Gun Owners More Politically Active
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Gun Owners Are More Politically Active, Study Finds

That’s what happens when your constitutional rights are constantly threatened . . .

American gun owners in recent years have exhibited higher levels of political participation, not only in voting but in donating money to candidates and contacting elected officials, according to a study by University of Kansas political scientists.

“Part of the reason majority opinions on gun control legislation aren’t turning into policy is that gun owners are a very strong political group who hold a lot of weight and hold a lot of influence despite being a minority in American politics,” said Abbie Vegter, a graduate student in political science.

Vegter is collaborating on the research with KU political science professors Don Haider-Markel and Mark Joslyn. They will present their findings, “Motivated Voices: Gun Ownership and the Propensity for Political Participation,” today, Sept. 2, as part of the American Political Science Association’s annual meeting in Boston.

Faceless bureaucrats

Giffords’ Gun Control Activists Plot Rollout of Next Generation Firearm Restrictions

What could possibly go wrong? . . .

Planned obsolescence is a term usually applied to design and economics and refers to intentionally building a limited lifespan into a product to ensure sales of future versions of the same thing. For example, electronics manufacturers have been accused of putting products on the market for which they have already developed “superior” versions or that cannot effectively run constantly updating operating systems so consumers will quickly be forced to “upgrade.”

Gun control advocates, however, have also adopted this technique to ensure that today’s “solution” to firearm-related violence inevitably tees up tomorrow’s even stricter measure to close the former law’s “loopholes.” As an article this week in USA TODAY demonstrated, even as gun control advocates are pressing for laws to give judges the discretion to order the seizure of guns that people already own, they are already preparing to argue that this is not enough. The next step requires giving bureaucrats the discretion to determine who should own guns in the first place.

Moreno Valley School Board Member Evan Morgan Assault Rifle Resigns

Moreno Valley school trustee Evan Morgan quits board; police say he had illegal AR-15 assault rifle

The burglary and vandalism raps were one thing, but owning an illegal “assault rifle” was a bridge too far . . .

Moreno Valley school board member Evan Morgan, who was arrested in June on suspicion of burglary and vandalism, has resigned after being arraigned on unrelated charges that he had an illegal assault rifle.

Morgan, 35, resigned effective Tuesday, Aug. 28, according to a Moreno Valley Unified School District statement released Friday, Aug. 31.

Reached by phone Friday morning, Morgan declined to comment, but emailed the following statement:

“It has been my pleasure and a great honor to serve the Moreno Valley community, and especially the District’s students, during my time on the MVUSD Board of Trustees.

“Unfortunately, I believe that the criminal cases filed against me will be a distraction and might impede the important work that must be done to provide Moreno Valley students with the best possible educational opportunities. For that reason, I have resigned my seat on the Board. I am proud of the work I have done, but believe the District will be best served if I step away from this role.


The time I was kicked out of an American gun show

No Aussie media allowed . . .

The complex is packed with families pushing babies in prams and kids who are already learning to shoot targets and hunt with their parents. Attendees pay $12 entry, a stall costs $80 and children under 12 get in free.

But if you’re Australian, you might not be the most popular person at one of these events.

As explored the Harrisburg Gun Show, a large man in a neon orange shirt strode up to us. “You guys are gonna have to leave,” organiser Steven Elliott told us, after discovering where we were from.

“I’ve dealt with the Australian people before, they know full well they’re not allowed in any of my shows.”

He said Australians had been “rude” and “ugly” to him at past events, and even alleged media had tried to run him over in a car.

courtesy Boston Globe and Getty

Mass. AG Faces More Legal Pressure Over Unilateral Gun-Ban Expansion

It’s almost as if people don’t appreciate having their rights restricted via diktat . . .

The Massachusetts attorney general’s decision to unilaterally expand the state’s ban of certain semiautomatic firearms is facing a new round of filings in state and federal court this month.

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) announced on Wednesday a collection of gun-rights groups had filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiffs in Worman v. Healey. That case challenges the decision in the First U.S. Court of Appeals.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) announced earlier this month it would be supporting Baystate Firearms and Training, LLC and Downrange, Inc. in their effort to fight the action in state court. The retailers petitioned the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County to have the action invalidated under state law.


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  1. Gun owner’s who vote followed by Gabby’s brainless BS…the juxtaposition of your dreams! I wish I had someone to vote for in ILLinois…bad and awful for governor😦

  2. Gun owners vote more often. I wonder if their next headline will be the discovery that the sky is blue.

    Planned obsolescence is very big in most industries lately. How crappy can you make a product, but still keep a decent following, despite charging more for less quality. See Ford, GM, Apple, and pretty much all cellphone makers.

