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Now THAT is just plain nifty.

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  1. When I was stationed at US Army A.P.G. one of the unit’s tasks was to do ballistic testing of helmets and such. The most difficult test was to create conditions where a 762 bullet would strike an object sideways, shot after shot.
    a 1903A3 was stripped and the barrel removed. the barrel was bored so the the interior was egg shaped in cross section. Dozens of large paper targets were erected inline so that when the bullet left the bore it’s flight could be traced by it’s impact with the targets. To make a long story short the point where the bullet was traveling side on was the point where the test item was placed, easier said than done.Great Vid!

    • You might want to read up on how a 5.56 NATO round behaves inside of flesh. Any bullet which is longer than its diameter will tumble inside a body. The 5.56 NATO round will tumble and fragment, varying at the range of the hit, these fragments create some nasty wound channels. At longer ranges, instead of fragmenting (due to lower velocity) the bullet will turn and travel in a different direction. One could feasably shoot a person in the chest and have the projectile travel through the arm and exit the wrist, through the abdomen/leg/then out the calf, etc.

      • addendum: When everything goes according to plan. When it doesn’t, 5.56 NATO neither tumbles nor frags, and the only thing you have is a through-and-through with (perhaps) shockwave damage.

        This is why 5.56 NATO is not sanctioned to hunt much of anything in many states.

  2. cool video, I didnt expect any of them to arc upwards. So basically if they’re unbalanced the nutation will be exagerated?

    • I would continue that test with varying positions in the mag to see if you can make them arc in a specific direction. If you really wanted to get consistant results, I would load them into a single shot Rossi break barrel.

  3. That was awesome. I’ll be watching that a few more times.

    It was cool to watch some of those crazy spiraling flight paths (don’t think they qualify as “trajectories” any more!) but I was especially fascinated by how the flat-nosed cylinder curved like it was trying out for Wanted. Wonder how reproducible that is?

  4. Am I the only one that noticed the missing digits on dude’s left hand as he loaded the mag at the start of the vid? And behind his backstop and to the right was what appeared to be grazing livestock. Makes me wander about this guys safety habits.

    • There are plenty of ways to lose a finger with farm machinery. And if he hit live stock that just means he’ll have meat for dinner.

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