Mother Tells Congress Gun Control Laws Didn’t Save Her Son Because They…Do…Not…Work [VIDEO]

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From the DC Project . . .

Lucretia Hughes Klucken, a DC Project Delegate from Georgia, was the only pro-gun voice providing testimony in the June 8 hearing before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform: The Urgent Need to Address the Gun Violence Epidemic. On behalf of the DC Project, a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment, she called on Congress to ban gun-free zones and challenged the premise that adding more gun control measures will keep Americans and those most vulnerable among us, our children, safe.

During her testimony, Hughes Klucken stated, “Words can’t describe how hard it is to bury a child. My son’s death was the result of a criminal with an evil heart and a justice system failing to hold him accountable for the laws he had already broken. You see, a convicted felon killed my son with an illegally obtained gun. Our gun control lobbyists and politicians claim that their policies will save lives and reduce violence. Well, those policies did not save my son.”

“Following the excruciating loss suffered by the people and communities of Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX, it was heart-wrenching for Lucretia to revisit her own son’s violent death,” said DC Project Founder Dianna Muller, who was present at the hearing. “The depth of loss for everyone there was palpable, yet it’s even more heartbreaking because the lawmakers and their guests who insist on more gun control seem to think criminals will stop hurting people after another anti-gun measure is passed,” said Muller. “The reality is, as Lucretia said, none of the laws that restrict law-abiding gun owners’ rights do anything to keep folks safe.”

Anti-Gun Legislation Does Not Work
While addressing criminal violence in the United States, Hughes Klucken continued, “The laws being discussed are already implemented in cities across this country. We have decades of evidence proving THEY DO NOT WORK!” she declared. “St. Louis, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and my home, Atlanta, are gun-control utopias, and they are plagued with the most violence. Ten more laws, twenty more, or a thousand more, won’t make what is already illegal more wrong or stop criminals from committing crimes. You are crazy to think that these laws will keep you safe.”

Gun-Control Fails the Black Community
Hughes Klucken described her experience in the black community of Atlanta, Georgia, by saying, “I am walking testimony of how the criminal justice system and gun control laws (which are steeped in racism, by the way) have failed the black community. It is the curse of the black community, and something has to change. Thoughts and prayers and calls for more gun control aren’t enough. How about letting me defend myself against evil? Do you think I’m not capable or trustworthy to handle firearms? Do you think the Second Amendment does not apply to people that look like me? You who call for more gun control are the same ones that call to defund the police. Who is supposed to protect me?” she asked. “I teach people how to use firearms and empower others that look like me to understand that the Second Amendment is their right, too.”

DC Project
Explaining her ‘Women for Gun Rights’ advocacy, Hughes Klucken said, “We believe that education is the key to safety, not ineffective legislation. We support meaningful solutions that will actually save lives. We support the Safe Students Act (HR 7415), which would immediately make schools safer.” The DC Project “encourages legislators to focus on evidence-based solutions to include: Passing the Safe Students Act (HR 7415), which would immediately make schools safer and recruit veterans, reservists, and retired or off-duty law enforcement for every school in the country.”

Secure Schools the Way We Secure the Capitol
In her written testimony, Hughes Klucken addressed the disconnect between how politicians and children are protected. “We need to secure our schools like we secure this building. Members of Congress appreciate the role armed security plays in their lives. This Capitol is surrounded by its own police force who carry firearms. The debate is really between ‘safety from guns’ and ‘safety with guns,’ she said. “Most legislators here are not against weapons; they are just against the citizenry of having firearms and using them illegally. Further, ensure a mental health professional is at every school to identify and treat students struggling with mental and emotional well-being.”

Provide Safe Firearms Education
Hughes Klucken suggested funding non-partisan firearm safety education, “like the K.I.D.S. Safe Foundation to teach a non-partisan firearm safety course to every first-grader in the country. Fund non-government organizations that provide safe storage of firearms when families and individuals are experiencing difficult times, like Hold My Guns. Enhance economic opportunities for young men to have something more significant to live for than the unfortunate attention they receive by committing crimes. Education, training, and safe firearms handling are the keys to saving lives.”