    I don’t think owning a firearm should be grounds for termination from any job. Legal or illegal, it’s not the job of the school board, or any employer, to punish someone for something not related to their job.

    Well, if Aussies are consistently mean and nasty, then I’d be mean and nasty right back. It’s the same reason I’m always suspicious of certain groups. They might be super nice, but if a large amount of them are nasty, or unruly, or cruel, then I’ll logically assume they are likely to also be nasty, until they prove themselves otherwise.

    • sadly if it was aussie media i am not surprised if they were rude at a gun show. those of us that detest the gun laws we have here would be highly unlikely to be rude and doubly so at a gun show. The australian media on the other hand barely even want to mention when our top shooters win gold at the Olympics and look for every opportunity to denigrate shooters and wont be happy till the whole world are disarmed shitholes

      • Yeah somehow I suspect that the reporter is conflating his nationality with her perceived axe to grind… and reading the story, it’s full of half-truths and lies of omission.

        Or maybe the organizers didn’t like that the Australians were trying to go around and procure a gun illegally (but were figuratively shot down).

        • To understand why, just perhaps, the Aussie ‘journalists’ were unwelcome, just read the entire article.

          It is standard ‘journalism’ when it comes to firearms in this country viewed by a ‘subject’, replete with carefully-written comments about: “Mass/school/minority/puppy/infant-shootings/massacres/murders/holocausts, with photographs of firearms that may-or may not–be Class III or NFA but sure LOOK like they are fully-semi-automatic 600rps 30-caliber-clipazine-thing-in-the-back-pistol-grip-school-penetratingEBR military-grade-assault-weapons-of-war-with-no-place-on-our-streets that are handed out by the NRA to certifiably insane people with every new membership without a background check.

          That COULD be the reason. I’m not sure, though.

        • If they are trying to purchase a firearm illegally, hell, there are numerous ATF agents at every gun show, arrest and prosecute the SOBs, 5 years in prison will nip that in the bud.

  3. ‘The next step requires giving bureaucrats the discretion to determine who should own g uns in the first place.’

    Hasn’t that been in play for a long time now in the form of ‘may issue’ permitting?

    • …..That would be The People’s Republic of M–Assachusetts…Where this is already in practice…Where bureaucratic roadblocks are always present…Such as Mandatory Safety Courses, Applications for a Firearms Identification Card /Licence To Carry are made to your “friendly local police department–or local licensing authority…*(Without a permit and multiple local/state police permissions. NO MA. resident/U.S. citizen can legally purchase ANY firearm or ammunition…)* Secondly, according to power$ that be…*(Re: Local/State Police, DemoCommie/RINO Politcians, MA. AG.–)* that there IS NO 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHT IN THE STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS. ONLY A Barely Tolerated Privilage that can be suspended or revoked at the whim of the local licensing…

    • …The best Massachusetts residents can expect for “over-the-counter ” self-defense/home protection options…Is maybe a can of pepper spray–if one can find any…Or a Maglight flashlight, baseball bat, a Wal-Mart Batlight, household chemicals, kitchen flatware, pocket knife, air gun, or take up archery…..

        • Some times called a Boarding Sword or cutlass. A Wakazashi is a better tool for indoor use. Shorter than a katana and VERY sharp. The katami roll is a woven Bamboo mat with a piece of green Bamboo in the center then soaked in water. Think a leg or arm.

      • Healey should have been shown the door when she unilaterally determined that complying with our permanent AWB was actually circumventing it.

        • AG. Healey needs to be removed from public office and imprisoned for attempting to criminalize lawful Massachusetts residents…And circumventing the US Constitution and infringing upon the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens/MA residents.

        • If your a Massachusetts resident DON’T forget to vote. GOAL. Org just released its state Pro2 @ candidate sheet. With who is rated at “A” or 100%…And who is rated a big fat “F, or D”. Current RINO gov./Charlie “The Barker” Baker and Lt.Gov./Karen “0” Politio both rate Big Fat “F’s” along with a lot of their DemoCommie Friends….

      • The magic of the double barrel coach gun. Legal almost everywhere and exceptionally effective at stopping attackers at close range. At least one, or maybe two if you don’t miss.

    • “‘The next step requires giving bureaucrats the discretion to determine who should own g uns in the first place.’

      Hasn’t that been in play for a long time now in the form of ‘may issue’ permitting?”

      Naw, Gov, think it through a bit deeper –

      I predicted in TTAG a few years back that upcoming ‘gun safety laws’ will be geared towards making as many more people as possible to be a legally ‘prohibited person’.

      Such as –

      Get into a heated argument with someone at work? Someone who can’t control their temper have no business owning a gun. An instant new crime.

