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M Bear, who identifies himself as a “political operative” states this is “a small update to my prior carry. Everything is the same other than having swapped the grip module on my P320 X-Carry to a standard Compact version. This makes the pistol concealable enough to be able to carry it every day, even under a light t-shirt. The pistol and spare magazine ride in a Tier 1 Concealed Agis holster, and it’s all held up by a Trayvax Cinch belt (not pictured).”

His SIG P320 is a popular carry choice and is significantly modified to include a carry optic and mounted light, among other changes. His pictured EDC also includes SOG Switchpliers.


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  1. That’s a little more optic options then on my edc, I like it plain and simple for EDC. Personally I think on a tactical gun yank the less the better. Them pliers appear able take on a tyrannosaur and come our smiling. I’ve shuffled a lot of handguns in search of a suitable concealed weapon and so far I am very pleased with the tt33 granted it doesn’t have a safety however it hides just about anywhere and it’s longer sight radius is helpful in making hits. Ii use a full tang boot knife with a four inch blade, and in my pocket a Swiss army knife for urban situations, when I hike I carry a kabar and 1911, compass ect. Anything you’d hope to need in an extended overnighter, seems there is always a new addition to the back pack.

  2. He either “operates” where printing isn’t a concern or has a little extra mass around the midriff to break up the ‘ol silhouette if you know what I mean.

    Or this is a range toy he wanted to show off as an EDC. Or he carries 6 o’clock and doesn’t pay those vertebra no nevermind.

    • The gun disappears in an AIWB holster, even with the magwell. I’m not built like a yeti by any means, but you’d be surprised what you can get away with when you’re hiding a gun on your body along your widest axis

  3. That’s a lot of gear. The gun is doable weight wise. I carry a s&w 627 pro for my cold weather edc. I think that’s the only way to pull that edc off is cold weather and heavy outerwear.

  4. I call bllsht.I edc a glock 19,aZT 0301,a leatherman signal and a olight s10r3 baton which is a lot of weight.Its cumbersome but doable.What he’s proposing to carry is ridiculous, unless he just stands in one place looking all tactard all day.

    • The pistol has a red dot sight, a weapon-mounted light, a magwell, and a compensator. I built it to be the most capable defensive pistol possible utilizing modern technology. It is the most accurate, softest shooting, most controllable handgun I’ve ever owned.

      I carry a gun in preparation for the chance I may need to use it to defend my life. Perhaps it’s not a sentiment shared by others, but – If I’m ever in a fight for my life, I want absolutely every advantage I can possibly reasonably have. This pistol delivers those advantages

      • Like Joel said, Robo and Wick on replay.

        Tactical advantage in a fight? Ha …as long as its for sale on Amazon. No point in actually spending money on training, Nobody at the mall gonna drool on you over that. But what you should get is a cool steampunk gun finish.That will stun the oppressor into submission out of shear cool and hands filled with ring-gear looking like a christmas tree.

        In truth, this EDC is an accident waiting to happen. Like the deadbeat dad who rocks a Klingon double-curve-bladed-double-sided knife and a mullet.

  5. This is my carry. It’s admittedly heavy, but it’s made up of only things that I either use every day or won’t go without. Cargo pants/cargo shorts swallow up a lot of stuff.

    As far as the pistol is concerned – Yes, there are a lot of modifications and additions. Not everyone feels the need to have a WML, or a red dot, or a magwell, or a compensator, etc on their carry gun and I’m not of the opinion that anyone who doesn’t carry effectively an open division pistol on a daily basis is wrong. It’s what I like to shoot, I shoot it very well, and it conceals well with my body type and carry position.

    Happy to answer any questions or take any constructive criticism anyone has to offer

  6. I like it.

    Forget these dudes dissing.

    I currently carry a Roland Special’d G19 appendix daily, hidden under a waistcoat in business dress. I work as a bodyguard and PI in the Midwest.

    Forget these Fudds. Rock on. I’ll consider the Sig and similar, seeing this setup.