In her powerful conclusion, Hughes Klucken said, “Nothing in these bills does anything to make us safer or address the mental health crisis in this country. Despite living with the heartache of the loss of my son daily, I believe that it is our God-given right to defend ourselves from acts of violence. Taking away my rights and the rights of law-abiding citizens will not bring Emannuel back, but it will embolden criminals. We all want the same thing. To be safe. Gun owners are not the enemy, and these gun control policies are not the solution.”

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    • The reps that bothered to stay were probably surfing furry porn or playing Candy Crush on their phones while she was speaking. After all, they know better. Even in the face of a person who checks almost all the “victim” boxes they still know better.

      • Yeah, their idea of “getting tough” on gun laws that don’t work is to make things even more illegal! They don’t want to stop gun crimes; they just want to take all the guns.

        A disarmed populace is a meek, compliant populace. Just lay back and enjoy it!

    • And Lucretia KNOWS that Gun Control was instituted to disarm freed former Slaves, and to prevent their self-defense against White Democrat, KKK members like Democrat Robert Byrd, the “Conscience of the Senate”. Hahaha

  1. Sorry for your loss Lucretia. But you left the plantation. The so-called champions of black folks hate you. You pointed out they’re full of guano. People violence not “gun violence” doesn’t cut it with dims…

  2. Rest assured a lily white Gun Control zealot’s biggest fear is hearing a Black Woman speak boldly against Gun Control. Suddenly all the wind in the sails of Gun Control disappears and what remains is a placid mast.

  3. good, overall, but sorely lacking in some areas.
    her plan to enact this: Safe Students Act (HR 7415), which would immediately make schools safer and recruit veterans, reservists, and retired or off-duty law enforcement for every school in the country.” will be VERY expensive, prone to favouritism and bias, and will NOT work well. So ech school has one retired safety guy/guard/officer. So what? Most of the schools attacked so far have had at least one of these. Easily identified and located, and thus rendered inert, by any serious perp.

    What CANNOT be dealt with easily is the unmarked, unnamed, inidendiified presence of random individuals who blend in and are not conspicuous because they look and act like avery other adult at the campus.. UNTIL some perp with a gun shows up. They they take out the personal defensive weapon they have carried everywhere but school for years, and only recently have been “allowed” to also carry that gun at their schools in the same way. Once that gun comes out, ecause of their serious training, they will be able to take the perp out of action VERY quickly and efficiently. Game over, incident shut down. All t NO extra cost to the taxpayers.

    Its called FASTER Saves Lives, started in Ohio in the wake of the Sandy Hook incident. It WORKS. So far, there has not been one gun-involved incident in ANY school district where thisprogramme has been in place. Perfect track record by simle deterrence based on probable presence. Word gets out, don’t try any funny business in any school in THAT district. SOME of the dults are armed and VERY skilled.
    In training and requalification exercises, these everyday armed adult staff consistently outpreform the law enforcement officers who serve s “trainers” in their “scenario” drills. All at NO cost to the taxpayer.

  4. There really is no response to the lady. I wouldn’t even attempt to answer her. All that I could do, is offer her a hug. And, the only fitting response from any representative is to vote for constitutional carry across the nation, while undermining each and every racist gun control law that pretends to stand in the way of constitutional carry.

    Anything else is stomping through the victim’s blood for political gain. Beatoff O’Cork went to Uvalde for that very purpose. He doesn’t give a small rat’s arse for any of those little kids, he was looking to score a political point. Beatoff needs to die in a fire.

    • The world would be a much better place without him. What an unrepentant, soulless piece of shit he is.

  5. “Despite living with the heartache of the loss of my son daily, I believe that it is our God-given right to defend ourselves from acts of violence.”

    The Leftist Scum ™ response would be, (and said with a straight face, no less!) –

    “Don’t listen to her, she is the Black face of White Supremacy.”