      Get cited for careless driving? Someone as careless as that shouldn’t be trusted with the huge responsibility of owning a gun.

      Use your imagination on this people –

      This is how they will kill the 2A. If guns, especially semi-auto firearms with large standard magazine capacities get to declared in the near future by SCOTUS to be beyond their ability to ban or somehow regulate outright, then they must reduce the numbers of people who can own them.

      From their perspective, it’s far better to be safe than sorry when it comes to those ‘evil guns’ The laws they will propose are going to sound so very reasonable that nobody sane could possibly be against them. (Gag)… 🙁

    • Tom
      I’ve been buying at or help run booths gun shows in USA, Canada and Australia for years without any problems. Then I’m a customer / salesman not an “activist” idiot.

      Unfortunately most media here goes out of its way to publish anti rubbish.

  4. I live in Parkland, FL. After the shooting bus loads of liberals/weak minded people were sent to a so called “vigil”. I was the only Conservative attending and was bashed badly as I had pro 2nd Amendment signs. The point is I was one in 10,000 people pro gun. So how does pro 2nd Amendment politicians get voted in? The answer is we are smarter, stealthier and have a focused mind. We are not sheep. We will do do what are told to for a free meal or a smartphone, etc. We study candidates and vote. This Nov. is an extremely import one. We have to support President Trump. Take the day off, whatever it takes , but go vote. Let the dumb ones stay home. Us gun owners know what the Constitution stands for. The left does not.

    • Tom . It appears that us Floridians are going to have an uphill battle in November for the governor’s race. One candidate did not think before he spoke . His poor choice of words have put the race card into play and the opponent immediately seized the chance to use that well used crutch .
      We all better make it a priority to get out and vote because the candidate is not going to let this go and the media either . People like the Parkland strong plus the other liberals are going to beat this to death.

    • Do you think it might appear that way at rallies because POTG know better than to show up and get beaten up for nothing? Meanwhile the other side pays their attendees, buses them in from wherever, plus even feeds them, all for free?
      Might that not skew the numbers who show up at rallies?

  5. Everybody wonders how the NRA with only 5-6 million members can have so much influence. By itself, it really doesn’t.

    They’re forgetting about the other 100-120 million gun owners who don’t belong to the NRA. Not to mention the millions of like-minded individuals who live in a household where at least one gun is present. They may leave the pro-2A activism and vocal support to someone else but they do tend to vote.

  6. “Illegal AR-15”

    He was arraigned Wednesday, Aug. 29, in Riverside County Superior Court on separate charges, including possession of an assault weapon.

    According to court filings, a search warrant was executed at Morgan’s home May 22 and Riverside County Sheriff’s investigator Charlie Alkire found a loaded illegal AR-15 assault rifle inside Morgan‘s bedroom closet. The rifle, which did not have a serial number, was equipped with a standard magazine release button, a pistol grip, and an adjustable stock, the filing states.

    The document further alleges that Morgan admitted to purchasing the rifle about 18 months ago from a friend who was not licensed to sell firearms. Morgan also admitted to previously buying two other illegal AR-15 assault rifles from the same person, the report states.

    Morgan no longer owned the other two rifles, explaining he sold one and traded the other for a handgun and shotgun; both transactions were unlawfully completed without a licensed entity, according to the investigation.

    So goes it in the PRK.

    • Thanks for the research, I was wondering. Is nobody going to take these cases to court? All those “offenses” sound like BS to me, and I’m pretty sure not a thing you mentioned is illegal in Texas, or in any other area where the US Constitution is in effect. It would also be interesting to hear the probable cause presented for that search warrant.

      I can own a standard AR, buy another from a neighbor, sell or trade one to the guy down the street, those charges are bullshit. And I’d like someone to explain how any one of them could possibly prevent or solve a crime.

      • The private sales would be illegal in WA because of Initiative 594. I think one person has been charged. Thanks Gates, Ballmer, Hanauer and Bloomberg for this steaming pile of feces.

  7. Well if the guy was Australian, I suspect he didn’t have a hunting license and thus was a prohibited person. I’d imagine “no prohibited persons” actually was on the rule list.

    • If the linked article is an example of what passes for journalism by this person, no wonder he was asked to leave.

      But would I be asked to leave if I attended a US gun show? For one I wouldn’t be asking stupid questions. A US gun show is an item on my bucket list.

      • It depends on the state.

        Go to one in a free state, you won’t have any problem browsing around and handling merchandise.

        Go to one in a slavestate, and unless you can produce proper identification, papers, and permissions, you’ll be turned away at the door.

