Fennely: I Wont Be Forced To Be a Part of an Armed Teacher Militia

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At first, the likelihood of a teacher-militia seemed far-fetched, but educators are so exhausted and bereft that we’re starting to consider almost anything. I’m probably not the only teacher, after viewing images of Uvalde, to Google through tears, “How can I keep my classroom safe?” Now, I’m being targeted by digital advertisements urging me to “harden” it.

This rhetoric of “hardening” is an expression of America’s continued enthrallment to a John Wayne-style masculinity, the same attitude that undergirds the N.R.A.’s favorite maxim, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Fear renders us vulnerable to this rhetoric. The program FASTER Saves Lives, (an acronym for “Faculty & Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response”) is run by a pro-gun group called the Buckeye Firearms Foundation, and it offers free training “so schools are no longer ‘victim zones.’” …

It’s a desperate, misplaced valor that leads teachers to the FASTER training boot camp, and that prompted one teacher quoted in The Times’s story to claim that he signed up because “I love my kids. I’m going to do everything I can to keep them safe.”
I love my students, too. I love them enough to recognize that increasing their exposure to guns costs them intellectually and psychically.

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  1. No, you’d much rather watch em slaughtered and then blame guns, Republicans, anyone but yourself and a phuked up judicial system!

    • Firearms are the best tool for letting the evil spirits out! Why, just a few days ago that Dicken fellow helpfully let all the evil spirits out of that possessed guy at the food court. If more people were properly equipped to handle that job, there would be a lot fewer evil spirits out there.

      • We have seen what these plum jobs for LEO retirees get us. An old cop is provided a singlewide on the school grounds so he will be on hand if any problems happen and he decides to rent it out and live in his own home. That was Broward County and we saw what happened there.

        • so dont allow that and dont choose old cops. is that hard to figure out? stop being cheapskates.

    • They are proven believers in animism, where objects can be good or evil. A belief only practiced by the most primitive of societies.

      To them it is not the perpetrator’s fault. The gun’s miasma of evil corrupted and infected the person to perform evil deeds.

    • This. She is simply virtue signaling and using projection (“Since I don’t feel comfortably using a gun for self defense of myself or others, neither should anyone else”).

      No one is forced, ever, to exercise any right. Better to be thought a fool (or in this case, a sheep) than speak and remove all doubt…

      • Thing that concerns me is her, and others like her attempt at indoctrinating our children with her beliefs, and not facts. Shouldn’t be permitted, and further should be expunged from the school system.

        Quit reading at “toxic masculinity”, first and clear warning sign of dumb and delusional rapidly approaching. If she is so opposed to protecting one’s own or the community at large, mayhap we should leave her to the wolves as she demands when they come.

        And I am perfectly comfortable with that. Darwinism at work.

    • Exactly. I don’t care what she does. I only care about what I am not allowed to do, and am increasingly doing anyway.

      • The choice of a teacher to take the training and carry, or not, is theirs alone, but we should care what they do.

        In a school that allows for armed teachers and staff we need to care that the mystery as to who does or does not be maintained absolutely. Under no circumstances should any teacher be allowed to broadcast, post or publish that THIS CLASSROOM is a “Gun Free Zone” and thus the PRIMARY target for a shooter should they breach the initial security as happened in Uvalde.

        Neither should any teacher be allowed to speak on the subject in that classroom nor publicly that their classroom was unprotected.

    • She shouldn’t be forced to use condoms either, but she will have to endure the consequences.

      • “But should require them to go thru firearms training.”

        Based on what assumption? The Constitution? Who determines the proper and appropriate amount of training needed? Who can change/alter the training requirements, and how? Where is the 1791 analog for government mandating firearms training?

        Prudence may recommend firearms training as a useful tool, but government mandate of training is simply a different form of permission from government to allow people to exercise their right to defense of their lives.

    • and no one IS being FORCED to carry a gun. She mentions the FASTER programme out of Ohio. She obvously knows less about that than she does anything else. I loooked into the programme as it was being developed, and they did it all RIGHT. The qualifications to be able to carry at the school where you work are first to BE an adult on staff at some school in Ohio. Next you have to WANT to. Third, you must already have an Ohio Mother May I Card to carry, AND ybour own well cosen handgun to carry. Fourth, you must participate willingly in the full week of intensive training. AND pass. That is not playing in the sandbox stuff.

      This wilting violent is clueless, and just making noise. NOT ONE person was forced, coerced, pressured, etc into qualifying Or carrying. You doan wanna, then dont.
      If you’d rather wait for Ossifer Oh Bee Stupid to show up and save YOUR sorry backside, go ahead. Your option.

      WHY is she not being pilloried for spreading “disinformatio” about these things? If she was that far off the mark about the WooFlew she’d be getting cancelled.

    • Consider this: most teachers in schools these days are far eft Dems who are not just ignorant but spineless. Putting a gun in the reach of 95% of them would be pointless. They would not shoot the perp, who must be oppressed or mistreated somehow. They would screech and cower, maybe even pushing kids in front of themselves as shields. Their though processes are too slow and woke oriented. “What pronouns should I use when speaking to the lunatic (oops, “disadvantaged person”)”.

  2. I mentally cannot comprehend these people. Weak, sheltered, pathetic. No, you don’t love (anything) your students. I’m willing to sacrifice for the things I love. The only things they’ve ever loved are themselves.

    • I am more concerned that they think that hardening is only about guns. Ballistic panels for walls and doors (also closed and locked doors to begin with) are a thing. Various products to wedge doors shut exist. Having a way to open a window and deploy a fire escape chain ladder should be easy. But no let’s fixate on the evil guns that limit our children’s potential (unlike public school).

