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It’s October and that means one thing if you’re in retail: Halloween. Everyone’s apparently  thinking about goblins and ghouls and all sorts of scary stuff. Personally, I’m looking forward to my traditional Halloween night screening of Boris Karloff’s 1932 film The Mummy. Unfortunately, gun companies appear to have realized that this October may be their last opportunity to push zombie-themed crap before the craze finally, mercifully dies out. They seem poised to redouble their efforts to turn everything puke green and give it a lame, hokey name. Case in point: CTD’s October catalog. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the back end of this craze. Or, at least, some better art direction. But I get the feeling it’s only going to get worse as we approach the 31st….

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  1. First of all Nick, kudos on Karloff. I have an extensive collection of movies and it’s a mix of old and new.

    +100 on the end of the zombie craze. I have a number of zombie movies but it has been done to death.

  2. As the craze dies out, the price of excellent (if silly) Zombie Max ammo gets lower and lower. There’s nothing wrong with it unless you hate the color green.

  3. The zombie thing is a curse and a blessing. It gets a little crazy, but I believe that anything that expands the gun industry and gets more people into shooting and disaster preparedness is fine by me.

      • Seconded. I personally know several people, who while I don’t believe they are participating frivolously, have been able to ease into the activity with less apprehension because of the zombie candy-coating and are fast on their way to becoming genuine firearms enthusiasts, and 2A proponents (always welcome in my book).

    • Precisely. It’s clear that there’s a reality-based, practical side to wargaming for a zombie uprising when even the CDC is using it to encourage preparedness.

      Anything that gets a significant number of people to pay attention to disaster preparedness is all good, especially out here in earthquake country. The benefit is doubled and squared when those same people learn how to defend themselves effectively, and frequently, become gun owners.

      On the other hand, the whole “zombies require headshots” thing can be discouraging to newbies who discover that consistently placing pistol rounds in the head area at 10m is Really Hard and requires actual skills acquired through practice…

    • Overpriced garbage? They have pretty good deals on ammo if you buy in bulk…Never really bought anything else from them.

        • I go through and pick different warehouses if there is an option. Generally save $3-$5 that way. But the good thing about their shipping is 3 days and its at the doorstep 3rd day. Every time.

  4. When I first saw the bright green and red, I thought it was the Xmas catalog. Oops.

    Though with the new COD:Black Ops 2 + Zombies dropping soon, I’m sure CheaperThanDirt will be trying to cash in like other companies.

  5. CTD just follows the trends and if its not Zombies its something else.

    The whole zombie thing has IMHO brought more people into gun ownership. My local Wal-Mart has the nice young lady that works the sports counter. When I go in to get some cheap Tulsa 45 ACP she always comments to me “must be zombie killing time” with a smile. I called her on it on evening and she said her and friends started to gain interest from watching The Walking Dead and then decided to go a local range and now she will be taking her pistol permit class. She is still not sure she wants to buy a gun, but she is making the steps toward gun ownership – so in general, its more normalization.

    That said, this lime green stuff even if not junk is over priced.

    The only thing I see sticking around are zombie targets especially the ones from zombie international. The other stuff I see and hope go away. One thing about marketing is they will find something else to promote and over price.

    • Excellent. Their screams as the zombies take them down will make an excellent early warning system. Can we take up a collection to keep them on duty, maybe offer some supplies to ensure 24/7 coverage?

  6. To all you guys who don’t like the zombie craze, it’ll probably get worse before it gets better. So don’t hold your breath.

    I don’t really get all the hating on the zombie craze. If you don’t like it, then don’t pay attention to it and don’t buy any zombie related products. Easy as that. Is it really that annoying to you? At least people are getting more involved in the firearms industry.

    So what happens after the zombie phase dies out (pun intended)? How about the post-apocalyptic craze, or the AWB-craze, Prepping, etc. They are all mostly a marketing technique fed by the media, games, and movies relating to zombies.

    On that note, Walking Dead Season Premiere Oct 14 =]

  7. From a business standpoint I do not blame the guns and gear manufacturers for this marketing tactic. However, much like the improper use of “tactical” it is getting old and is a negative move against us.

    I guess we should be happy that Twilight came around and mostly killed off the vampire craze.

    On the plus side as a veteran Firefighter/EMT, I do kind of like the CDC and FEMA for using the “zombie appocolypse” to get more people serious about disaster preparedness.


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