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CZ Shadow GLOCK 43 EDC Concealed Carry

Gun owner FlyingFish says his main carry is this CZ Shadow 2. The Glock 43 in this IWB Kydex holster makes a solid backup gun – BUG – don’t you think?

CZ Shadow GLOCK 43 EDC Concealed Carry


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  1. I sold my G43 to get a Walther PPS M2 to serve as my BUG. Haven’t looked back, myself, but yeah that is a great BUG. Interestingly, I also sport a big CZ for my EDC, IWB at 3 o’clock—my CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical, which is almost as big and heavy as the Shadow 2, which I also adore, but which I was fine passing by by opting for the SP-01, mainly because of the price tag of the Shadow 2. Nice carry combo, brother.

    • I love my SP-01 and would to carry it in the winter but I am concerned about the weight. What type of holster do you were with it and what type of belt. Also, do you have to tighten your belt so much you cut off the blood to your feet?

      • “ What type of holster do you were with it and what type of belt. Also, do you have to tighten your belt so much you cut off the blood to your feet?”

        LOL. That’s (almost) an issue with my OWB options (Comp-Tac International, for Open Carry (rare), and R&R OWB holster, for concealed (under suit or other coat or long untucked shirt). But for deeper concealment (believe it or not) I use the leather Defender IWB at 3 o’clock. This last one works with a G19, a Walther PPQ, and dozens of other pistols as well. It’s fairly comfortable (the beaver tail occasionally meets my chub-a-lubs). It rides pretty deep so with an untucked button down shirt it conceals fairly well. Only a trained eye that is checking you out for printing is likely to suspect anything. I’ve worn it in non permissive environments successfully. With this leather holster no I don’t need to cinch my belt super tight. It probably helps that I have a fairly rigid tactical belt but I don’t know. All these holsters are sold at Amazon. THe belt is a Wolf Tactical Heavy Duty Rigger’s belt, also at Amazon. All priced for cheapos like me and all working very well (though the Comp Tac is marring my lovely slide ever so slightly).

        • Gotta appreciate the watch and knife. Rolex Subs are classic and as long as not on the wrist of a desk jockey, the timepiece deserves respect. The Chris Reeve Umnumzaan is another score. Knowing your way around quality cutlery is a more refined skill than mouse gun choice.

          • Yup. That Sub is pretty sharp and the CRK, literally! 😉 Good taste. Wonder what his other EDC is; Every Day Car?

      • I carry an SP-01 Shadow all the time, year round. I use a modified StealthGear IWB mini (wish I’d gotten the standard size) holster at about 3:30-4 o’clock. Very comfortable, so much that the only time I really notice is when I’m NOT wearing it. I have a TUFF belt (1.5″) and an Elite Survival Systems rigger’s belt (1 3/4″) and switch between the two depending on the pants I’m wearing (belt-loop size). The Elite is more comfortable to me due to the added 1/4″ width, and both are still nice and stiff after 2-3 years of constant wear – they both seem brand new. I’d like to try one of those ratcheting belts, but I’m afraid they aren’t stiff enough. I have found the stiffer the belt, the more comfortable it is, loaded down or not. Wider is also better. These are just my opinions based on experience, though, YMMV.

      • Yeah same here. Sold my last Glock, a 19, to help fund the SP-01 Tactical. No desire to get another one. Might sell my wife’s 19 to get the CZ P01. She really loved shooting my SP-01. She still has a use for her G42 however. That one will stay.

    • CZ is going out of their minds. Use to be that you could get a shadow for just a bit more than a standard CZ. And did not take much to get it to the smoothness of these new high cost shadows. Race hammers and grips are cool but the real trick is the disconnectors, firing pins and spring weights, along with a little polishing. And from past experience, I would MUCH rather work with Cajun Gun Works than CZ Custom any day of the week.

  2. Cz Shadow is a fantastic gun, but I am not sure I would carry such a fine piece. CZ SP01 for me. I can carry two of those for the price of the Shadow.

    • Same thinking here. I had at first set my heart on the Shadow 2, Black and Blue, electric boogaloo (never mind). But before I bought it I began to think more and more about the SP-01. Intimately I decided to save the money because after all, are the differences worth it to me? Can I really perform that much better as a defender by having the Shadow instead? Not really. But I’m not challenging anyone’s decision to go for the Shadow 2 in the least. If you have the money go for it. Especially if you’re going to compete. If you’re just getting for home and personal defense, great! But for the latter group consider the SP, too, and use the money you save to buy a couple thousand rounds of ammo and master it. Probably better off. Just my view.

    • Yeah, but he’s used to carrying fine pieces; Look at that Titanium Folder and Submariner. A sweet balance of style and function. Heck, even his key chain is cool. Can only wonder what’s in his wallet….or his safe. 😉 Lol

      • Btw ,Wallet is made by Saddleback, top of the line material and workmanship,100 warranty . I have one, along with Rolex and Chris Reeve knife .