      • Yesh I noticed that to. When I think ‘hardening an area’ guns are not the first thing to come to mind. I saw a safety thing recently that is like a big metal vault that could be placed in the back of a classroom. At the first sign of danger everyone could pile in and lock the door. Stuff like that and the stuff you mentioned is what hardening brings to mind to me.

        • Given the tiny statistical risk of school gun men vs cost of a fire proof and bullet proof safe room I wonder if just having two steel (not glass) doors at the entrance with locks / interlock as well as a double fence with motion detection isn’t enough?
          That and one armed person with skills.
          Wait, maybe one Boston Robotics dog with a Glock?

        • Jeah, right. Just wait to see how long it will be before some perp manages to infiltrate and get the whole class inside that thing, then have his way with them once they are inside… anyone else read about the “Beslan School ‘incident”?

        • To answer a bit from the budget end sunk costs is always a factor in budgets and it is often easier to convince approval for upgrades (door is possible but good luck with a new fence where there wasn’t one already) than new features. While the robo dog may look cool I would retire/transfer before trying to push that idea through committee let alone handle the public relations end. As to the safe room bbq yes is a possibility if there is a Uvalde style response but “should” not be very likely. Honestly would probably be easier to get approval for a ballistic resistant reinforced hinge door that actually locks when closed.

      • Excellent points all around sir. Oh yeah, “exposure to guns costs them intellectually and psychically.” That statement is so confabulatory it actually stole the breath from my lungs for a moment.

        • Why the hell does my comment now have a hyperlink at a website? I did not do that, I don’t even know HOW to do that!

      • SAFE:

        I wonder why she immediately jumped to guns and had an emo response.

        Wait, no I don’t. I told you about it on the other thread. Well I told you about, part of it.

      • “But it makes the school a prison” is the normal response I hear to those suggestions.

        These people are all about optics and when the optics turn bad, as they often do, blame the lack of solutions, at least solution they like.

        • Schools are not prisons? Part joke part knowing my high school (as well as a few others in Delaware) was designed by the same guy that designed several prisons in PA/DE/MD. Then the ordered response to stimulus originally intended for factory work but also familiar to military/prison/secure care facilities.

      • Maybe we should just let nuns do the teaching. Anyone who attended Catholic school before the 70s has the fear of God in them from those penguins. And I have a few old aunts that were nuns – scary stuff there.

        • NO NO NO no no no its the OLD skulls that are full of mush. Like the one sparking off this piece, so afraid of guns she is apopleptic at the thought that SOMEONE near her might even HAVE one and DARE to actually USE it should some perp decide to off some kids.

  3. The fool clearly doesn’t understand the world she lives in. The gun is not to protect the students, it is to protect you and hopefully by extension your students if you see fit to arm yourself. No one is trying to force you to carry a gun and almost every school shooter has one thing in common, they simply walked through the door. Making it tougher to walk through the door is what is being discussed when they say “Harden”. A lamb to slaughter is all I can say.

    • The main entry door to the Sandy Hook Elementary School was “hardened”. locked, monitored, such that no one could enter the school building unknown. and unidentified. He used his rifle to blow past the security hurdles and entered the building. Next, he was forced by structure to go up to and past the main office window, where two people were behind the glass fronts. He was instantly identified as Trouble on two legs, but it was trouble on two legs with a RIFLE in his hands. That chekpoint folded like a sheap polyester suit. On to the first classroom where the teacher got taken out first, then the kids systemiatically executed. He had his way with them all.

      now WHAT IF, having crashed and shot his way past the entry door, when he approached the office windows.. WHAT IF those two women had been armed and trained, and started peppering him with 9 mm rounds as he walked up the hallway toward them? I’m sure the pair of them most likely would have at LEAST wounded him if not made him DRT. But no, that would be too scary for the children to know one or both of those ladies MIGHT be armed and know how to use what they are carrying. Hah any kids I’d have in school would know how to do it themselves, and be cheering on the women working there. So, maybe the perp manages to make it past the gauntlet of the main office and those two armed secretaries. Heading up the hall toward classroom number one, teacher has heard the gunfire (she really had,, so SHE knew what was coming, but had been, by the laws and policies, neutralised. Defenseless, sitting duck, helpless victim. Had things been different SHE would have been able to gather her kids agaisnt the hall wall behind where the door opens into the room. Perp could not see or access them until he’d got past HER.. and SHE could have been armed and trained, holding her handgun steady as he slowly pushed open the door, and as soon as she had a sure shot, put one into his head, making him DRT. At most, the two office ladies COULD have been bested, but I doubt it. But NONE of the other teachers or students would have been sacrificed on the altar of politically correct desires to not protect but mollycoddle the kids.

      Until THIS mindset changes, school shootings will continue. WHEN the concepts and values of Ohio’s FASTER Saves Lives spreads natioinwide, such incidents will be a thing of the past.

      I could do a similar analisis of the Parlkland shooting incident in Florida, too. Slightly different, but same results Crazy thing, two weeks prior to that unnecessary school massacre, the local folks had spent some time with the founders of FASTER and were considering getting that programme in place at that school. After the known felon in possession of a firearm violated a few more laws and killed his 27 or so victims, they voted to NOT persue the FASTER programme. Had it been in place, the shooter would have been dead, and no more than one. maybe two at most, innocents would have been.

  4. What the Gun Control infected beth fennelly is saying shows she is the kind of nitwit who is incapable of defending herself much less your kids.

    • Agreed.
      I would hope that any teacher who is armed is held to a handling and training standard.
      Just like when they hired those FAA aircraft warden people they screened them for psych issues, then trained them and cut a bunch, then regularly retested. Those that used drugs were cut. Those that folded up under intense simulation were cut.
      I bet plenty of skilled folks would train teachers and staff for free. It only takes a few people in the school to make a huge deterrent. “Skilled gun zone”

      • Spend the time to seriously look into the FASTER Saves Lives programme. It is pretty amazing, well thought out, excellent in every way. Should be made the standard nationwide. Oh and did anyone else mention that the entire programme costs the taxpayers ABSOLUTELY NOTHING??? Volunteers, donated materials, instructors, ammuniton and targets, range time, everything is FREE to the schools and participants. HOW can anyone reject this? It should be the standard nationwide.

