that all seem to focus on destroying the system (read functioning society and viable cultural norms)………that I live surrounded by most of this does make it an easy concept to grasp but what author/book would I be looking for when I have the time to actually read again?

        • The reason I refer to Nietzsche as a nihilist in quotes is because ultimately calling him that is essentially like calling an oncologist “pro cancer”. The fact that you study something doesn’t mean you approve of it. Criminologists don’t approve of crime, for example.

          It is my humble opinion that Nietzsche’s real insights are hidden, and have been intentionally, by people who don’t want you to realize that he was warning you of some very deep truths.

          I bring this up from time to time but I’m fairly loath to really get into it. I think it’s of the utmost importance in the context of the overarching situation in which we find ourselves, and the fight over the 2A is part and parcel of that. But it’s a complicated topic that can get very contentious without the proper definitions, the providing of which makes putting it in text almost unbearably long to most modern people. People here have asked me in the past to put this in a book but I really don’t have the time to do that and, honestly, we don’t have the time for people to get a copy and digest it.

          I’ve considered writing out the work-in-progress and posting it here but that would end up a mess with some parts being obscenely long and other parts being short. Failure to read it in order would create a jumble of thoughts that don’t really work.

          The basic jist of it, in few paragraphs, is that we’ve lost our sense of how to act properly (behave) because that was taken from us. And it was done in the way Nietzsche predicted it would be.

          This in turn has been extremely corrosive to society and caused enormous fragmentation which is exacerbated by technology (itself a vicious cycle since it convinces us that the error is not an error) and the ideologies that have formed in the aftermath of the initial mistake(s), which are philosophical, psychological and moral in nature. Much of this Nietzsche predicted and it quite obviously came to pass in the form of the USSR and the Third Reich. The death he predicted came too.

          This has produced multiple warring societies within one (The West) and within that societies subunits (countries) by destroying the ties that used to bind us together. One might say that we’ve fallen away from the Tao because we no longer remember what it is.

          Now, in and of itself that might be part of the process found in mythology of disintegration, battling chaos, and then (re)integration. The general arc of a myth or a really good story, which we seem to have an innate fondness of. Applying the idea that an adaptive system that stands the test of time must have a useful purpose (the Omega Principle) and combining it with what’s known about human neurophysiology means that perhaps what we’re experiencing is “The Hero’s Journey” and this simply has to happen.

          But I would point out that such a journey is fraught with peril and many don’t survive it. We’re at a point with schism driven tech at this point that failure on this journey would probably doom mankind to, at best, Orwell’s worst fears.

          At this point you might be wondering what that initial mistake was.

          IMHO, it’s a conflation of two very different things; science and morality. The former describe physical things, the latter tells you how to act in life. The current world tries to derive meaning, that is how we should act, from science which is impossible. Knowing everything we currently know about gravity, or physics more generally, and more does nothing to tell you why you shouldn’t push someone off a balcony.

          But to believe that science, purely, can inform and create a new, better morality from pure rational thought simply doesn’t work because it can’t. It can’t because it doesn’t take into account the fact that we have a sort of split in our consciousness between our perception of the physical world and how we behave.

          The result is people trying to rationalize how to behave in an imperfect world, failing to better the world, but seeing the benefits of physical tools (tech) and then misdiagnosing the problem because the power of tools holds sway in their mind.

          This is based on, IMHO, a misunderstanding that is most obvious in militant atheists who will tell you that science disproves God. That’s impossible. God is, by definition, not something science can even approach. But this belief causes a rejection of overall behavior patterns that work in favor a of a “the ends justify the means” approach to interpersonal relations.

          And to use an inappropriate metaphor, like a compound decomposing due to being heated, as those interpersonal bonds break down, society breaks down. The solid becomes a gas and all sense of order is lost.

          Such, I think, is the history of postmodern thought at this point.

        • I can see how this would be less than well received by some and I have seen echo’s of this in a initially silly meme of schizophrenics (read religious) vs psychopaths (read amoral power seekers) being the factions battling for control of the culture. It is much less silly a concept now with Orwell (and Huxley as well to be honest) being the likely starting point of how bad things can get. So short of a truly massive resurgence of religious/moral norms what starting point would work for an increasingly agnostic at best culture?

        • Oh, and your question, apologies for forgetting that.

          It’s not “a book”. You’re gonna hate me for this. You need to have a pretty decent grasp on the Western canon.

