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No accounting for taste.


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  1. My son and I built Grendels awhile back and he decided to go with red and black parts. After a spell he became disenchanted with the color scheme. I now have two Grendels.

  2. During the rush I had no choice but to use a matte silver BA barrel to complete an AR-15, sold the rifle because the barrel was too much bling for me.

  3. I think those red triggers on race pistols and glocks look good. Dont know if i could ever pull the trigger on getting one myself but

    • Bought a stripped Glock 17 slide that was cerakoted in whore house red. Dumbest damned thing I ever did. Got a new one coming to replace it. It’ll be on Gunbroker next week if you like that sort of thing.

      • I cerakoted a Shield 9mm in fire engine red, put it in a glass case with a mag and a box of ammo. Stenciled “break glass in case of emergency”. I got it cheap enough to do something completely erroneous with. Maybe it will make a good retirement gift for someone one day.

    • Gold or bronze on black can look nice in moderation. Not sure I would pay extra for it as a replacement but for new or upgraded parts why not if you like it.

  4. What was it Henry Ford said? “You can have a Glock in any color you like as long as it is black”.

  5. Oh, *please*.

    How about just being happy he even has an AR-pattern rifle and a few cases of ammo at all? 🙁

    • Anything the government is looking to ban in short order is a great start as it can influence good decision making processes when voting.

      • You hit the mail on the head. Back in 1992 when the Feds started talking bans and the Hillbilly was erect-er, elected, I decide I should probably build an AR. Already had a couple Garands and an M-1A, so started buying parts at gun shows until I had everything, sat down at the kitchen table and figured it out, never having ever shot one. Went the full hatred route of the time, collapsible butt, 11 1/2” bbl w 6” muzzle break, 40 round mags. Those early builds were tough, even had to assemble the A2 rear sight from pieces. Anyway, got it put together, bought a $2 box of .223 and shot it inside one of my old man’s outbuildings in town.

        Never would’ve cared about them except for the likes (dislikes, actually) of Clinton, Schumer, Biaggi, Feinstein, et al.

        • Diane Feinstein isn’t the reason I bought an AR, but she’s the reason the AR I bought had a bayonet lug.

    • I agree. What matters is actual support for 2A, and if one is looking for a range buddy, whether he actually trains with the weapon.

        • I so want one of those. Just not enough to move it to the top of the list. But a pimp Deagle is definitely on my bucket list somewhere.

    • I bought a flat black Ruger American for a hunting rifle. After considering my options I just bought one of those cheesy camo sleeves and pulled it on. A couple of tweaks with a knife and it works. It ain’t pretty, but it works.

  6. Bright colors make it easy to find. That’s a big deal as you age. Those of you who spent 15 minutes this morning, looking for the glasses on top of your head know exactly what I am talking about.

  7. All my AR pattern rifles are the original scary black finish. I do have a couple pretty chrome plate or stainless pistols. Several of my antiques have nice brass work and 1 22 has an interesting Bicentennial color scheme from way back when.
    My wife does have a pink LadySmith revolver. She picked it out and bought it.
    What someone wants as the color/finish on their firearm is up to them. Not my concern and not my problem. If they can use the weapon as designed in a safe manor, and can hit the target more often than miss, why should I give a damn what color their pimped out gun is?

  8. In one of my first experiments at hard coat III anodizing of my own milled lowers in something other than black at request of my wife, in this case for a nice cherry red finish, I messed up with the dye and it came out this beautiful rose ‘almost’ pink’ish color my wife liked. So I found a bare upper and repeated my anodizing ‘error’ to match the lower, had some engraving done to personalize it for her. The end result is a nice looking personalized AR my wife likes.

    I prefer the standard original black myself.

    • So it’s not an AR.

      Introducing ROSE by SIG SAUER. Developed in collaboration with World Champion Lena Miculek, ROSE was created to help encourage and inspire women to take on the responsibility of their own personal safety through education, training, and community.

      • that rose color on the Sig is just barely a slight shade lighter than what I did.

        • Did it encourage and inspire your wife to take on the responsibility of her own personal safety through education, training, and community?

  9. If it shoots bullets and they can shoot it well, I’m not about to judge.

    Years back my wife had a G30 she got on some supersale because it was used (fired maybe twice from what I could tell when she brought it home) and had a cerakoted pink slide.

    Some old guy at a range made fun over her for it. She smiled, put the whole mag in the X ring faster than his jaw could hit the floor and told him to fuck off back to his full size 9 until his pattern was down to twice that size in double the time.

    He slunk off.

    Something about books and covers.

  10. …. anyone notice the ten or so missing comments from the last hour or so? I wish I’d have taken a screenshot, but someone figured out how to embarrass the site into removeng the “I earn many bucks dayley with little effort ” postings.

  11. I ceracoated 2 of my ARs and rattle canned the other two. 1 is ceracoated FDE the other Ranger Green (In my neck of the woods, Ranger Green blends into the background better than FDE). Th 2 rattle canned ARs were done with a Self Etching Primer that is only slightly darker than the Ceracoat RG, is almost as tough, and is a lot cheaper and easier to touch up, than Ceracoat.
    I chuckle at what a couple of buddies have done to their guns, and give them a lot of good natured Ribbing over their color choices, like “Now, that’s the Gayest Gun I’ve ever seen,” or “Ah yes, the military’s new Butt Patrol Camo Scheme.”
    Do what floats your boat is my opinion, but remember, Flamboyant colors are much harder to conceal.

    • ARs in general seem “hard to conceal.” Perhaps that’s why the bold colors.

  12. Straight outta the box except for the trigger, stock, fore grip, scope, bipod, and brake.

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