        • Rejecting it is based, I think, on political group identity.
          If you have green hair and pronouns you cannot choose anything against your tribal beliefs.

  5. this is the majority educator mindset. there will be no epiphany for her unless she is unable to protect her charges. and even then…
    “This rhetoric of ‘hardening’ is an expression of America’s continued…” increasing awareness of school’s inability to defend children from pure evil.
    at least she doesn’t sound like a spastic spitter. she really believes a concealed weapon creates stress and trauma for kids. she’s wrong.

  6. And her “solution?”

    … we need gun laws fixed, then enforced. So, hey, lawmakers and lobbyists: Instead of urging those on the last line of defense to take up arms, how about you all on the first lines actually stand up and do your jobs? Then we’d know what good guys look like, at last.

    Yeah, that’ll fix it.

    (Wish I could fix this commenting system — dunno what made the print so large.)

    • Don’t let a certain FUDD someone from north Texas see those big letters! As always, thanks for the infor!

  7. I would suggest that any teacher, faculty, staff, employees of any school consider getting their CCW permit and carrying at all times while at the school. Voluntarily of course! Self defense and defense of students and others at the schools is extremely important. No one should be required to carry, but perhaps we could pay those who are armed daily at the schools an extra $2,000 per month and provide them their ammunition along with NRA training! Then we also need to arm up the schools by hiring US Military Veterans and retired police officers to man the schools on a daily basis and keep them secure. Perhaps one armed school resource officer/Veteran/retired police officer per 100 children at a school. Paid by the school district at a competitive rate! Let’s make our schools safe and not allow any more trespassers on school grounds for any reason!

    • …perhaps we could pay those who are armed daily at the schools an extra $2,000 per month…
      NO! NO! NO!
      Can you freeking imagine the idiots that would sign up just to get the 2k$/mo?
      This would devolve into a teachers union feeding trough.
      You must remember that the average teacher is a moron (look at their results).
      I’d venture to guess that a low single digit % of teachers are viable.
      Obviously highly location dependent.
      You’d have gats laying around everywhere and ND’s commonplace.
      Maybe after 24-36 months of proven responsibility then you maybe can talk about a small ammo stipend.

      • Agreed.
        Fred training. Free ammo for training. But on their time.
        Make sure they understand that a ND is going to be a life changing thing.

  8. Thing ONE SHE IS NOT a Teacher she’s a writer in Mississippi.

    SO…yeah it doesn’t count

    • Correction she is a College PERFESSER in English University of Mississippi…
      Motto “We leave home because we don’t like the way we are being Reared…but come back because we cannot leave our siblings behinds”

  9. If you refuse to use whatever means that are available to protect kids, you’re not much of a human being.

    • She’s a college professor.

      The solution is to allow her students to be armed in her classroom.

  10. No one is being ‘forced’ to be armed. Teachers included.

    The idea is NOT to arm teachers. It’s to stop disarming them.

  11. The Leftist Scum ™ are evil personified.

    They are perfectly willing to let society’s most precious resource, it’s children, be slaughtered in horrific fashion to score cheap political points.

    I invite the author to begin sleeping at night with her home’s front door wide open. She won’t, obviously, because she values what’s inside and wants to protect it.

    And there lies the evil. She considers her personal home to be more important than the precious human life she’s entrusted with every day.

    Utterly sickening. and that’s typical Leftist Scum ™ for you. May each and every one of them get cancer and die in agony alone… 🙁

    • Hard to tell when someone writes something for money.

      Liar? Properly propagandized? Stupid?

      The immediate jump to a single thing to go against argues for #2. A liar would have come up with a convincing story of how she arrived at such a conclusion.

      You’re not looking at scum. You’re looking at a seal barking, clapping and balancing a ball on its nose for a reward.

        • If you can’t find a difference between the brainwashed and the brainwasher, I dunno what I can do for you.

          The US went through this at the end of the Korean war, we did alright with that. Realizing that this is a different flavor of the same thing would be helpful in separating the wheat from the chaff and the criminal from the victim.

      • “You’re looking at a seal barking, clapping and balancing a ball on its nose for a reward.”

        That kinda makes it worse, in my book… 🙁

    • “They are perfectly willing to let society’s most precious resource, it’s children, be slaughtered in horrific fashion to score cheap political points.”

      Why should we act surprised? They were willing to participate in the slaughter of 62 million children in the womb for the last 50 years and continue to fight to continue that activity.

      Why should we believe for a minute that they would not sacrifice school children for their political goals?

  12. So Ms Fennelly, the logical course for you going forward is to refuse First Aid training so your kids don’t get hurt & fire the lifeguard at the pool along with the swimming instructor because if the kids don’t know how to swim they are never at risk of drowning. You may also be concerned about a fire breaking out in school so you should make certain there are no fire extinguishers (high capacity or otherwise) anywhere on campus. Teachers should not be trained on how to use them either.


  13. There are a lot of people in our world that should not have/use firearms. Most of them know who they are, just like there are many people that should not drive or operate heavy machinery. They may be great teachers, but carrying a firearm is a huge responsibility. Have those that wish take a class and give them a 10% raise for doing so, maybe 20% to a janitor, if they can hack it.

  14. If anyone looks at her actual social media, bombard her with demands that all teachers be forced to have a handgun on their person whenever on school grounds. Tell her that the pro-second amendment crowd is pushing to force guns on all teachers, and that any teacher/professor who attempts to quit will be forced to remain a teacher/professor. Just tell her that government is coming after her to force her to carry a firearm.