          Then you need to understand the post-modernist thoughts on that canon (why they hate it IOW). Then you’ll understand where “critical theory” comes from and why it embraces Marxism, 4th wave feminism… all the shit that ails us today.

          If you want to do that, as “easily” (lol!) as possible I’d start with three books. All from Nietzsche, but you’ll have to reference the things he talks about and you’ll want a device nearby so you can look up the [obscene amount of] Latin he uses and the other thinkers/plays he references. Beyond Good and Evil, Thus Spoke Zarathustra and On the Genealogy of Morals.

          If you prefer to listen to this sort of thing like a podcast, since philosophy is damn dense, especially when it was originally in German, go look up Jordan Peterson’s old “Maps of Meaning” lecture series at Harvard from the 1990’s. It’s on YouTube and he orders everything quite well and lays it out. He has a much more expansive view on it (going into all sorts of old myths and how they work) based on his psychologist-take on why we have a tendency towards major conflicts in our species. That lecture is all backed by mountains of literature in his field too, he didn’t just make it up. Kinda impressive, really. You can take a Harvard psychology course from 1996 anywhere you want (Dat tech, tho!).

          This base is the root of why I harp on advertising so much. This is the knowledge that’s been weaponized against you for propaganda purposes. Advertising is just an easy way to see it because everyone knows advertising has obvious self-interest involved in it which makes it easy to see the tactics without having an emotional response that gets in the way. Once you see how that works you start to see it elsewhere, which will provoke an emotional response because, fundamentally, that’s how we operate to divvy up information. You can’t logic until you emote because emotion is how we sort information initially.

          This has enormous import to not just the 2A but basically Western Civilization, at this point.

        • ” So short of a truly massive resurgence of religious/moral norms what starting point would work for an increasingly agnostic at best culture?”

          Look, Orwell and Huxley wrote what they wrote very specifically because they saw the way a scientific understanding of human cognition was being weaponized. Again, science isn’t moral. Knowing how things work doesn’t tell you how to use them and immoral people have a decided advantage here.

          Huxley even did a speaking tour together on this exact topic in 1961. This shit is real, those two men chose fiction to try to warn people. Again, bad people kinda used it as a blueprint.

          The answer you want is fairly simple in many ways but, I can’t just spit it out. It’s an ungodly powerful tool with complicated moving parts. This is part of why I’ve really tried to give this to people in dribs and drabs. This is not a toolset you just hand to angry people and let them use. This is the power to control people in ways you probably can’t yet understand. It’s not evil, it’s just an understanding of how people work and how they can be manipulated. That tool can be used for good or for bad. To enslave or to set free. I’ve personally seen the bad side of this, up close and personal. This knowledge must be used cautiously and angry people don’t act cautiously. When you actually understand how this works, you’ll see what’s been done and if you don’t see red… damn dude, you’re not human.

          But I’m cautious by nature and this is like a nuclear power plant you need to understand this tool fairly deeply in order to use it safely. Otherwise you can make everything much, much worse. The people using this now are not nice and they will resist anything we do. They want power. Again, Nietzsche with that “Will to Power” thing. We’re in for one hell of a fight here.

          This can be used to return power to regular people by setting them free, but in some regards this may be the “One Ring” for our species. I don’t pretend to fully understand it. But I know that aspects of it work quite well historically and that humans have a tendency towards the white side of the Yin-Yang symbol (Tao), we’re gonna have to bet big on that.

          Look, I’m just some asshole walking the same path as everyone else, I’m just a bit farther down it. I can’t promise things get better if we go down this path. But at this point we don’t get a choice.

          I said yesterday that around here there are dragons you don’t want to wake. Bad news, they’re already stirring and we better come up with something to address that fuckin’ quick and it better not be some virtus dormitiva bullshit. Good news, dragons can be slain. But we’re gonna want some armor for this job, if you catch my drift. Having an army would be nice too.

        • No hate at all public school (little before no kid left behind) and criminal justice/assorted psych and science classes did not cover a lot of what is missing especially for philosophy. It did allow me to realize that advertising/politics/education/sociology(and related issues) and social networking tech are all derevations of the same control system that manipulates everyone. But do need to get more than meme deep on the topic especially when I am just educated enough to know I am needing a lot more.