  6. you want to end this crud?

    then get LAW ABIDING FATHERS BACK into the homes of their kids to raise them right!


    A black woman making this statement should make a fucking tsunami… but it doesn’t even make a fucking kiddy pool wave.

    They simply reword it to: “Illegal gun that could have been off the streets with stricter laws – eventually”. They actually believe it! They truly believe that more laws are the answer. Americans… believe MORE laws… are the fucking answer. Imagine that.

    I might sound like a boomer saying it, or a right wing extremist (I am not – very “centric” in fact), but if our “forefathers” could see us now, they would have become dictators. They would see how big the government has gotten, how many infringements are made daily on our freedoms, how complacent the American public is, and the rest of the “freedom” speech you can imagine – and they would have gone full North Korea on the constitution to prevent it. The only other option is Anarchy. Total chaos. Freedom.

    Right? But yea, let’s just keep telling ourselves that more laws are what they intended in their vagueness.

    • Modern times makes gun laws easy to break. More gun laws just mean more illegally made weapons. Much deadlier weapons as sub machine guns are much easier to make than semi-auto firearms. Look up Luty guns.

  8. Anecdotal evidence is no replacemnent for HARD FACTS and reliable STATISTICS. THe fact is that e arming nthe avergae citizen has NO EFFECT on discouraging the bad guys and gals with a handgun in their hands and more oftem than not those armed citizens who do try to intervene , and they are very,very far and few between make the situation worse. Equally there is NO reliable evidence that arming teachers and other amateurs will have any effect either on SCHOOL MASS SHOOTINGS. Some nut case who should NOT have been allowed to have a firearm in the first place will not be discourages by a teacher with a gun and it only makes any teacher a VICTIMM of CHOICE. For any kind of reliable PERSONAL self defence you have to have a bloody HANDGUN in YOUR HAND at all times. This is not a HOLLYWOOD mythical WILD WEST situation where the good gut draws down on the bad guy with a gun-in- hand and wins, The succesful LAWMEN of the WEST did NOT do that. They mostly like WYATT EARP shot down the buggers before they had a chance to draw.
    The PROS like the POLICE and the ARMED SERVICES always go in ‘locked-loaded’ and gun-in-hand because they are allowed to you are BLOODY WELL NOT.
    In the hands of wanna be TEACHER RAMBOS how many innocent will be shot by twitchy bteachers and if you cannot arm them a ALL what exactly is the point.??
    Every single measure suggested by the usual gun-freaks will cost money and a great deal of it at that. Who is going to pay? I suggest that each and every OWNER that has a conmpltetly unnessessary fire arm patsys a license fee that covers it.
    Nobody actually needs anything other than a decent 9mm or .38 for any kind of realistic home ‘self-defence’. [Street’self defence will get you a one way trip to the morgue] Equally nobody needs more than a SINGLE FIVE SHOT MAGAZINE BOLT ACTION RIFLE of a suitable calbre for hunting. And by the way in both cases that would satisfy as far as I can ascertain the requirements of the much quoted ‘ AMERICAN CONSTITUTION’ on the right to BEAR ARMS.
    I know I come from the other side of the POND [UK] but I spent many years in the ROYAL AIR FORCE as a Smallarms Instructor teaching both MALE and FEMALE recruits. I also spent several years in the UK ARMY INFANTRY RESERVES so I am more than familiar with the use and effect of firearms.
    I get it that there is a case for RANGE SHOOTING and COMPETITION and I was a top quartile competitor in most firearms myself. [and in Service Rifle in the top 5% in the Services] But AMMUNITION for competition should only be purchased on licensed ranges and it should be made a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to remove unspent ammunition from the range as it is in the SERVICES.
    I also fully appreciate that such measures would not go down well with the AMERICAN FIREARMS MANUFACTURERS and retail business lobbies but you have to make choices. Continue the mayhem and murder on the street and the mass shootings, of which there have been around THIRTY so far this year, or bite the [figureatively speaking] the bullet.

