Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., speaks during the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Wednesday, July 27, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) DNC144
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Sen. Chris Murphy argued Wednesday that Congress “has become complicit” in mass shootings across the United States, urging lawmakers to take action on gun reform measures in the wake of the supermarket massacre in Boulder, Colo.

“I have just come to the conclusion that Congress has become complicit in these crimes,” Murphy (D-Conn.) told MSNBC. “When Congress doesn’t act, it sends an unintentional but very real sign of endorsement to these would-be killers. It looks like we’re approving the way in which they are managing their grievances, because we don’t do anything year after year.”

— Quint Forgey in Sen. Murphy: Inaction makes Congress ‘complicit’ in mass shootings

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  1. And you’re complicit in lying to your constituents, fomenting hysteria, anti constitutional activities….I can go on!!

  2. Sen. Murphy is a link and when the good Americans have finally. had enough of the liberalturds b.s. he’ll be one of the first dragged by his feet out into the street and tried for treason..

  3. Does Chris Murphy realize there’s this thing called gang violence? The white Libs could care less about those guys gunning each other down as long as they stay on their side of the tracks. They only see random shootings in their neck of the woods as something to be dealt with.

    • Your comment violates the corporate media’s ethics standards. They have already said that it was a “white supremacist” and have gone to great lengths to obscure or “memory hole” that the killer was an immigrant / muslim / jihadist / ISIS affiliated…

      Please do not disrupt the narrative or you will labeled something ***ist

      What next, are you going to try to point out that no rifle was used in this killing?

      • Certainly a schizophrenic with paranoia and anger management issues. But none of this was reported in fear of stigmatizing the perp and their family.

  4. I agree with Murphy, but not for his reasoning. During last year’s riots when so many in congress (like Murphy) failed to condemn the damages, when several seemed to think the riots were a good and needed form of expression (Pelosi), when some donated to get rioters bailed out (Harris), they were very complicit in accepting violence in out nation. Violence grows like kudzu, it spreads and until it gets totally eradicated it will not stop. I checked; the firearms I own have never left ‘Fort Knox’ unless I take them out. They have never committed an act of violence. They have provided food for my table, some enjoyable time shooting/hunting. They have dispatched a couple coyotes getting into my neighbors sheep and chickens. I am a permitted concealed carrier, a certified Range Safety Officer, and have over ten other certifications dealing with use of force and firearms.

    So when Murphy says, “When Congress doesn’t act, it sends an unintentional but very real sign of endorsement to these would-be killers.” Amen to that. Every law-abiding gun owner want to see an end to gun violence. Deal with the criminals and leave the law-abiding gun owners alone.

    The law we need is simple, if you take away my God-given right to protect myself, a right that existed prior to the Second Amendment and I become a victim, you are personally responsible for my and my families losses. If you vote against any part of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, you should be charged with breaking your oath of office, removed from office, and charged with treason.

    • Seems like they could at least have outlawed killing people who have offered you no offense.

  5. I think that Murphy’s law was named after this ass. His momma was complicit in raising an idiot. He should be after banning hammers and baseball bats – more people are killed by them than by rifles each year. Ban vehicles that have more than 55 hp. You only need about 50 hp to cruise at 70 mph – anything more and you are breaking the law.

  6. What have learned over the past year, kids?

    1. When government and “experts” are demonstrably proven wrong they dig in and double down.
    2. You can burn, loot and murder with impunity as long as you tell the Inquisition you “believe.”
    3. The only people who will ever be punished are those who did not burn, loot or murder because “silence is violence.”

    There really isn’t any going back from this. Because of 1 we’ll see a lot more 3 to make up for 2 until all that’s left in the country is 2 and 1. You can join 2, sincerely or not, or you can delay the inevitable and join up with 1 though eventually 2 will devour 1.

  7. So, Senator Murphy, by extending your logic, are you willing to accept your responsibility for shooting Congressman Scalise and others at that charity ball game? Or for any of the other shooting victims who don’t have appropriate defensive tools because of the harebrained gun control schemes you support?

  8. Another raving maniac in Congress. Somebody put this guy on the FBI no-buy list quick before he shoots up the House or Senate.

  9. Murphy continues to show us he thinks he a special class of elite citizenship. He believes he is better than the mere peasants who he believes should accept his authority. We should all be thankful he was chosen to lead us to the utopian dream of the elitists.

    His way is the only way we should be guided by. We who resist are in need of gentle persuasion thru re-education.

    After all Congress has failed on doing anything positive for sure. The fact they supported a socialist ideology to loot, riot and cause billions of dollars in damages does not seem productive to me. And when anyone questions why it is allowed they tell us it is not an organization, just an idea. And that we must understand they are only against fascists. Odd to me how a socialist ideology that wishes to suppress fascism uses fascism in refined manner.

    To Murphy and the rest of the elitist, we are tired of your incessant Bravo Sierra . Go ahead, pass your fetishist laws against our civil rights and our natural rights. Let’s see how dedicated you are to your ideals and see how many of my fellow citizens are dedicated to ours.

    A great man once said and I agree it is as relevant today as when he said it:

    I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.

    Thomas Paine

  10. Only from my cold, dead hands covered with my own blood will anyone take away my 2nd Amendment rights (meaning my guns).

    • Great bravado, but would have preferred that Charlton Heston had subscribed to Gen George Patton’s take on defending America….“Now, I want you to remember that no son of a bitch ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb son of a bitch die for his country.” Gen. George Patton, circa 1943-1944. Please ponder and subscribe to a winning philosophy. The number of headstones in the other guy’s cemeteries is what decides wars…….Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused the Japs to fire up their abacuses.

  11. I dont think those killers care about what it looks like. So Mr.Murphy I think your wrong on that. It sounds like your trying to get somebody all pumped up. Maybe you can get BLM/ Antifa/ Stop the Violence to burn down some more stuff until We ban whatever it is needs banning.

  12. Politicians that support gun control are complicit in the mass genocides of communist and Nazi dictatorship.

    See how I did that?

  13. Congress is complicit in some areas, they pass laws that undermine the constitution and encroach on our rights instead of calling a spade a spade. How about getting to the bottom of the last shooting, in reading other outlets the government failed as the FBI had knowledge of this individual.

  14. Please read the linked article, then post it on every group and forum that you use.

    The more times this is copied, the more times it will be forwarded to police and legislators. Seeing the simple math of what *WILL* happen if they go forward with their plans of civilian disarmament, MAYBE they’ll come to their senses and drop those plans, but I doubt it.

    The second reason is for Patriots to see the template laid out in the article, which has been SUCCESSFUL many times in many places.

  15. You know, if they REALLY wanted to do something productive, they would shut up and enforce the laws on the books. Laws are only for those who obey them. Criminals do care what laws are passed about guns and they will continue to break them.

  16. As complicit as members of Congress who appropriate funding for abortions? Wonder how many were performed in Boulder on Monday?

    • Got some evidence that US Congress have *ever* appropriated money for abortions? I would be able to quit donating to organizations to fund abortions, if my tax dollars were paying for it!

      • When Clinton was president military abortions were allowed in goverment hospitals. This was done while I was stationed in Korea. President Bush stopped that policy. When Obama became president. The policy was changed. And soldiers were able to get abortions.

        In the warp world of the sexually liberated they believe a pregnant woman can do anything. And if the unborn child is in the way? They have no problem having it murdered. I say murder because the libertarian writer and college professor Camille Paglia calls abortion murder.

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