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One final detail revealed today regarding the attackers in San Bernardino seems to have finally solidified their identity as home-grown ISIS terrorists, confirming that this was indeed a terrorist attack on American soil: the attackers pledged allegiance to ISIS during their rampage. Reported by CNN and others (including Al Jazeera, where I found this info) this adds credibility to the theory that the couple had been inspired by climate change the radical Islamic terrorists to commit these acts . . .

From the article:

The female attacker in the San Bernardino shootings pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and its leader on Facebook and deleted the post before the incident, US media reports said.

Both the AP news agency and the CNN news network reported information about the online activities of Tashfeen Malik on Friday, citing officials.

ISIS has long been trying to recruit exactly these kinds of agents: American citizens with no real ties to the Middle East or ISIS directly. These individuals are extremely difficult to detect as there is usually no “chatter” to analyze and even ISIS itself may not know that they exist until the attack happens. Even the family members in this case had not idea as to the extent of the attackers’ radicalization until their picture appeared on the news. Just another good reason to take the advice of Sheriff Paul J. Van Blarcum and carry a gun. Every day.

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  1. Notice how fast information comes out when they think its a white christian…..we would have known everything that night.

    • They made the attempt. A very early report had a talking head ‘wondering’ if this attack was related to Colorado because “it was around the corner from a PP clinic”.

  2. And yet, we hear people say, I know a few Muslims and they are the nicest people…would do anything for you, blah blah blah. They are even US citizens! They would never…

    Until they do.

    • Exactly.

      Not even the scourge of international communism was as direct and suicidal in their methods to destabilize the US. The commies certainly recruited a fair number of US citizens for their cause, but the recruitment of the Salafist movement is much more violent, much more direct in action, and our intel/law enforcement agencies seem to want to bend over backwards to avoid the appearance of un-PC acts, whereas with the commies, we were zealous in smoking them out and hunting them down.

      Houston, we have a problem.

      • Well I know at least one cop who is ready to shoot an Islamic terrorist mass murderer.

        Update: I haven’t heard any real intelligence into this incident other than what is officially available – other than retired coworkers and family friends losing loved ones. Godspeed to the families of the victims and to the police who responded and took care of business.

      • “Not even the scourge of international communism was as direct and suicidal in their methods to destabilize the US.”


        Remember the good ‘ole days when all we worried about were Spetsnaz and-or GRU sleeper cells?

        On second thought, I bet Putin is doing just that right now…


    • “All gun owners are law abiding, until they are not.” – Shannon Watts

      Keep it up guys. Toss a group of people under the buss so that they can be put on a list because you are scared, then conveniently we will all end up on that list. After all, seems all the Trump supporters want Muslims on a list, and all the Hilary supporters want gun owners on the list. Trust me, we will end up with both lists if we end up with one.

      • Exactly. That’s why they will make sure that DG above is incarcerated. He isn’t making guns for terrorists. Until he is.

      • You still don’t understand this has nothing to do with politics or law or lists.

        We continue to import the means of our own societal suicide and enable those who think open borders will lead to anything besides religious and ethnic cleansing.

        • NoNo it’s definitely about politics. The terrorist watch list was created under the Bush administration, and at the time, many conservatives were happy the government was “doing something” about terrorists. Here we are, a little over a decade later, a it’s now a weapon to be used against the people. This was utterly predictable and was predicted by various civil libertarians at the time, but 9/11 convinced everyone any measures were acceptable.

          I don’t discount that ISIS or radical Islam can hurt us. There’s also extreme danger in the paths we can take to fight them.

      • Sure–I agree with what you’re saying. However, it is not so surprising that people coming from Pakistan (you know, the one’s who were hiding OBL and continue to let the Taliban cross the border in the Peshawar Province near Afghanistan) and then living in Saudi Arabia (where the majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from) might wish to continue jihad against the US.

        • Julio, you are dead on there. Behaviors, like your pattern of travel, are absolutely relevant and should key increased scrutiny and evaluation.

      • Too early for “Godwin’s Law”?

        I seem to recall that Hitler had lists, and camps. Stalin had lists, and camps. Mao had lists, and mass graves. The Japanese in WW II didn’t need lists – they killed everyone who didn’t speak Japanese or bow low enough.

        Who is it in America that wants to create lists of their enemies? And what do they plan to do with those lists?

        • First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist;
          Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist;
          Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist;
          Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew;
          Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me.