    • …………… weird thought but is this whole forcing to be armed thing coming from fear of being drafted and the media portrayals of it?

      • “…………… weird thought but is this whole forcing to be armed thing coming from fear of being drafted and the media portrayals of it?”

        Not actually. The whole thing is the leftist twist of “may” into “forced”. Essentially, lying to make one feel good about oneself.

        • Probably, am more used to dealing with my parents generation on the more draft dodging end of the spectrum where it’s less virtue signaling and more leftover anti war/gun irrational beliefs and emotional revulsion at the idea of being forced to carry arms.

  15. Typical Leftist mindset. They see the world as they wish it was, not as it really is.

    Notice, NO solutions are provided. Just utopian tears lamenting that “guns are bad.”

    And this person is TEACHING our kids. That is the most horrifying point of this story.

  16. Good for Fennelly. If she’s shot by a school shooting lowlife, she can die feeling good about her worthless self.

  17. Lefties: fewer restrictions = SLAVERY!!!! / more restrictions = FREEDOM!!!!

    Truly broken brains.

    • Inflation Reduction Act. They know their audience. It was one last chance to plunder the treasury before the party’s over. “Hey guys. I know what we should call it.” *laughter*

  18. Well, teacher, if you won’t defend yourself or your children, so be it. Adapt, or die. Charles Darwin has an award waiting for you. And, you won’t mind if we don’t continue your contract, will you?

  19. Stopping a maniac with an assault rifle and with body armor on with a handgun is fantasy. Most teachers are not gun people either. Nor do they want to be. Accidents with firearms with non gun people are very high as well. Only 3% of mass murders are stopped by even trained citizens.

    • Must be getting tired moving those goalposts. Whatever shall you do when your assault rifle body armor killer gets domed by a new gun owner?

    • @dacian 2 Questions, 1: what’s the rate of mass murders stopped by police withing 15 seconds? 2: Would you prefer to be part of 97% or the 3%….

      • that 3% he is eventually going to reference the flawed Texas study that was presented more recently in the NY Times

        I’ve already looked at this Texas study before and researched it. According to the Texas study:

        * In the study they only use data from 433 attacks but say 249 ended before the police arrived (this is a big clue as to missing data, they never really resolve this in the study).
        * In 64 of those attacks a bystander subdued the attacker 42 times and shot the attacker 22 times
        *12 of the shooting bystanders were citizens, 7 were security guards, 3 were off duty police officers

        so anyway lets go on… with their numbers

        *In 185 of the 249 that ended before police arrived 133 of that 185 left the scene before police arrived and 72 committed suicide. The study does not tell you that of the 113 that left 108 of those left because an ordinary citizen (not security or law enforcement) with a gun brandished their firearm and repelled the attacker thus stopped the active shooter without firing a shot. This study also does not tell you that of the 72 that committed suicide 68 did so either while under fire by a citizen with a gun and they could not escape or keep firing being suppressed by the citizen weapons fire but were not hit by the citizen weapons fire or the citizen brandished and the active shooter simply stopped firing and killed their selves when seeing the citizen brandish.

        some math: 185 – 72 = 113 attackers left to subdue but they departed the scene before being subdued and before police arrived …. so 249 – 72 – 113 = 64 attackers left to subdue on scene.

        This 64 is interesting because you will notice it includes two categories of defenders as if there are those with firearms and those without – those that shot the attacker (22) and those that subdued by physical force (42). Of those defenders that shot 12 were citizens, 7 were security guards, 3 were off duty officers. Its interesting because it does not mention that of those subdued by physical force that the shooter was stopped first in 18 of them by a citizen (not security or law enforcement) brandishing a gun but not firing but the attacker stopped firing when confronted by that armed citizen then the attacker was able to be subdued by physical force.

        So of the 433 attacks in the study armed citizen (not security or police) stopped the attack …

        108 68 12 18 25 = 231 attacks stopped by an armed citizen (not security or police) with a gun

        Notice how the Texas study only credits an armed citizen (not security or police) with stopping the active shooter if they actually shot the attacker. This is the slanted biased part of such studies – they start by defining that an active shooter is only stopped by an ordinary armed citizen if the citizen actually shoots and hits the attacker and that causes the attacker to stop. They do not credit armed citizens that stop attacks by brandishing (and thus repelling) or firing on the attacker and suppressing the attacker so they can not continue but not hitting the attacker – these also stopped the active shooters.

        433 – 231 = 202 and of that 202 … 7 were shot by security and 3 were shot by off duty police. 7 3 = 10

        53.3% of these 433 active shooter attacks were stopped by ordinary armed citizens with guns.

        1.6% of these 433 active shooter attacks were stopped by armed security.

        0.69% of these 433 active shooter attacks were stopped by off duty police officers.

        The study uses only one one category of an armed citizen stopping an active shooter and that is only when the armed citizen actually shoots the attacker. It completely ignores and does not include that armed citizens also stop active shooters with guns simply because they acted in a defensive gun use manner without firing or without actually shooting or hitting the active shooter or would be active shooter.

        The FBI also uses the same thing, that a citizen with as gun only stops an active shooter if they actually shoot and hit the attacker and the attacker then stops. This is also the definition used by anti-gun. But also in the FBI application police are credited with stopping an active shooter if they show up then act after the fact of the shooter firing.

        In other words there are a lot more active shooter type incidents stopped by ordinary citizens with guns than are credited to citizens with guns in the media and by anti-gun. This study was just looking at 433 of them.


        I count this 25 as a separate attack because it was.

        The 25 were stopped and repelled. They left ‘defeated’ at the point. But they came back to start again. This is two separate instances of their appearance in the target zone and required two separate instances of successful defense to repel them.


