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Concealed carrier Marcus Warren said he chose these items to carry because they’re “the best and lightest tools for the job.” This Steyr M9-A1’s 4-inch barrel adds to its concealability while its 17 +1 capacity greatly reduces the need for reloads.

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  1. I have multi tools in my hunting box, my 4runner, my tackle box. I don’t carry one on me. They are bulky and weighty in comparison to my SAK’s.

    When I’m in the boonies I wear an SAK, firesteel and striker and a compass around my neck on a bootlace. This set up includes a storm whistle.

    • I carry a hex-key multi-tool with me when out for a bike ride and an elderly Gerber multi at other times, because you never know.

      Are there any decent striker-fired semi-autos with a de-cocker? I’m getting the hankering for magazine capacity, but want a long, heavy, DAO trigger pull on the first shot for IWB carry…

      • I’m not aware of any. But then I pretty much ignore striker fired pistols. I own one and its not what I like to use. It works, but it’s bland.

        Make sure you have the right holster, exercise good trigger discipline and do not appendix carry. Now I’m hiding cause all the appendix carriers are going to be after my fat ass.

        • not really… fat people have a hard time with AIWB… prints too much (more than their fat guts).

          Quick question: how many times unholstering and reholstering have you pulled the trigger during that motion? caught a snag?

          The answer should be zero. So what is the problem with AIWB?

  2. Nice to see one of the Steyr series of pistols making an appearance. Dang laser beam shooters all of ’em. I have the S9-A1 and it is hands down the most accurate 9mm handgun I have ever fired. Dethroned the CZ P-07 as the previous champ. With the apex of the front sight triangle on those polygonal sights getting “pin point” accuracy out of the Steyr is not an exaggeration.

  3. Love seeing another Steyr. I have the S40-A1, and now that I’m a 9mm convert (had to use my issue G19 on the job and it worked extremely well) I might swap it out for an S9-A1. Best sights and relative recoil impulse of any semi-auto I’ve fired.

    • 4 o’clock IWB carry (Alien Gear), build your upper back enough to have a reverse slope to your waist, and wear t-shirts that are tight up top with enough drape on the bottom to hide the gun.

      That’s how I do it, and nobody’s ever noticed that I know of. Even friends who know what to look for.


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