          It’s never too early for a Nazi reference.

    • And yet, we hear people say, I know a few Muslims and they are the nicest people…would do anything for you, blah blah blah. They are even US citizens! They would never…

      Until they do.

      That can be said about anybody. I’m sure Timothy McVeigh was a friendly enough fellow…until he killed hundreds with a truck bomb. Should we indict all white males with anti-government views?

      Are you suggesting some sort of action, like putting them in camps for the duration of the endless war? (That’s an FDR reference, not a Hitler one). Any action we take against muslims based on association, rather than solid evidence and due process, degrades all of our rights. After all, if we violate the rights of people based on their religion, that makes banning the people on the no-fly list from buying guns look small in comparison: at least they’re suspected of something.

      • In every year since 2001 cows have killed more people than terrorists. Lightening from 2002 till present has killed more than terrorists. And here some are losing their minds and are ready to suspend the rights of millions of citizens. Terrorists on their best years will not be as deadly as bathtubs ,and certainly not cars, yet I am not at all afraid of driving. We will manage. Relax, we are far from defenseless.

      • Except most religions aren’t based on the actions of a man that by any description, would be described as a mass murdering religious psychopath. I never heard of Buddha or the Christ chopping peoples heads off if you did not convert to their belief system.

        What should I think of some one that told me they worshiped, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, or Charlie Manson as their example of the perfect spiritual avatar?

      • Except most religions aren’t based on the actions of a man that by any description, would be described as a mass murdering religious psychopath. I never heard of Buddha or the Christ chopping peoples heads off if you did not convert to their belief system.

        What should I think of some one that told me they worshiped, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, or Charlie Manson as their example of the perfect spiritual avatar?

        And why should anyone be surprised when his followers will at times follow his example of being a mass murdering religious psychopath.

      • The Japanese would not have ended up in camps if they were never here in the first place.

        Human nature is what it is, and when a nation or peoples is threatened, it will turn on its invaders in order to survive. It is a ruthless and unrelenting truth.

        So while you think it mass deportations would be cruel, on a long enough historical timeline, it will save lives. Multiculturalism gives rise to Ultra-Nationalism which enables Genocide.

  3. Ummm…no real ties? The faceless one was here on a visa from Pakistan. Aloha Snackbar to you…and they still blame white folks and the oldest civil rights organization in America.

      • I met my GF in Wyoming and she was from Michigan!

        The Saudi kingdom is full of terrorists from other countries. But yea, according to reports, she was from Paki and met in SA.

        • I agree.

          My wife was born in California, grew up in Guanajuato in central Mexico and I met her in Chicago…

        • Brings up the question – how many Muslim women are sponsored on a pilgrimage to Mecca specifically to find American husbands?

  4. Hey Heads Up Guys…

    My president Barack Obama has said on numerous occasions that “Islam is a religion of peace.” Plus, he is confident that the US is safe against an ISIS attack. If America could just talk about some common sense gun reforms and also Gun Safety. Tragedies like this would never happen and we would all be more safe in our communities.

  5. Back in the 80’s and 90’s a great deal of support for gun control came from the Fudds and racist white suburbanites who lived in fear of the black man with a gun thanks to media hysteria over “gangsta” culture and the endless pounding of the “crack” drum.

    So I wonder if the same would happen today with the great terrorism fear.

  6. Time to start serious monitoring of jihadis and their supporters. Especially the home grown ones here in the US. Past time.

    If only the potus had his heart in defending Americans.

    • JWM, I regularly email some of my old terps in Afghanistan. My Jewish wife has family in Iran. I’ve taught hundreds of Muslims to shoot. I have Muslim friends from Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Do I get on that list? Which of my rights do you want me to give up so that you can feel safe?

        • And Red, that broad brush is what I’m scared of. JWM, DG, Accur81, and a lot of other folks on this string are fine Americans in the truest sense. I know they are not bigots, and Ive seen them be reasonable, rational people. What I am afraid of is a population that will use their comments and paint them with that same broad brush to extend a rational program that scrutinizes narrowly defined terrorist behavior into a witch hunt that will only encourage our enemies and divide us as a nation.

        • I’m tactful enough to not say what I do about Muhammad on TTAG if I’m ever in an Islamic nation again. While I respect your experiences, they have been vastly different from mine. I’ll admit that it’s difficult for me to imagine Muslims fighting alongside Christians in Iraq or the ‘Stan.