        The FBI defines an “active shooter” as one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area. Implicit in this definition is the shooter’s use of one or more firearms. It is not required to be any certain type of firearm. It is not required that the active shooter be stopped by actually being shot but the FBI and the Texas study apply the definition that way (that an active shooter has to be actually shot and stops due to being shot by a citizen defender) which is why in the Texas study only 12 ordinary armed citizens (not security or police) are credited with stopping an active shooter, the rest as I stated above. But also in the FBI application police are credited with stopping an active shooter if they show up then act after the fact of the shooter firing.

        • to Booger Brain

          quote————Notice how the Texas study only credits an armed citizen (not security or police) with stopping the active shooter if they actually shot the attacker. ———-quote

          You really blew it with that quote because it proves exactly that the survey’s were correct. It stated armed citizens, not cops, not swat teams or any other governmental agency.

          Now Booger Brain even a 5th grader would understand that.

    • “Stopping a maniac with an assault rifle and with body armor on with a handgun is fantasy.”

      Because every school shooter has worn body armor.

      Ummmm, no.

      Good demonstration of a flawed premise generating even more flawed thinking.

    • While I don’t know the numbers I listened to an Israeli once explain how they taught teachers and children to deal with attacks at school. As many staff as possible were armed and encouraged to engage ASAP. Then every single child was taught to fight with any possible thing like throwing books and staplers. I asked him what use this was- he explained that after wards the survivors would be well in the head, how those that cower and wait for death suffer forever with those memories and even suicide, but those who fought even with useless tools would have pride and anger.
      This I feel is the truth.

    • Oh STFU.

      Why does anyone ready what drivel this Dacian moron (or Albert the limey C-Sucker) writes.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. No, wannabe. It is not fantasy. You see a mass murderer is not expecting anyone to put up any resistance. Using proper caution and looking for an opening to stop the perpetrator, it is more than feasible for a good guy with a handgun to take out a bad guy with a semi-auto. As a matter of fact one young man did just that.
      Now would you do us all a favor and get an education before making a fool of yourself once again?
      Still can’t figure out the firing sequence of a cartridge?

  20. Fennelly – ” Oh, I just love my students to death ! … or at least that’s the option that I’ve chosen . “

  21. “I love my students, too. I love them enough to recognize that increasing their exposure to guns costs them intellectually and psychically.”

    Well… that is just genuinely dishonest.

    She says “I love my students, too.” but rails against the things which can be actually used by her to protect them when that moment of confrontation comes (reference Uvalde) because it costs the kids “intellectually and psychically.”.

    What does it cost the kids to be injured or killed because no one with a gun was there to give them at least a chance when that confrontation happens (again reference Uvalde)?

    and “psychically” ? Seriously?


    adverb form of psychic


    relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance:
    “psychic powers”
    supernatural · paranormal · otherworldly · supernormal · preternatural · [more]
    relating to the soul or mind:
    “he dulled his psychic pain with gin” ”

    So the kids “faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance” are going to not be cost effective enough to save when that moment no one with a gun is there to give them at least a chance when that confrontation happens (again reference Uvalde)?

    Where does this loon teach (or where did she teach)? At the X-Men Xavier Institute For Gifted Children?

    No one is twisting your arm lady, no one is making you be armed. So you have no genuine concern there, but don’t pretend its because you actually love the kids.

    I have a genuine concern that you basically say “I don’t love my kids if I have a gun.” when you don’t love them enough to give them at least a chance of survival at a minimum when that moment of confrontation comes (reference Uvalde) by using the only thing that can stop/prevent/delay that criminal deadly force attack in the critical time between when the killer enters the school and the police arrive which is when the most victims are killed or injured in a school shooting.

    If it were my kids I would expect you to sacrifice your life if necessary to save them. I would also expect you to have the means to give them at least a chance of survival at a minimum when that moment of confrontation comes (reference Uvalde) by using the only thing that can stop/prevent/delay that criminal deadly force attack and that only thing is a gun in that moment. If it were my kinds and you survived the attack and they didn’t or did, and I knew you had face to face confrontation with the killer and did nothing that could actually have a chance of stopping them – you and I are going to have a private face to face talk when you least expect it and I’m going to blame you personally because you were the one that was there and had not only a legal duty to protect those kids but a moral duty as well. (yes, most states a teacher or day care worker has a legal duty to protect the students/kids in their charge).

    People send their kids to school, to teachers, with the expectation and legal right they will be protected at all times so you better damn well do it by any means possible or stop being a teacher.

    I don’t give a darn about what you want, what you want doesn’t matter when it comes to protecting the kids. You either be prepared to protect those kids by any means possible up to and including sacrificing your own life if necessary and being armed with a firearm when that moment of confrontation comes or stop being a teacher.

    But don’t you dare say you love your kids and then do nothing to be prepared by being armed to give them a chance of survival when and/or if that moment of confrontation comes (reference Uvalde). It is dishonest.

    • I think she was trying to say psychologically but found the wrong word.
      In my opinion and I suspect the formal opinion of trauma specialists, cowering will hurt you very badly.
      Fighting back is better for your head later on. True at all school ages.

  22. Everyone knows that it’s not gun exposure that costs kids anything, it’s exposure to speeding bullets. I find it quite telling that she has no willingness to even entertain the option of defending her charges. “Cut and run” is the beginning and ending of her considerations, and that’s not helpful in the least.

    “Hardening” means to make something less vulnerable. It’s not putting together a “teacher militia,” which is simultaneously a good idea, an entertaining mental picture, and a silly straw man argument. The average statist just wants to wish the problem away rather than doing anything that may push them from their comfort zone.

    Ironically, people in MS can legally carry on school grounds under the enhanced permit system. If I were a teacher you can bet your bottom dollar I’d be armed. Sure, the admin may not like it and give me my pink slip, but better in the unemployment line than in the one to see St. Pete.