        • strych why does the word crusade come to mind the more you talk about the dribs and drabs of people control and how it could be misused easily. And was sadly very cognizant of how Orwell was a warning even before 9-11 the Huxley part of it didn’t sink in until after Facebook/Twitter were a thing for a while. Starting to think Huxley had the more horrific vision of techno feudalism.

        • It “ends” well, but not for everybody and there is much ugly between now and then.

        • @Nero:

          There’s no guarantee that this ends well. We’re playing with exactly the same parts of the brain that demonstrably have led to vesting power in people like Mao, Stalin and Hitler. We also have a level of tech at this point that would make such people much harder to dislodge if they grab ahold of it.


          Again, long, sorry.

          I mean, I suppose you could use the term “Crusade”. Personally, I wouldn’t. I’ve annoyed people by saying that I’m not a fan of the term “evil” for the same reason. These things have emotional connections that run very deep for most people. They are therefore things I tend to try to stay away from because they can work very well or blow up in your face.

          Getting closer to the root here, people’s information processing is emotional. It can be no other way. This is how I know that people who say they are entirely unaffected by advertising are not correct in that statement. Mostly I suspect they mistake resistance for immunity, which means they don’t get caught out often but also means that when they “get got” they get got even worse because they’re overconfident about their capability to resist. Pride before the fall or something. This is something Meerloo covers extensively when discussing POWs in terms of who breaks, when and how badly. (Spoiler, everyone breaks given enough time and a skilled manipulator.)

          In a nutshell; We make plans and most people don’t recognize how complex that is because mostly, in the modern world, we don’t run into huge roadblocks to our plans.

          We interpret our current situation and imagine a better future. We then form a plan to get to that better future. Along the way we evaluate that plan via incoming information gleaned from our senses while relying on ingrained learned behavior that we don’t really have to think about.

          Example: Your car has very little gas. A better future is car with a full tank. You then form a plan to gas up the car. You walk over grab your keys, go out to the car, drive it, get to a gas station and gas up the car. Most of this relies on behaviors you’re well versed with and which therefore require little to no thought, we see them as automatic. You know how to walk, pump gas and drive. These learned adaptive behaviors run in the background to free up processing space for new information that might come along as you try to execute your plan.

          So, along the way you’re processing incoming information about how well your plan is going.

          Now, we process incoming sensory information in the cortex (upper part of the brain, capable of abstract thought). Incoming information is run through a series of filters that look for anomaly and throw an error when anomaly is found. When this happens you actually lose control over your brain. The fact that an error was thrown is sent to the lower brain where you have basically no control. This fires up two things, the hippocampus and the amygdala. The former controls curiosity while the latter controls anxiety.

          What mix of curiosity and anxiety you feel depends on how big the error is. Larger errors create more anxiety. So, if you can’t find your keys you feel surprised that they’re not where you thought they were (surprise = anxiety+curiosity). But this isn’t a very big deal (unless maybe you’re in a super hurry), so your anxiety is minimal and your curiosity is comparatively high. You engage in searching behavior to locate your keys. But very large errors in what you expect based on previous data can break people, literally drive them to suicide. When your amygdala fires up big time it’s one of the most unpleasant things you can possible experience. If you can’t tamp it back down, people are sometimes driven to end their own life. That’s how powerful this can be.

          It also is why people can get stressed out and emo over repeated anomaly. Can’t find your keys, they take half an hour to find, now you’re late and a guy cuts you off on the way, then you hit every light and when you get to the station half the pumps don’t work… each of these reignites the amygdala which has not yet fully settled down, this ratchets up the overall anxiety felt for each anomaly because your baseline is higher for each.

          Now, this means a couple of things for our discussion. (It also has enormous implications for self-defense, OODA loops etc but that’s another story.)

          1. Ultimately all new data you incorporate is sorted via a mechanism that is entirely controlled by emotion. It can be no other way. Data that matches previous experience is basically ignored all new data is due to anomaly. This is why you remember oddity (novelty) so well. If you’re driving and you see a large animal that’s “not supposed to be here” that’s unexpected and throws an error, which you remember. But it’s not unsafe so you don’t freak out. It just sticks out in your mind because that’s new, unexpected information which your brain works very hard to retain.

          2. This system can be hijacked by people who wish to control you. For example, they can artificially create anxiety or take advantage of pre-existing anxiety and offer you something that helps tamp that down. Done right, this is the basis of how you form a cult.