      • Southern
        I’ve been going to USA gun and trade shows for 20 plus years and some are massive compared to Australia. Prices as the locals can tell you vary a lot but well worth going for the look

      • The linked article said the firearms in the show ranged “from pistols to rifles to Uzis.”
        I wonder (as I’m sure many here do too) just what category Uzis fall into. (I’m relatively certain they aren’t shotguns.)

        • I am fairly sure the “Uzis” are not full auto, but just regular semi-auto. They could be a pistol, rifle, or SBR depending on the stock/barrel length. All perfectly legal if the regulations are followed.

        • The same can be said for ARs and AKs. Their particular setup determines which group they fit into.
          My comment was about putting Uzis into their own group, as though their are rifles, pistols, shotguns and Uzis. It’s a form of ignorance, and attempting to scare the yokels.

  8. Can’t say enough.
    Donate to SAF. Spend that $20-50 etc. for the week on them instead of some Gun Ban Hollywood action flicks and pop-corn.

    Much more enjoyable to defeat these communists cancer when SAF beat them in the courts.

  9. “Moreno Valley school trustee Evan Morgan quits board; police say he had illegal AR-15 assault rifle”

    If the rifle in question was stolen property that is one thing, otherwise there is no such thing as a illegal AR 15 rifle. Perhaps it snuck across the southern border of it’s own volition,that just makes it a undocumented Commiecrat rifle.

  10. I find the Australian thing amusing.

    Last time I ran into Aussies in the US it was at a gun store. They were there to try some rental guns and take pictures of themselves with things they couldn’t get in Oz.

    Nice guys, just wanted to shoot and get some pics to make their friends jealous.

    Also amusing that when I was living in NZ and visited Australia they tended to think Americans, especially Texans and Californians, were assholes. Everywhere has some jerks.

  11. “Part of the reason majority opinions on gun control legislation aren’t turning into policy is that gun owners are a very strong political group who hold a lot of weight and hold a lot of influence despite being a minority in American politics,” said Abbie Vegter, a graduate student in political science.

    1 – Its unclear that any of the “gun control” proposals put forward actually represent “majority opinion” across the citizens, or the voters. (When people for “better gun control” vote against a particular measure, sometimes its because *they don’t see that measure as “better.*)

    2 – “Majority opinion” especially “one vote, one time, on demand” gets you American Idol. That’s not how we do it, or what we want.

    3 – Indeed, a *liberal* democracy, moderating the imposition of “majority opinion” is mandatory. Valuing individuals and their individual choices, a liberal democracy ought to be organized to shield minority preferences from the whim of the majority. 50% plus one vote is not a mandate to do anydamnthing.

    4 – In a republic, #3 times 2. In The US system, #3 times 5.

    5 – 100,000,000-plus (gun owners) is not a “small group” in a country of about 330,000,000. Nor is the 7,000,000 or so permit holders, the 5,000,000 plus who actively pay into the NRA or the 12-ish,000,000 who go for a background check for gun purchase every year. (Nor are the 250,000 or so who use a fire arm defensively each year, as the CDC found.)

    6 – One gets misled by “statistics” when one forgets to ask: “Says who?” See #5. An education in “political science” is supposed to inoculate against that somewhat.

    7 – Since when is it a problem for large numbers of Americans’ opinion to “hold a lot of weight” on policy? That’s kinda the point.

    Each of those should be blindingly obvious to anyone who’s actually educated in political science. For today’s remedial assistance, I’ll only charge Didnt-Take-Delivery there 1/10 of whatever the undergrad tuition was.

    Bonus: The US electoal system’s design is architected so to make it hard for majorities to overrun minorities with 50% plus 1 vote. Support for an idea must be *broad* as well as deep.

    Bonus II: There’s a lovely article i the Atlantic, as I recall, maybe 20-25 years back that breaks down the math of this in the US federal electoral system. A guy got curious. Invented a whole new sub-section of applied math to figure out how that worked. I am certain there is an “electoral systems” requirement in a graduate Poly Sci program, so My Preference Didn’t Win there ought to get this.

    Bonus III: Nakedly, plainly, our would-be overlords are P-Oed that they can’t inflict their preferences on other people far away. The crabbing about the highly-localized popular vote vs. electorial in the last presidential election is just one example. Coastal city population centers politically dominating entire states, making policies for stuff they never see or do, hundreds of miles away.

    You Got Science In My Politics-there is free to impose all sorts of draconian gun this or that wherever they happen to be. 2A restrictions that might stop that *are exactly what No Guns For You, wants to do to other people* — someone far away, who doesn’t have to live with the results, imposing their preference on you.

    The election-wrangling and scope of authority analysis is a graduate-level poli-sci specialty, so I’ll charge Slept Through Class there the whole graduate nut for this bit of remediation.


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