  23. Armed teacher volunteers have GUTS…People like this teacher can be cannon fodder, as the ones with GUTS come in to stop the threats…Another words, she can draw the enemies fire…That teacher will help the good guys to know where to direct their strings of fire, when they take action…

  24. I don’t care if this leftgal hates gats & doesn’t want to shoot bad guys(or females) protecting her students. Her choice. Home school or send yer progeny to a good college who cares about your kid’s life!

  25. It seems the professor is an idealist of sorts; her notion of “perfect” is that guns will somehow disappear along with the miscreants who do bad things; anything short of this just isn’t acceptable.

    My view of reality is that as with churches only those people who want to be in a security team volunteer for it and then seek to be trained and qualified. This is the only way to stop the misguided from exploiting a “gun free zone” is for someone immediately available to stop the threat (we know you can’t count on the police to do that).

    IOW, don’t let your dreams of the perfect be the enemy of the good (guy with a gun).

  26. How about decriminalizing school truancy? Encouraging home schooling reduces the size of the target. Simple… make target disappear. Not like a lot of learning is going on.

    • This is not abnormal. Its been happening ever since Kennedy was shot in 1963.

      Its not actually Desantis doing it, its his security detail and its pretty much a standard thing for all politicians. But suddenly its presented like it never happened before.

    • We have to do something to keep you unbalanced rabid left-wingers from coming in and disrupting our events — or attempting a mass shooting as most are done by leftists, or attempting assassination of our Supreme Court Justices, or …

      As Boog pointed out, it’s not the governor’s policy — it’s actually the policy of the organization that is sponsoring the events, Turning Point Action. The org is also providing security for the events — another precaution to keep you rabid left-wingers at bay because, as has been demonstrated countless times, you’re not capable of controlling yourselves and can’t abide anyone who has a differing opinion or political philosophy.

    • “…is banning firearms at all his speaking engagements.”

      I guess this means that loose cannons like you and miner aren’t allowed in any more.

  27. Well Ms Fennelly, what will you use to protect your charges if you are not willing to use a gun?

    Arming teachers is voluntary..you don’t have to be armed. As a leftist you are confused about the meaning of the word voluntary, it is the opposite of mandatory.

    The John Wayne masculinity you seem to disprove of is really a good thing. If men today were taught that they are the defender of the weak and vulnerable we will see less violent acts. If men raised their children to be moral and protectors instead of predators, we will be better off.

    I prefer you not to be armed. You do not have the heart to protect anyone or yourself. Not everyone does. But those who have the heart should not be restrained for what you lack.

    • Fennelly will use her large latex phallus, of course it’s “black” and riddled with realistic genital warts.

  28. Fennely: I Wont Be Forced To Be a Part of an Armed Teacher Militia”

    Ms. Fennely does not understand the following:
    You cannot truly call yourself peaceful unless you are capable of great violence.
    If you’re not capable of violence , you’re not peaceful, you’re harmless.

  29. When you operate in the well-worn grooves of thinking created for you by others sometimes you often say some dumb shit.

    When you don’t operate in those grooves you sometimes say some dumb shit too. But at least it had some of your thinking behind it.

  30. She will be happy to know that her murder and the slaughter of her students will be used to further her anti gun agenda.

  31. “FASTER training boot camp” That is a great line!
    Here is where you sign up. https://fastersaveslives.org/
    They provide some of the best defensive and first aid training available.
    There are still some spots available this year.

    • Its a great course. A lot of the teachers here have either already been or will be going, the school board is paying for it.

      But we’ve had armed school teachers/staff in the schools here for years anyway, already paid off a couple of times too by stopping an incident before it began. The latest was just two weeks ago. Student shows up with an MSR dressed out with body armor, teacher sees him coming in and draws on him with her brand new Sig P365, the guy drops the MSR and tries to run out and smacks right into a door frame then a couple of teachers jump on him and hold him for police. Took police two minutes to arrive, had the teacher not stopped him by drawing on him he would have had a whole hall way of kids in his target zone. News said “kid brings gun to school” and that was it,m and the whole world doesn’t know that a teacher with a gun stopped a school shooting from happening.

      • it was last day of summer school second session by the way at the time. About 100 kids total in the school, 15 school teachers, 5 other staff.

  32. Nobody made you be a teacher!
    We live in a world of complainers.
    I hate how people cry about their jobs when shit gets real, like all the nurses & doctors bitching & moaning during the height of the Covid scare.
    Suck it up or change jobs.

  33. @SAFEupstateFML
    “…it’s less virtue signaling and more leftover anti war/gun irrational beliefs and emotional revulsion at the idea of being forced to carry arms.”

    That would be understandable if there had ever been even a whisper of forcing anyone to carry a gun in a school, or university. If someone legitimately concluded that “may” equals “forced”…..that raises a number of questions about that person.

    • At this point just confirming home schooling was the right move. I am mildly curious what is broken in her thoughts that got there but more interesting problems to figure out like which lawsuits to fundraise first over here.

      • I agree about home schooling. It does have significant costs accompanying. Not just education materials. But leaving children in public school is a form of sanctioned child abuse.

        • Like most things in life if it is worth it it has a cost to go along with the rewards. And child abuse would have been a decade ago up here now it is basically destructive especially if they are light skinned of any group.