          This is exactly what advertising does, but it doesn’t generally try to get you into a cult, it wants you to buy a car. A five paragraph walkthrough of a Subaru commercial would make this crystal clear but I ain’t doing that here. This is exactly how propaganda works too, but that’s meant to “kick it up a notch” (Bam! Spice Weasel! for my old cartoon fans).

          But how does this create patterns of behavior? Because when done skillfully anxiety is tamped down, curiosity rises and new information is presented and incorporated. That new information helps keep anxiety at bay. Whether it really works for the supposed cause of the anxiety or not is immaterial, that it tamps down the anxiety is what makes it attractive. This is how you get people still screaming that the jabs are 100% safe and effective as they line up for another shot even though they’ve had a breakthrough infection twice. This is how you get people screaming about how effective masks are even though most people know they don’t work. It’s not about if it works IRL, it’s about the feelz it produces.

          Gun control is simply another example of this. It doesn’t have to work it just has to feel better than the current situation. Nonsense solutions may be nonsense but they’re “a plan” to move towards what is perceived as a better future. In fact, when they don’t work that’s so much the better for the manipulator. Oh, your anxiety is back? We’ve got another action for you. MOAR! cult behavior that doesn’t fix the problem.

          This leaves people with an unattainable better future and anxiety because they can’t reach it. You’ve now created a cycle where you can rinse and repeat this hijacking with “updates” to control those people.

          This has enormous implications for our current overall situation in the US and the West in general. It’s the root explanation of what’s going on in places like Canada and Germany vis a vis “virus restrictions” and other nonsense.

          It’s also, IMHO, the root of why society appears to be coming part at the seems. Because it is. This is a great way to form cults but that’s just a specific example of creating individual communities with little connection to each other. They think in fundamentally different ways and they form what is probably rightly called a “rational ideology” (Communism for example). They then form a society around that based on the shared story (which is what culture really is) of how to get to the imagined better future. But because it doesn’t work the whole thing is unstable and creates a lot of anxiety. This can be manipulated to create mass violence or unimaginable cruelty. The “other” people are “different” (they cause you to throw an error) now you’re anxious about them. It’s a pretty short hop to “Hey, you wanna feel better? We should get rid of those people over there because they’re different”.

        • Strych not sure why you are apologizing re length. You just neatly summarized and expanded upon psychology, advertising, physiology, propaganda, cults and the related difficulty in deprogramming, how it is easier to fool a person than how to convince him he was fooled, origin stories and how they are utilized to genocide any who dissent, and the very overlooked emotional connection to rational thought. That last bit I absolutely missed in tying it in but it does make sense as I remember most of any training where I got pushed with any level of fear/anxiety to the point of unlearning some of the less relevant points has been a pain in the ass. Would the stupid simple summary of some of it be “Fire hot don’t touch and other ways to make people act right “?

        • “Would the stupid simple summary of some of it be “Fire hot don’t touch and other ways to make people act right “?”

          It’s not that simple. Larry Elder often says that his mother, quite astutely noted and used to say that “The truth will not set you free if delivered without hope”. She was dead nuts on.

          One of the aspects about behavior designed towards achieving a goal (a better future) is that it has to elicit some positive emotions about the plan and its chances of success.

          I’ll go back to Subaru for a minute here and try to short about it. I won’t tear it apart completely, just a surface pass, but keep in mind that every detail in this ad was thought out. Every one. Down to the exact location and angle of the traffic cones in a specific shot. Nothing here is by accident.

          The general plot of their ads centers on safety but the play is pure emotion. (example below) The ads start with a totaled car and semi-ominous music. They tend to be shot using film-noir tactics to “feel” lonely. In this case distance shots with a wrecked car framed by a huge overpass that forms a rectangle around the car. This is meant to elicit feelings of confusion and a low level of anxiety.

          The music changes a bit and things get more hopeful as information about the situation is given. “They lived”. Well yeah, but they’re like permanently fucked up right?

          This information, and no other about the occupants, is given repeatedly throughout the ad, but more visual information is give about how wrecked the car is. Note though, how the lighting, color and “claustrophobic feeling” are slowly removed.

          Then note how it all suddenly shifts as the guy explains how he and his family survived. Everything about the shot, music, hue, color saturation… everything. Suddenly, it’s happy.

          Nothing can stop you from potentially experiencing the terror of a horrific car wreck, but you want this outcome? Buy a Subaru.