        Buy the best , cry only once .

        • Good spot! Had to take another look at the wallet. I use a TUMI ballistic with RFID. Also rotate through my Bremont MBII, Yachtmaster, or my Omega Deep Black. Actually on a back-ordered list for 2 CRK Sebenza 21s in Carbon Fiber to replace a couple Microtechs. 😉

      • I have some nice guns too. But unless you have money to burn, your carry gun should be one that you are comfortable missing in the event of a defensive use. The police are likely to take it for evidence until your name is cleared, and when you get it back it will be “well handled.”

        • What are you saving it (your nice gun) for, if not to have the best thing you own to save your life? Not carrying your best is like covering your favorite sofa in plastic.

        • Good point. Very possible. But looking at the rest of his gear, I’d venture to say he’s probably prepared either way, and in more ways than one. He probably has other fine replacement s. It certainly appears that he has the snaps, but I don’t consider it as money to burn. More like wisely invested. Very fortunate.👍😉

        • “What are you saving it (your nice gun) for, if not to have the best thing you own to save your life?”

          Most encounters happen within 5 yards and very few shots. Over 90% without a single shot, because people tend to run when confronted with a real gun. Shadow is great for competition, but for carry spend your money on good holster that is comfortable, with a silky smooth draw, and good retention.

          My cz sp01 will stop a threat just as well as the Shadow, as will my surplus Beretta 92 I paid $250 for. My 50 year old 357 revolver will also stop a threat as well as any of those.

          Heck, most of the guns confiscated in Baltimorgue are 22LR.

          The “best” here is unrelated to how much money is spent. Many a bad guy was stopped with a mere snub nose revolver.

          • Sometimes, one gun versus another motivates a person to carry it everyday. If it’s reliable and you’re practiced with it, wear whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks works for you. But what do I know.

        • I guess I’m that guy who only has one gun. Well, one pistol, anyway (I have some revolvers – a 7 1/2″ Redhawk and some old .32 S&Ws I inherited, nothing I would or could carry). I would rather put my pistol money into my Shadow than another gun, and CZ mods are expensive (to me, anyway). I do my own smithing (and really enjoy it), and I’ve got well over $2k in it already. I have had the money for an accubushing put away for a while – just trying to work up the nerve to part with my slide for up to 8 weeks – and while that alone is enough to buy a whole other gun, it won’t buy anything I want so I don’t see the point. I’d like a RAMI for backup, but it will be a while before I’ve satisfied my other firearms related urges money-wise, so unless my Shadow actually does end up in an evidence locker, I’m happy with one really nice pistol that does everything I want it to better than anything else – including defending my life.
          I’m not trying to convince anyone to be like me or anything, just explaining my own reasoning. I like the idea of carrying what I shoot, and to me it seemed to make more sense to learn to carry what I wanted than to learn to want what I bought just for carry. To each his own.

  3. Main F2F is a M&P 40pro 5″ secondary is a M&P40 c . I am rethinking it because at the last class I took the instructor (Rob Pincus) thought that the combination was “questionable” .

      • I’m not sure, I carry them both IWB and it could have been that or it could have been that they aren’t 9mm.

        • Well no one is paying me for my opinion but FWIW if you’re proficient with those choices, and you’re actually carrying them, and they’re reliable/proven, how bad could it be? What choice isn’t questionable…

          And without further, actually actionable advice, he must not think it must really be a concern. Carry on!

  4. Back up gun? Really? Not in this neck of the woods. Chicago maybe, but I don’t live there. NYC would never allow it. Geez I am so glad I don’t live in a big city!

  5. I worried about carrying the Glock 43 as a BUG because it might be used by my support hand, one-handed – but try as I might I can’t limp wrist it enough to induce a malfunction (the only thing I share from a shooting perspective with Mas Ayoob, I think! He couldn’t make it fail either).

    M&P Shield 45 as primary, the 43 as BUG – two slim single stacks that carry well and pack some sting.

  6. I was going to make a long winded post about the factory delete of a firing pin block on the Shadow 2 making it a poor choice for carry, however when confirming my bias, I read a thread on discussing the same topic, indicating that even dropping the firearm onto the hammer while the hammer is lowered would not likely set off the gun, and while there’s nothing to prevent the firing pin from striking the primer if dropped onto the muzzle, the firing pin’s spring would make it unlikely that the firing pin would have enough force from a drop to set off a primer.

    So, carry on. Dropping a firearm isn’t something most of us will do anyways… but it’s good to be safe. I still can’t imagine carrying a shadow 2 daily due to the weight, at least not concealed. Beautiful gun though… can’t be certain but that might even be a rare model 91256 with the nitride frame, instead of the current polycoat version 91257.