  34. Beth Ann,
    Since reality isn’t working out for you, please go to Netflix and watch actor Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of a (kinda off the rails) patriot.
    Since you TEACH what only Liberal Leftists write in textbooks, and NEVER ask those who were the actual participants, I would opine that the instruction you give to students is flawed or just wrong.
    If you never looked into a Vietnamese man’s eyes while standing up for him in his country, STOP TEACHING CRAP FROM BOOKS ABOUT WAR. Your personal beliefs are all wrong.
    Take a trip to Israel and talk to women about safety in the classroom. I dare you!
    They ALL have served, are proficient with arms, and are ready to fight to protect others. THIS SUBJECT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU AND HOW YOU “FEEL” !!
    My opinion of American men is realistic when it comes to serving as protectors in our military…well over 90% of them are self-serving cowards who will finagle any situation to keep from being in a situation that scares them.
    You are sadly in their camp.
    So please, resign your cushy post, or go train to protect MY family members that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR.
    Grab a weapon, and go stand on the wall. Can’t do that? I hear Burger King is hiring. Get off my lawn.

  35. Don’t carry then. That’s your business.

    In terms of it costing your students, meh. If they know you have a gun on you you probably screwed up.

  36. The cognitive dissonance evident in Ms.Fennely’s outlook is something that has been encouraged almost to the point of being mandatory in certain careers.
    Really, we’re going to have to constantly -but kindly -work to get people to see this for what it is:
    An infectious form of mental illness.

  37. 20+ years in education. There are a bunch of things that can and should stop it before it starts, but once it starts things tend to end only in the face of credible resistance. In other words all the signs being recognized and taken seriously, appropriate efforts to ensure no kid feels so disconnected as to make the choice to go all in on a massacre, etc., are indeed of primary importance. However, once the shooting starts, whole new plan. Stop the threat. To be overly blunt for a veteran educator with three degrees and decades of experience, if you think otherwise you’re kinda dumb.

  38. ‘She said, refusing both cigarette and blindfold’. This is how you lead the ‘sheeple’ to the abattoir.

  39. “I love them enough to recognize that increasing their exposure to guns costs them intellectually and psychically.”

    How, exactly? How does exposure to guns cost them intellectually? How does it cost them physically? (Other than the obvious cost associated with an unopposed gun wielding attacker coming in and shooting at them.)

    • Well
      If she taught young children, each day she would put up an image of a gun, then scream continuously and defecate and fling her waste around.
      This would eventually harm the children’s hearing and psyche.

  40. The 50B$ the Repubs and Dems gave to Ukraine would cover a well paid guard in EVERY school of the U.S for approx 8 years.

    190 B$ in COVID dollars was (printed) and given to schools and reportedly 80% is unspent as of today. The unpaid portion would pay for an additional 24 years of guards and take us out to the year 2054.

    In other words a BILLION dollars is a lot of money.

    Our country is controlled by a uniparty of morons.

  41. A lot of people seem to be unclear on the concept of choice. Some teachers will choose to be armed. Some will choose to not be armed. I want to insist that they have a choice, and I also want them to be able to change their mind. Is this too hard to understand?

  42. “I love them enough to recognize that increasing their exposure to guns costs them intellectually….”
    Ah, so learning about anything new is now an “intellectual cost.” Also, men can get pregnant. And we’re not in a recession. If you say we’re in a recession you’re evil. Okay we’re in a recession but it’s good for us. And voting is a threat to democracy.

    Welcome to the United States, 2022!

    • I see toxic masculinity has taken your soul.

      Once we follow the “shining path” all men can be correctly controlled as necessary.

      (Credit to whoever it was here that reminded me of Mao’s shining path to 40,000,000 corpses).

    • Richard Kudrna, ” men can get pregnant. ”
      Hell, I thought they just drank a lot of beer over the years!

  43. Because we can’t trust the government, our teachers, and the police to protect our children the only sane solution is to get our kids out of the public school system. There is no homeschool that I’ve heard of that got shot up by some crazy demon possessed ass. If you love your children or your grandchildren you would not subject them to the public school system anymore. Problem solved, problem staying solved!

  44. No teacher should be forced to carry a firearm.

    The threat of mass shooters at school is so wildly overblown in the media and by pundits from both parties that the risk incurred by having them carry doesn’t solve the problem of mass shootings as schools and introduces what may be a bigger risk of negligent/accidental discharges.

    According to Everytown for Gun Safety’s data, in mass shootings (I cut it off to every event where more than one person was killed to keep it simple) 65 people were killed at K-12 schools in the U.S. during 2021. They gather this data from news reports, so it’s likely not 100% accurate. I linked their website below. They provide spreadsheet of their data which is worth looking through – namely to see how tricky you get with using that data. For instance, they include colleges in their school shooting data.

    According to the National Center for Educational Statistics there are about 3.7 million teachers in the U.S.

    According to the National Safety Council about 1% of firearms-related deaths are accidental.

    You can do the math on what 1% of 3.7 million is but even with a lower rate of negligent/accidental discharge (teachers tend to be very responsible folks) that’s still a potential for a lot more than 65 deaths.

    I’m not saying we should do anything to safeguard schools but putting kids in additional danger isn’t it.


    • Well, Frank, let me tell you. NO teacher is being forced, coerced etc into carrying a firearm. It is purely up to the teacher where the program exists, The program is NOT designed to “solve” the problem it is designed to act as a) a deterrent (and before you pony up that deterrence is not absolute, no kidding) , and b) as a possible tactic to counter a woold be shooter who might enter the school. The identify of the teacher who is in the program is not publicized and is supposed to be secret. The teacher who participates goes through a training course which is geared toward 1) proper handling of a firearm and b) proper tactics is a shots fired” scenario. By virtue of this training the chance of a negligent discharge is negligible. The teacher who takes the course to carry is required to meet a minimum standard of qualification and required to keep that qualification CURRRENT.
      For your further edification, the kids are NOT put in any “additional danger.
      What you are doing is a SCARE TACTIC often used by anti-gun folks.
      Have a good day.

    • “…that’s still a potential for a lot more than 65 deaths.”

      It would be good to have a specific projection of “a lot more”. Would that number be statistically significant (“if it saves only one doesn’t cut it, here)?