          Now, people will tell you that this doesn’t work “on them” or they’ll scoff at the idea that it works in general because they miss the timeline, subtlety and nuance of this tactic. But it does, that’s why they pay to have the ad made and then to run it repeatedly. Sure, you don’t immediately run out and make the huge ticket purchase of a Subaru at the drop of a hat but if you thought that’s why the ad was run then you missed the point. The point is to put ideas into someone’s head for the future when they’re out to buy a car.

          And this shit does work. This is exactly the method totalitarians use to take over a country, they start small and go way bigger in the end. Consider, this. If you were standing in a store in Berlin in 1950 the vast, vast majority of people around you at that point were literal Nazis half a decade before. How’d that happen? This is but a singular example of how that happened. It starts like this.

          We do the same thing. This is what the American Dream is/was all about. It’s a story that binds us all together. That bind makes us reasonably predictable to each other. That’s the definition of “society/culture”.

          Now, I’m not saying that advertising has the same goals as the Nazi Party did. Advertising doesn’t. But it uses the same techniques to sell a product that a politician does to sell a product (themselves and their policies). These tactics, over time, are far, far more effective than most people would like to admit. Or people treat it like driving. Everyone else sucks but I’m a good driver. Well clearly, broadly speaking we’re overestimating that aren’t we? If you read through Meerloo’s experience in Belgium and the Netherlands during the war… dude, this shit works really well over time.

          The fascinating thing about this too, based on over a century of research, smart people and truly well educated people are generally more susceptible to this kind of manipulation, specifically because they have an enhanced vision of themselves and because they tend to be what we might call “open minded” which is used against them by a skillful manipulator. The people who are the most resistant, but again per Meerloo no where near immune, have several key features that all point in the same direction; They’re emotionally well ordered which makes it easier for them to to “come back to baseline” faster and more completely.

          The other group that are highly resistant are people who have a zealot’s belief in something diametrically opposed to what’s being offered. This is why many of the people who resisted Nazi propaganda effectively, many who fought in the various resistance movements where actually Commies before the Nazis took over. These people are, generally, well ordered in their emotion but in a completely different ideology.

          There’s a reason that really good Korean interrogators started very small. They’d say, hey, you’re hungry? You haven’t eaten in three days? Well, we can fix that for you right away, just tell us one thing that’s wrong with America. That was the tip of the wedge because the POW is screwed. Is the USA perfect? No. But if you admit this to someone who’s not having a good faith discussion…

        • I should also note something about TV here that’s kinda key.

          TV has a hypnotic effect on people. Straight up, it does and no one is immune. The median time to onset of delta brainwaves is about 10 minutes.

          If you pay attention you’ll rapidly discover that most TV shows place the first run of advertisements around the 9-12 minute mark (depending on the show, time constraints etc). They NEVER go to ads in the first five minutes. Curious, eh?

          Why does that matter? Because hypnosis, on one level or another, is real. This is a period in which the brain is basically in “pre-sleep” mode and it is when we are most susceptible.

          Funny thing about that period of time is that you tend to remember it quite well but not have any serious feelings about it other than the feelings you had at the time. There’s a bunch of literature that has found that people often remember lines from well done and well placed ads better than they remember the show the ads were in.

          Funny, it’s almost like they’re doing this sort of thing on purpose.

        • I forget which book regarding predictive analysis I was reading but it covered most of what you mentioned with advertising with two things that stuck out. No one is immune to propaganda (you just got hit with it was mentioned a page later). And the other was hope that you mentioned, it is just as effective an incentive when false as real. Illusions (ideas beliefs etc) achievable or not are often our driving force. And if you know you are “right” there better be a strong set of safeguards (laws mores morals faith) to keep behavior in check

        • The hope thing is pretty crucial to a lot of things.

          Experiments with rats came out as follows:

          Place rats in a bucket full of water and they swim for about 15 minutes, give up and drown.

          But if you pull them out right before they drown, dry them off and feed them and then put them back in the bucket they’ll swim for ~60 hours before becoming exhausted and drowning.

          After a bunch of other experiments to eliminate other options, it comes down to this: the rats in the second group have hope that they’ll be rescued again, it keeps them going.

  9. “We will see a lot of tax dollars and government resources that should be used to stop gun crime…”

    Well, we saw a lot of of tax dollars and government resources that should have been used to stop crime that was wasted and did not stop crime at all from growing. And because of the failures of doing it your way despite for decades basically having the courts and government in your court on all matters of the second amendment that failed to do anything to curb overall crime and despite having the tax dollars and government resources available, the need today for firearms ownership by the law abiding and the need for the second amendment to no longer be a second class right is not more important than ever before.