          I don’t indeed want to paint with too broad of a brush.

        • Accur81, that’s completely fair. Ultimately, we all should look to our own experiences. Thank you for also considering mine.

      • This. I’ve been in Iraq since September fighting against ISIL alongside Kurdish forces as a volunteer. Most Kurds are Muslim, doesn’t mean I trust them any less than a Jew, Christian, ect. Should I be stripped of my rights when I return to the US?

        As a side note: Luckily my Iraqi phone has data service once in a while so I can still get my fill of TTAG.

      • JW, your duties in the middle east were in the nature of “line of duty”. Your friends and associates and you keep up on modern electronic media. Willing to bet you’ve never said something like “Jihadis are freedom fighters battling the terrorists American soldiers and the more Americans dead, the better” or other such nonsense.

        I’m absolutely willing to bet my life that you don’t come anywhere near the profile of a self actualised home grown jihadi.

        Others in this country and outside of it fit that exact profile. They’re the ones that need watching and interdicting if needed.

        • JWM, I hear you lima charlie. But I do not now, and may never, trust my government to be able to discern the difference.

    • I wish that would happen, but it’s more than likely going to turn into expanding the surveillance state and siphoning up all of our personal communications. The government is simply not interested in protecting common citizens from terrorists.

    • “If only the potus had his heart in defending Americans”
      I don’t need or want presiding or future Presidents to defend me, I can defend myself, and do a better job of it. I carry a CZ 75 9mm clone and very accurate with it, put a minimum of 200 to 300 rounds down range average of 10 months out the year, can carry it cocked & locked, flip safety off and have 14 rounds at my disposal. Barry can’t even hold a shotgun properly and LEO who once a year qualify with less rounds than it took for me to pass range test for my CHL, have learned how to shoot on the move and from behind cover, so thank you very much, but I prefer to be my own 1st. responder!

      • As you should be. But some threats take a national response. And for that we need a potus with Americans best interest in mind. Which I don’t believe we currently have.

  7. Fourth generation warfare at its absolute finest. American “officals” are grossly unprepared for this, even after nearly fifty years of combating insurgency…

  8. …. Well that clears things up.
    If it had been workplace violence this would have been the fault of the NRA.
    Now that it looks like terrorism, we know it is due to climate change.

  9. San Bernardino Attackers Pledged Allegiance to ISIS

    Doesn’t that depend on what your definition of is is.? Let me check with Slick Willy.

  10. Is anyone surprised? The only prayers a lefty might allow to pass through his lips is that the killer was a member of the nra.

  11. It is interesting, if you think about it. Mr and Mrs terrorist were obviously planning a much bigger attack. Mr. Terrorist goes to a Christmas party, get’s into an argument with a Jewish coworker, flips out and runs home, grabs his wife and a few guns and bombs, attacks and kills some of his coworkers, and then gets shot by the police 4 hours later. This guy’s hatred may have led to the death of about a dozen people, but in the end, his hatred caused him to show his hand before he was able to do something much bigger.

  12. ISIS in Syrian partially grew out of Al Nusrah who were trained by US specops in Jordanian spec op camp, paid for by the Saudi’s, and the US, 90% of whom defected to AQ and other Sunni extremist groups in Syria like IS, who were more brutal and better paid, than the Syrian army and militia allied with Assad.

    AQ grew out of CIA training of radical arabic fighters in Afghanistan, to thwart the Soviets. When they left, they turned on the Pushtun and became the Taliban. AQ in Iraq sided with Sunni minority tribes who had worked in Saddam Hussein’s military, until AQ got so violent the Sunni tribes turned against them, to work with the US military. After Obama abandoned them, in the total pullout of Iraq, they were victimized by Shia militia and the dominant Shiite party, and Prime Minister, installed by Iran.

    Hillary and Ambassador in Benghazi were running guns from Libya, to Al Nusrah. No wonder anyone in DC wants to dig too deep to find the connections. We are hopelessly incompetent in the ME, like children playing with the most malignant pyschopaths imaginable, who have been kiling one another since the 7th C over who gets to be in charge, Mo’s kids, the Sheiks, or the gangsta’s who dont have his blood.

  13. What makes the USA think it is immune to attacks from local homegrown self-radicalized wannabe jihadis?

    This has been a problem in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia,and even Australia. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.


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