      There are supposedly ~75mil students in the US. What is the overall risk to that demo? What might the risk to that demo, either given the current number of armed teachers, and the risk resulting from “a lot more” risk of a potential number or teachers who harm students through negligent discharge of a firearm?

      Children are already at risk by the fact they must travel to schools in automotive vehicles (“traffic). Where would we find the plan to specifically reduce that risk?

  45. @SAFEupstateFML
    “Like most things in life if it is worth it it has a cost to go along with the rewards.”

    There are immediate costs to the home school parents. And those costs can be non-trivial.

    Other costs, often not considered, are governmental, and touch everyone in the tax base: too much home schooling leaves taxpayers funding underused properties (including idled school buses), and eventually, abandoned properties (which must be maintained until someone wants to by the property and buildings). Thus, tax payers (including home schooling parents) keep funding declining assets.

    The public “harm” would be multiplied if home schooling parents receive “vouchers”, or elimination of taxation for home schooling. Changes to public school budgets are not something to scoff at; there will be disharmony regardless.

    All that said, parents’ first obligation is to their children.

    • Having seen how the budget and allocation is handled in NY re school tax for over a decade if I ever had a voucher option my only reply would be “not my problem”. Other states your points probably hold water but no amount of money can fix CRT focused bad faith education.

      • “Other states your points probably hold water but no amount of money can fix CRT focused bad faith education.”

        Agree. Simply pointing out that there are consequences to decisions. “Conservatives” are too often that their solutions have downstream, unaccounted for, consequences. We shouldn’t complain that a solution generates more problems (but we do). There is something in the American culture that causes us to think that once a problem is “solved”, we shouldn’t have to keep dealing with it.

        • Fair enough not every state deserves a full on go fuck yourself response to demands for school tax necessarily. NY absolutely does and I do my best to subvert their ability to fundraise at my expense for the little good that does. Fun watching them try to explain how the money is spent though.

    • Idea:
      Organized de-programming sessions.
      Send kids to CRT Marxist school then send them to a deprogramming session. Mandatory reading; “The Gulag Archipelago”.
      Home school is impractical for many families.
      For the very young it’s more realistic but by age 10 there’s a lot to know to teach.

      • “Organized de-programming sessions.”

        We had those every week night, at the dinner table. Mixed results. One became a left-winger, one decided he didn’t need to learn from others, the last couldn’t care less beyond the immediate.

        • If your children are kind, not in prison, not addicted to drugs, you have exceeded and succeeded wildly.

  46. As others on this thread have pointed out, NO proposal for arming teachers that I am aware of compels or requires teachers to be armed. Myself, I would prefer that someone who doesn’t want to be armed, or isn’t willing to take it seriously and get the training, DOESN’T carry a gun. Probably makes everyone safer. Her objections to other teachers carrying are just “New Age” nonsense, and should be ignored as such.

    That she felt compelled to write such a passel of dreck over the very concept of teachers being armed demonstrates that she has approximately the intellectual capacity of dacian the demented dips***.

    An article well worth ignoring.

  47. @Richard Kudrna
    “If your children are kind, not in prison, not addicted to drugs, you have exceeded and succeeded wildly.”

    They are that, and make more money than we ever did.

  48. @SAFEupstateFML
    “Fun watching them try to explain how the money is spent though.”

    Do your polys actually attempt an explanation?

    • Pre covid yes during covid I got my first facebook ban (and possibly made a list or two) by questioning the breakdown of why special education expenditures exceeded traditional education and why grants were not being pursued to handle such an unusual and heavy expense on a low income school district…………… well found out later a chunk of the special ed may be misallocated ESL education expenses and stop asking questions and let us raise your school tax by 15%. While my school tax isn’t a max roth IRA contribution it is getting darned close lately. So yeah home school and starve the beast is pretty much my stance here in NY.

    • Seed oil, and stupid amounts of sugar don’t help either. But butter and steak are bad for you from the people that want you eating mostly bread.

  49. I think that giving teachers guns is not the way out, but rather the way to make things worse. There should be responsibility for one’s actions and an understanding that every action has a result. I got this idea from the An Inspector Calls we had in college. When I wrote an essay on it, I took the example of the work from https://writix.com/essay-examples/an-inspector-calls because the first one wrote something. It raised the issue of collective and personal responsibility and what happens when you violate.

    • “I think that giving teachers guns is not the way out, but rather the way to make things worse.”

      Agree. The way forward is to repeal, through simple legislation, the constitution. “Rights” should depend on the majority opinion on any given day. Get rid of the constitution. Make the House and Senate determine what privileges current occupants of the nation will be granted by government.

      An alternative would be to expand the entire federal court system such that thousands of judges will decide what is proper for government to allow. Streamline everything so that changes to society happen almost instantly, in response to the speed with which public opinion operates.

        • “This is an outline of a screenplay like ”idiocracy”.
          It would be hysterical.”

          Just an example of that happens when I don’t get my morning martini allotment.

    • It is time for you to go back to academia and get a new education. One that is not impregnated with Leftist-Socialist dogma. You might want to consider something called thinking!
      Not one point you raised mitigates the idea of teachers who want to volunteer to be armed in the school.

  50. Just imagine 75,000 Supreme Court justices all voting from their phones on the latest new thing.
    Please pitch this to Mike Judge the director/producer of Idiocracy.

    • “Just imagine 75,000 Supreme Court justices all voting from their phones on the latest new thing.”

      That could work if:
      – all lower courts are abolished
      – justices must be elected/re-elected every two years
      – justices are not allowed to campaign for positions
      – no case can be in queue for more than six weeks
      – no justice can be alumni of “ivy league” universities/law schools
      – justices can conduct public opinion polls
      – justices are paid on a fee-per-case basis (fees established by public consent)
      – justices can earn/receive no remuneration from sources other than fees for cases
      – justices have high ESG, or public credit score

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