    • correction:

      “the need for the second amendment to no longer be a second class right is not more important than ever before.”

      should have been

      the need for the second amendment to no longer be a second class right is NOW more important than ever before.

  10. Given the situation today one of the best ways to fight these issues is to stop electing anti Second Amendment politicians and these leftists who simply want power and control and do nothing of note for their constituents.

    That failing, civil disobedience and fighting back are your only two options. They do not have the manpower, resources, or guts to take your guns. That has been proven in NY, CT, NJ, and several other states where they tried to register AR15’s and magazines. Simply do not comply, don’t respond to phone calls or letters, and if they come to your home without a warrant send them packing. If they try to enter your home without a warrant invoke your state’s Make My Day or Castle Domain laws and defend your home, family and property.

    There are a lot more of us than them and many in law enforcement are not going to back them up for violating your constitutional rights.

  11. I still want those in favor of gun control or disarmament to demonstrate just how their proposed restrictions or bans will actually prevent the next nut case from doing something horrible, or will somehow prevent criminals from getting whatever weapons they want.
    Prove to me that taking my guns, or limiting my choices will stop a crime from happening or will somehow make anyone else safer.
    Next thing is I want a definitive description/definition of “Assault Weapon” that is not based on cosmetics, or subjective fears. The crap of “I know one when I see one” or it looks like a Military weapon does now work.

    • oldmaninAL,

      Your comments reflect an overall observant, informed, and honorable mindset.

      The sad reality is that the Ruling Class (e.g. most politicians, bureaucrats, and the Mega Rich) are operating to acquire as much wealth, power, and control as they can–quite literally by pretty much any means necessary. Thus the Ruling Class is not interested in what is actually and truly good for society.

      With the above in mind, note that Ruling Class initiatives do not have to be verifiable. Rather, the only important criteria is whether the Working Class acquiesces to their initiatives. And since the Ruling Class is fine with “any means necessary”, the Ruling Class readily employs deceit and coercion to ensure that the Working Class acquiesces.

      Stop giving the Ruling Class the benefit-of-the-doubt and start viewing them for what they really are–rapists wearing expensive suits/dresses who operate largely with the assistance of Academia, Mass Media, and our Justice System.

      • “With the above in mind, note that Ruling Class initiatives do not have to be verifiable. Rather, the only important criteria is whether the Working Class acquiesces to their initiatives. And since the Ruling Class is fine with “any means necessary”, the Ruling Class readily employs deceit and coercion to ensure that the Working Class acquiesces.”

        And just in case anyone thought for a second this was hyperbole, they’ve said this explicitly:

        • The only people that claim it to be hyperbole at this point are either oblivious to the point of being eloi or seeking to enable the situation. Up end some of the laws she signed will at least have an injunction hearing in the next few weeks before they take effect…………which will likely trigger the next emergency session.

  12. “We will see a lot of tax dollars and government resources that should be RETURNED TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS”

    Fixed that quote, you ignorant twat.

  13. “The court battles come as the Biden administration and police departments across the U.S. struggle to combat a surge in violent crime and mass shootings, including several high-profile killings carried out by suspects who purchased their guns legally.”

    Interesting how they say these were legally purchased when there are mental health issues in the history of the killers that if reviewed would have prohibited their “Lawful Purchases.” HIPAA laws need revisiting and amending to allow background checks to make correct determinations and decisions, just as done with criminal records. Of course they don’t care about fixing a broke system, they just want to take our guns, period!

  14. I have actually spent time in Levy county, have you? While in my teens working in the watermelon patches I remember often taking the empty coke bottle from a black hand filling it with ice water and drinking it before handing it to another black hand who did the same as me. Have you ever done that? Have you ever worked that hard in your miserable life? Have you ever been that hot and thirsty? Would you take the bottle from my white hand? You ever cropped tobacco, baled hay, cut firewood, or sprigged Bermuda? Don’t pretend to know something about the world when you have only seen it from the porch drinking 40’s

  15. These high profile case are high profile because the media makes them the top news for days interviewing politicians ad nauseum. This teaches potential mass shooters on how to get the most attention, use an AR-15, do it in a gun free zone, select sympathetic victims, etc. Media rewards copy cats, rinse and repeat.

