The New Optics-Ready GForce Arms Equalizer GF9 Pistol

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From GForce Arms . . .

GForce Arms, Inc. is proud to announce the EQUALIZER GF9 handgun to be made here in the USA.

Rich in features, the Equalizer boasts front and rear slide serrations for fast weapon manipulation. Out of the box fiber optic sights are equipped, and an optics ready slide able to mount any red dot using a RMR footprint. A 3.25” 9mm precision barrel to ensure you are putting accurate rounds on target. With aggressive stippling on the grip and thumb rest, the Equalizer makes recoil management easy. A flat faced trigger aids in a smooth trigger pull. In addition, four grip backstraps are included (0°, 2°, 4°, and 6°) to create the perfect grip angle for the shooter.

Heavy in Glock compatibility, the GForce Equalizer is a game changer for aftermarket part support. Fully customizable trigger, slide, barrel, sights, and optics. This allows the end user to truly make the Equalizer their own; with the additions of different trigger weight, slide ergonomics, barrels and suppressors, as well as red dots.

GForce Arms is a team of people who absolutely, undeniably, and without question love our country and firearms. We love to shoot with our family and friends. We take pride in our products and strive to provide firearm buyers with a quality and reliable product at an affordable price. We strive to generate new and positive interest in shooting sports. Finally, we strongly support the promotion and education of shooting sports and firearms safety, regardless of age, gender, or experience.


Style: 9mm Handgun
Capacity: 12-Round Magazine
Manufacturer: GForce Arms, U.S.A.
Chamber: 9MM
Barrel Length: 3.25”
Front Sight: Red Fiber-Optic
Rear Sight: Green Fiber-Optic
Material: Glass-Filled Polymer and Steel

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    • You’re not interested in an “opitics ready” model? I’d like to see what an “opitics” is, myself…

      One arm of my responsibilities at my day job is coordinating with – and proofreading – our Marketing Dept. Simple spelling and/or grammar errors in the title will tell me right off the bat that the rest of the article is not worth reading due to a lack of reliability in the data. If a common English word is misspelled in the very first portion, then any other character in the data (e.g., the item’s specifications) are suspect.

      Both the Title and the URL of this page are misspelled, so I ended up only skimming the article.

  1. Notice the unsafe take down system. Its pure Glock. You have to pull the trigger with the slide forward to take it down. If you forget just one time to check the chamber you shoot yourself or someone else.

    Although I cannot see the opposite side of the gun it appears as if it has no manual safety. Like the Glock it would amount to carrying a gun that when you snag the trigger accidentally it fires. Remember those trigger safeties are a joke and do not work period. Its just like carrying around a revolver with the hammer cocked back. People do not carry revolvers in that way because they have a hammer and they can see the danger. The average gun owner unfortunately is not very mechanically inclined and they do not realize that pre-loaded striker fired pistols are cocked internally but what they cannot see they do not fear. Famous last mistake.

    For me no manual safety means no buy. No one is perfect and sooner or later you are going to have an accidental discharge with a pre-loaded striker fired pistol that does not have a manual safety on it.

    By now there must be at least 50 Glock copy cat pistols out there. The market is only just so big.

    • Pretending like you own a gun just so you can try to scare people off owning guns.

      Weak sauce, bro.

    • “…those trigger safeties are a joke and do not work period…”

      “…there must be at least 50 Glock copy cat pistols out there…”

      So which is it, D? Are Glocks so unreliable and dangerous that nobody wants them, or are they so reliable and popular that a plethora of manufacturers have followed the design in their own product offerings?

      Inquiring minds want to know.


    • There is nothing at all unsafe about the takedown of a Glock style pistol. If you can’t remember to check and recheck the chamber before you pull the trigger with the firearm pointed in a safe direction, you’re probably not smart enough to handle any gun. You should be checking and rechecking ANY firearm before you begin field stripping or handling. Feels like you’re projecting, bro.

      I personally prefer a manual safety or Israeli carry when I carry, but that’s me. I am not typically carrying in places with a high threat level so I’m not expecting 1/2 a second to make a difference.

      Millions of people are carrying glock style pistols without a manual safety and the ER isn’t full of people that shot themselves on accident. Except incels that live in mommies basement in Ohio playing video games and dreaming what it would be like to have actual friends instead of ineffectively trolling comment sections.

    • @dacian

      “Remember those trigger safeties are a joke and do not work period.”

      Mine work just fine and so do thousands of others.

      Obviously you don’t understand how guns work.

        • “with a Glock shoved in his waist band” — that says it all.
          If the gun were in a holster, that wouldn’t have happened.
          Gunms “shoved” into a waistband or down your pants are likely go get the trigger caught on clothing, causing a negligent discharge and making the person win a Darwin award by shooting their own balls off, thus making a positive (Darwinian) contribution to society by removing their sperm from the gene pool.

    • Pulling the trigger for disassembly is a feature, hopefully if the gun is indeed loaded, it’s aimed at their face when they pull that trigger. This way natural selection takes placing making the world a little bit safer from people without the common sense.

      The trigger shoe safety is type of drop safety btw. You can chamber a Glock and throw it down the stairs. The pistols will not fire unless the trigger is pulled. Use proper holsters and don’t wear jackets with strings or pulls on the sides. Using your brain and training discipline is the only guarantee to 100% safety no matter the weapon platform.

  2. No price mentioned? Opitics?!? A near exact copy of my Taurus G2 which cost $229 at the time. “Unsafe” ’cause Minor sez so🙄Duh…

  3. I don’t understand the rationale with the different angle back straps. Obviously you can’t change the angle of the front strap, so how does changing the rear angle only produce anything but a weird feeling grip? This feature is, I assume, the reason for the proprietary magazine, in which I have little faith.

    • The shape of the backstrap plays an integral role in handgun pointability. Something as minor as a straight or curved mainspring housing on 1911-style pistols can change the natural point of aim. Small changes can make a big difference.

      It’s pretty indefensible for any modern handgun to NOT have a user-adjustable grip…

      yeah- I talking about you, GLOCK.

  4. It’s “Heavy in Glock compatibility… except magazine which is GForce proprietary.”

    The first question after a review or announcement of a pistol or anything else that shoots a pistol caliber cartridge: “Will it take Glock magazines?”
    Maybe Gaston’s magazines are desirable because they’re ubiquitous, or maybe they’re ubiquitous because they’re good.
    GForce’s product management team expected more benefit from using their own magazines, than drawback from not using Glock magazines. But I don’t see anything yet about those distinctive advantages on their website.

    • Glock mags are usually cheaper than most others. That’s their big draw. And they work. Bonus.

    • “Maybe Gaston’s magazines are desirable because they’re ubiquitous, or maybe they’re ubiquitous because they’re good.”

      Or, both. I’ll never spend my money on that thing… 🙁

  5. Aggressive ‘STIPLED GRIP’? How idiotic can you get. Might appeal to the mentally retarded socially maladjusted, man-child living at home with his mum alone in his tiny room, of a dubious sexual, orientation though!

    Who else would get ‘off’ on an ‘Agressive Grip’?

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