    • I appreciate the comment. I know full well when I put pictures of this gun out in the aether that there will be those who don’t understand why it’s built the way it is, that doesn’t bother me. I like it, I shoot it well, and I carry it every day. That’s the importance

  7. lol @ red dot, compensator AND a laser/light combo on a carry gun. looks like someone should spend more time at the range.

    • It’s a Surefire X300U flashlight, not a laser. And if I spend any more time at the range than I already do I’d have to get my mail forwarded there

  8. As someone who has a pistol with a barrel weight, red dot, and some other doodads, I feel comfortable saying that if you don’t think those things provide an advantage (all else being equal), I’m not sure what to tell you.

    Now, I don’t carry the aforementioned gun everyday, because it’s too big for my frame. But I wish I could, since there is a noticeable difference between shooting that pistol and my carry pistol. If I’m in a situation where I need to shoot with an accuracy of 1 minute of badguy at 5 yards, it won’t matter which gun I’m carrying, as I’m going to hit my target either way. But if I had to shoot a bad guy at 25 yards and can’t risk a body shot (not that this is likely to occur, but it could very well occur if, say, I’m at the movies and some dolt like Holmes decides to shoot the place up), then there’s no contest: my gun with all the doodads will give me a major advantage.

    Since I’m not a cop and don’t have to run toward danger, since the overwhelming majority of muggings happen at close range, and since most bad guys aren’t going to be able to shoot the broad side of a bard past 10 yards, I think it’s unlikely I’ll ever need anything more than the most basic pistol, because I just need to be able to stop an imminent threat or to buy myself enough time to run away and call the cops. But since the guy this article is about apparently works in politics, he probably faces threats that are different than what regular folks encounter. If I were on the campaign trail, you’d better believe I’d be carrying something that can reach out and touch someone.

    Lastly, it’s his money and his butt on the line, so long as the guy is well trained and follows the law / doesn’t make us all look bad, who cares if his gun is tacti-cool?

    • The amount of time I spend in crowded public spaces and the number of seemingly politically-motivated shootings in recent history absolutely factored into my carry choices

  9. Like I said above, I currently carry a Roland Special build with Agency slide, which is essentially the same setup picured above starting from a G19. But I find this SIG version intriguing.

    Original Poster, I’d like to hear more details. Cost, why SIG over Glock, etc, either here, or email me at [email protected]

    Are those glasses Durango Pivothead?

    • Parts list for the pistol build;

      – Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry
      – Sig Sauer Romeo1 optic
      – Bar-Sto match-grade threaded barrel, gunsmith fitted
      – Springer Precision “shorty” P320 compensator
      – Surefire X300U-B flashlight
      – Sig Sauer P320 Compact grip module
      – Springer Precision ESP magwell, gunsmith fitted
      – Taran Tactical extended base pads

      For an identical build the cost for all the parts and gunsmithing combined would be right around the $2k area.

      I chose the P320 over a G19 for a couple reasons; First and foremost, Glock ergonomics just don’t work in my hands. The grip angle in particular is distasteful and confusing to my brain, but I learned how to shoot semi-auto pistols on a 1911 so I may have been a bit spoiled from the start. I also was very intrigued by the modular chassis construction of the P320 platform – I enjoy tinkering and customizing things to fit my personal preferences, and the engineering of the P320 platform seemed well suited to that. Lastly, Sig being awarded the MHS contract for the P320-based M17 tipped the scales in my selection of a pistol to base this build on. Not because I feel the need to carry the same stuff our military does (nothing against those who do, of course), but because I expected that aftermarket support for the P320 platform would begin to expand significantly since it had been adopted as the standard-issue sidearm for our entire fighting forces.

      The sunglasses are Optic Nerve Kincaid – Not too expensive, not too cheap, and they cover my eyes well

      • Thanks for sharing.

        My takeaway is any double stack 9 with a comp, light and red dot I’m probably going to appreciate as a carry weapon going forward.

        • It is, in my evaluation, truly a combination of components the effect of which is greater than the sum of the individual parts


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