    • “Anecdotal evidence is no replacemnent [sic] for HARD FACTS and reliable STATISTICS.”

      Neither are in evidence in your post.

      Here’s a hard fact: Lucretia Klucken’s son is dead. To you, that’s anecdotal evidence.

      You’re reprehensible.

    • We have a holiday coming up, The 4th of July, were we celebrate our Founding Fathers total rejection of your “nanny state” ideas. If you like that oppressive type of government, go back to England, and see how poorly it is working. Your fellow countrymen still worship kings, queens, and princes! Our major problems are caused by NOT following the rules our Founding Fathers set down in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    • Sorry, I have no reason to believe you about these so-called ‘facts’.
      Here’s a fact: the 2nd Amendment is in the Constitution to allow the citizens to defend themselves from their own government, avoiding things like the Holocaust, the Holodomor, and Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’. Even if it could be demonstrated that stricter gun laws could reduce yearly gun deaths in ‘normal’ times (and I don’t for a moment believe that), overall the 2nd Amendment likely already has, and probably will in the future, prevent a much greater death toll.
      And I am not a ‘gun nut’, I don’t particularly like shooting, and I hope I never have to pick up a firearm to defend myself or my loved ones. But I will violently resist any attempt to prohibit me from owning a firearm.

    • You Sir, Have no real life experience in n the USA!!! All of your Feelings about the USA Are of no consequence!!!!! Keep your british ideas and n Britain!! Your opinion DOES NOT MATTER!!! Enjoy being a patsy for the crown! We sent your country men back with their tails between their legs! So be quiet!

    • The hard facts are that your gun control scams are all about control over people. They do absolutely NOTHING to prevent “gun violence”. For your edification a gun is an inanimate object incapable of violence.

  9. The Democrats are not interested in crime, criminals, or public safety. If they were, they would be focusing on how to secure schools and other potential targets, as well as ensuring that criminals get locked up and stay locked up. Their only goal is disarming the civilian population – and they have spent the last 50 years proving that.

  10. She is correct. Enforce the laws on the books. Help the mentally impaired. You prosecute, and convict someone of murder, then execute them. The Soros backed DAs do not support the law, they let violent offenders off to offend again. Get rid of them.

  11. Another reason gun bans don’t work is how easy it is to bypass them. Anyone can make a simple sub machine gun at home. For sale or personal use. No special parts or tools required. Search for Luty guns, expedient small arms, FGC-9 etc.

  12. No one cares less about innocent lives lost to gun violence than those who for years, insist on the same ‘solutions’ that have proven not to work or have no chance of being implemented.

    Cruel pretenders with who prefer to have an issue. Again, no one cares less about murdered children.

  13. A Scouter pointed out something years ago in teaching fire starting and cooking with it. Teach that fire is a tool, and the obsession/fascination with it disappears, likewise for knives.

    The same principle applies to firearms. Hiding guns away just increases the obsession. Teach them how to use them and train they are a tools. The problem is solved. Schools before the 70s taught firearm marksmanship, and there were few problems. The Scouting programs don’t have a problem with firearm obsession other than the guys like to shoot them at the ranges. They are also careful with them.

    Guns are not the problem. As always, leftists are the problem.

  14. She’s wrong in that she accepted a false premise that the gun control laws were intended to protect folks. They’re not, they are intended to disarm the law abiding and make them more vulnerable, and less of a threat to authority. The innocent kids getting killed are acceptable collateral damage to the folks pushing ‘gun control’. You do not protect people by disarming them.

    These laws are working. They are achieving what they are intended to achieve. A public more susceptible to physical intimidation. Original gun control laws were directed at the newly freed slaves after the civil war, prohibiting them from having firearms. That wasn’t an effort to protect them, quite the opposite- it made them more easily intimidated by the physical intimidation force of the dem- the KKK, the modern equivalent are the Anti-FA and violent elements of the BLM. Which is why the Kyle Rittenhouse case infuriated them- effective opposition to/protection from their street thugs.


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