Mitt Romney Mass. assault weapons ban
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney signs legislation to extend the state's ban on assault weapons, as Lt. Governor Kerry Healey, left,and State Sen. Stephen Brewer, D-Barre, a sponsor of the legislation, look on, at the Statehouse in Boston, Thursday, July 1, 2004. (AP Photo/Julia Malakie)
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Massachusetts never liked the fact that the federal “assault weapons” ban was allowed to sunset in 2004. In response, the Bay State enacted its own AWB, signed into law by then-governor Mitt Romney. In 2016, in the aftermath of the Pulse and San Bernardino shootings, then-Attorney General (now Governor) Maura Healey unilaterally declared virtually every firearm sold in the state after the federal AWB ended was considered a “copycat” weapon, thus making them (and almost all semi-automatic rifles) illegal.

The Massachusetts ban was subsequently upheld in the courts, but that was all long before Bruen came to be. Now, in a world without interest balancing, the National Association for Gun Rights has filed suit to overturn the Massachusetts law.

Here’s NAGR’s press release . . .

The National Association for Gun Rights is suing the state of Massachusetts over their 1998 “assault weapons” ban which was expanded in 2016.

The Massachusetts law which bans the sale and possession of most semi-automatic firearms and standard capacity magazines was originally signed into law by then Republican Governor Mitt Romney.

The first hearing took place this morning at 9:00 AM. Overseeing the case is Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV, who was appointed by President George W. Bush.

“Massachusetts has been directly violating the Second Amendment for decades,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “Under Bruen, there is no doubt in my mind the days of Romney’s Assault Weapons Ban are numbered. The National Association for Gun Rights will see to it that the rights of the people of Massachusetts are restored.”

“As Governor, Romney signed a gun ban so egregious that many Democrat lawmakers wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. More recently, as the junior Senator from Utah, Romney has taken part in virtually every gun control compromise since taking office in 2019,” added Brown.

The NAGR lawsuit argues the Massachusetts gun ban is in violation of the 2022 Supreme Court decision handed down in the NYSRPA V. Bruen case, which stated gun control laws must find their justification in the history, text, and tradition of the Second Amendment.

“This law bans firearms that are in common use throughout the United States, including the most popular rifle in America. Our members are chomping at the bit to snuff out semi-auto bans nationwide, and taking a hatchet to the Romney gun ban will be a tremendous feather in our cap,”  concluded Brown.

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    • Remember 2012? Obama or Romney. God what a terrible election. I held my nose and voted for Romney; I couldn’t vote for the communist.

      • Didn’t mean you had to vote for EITHER scumbag. Leaving it blank or throwing vote away on a third party candidate is always an option, and there are still other races on a ballot (governor, AG, Congress, State legislature, etc).

    • Wow. It finally happened. A M0rm0n and an atheist lesbi@n actually agree on something. How about that!!!

  1. Not going to blame spit romney et al when Gun Owners and their legal representives are not going to speak up and Define Gun Control in courtrooms according to its History of Rot. I refuse to donate to any silent org. that provides standing in court for a pile of poop called Gun Control.

    To whom it may concern: Grow a pair and cease acting like a giddy drag queen at a fashion show when some judge throws a few Gun Owners a ridiculous cliff hanger stay over a brace, etc.

    It should be obvious Gun Control zealots think they have grounds to bully The Second Amendment when History Confirms their Gun Control should be buried alongside its sidekicks slavery, lynching, etc. Keeping the History of Gun Control off the table clearly aides Gun Control.

    • To summarize:
      Courtroom drama must include these magic words or it is useless

      Generic attack on masculine insecurities because I am woman give me affirmation and attention

      Misinterpreted basis of the history of tyrannical slavery as only American enslavement of the blacks is relevant.

  2. Massachusetts couldn’t care less about the Bruen decision and if the courts overturn the old law Massachusetts will have a new one on the books in minutes not days.

    I seriously doubt if the charlatans on the Supreme Court court will touch such a controversial subject. Latest public opinion polls have shown the criminals on the Supreme Court that their credibility is now lower than the height of a piss ant.

    • Oh look a new circuit court awb challenge, it would be a shame if the lawsuit goes forward and creates a split.

    • To summarize:
      Massachusetts is my idea of proper government and will ignore civil rights for my entertainment.

      I am terrified the supreme court will rule anything vaguely in line with the constitution because it would mean those I want to enslave will have more and better guns than I can achieve.

    • Let’s try again, asshole:

      “The southern states couldn’t care less about the Brown v. Board of Education decision and if the courts overturn the old law allowing segregation and discrimination against blacks, the southern states will have new ones on the books in minutes not days.

      “I seriously doubt if the charlatans on the Supreme Court court will touch such a controversial subject such as segregation. Latest public opinion polls have shown the criminals on the Supreme Court that their credibility in the southern states is now lower than the height of a piss ant.

      “Governor Wallace standing in the schoolhouse doorway proves that state’s rights take precedence over the Constitution of the United States. There’s no way for the Court to enforce their decision, so the states can do whatever they want even if it violates the rights of citizens listed on that old piece of parchment written by white slave owners.”

  3. Is it just me, or does anyone else find the organization’s acronym to be — well, “unfortunate?”

  4. Is Judge Roger Benitez in a coma somewhere? Been waiting almost a year for his GVR decision affecting the Ninth Circuit.

  5. As a MA resident and someone who wrote a check to NAGR when the lawsuit started, I just wanted to say thank you. Make sure that the lawyers on your case really and truly understand guns and gun licensing in this state. SCOTUS slapped MA pretty hard on the Caetano case and I would love to see a repeat of it.

    The funny thing is if these dunder heads had just left the laws alone no one would have cared. In 2017 people weren’t flooding gun shops buying ARs and AKs. But now that they’ve gone full retard it’s going to embolden people to own 10+ ARs. The pols in MA did it to themselves by lets say relieving themselves on the people.

  6. Willard “Mitt” Romney is an UTTERLY disgusting pile of human garbage. That being said, Massachusetts is the new prototype for an overbearing communist state. Maura Healey is the quintessential ANGRY Dutch damn, who hates American values and the Constitution. I escaped the socialist filth of Massachusetts over 30 years ago and I encourage any freedom loving Americans who remain there to do so ASAP.

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