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Early Tuesday, October 2, two Border Patrol Agents were shot. [Agent Nicolas Ivie, above] was killed. The shootings reportedly took place eight miles north of the international border with Mexico, near the town of Naco, Arizona. The agents were thought to be responding to sensor alerts. Drugs may have been involved but we lack any further details at this moment.  We note the cruel irony that this murder takes place within a week after the Border Patrol station at Naco, Arizona, was named for Brian Terry, an agent who was killed by transnational criminals near Rio Rico, AZ in December, 2010 . . .

What is clear is this: yet again, an agent has been murdered and another wounded.  Despite assurances from this administration that the border is secure and under control, it remains a dangerous place, far too open to smuggling, controlled as much by the transnational criminals as by the United States.

In recent years NAFBPO has argued against the baseless claims that the border is under control. It is not, and this murder offers one more example of that sad fact. Furthermore, for some time NAFBPO has been certain that as pressure on drug smuggling routes in the Nogales/Tucson corridor increases the transnational criminals will move to areas further east that are less heavily monitored. This event supports that conclusion.

Despite the clear probability that transnational criminals will move their operations to less patrolled areas, some environmental groups in New Mexico want to establish wilderness areas or a national monument in Dona Ana County, adjacent to the border. If that is done, the Border Patrol will be hampered in its operations.  NAFBPO is baffled at the invitation being extended to the lawless elements that would certainly expand their operations in a protected area so close to the Mexican border.

The border insecurity that exists now is a national security and a public safety issue that must be addressed in serious fashion, not with hollow statements from the Department of Homeland Security that all is well. It demonstrably is not.

Kent Lundgren, Chairman

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

[email protected]

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  1. Get serious about sealing the border and you’ll take a large chunk of barry’s voters out just before the election.

  2. Let us set some parameters:
    #1 It Is Murder, no one was killed by accident.
    #2 There is no Irony involved, it was an ambush, a message that Brian Terry was Murdered and that the Cartels are at war with the USA and will continue Murdering at will.

  3. RIP, Agent Ivie. I appreciate your service, and the continued service of your peers. You will be remembered.

    Border Patrol is an agency that I’ve had my eye on. It’s pretty hardcore in AZ, but if I move out of CA it may be a good option. My hat is off to the brave men and women on the border. They have a tough job.

    I’ll continue also my argument that owning an AR-15 if you are within a few hundred miles of the US / Mexico border is a good idea, but I am preaching to the choir here. The cartels also operate in the LA metro area, which should come as a shock to absolutely no one.

      • In the late 1990s I spent a good week or so “dispersed camping” in the Coronado National Forest very close to where this just happened. I was naive at the time and wasn’t armed. I will never repeat that folly.

        Which folly you ask … camping unarmed or camping in the Coronado National Forest near the border? Neither.

  4. No thanks to Janet Napolitano who has forsaken my, and her, State. Hopefully I and my fellow Arizonans will see another SB 1083 allowing the formation of a State militia to do for border security what the worthless Federal officials won’t.

    • What stopped Arizona from enforcing SB1083 in the first place? Does Arizona need something to push back on the feds? How about Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution? It says, “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, … keep troops … in times of peace … or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

      Well it is clear that people from a foreign country are invading Arizona and it creates “imminent danger as will not admit of delay” — unless we like to see more people raped and murdered.

      And outside of that, what stops Arizona from simply enforcing state laws?

  5. The US is too busy “nation building” in areas of the world that have little to no impact on us, yet we have a failed state on the brink of civil war next door and nothing is being done. Irony at it’s best. Once it spills into our back yard in a big way and many civilians start dying…then they might decide to act.


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