    • Read the post on Everyday Carry. It is titled “range carry” and the lack of FPB is no big deal, just don’t have the hammer all the way down. All my CZs are not Bs and all my 1911 are series 70s.

  7. i left my wallet in el segundo.
    cool weather 75compact. all steel, all day single clip hybrid holster, a real belt doing the work. the po1 is the same with alloy frame. po7 if you must plastik, at least it hammers.

    i have carried the full size omega but it seems like there is a vestigial tail protruding from my ass cheek.

    i sort of covet my neighbor’s rami, but they premium a bit over 5bills.

    if it’s culottes weather, p938 right through bedtime.

  8. Whenever I see these ridiculous “EDC pocket dump” articles, I think somebody’s just showing off.

    I carry a pistol every day. I carry a reload,a flashlight, and a pocket knife along with keys, cell phone,etc.

    What’s my EDC? It’s either a single stack Kahr(CM9/MK9/K9/P9) 9mm, or a Glock 43. I occasionally pocket carry my Kahr CW380 OR use that as a BUG to my EDC.

    I’ve carried a Glock 19. That’s a JOB. Heavy, thick, bulky—in no way is that a “compact” pistol.

    Yet I’m supposed to believe people are carrying CZ Shadow 2s? Unloaded, that pistol weight 46 ounces. That’s more than a fully loaded G17. Add a reload to that and I’m calling BS. Well, maybe not BS but I bet this person isn’t strapping on that behemoth when he goes to the grocery store.

    I don’t know why it’s so difficult for people to be honest. I bet 99 percent of the time,this fella is just sticking his G43 in his waistband with no reload,and that’s fine.

    Some people would have you believe they work in downtown Mogadishu, with all the crap they claim to carry.

    • Slow down there, Frenchy. Lentement, s’il vous plaît.

      I’ve carried my CZ75 SP-01 IWB at 3 o’clock successfully in non permissive environments. It’s doable. There’s a lot of wisdom in what you say, because of the stats out there on defensive gun uses (usually real close and just a few rounds), but much of the same reasoning behind carrying a gun at all is also behind carrying “more gun” too. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. That aside, I think that if the though of wearing a Shadow motivates you to actually carry everyday, choose the Shadow. There’s nothing wrong with it if he can pull it off. I’m actually considering switching to a single stack for those non permissive environments but man, having that brick of steel SP-01 with me just appeals somehow. That’s why I got it. I love the thing. Same deal with his Shadow I’m sure. So there.

      • I look at an “EDC” as just that—every day. And every day means every time you leave the house, you have this stuff with you.

        If you’re just driving to the corner store, you have this with you. Going to the grocery store? This stuff is with you.

        If people are actually strapping on CZ competition pistols to run errands, then more power to them, I guess.

        But I do know someone who has an AR pistol in his EDC. He carries a backpack with a LAW Tactical folding brace adapter and the Dolos detachable barrel, so anything is possible.

        He’s the guy you want with you in a mass shooter situation.

        • Cool. But it just all depends.

          The main thing, I believe, is that those who do carry, should carry some type of gun on a daily basis.

          “Every Day Carry” doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the “Same Gun” every time, nor does secondary systems always have to be another gun, especially if the confrontation doesn’t warrant deadly force. I think maybe the term “Regular Carry” might better suit one’s routine, up until the routine changes.

          Having options is always a good thing, so “dressing” for the occasion or environment may require choosing different gear. Just like being prepared for weather and having the ability to layer up or down.

          If I’m heading to the corner store, just down the block, in a decent neighborhood at 1 in the afternoon, maybe it’s going to be the Kahr P40 and spare mag. Same thing for that evening black tie event, but partnered up with a Fenix PD22 mini tac light.

          BUT, ending that late shift and dreading that long commute home might require that pit stop in between. 🤔 That “corner” store or gas station at 1 in the morning in unfamiliar territory, might be well suited for that full-size “Heavy”.

          That Glock 21SF comes to mind. With Tritium sights and Surefire X300 strapped in Raven Concealment kydex at 3’oclock and 2 spare mags to balance out at 9 o’clock, all covered with a light weight 3/4 length coat. – Not to mention a little something in each outer coat pocket; A S&W Scandium snubby with shrouded hammer on one side, and some OC in the other. Just blast through the pocket if need be.

          Options are good and good gear are a wise investment. But always carry “something” every day, regardless. That’s part of the discipline. Even more economical gear is no good if it ain’t with you when you need it.


    • PS. I’ll claim to often carry the following (on Sundays): the aforesaid CZ at 3, and two spare mags at 9, and a Walther PPS M2 at 6 for backup. Mogadishu? No, church security.

      Some contexts you potentially need to be ready to confront long guns with pistol(s), so less isn’t always more.

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