  16. The Bruen decision established a way to move forward with an official interpretation of law where those given the authority to decide, have.

    The problem though is that we have so many people in high positions of power that do NOT care. People that will just blow it off and disregard the entire thing and do it their way anyway.

    You can make law
    You can even make bad law
    but it matters NOT is no one obeys the law

    This seems to be the one thing so few in Washington have any clue of. There MUST be a people held to account and be prosecuted under the law for direct and purposeful disobedience of the law. NONE of this means anything at all if no one pays a price for disobeying. This becomes anarchy and is what we are witnessing. Everything the Democrats are doing right now is working against the US Constitution with the purpose of destroying this country. That MUST be dealt with.

    EVERY SINGLE person that can needs to show up and vote Republican (no matter what) and get these Democrats OUT OF POWER. That will be the only way to stop this insanity.

    • There is another way and it may come to that . The leftists are ramping up for another election disaster. The pox, everyone gets mailed a ballot, illegals voting, harvesting the same shit all over again. If the midterms have the same type issues as before people are going to explode.
      With the economy in shambles people have nothing to lose.

      • yep, that’s there.

        Never mind that Monkey Pox is an STD.

        All I can say to that though is that there are states like Texas (and others) that have since created new laws and procedures to ensure that what happened in 2020 doesn’t happen again (for whatever actual good that does). But as I said, it’s just like criminals with guns. Laws only work when your dealing with people that care enough to obey them. Particularly when there is no punishment for disregarding law.

        • Right you are. We’re dealing with a bureaucracy that has no fear of being punished. If they retain the 2 branches they mostly control now they will try to corrupt the SC so they can stay in power long enough to burn it all down.
          That will make CW1 look like a 3rd grade school yard fight. Everyone will become rooftop Koreans. Better be able to trust your neighbors. Stock up on everything you can afford, but keep it to yourself.

  17. “The gun rights movement has been given a weapon of mass destruction, and it will annihilate approximately 75% of the gun laws eventually,…”

    You’re close… Let’s examine that statement – Q: What exactly does the Second Amendment (2A) mandate? A: That government(s) are forbidden are forbidden from infringing upon the right of the American people’s right to keep (own) and bear (carry, possess on one’s person) arms. This fact makes ALL (100%) of governments’ restrictions on that right acts of treason.

    The author(s) of this piece are correct that we’ve been “…given a weapon of mass gun control law destruction”. Now all we have to do is start filing charges and prosecuting ALL of our civil servants (and the special interest groups that conspire to enact these laws) who are committing these unconstitutional treasons of denying “We the People” a secured right. GIT A ROPE!

    • BZ
      How about do a class action against Gifford, mom’s, Bloomberg, etc for conspiracy to deprive.
      At least the members of congress they took an oath.

        • Bruen tells the lower courts how to judge 2A cases foremost. We’ll see.
          WV/epa tells the bureaucrats they don’t get to make up whatever laws they feel like. Again we’ll see.
          The SC doesn’t really have enforcement powers but I believe they can flex pretty hard on lower federal courts to follow the SC’s rulings. When cases get that far.
          But will they? We’ll see.

  18. Well, they don’t have to spend that time and those tax dollars. They could always just drop their tyrannical B.S.

  19. channel surfing this evening. Moron Sen Murphy is yappin on Colbert. The progs see and hear a totally different (or pretend to) lesson. The delusion runs DEEP.

  20. “We will see a lot of tax dollars and government resources that should be used to stop gun crime being used to defend gun laws that are lifesaving and wildly popular,” said Jonathan Lowy, chief counsel and vice president at Brady, the gun control group.

    IDK, maybe I’m not completely awake yet, and not reading it right, but this sounds a lot like “We know gun control doesn’t work, and isn’t what people want, but we want it anyway.”

    • Nevermind, the coffee finally kicked in, restoring full brain function. I realize now that he meant they will have to defend existing gun control laws, instead of creating more of them.

  21. “We will see a lot of tax dollars and government resources that should be used to stop gun crime being used to defend gun laws that are lifesaving and wildly popular,” said Jonathan Lowy, chief counsel and vice president at Brady, the gun control group.

    Let me rewrite that to make it more accurate:
    “We will see a lot of tax dollars and government resources that should be used to stop gun crime being used to defend gun laws that” cost lives by disarming law-abiding citizens and leaving them helpless against criminals, and are stupid and wildly unpopular.

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