Chris Murphy Connecticut
Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., a gun control advocate, waits to speak to activists demanding action on gun control legislation. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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Murphy added: “The possibility of success is better than ever before. But I think the consequences of failure for our entire democracy are more significant than ever.” 

Florida, a Republican-controlled state, acted swiftly after the murders of 17 students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in February 2018, passing red flag laws and raising the age requirement for buying, but not owning, firearms from 18 to 21, among other steps. The Parkland gunman was 19.

In his address to the nation last week, Joe Biden called for a federal ban on semi-automatic weapons, and raising the age requirement if that couldn’t be done.

Murphy acknowledged the Florida actions and said “there is interest in taking a look at that age range, 18 to 21” during bipartisan discussions about possible legislation, led on the Republican side by the Texas senator John Cornyn.

“Right now we’re trying to discover what can get to 60 votes [in the Senate],” Murphy said.

“But I think the template for Florida is the right one, which is some significant amount of investment in school safety and some modest but impactful changes in gun laws. That’s the kind of package we’re putting together right now. …

“We all agree violent criminals and deranged, dangerously mentally ill people shouldn’t have firearms,” he said, noting that lawmakers “not engaged on this in the past” have been involved now in negotiations.

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  1. Last night on the news MNBC stated raising the age to 21 is NOT going to pass but Universal Background Checks and Red Flag laws WILL pass.

    • You misspelled MNBC which is not surprising since you were undoubtedly so giddy about the prospect of UBC that your fingers shook on the way to the keyboard.

      That should be MSDNC and reflects their editorial position on everything, including massive unconstitutional gun control.

    • darcydodo…you shoildn”t be up past your bedtime watching such filthy propaganda. On the other hand I do wonder if an expanded background check discovers me once burning a batch of cookies will make me a prohibited possessor?

      Perhaps you can bet your life and worldly possessions on expanded background checks stopping one determined insane criminal? By all accounts murderous criminals have already spoken loud and clear…they are not going to obey old Gun Control laws or new Gun Control laws. The only people obeying Gun Control laws are defenseless grocery shoppers and defenseless children…Just like freed Black Americans and Jews in nazi germany obeyed Gun Control laws.

      • tose background check laws work SO well!!! WHYever did they not think of imposing those back in 1775? Would have saved SO much trouble and expense.

        The punk that shot up his school in Parkland PASSED a BGC.
        The punk who shot up a theatre in Colorado passed his BGC.
        The dirtbag who shot up a church in Sutherland Springs Texas assed THEIR BGC.
        The moron who shot up a military base, Fort Hood Texas, passed HIS BGC.
        The clwon who shot up a political rally in a parking lot in Anrzona, happening to accidentally hit a couple of non-targeted infdividuals, one of whom, Gabby Giffords by name, has made a career out of her accidental victimhood, THAT guy passed HIS BGC.
        The creep how shot up the Navy Yard facility in DC passed HIS BGC.

        See how that works? Meanwhile a friend of mine cannot buy a firearm because some OTHER dirtbag, wiht a name kinda similar to his, born several years after my friend, on a different day of the year., and in a totally different state, has a record, thus my friend cannot buy even though he is clean and even has a legally obtained concealed Pistol License.
        See how that works?(or, more correctly DOESN”T work? )

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. Maybe your expert on MSNBC will get his comeuppance as you already have.

  2. Any time you see a Democrat use the word “democracy”, they are NOT talking about the American way of life. They ARE referring to the ‘Democrat Party’.

    It is NOT a threat to our democracy.

    It’s a threat to the Democrat party.

    • We’re NOT a democracy anyway, at least not yet. We’re a Republic. Reminding them of that really sets them off also.

      • Democracy at the local level. Republic at the State and Federal level.

        The Northwest Ordinance required that any Territories petitioning to join the Union must agree to operate themselves under a republican (the format, not the Party) form of government.

        What we have now in many Blue Leftist States are tyrannies.

        • Well stated IHAQ. 👍

          This should be leading us to a convention of states. Numerous states and the have blatantly violated the terms and conditions that lead to the ratification of the Constitution.
          The fact that there are talks in Congress of electoral college abolishment yet not a peep on a convention of states boggles the mind.

    • Giddy, hurry up, waste no time, get it done, ambulance chasing Gun Control zealots ride in on the bloody coattails of murdered children. Obviously the sleaze of the land can taste the passage of their satanic Gun Control.

      Gun Control zealots want milquetoast history illiterate America to fixate on the gun and not the polices of those running the show at the school and who were asleep at the wheel and allowed a murderer to walk on in on what was extremely politically correct soft targets. Murphy and his Gun Control ilk can go pound sand simply because…

      1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

      2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

      3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

  3. We have to get a armed security presence INSIDE every school. Without it school shootings will continue regardless of whatever “lets take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizen” laws them come up with.

    • You’re absolutely right. We’ve been saying that for decades now. They don’t care. They would rather spend money doing studies on sex changes in Pakistan instead.

    • The more I think about it the more I’m inclined to DIS-favor police officers in schools and PREFER armed teachers, administrators and support personnel.

      A cop isn’t cheap. And, he’s not doing anything at a school apart from being a deterrent. He is not likely to be just outside the classroom where a shooter starts shooting. And, he can’t be relied upon to run to the sound of gunfire. He is just as likely to form a perimeter and wait until the shooting stops or he gets orders from his chain of command.

      But the big deal is that a cop isn’t cheap. And, everyone will know who he is and that he is/isn’t in this corridor which is the crazy’s target.

      Conversely, you can arm teachers and other school personnel relatively cheaply. They are mostly available for training in the summer months. Only costs a few thousand dollars to train a teacher and another one thousand for a refresher course every year or two.

      The kids are going to have a hard time figuring out who is armed and who is not. And so, if there are 100 personnel in a school the perp will have to figure out whether the armed proportion is 20% or 40%. And, does he feel lucky enough to pick the door with only unarmed personnel behind it?

      I’d complement the school staff with volunteer or low-paid OFWGs who will perform the RSO function. Granted, they are identifiable. And the kids will know where they are. But, they are cheap. And, they are elastic.

      So, in a school with 100 staff, suppose you have between 10 and 20 OFWGs riding shotgun on any given day. Now, the perp’s problem is to figure out whether there are going to be only 10; or will there be 20 OFWGs in school on the day he decides to perpetrate his massacre. In addition to the 20 to 30 school staff.

      • My kids’ high school had an armed full time LEO with a patrol car parked outside every day the school was open. He not only provided security, he was a campus counselor.

    • the ONLY way this will work,as has been PROVEN, is to allow adult staff,already working at their school, to volunteer, take specified training, then be “allowed” to carry the same gun they have already been carrying for years everwhere BUT school. NO ONE knows who is armed, thekids, not other teachers, etc, certainly not the bad guy walking in to kill.
      Texas allow this when the school district requests it. Uvalde did NOT, thus had no one inside who was armed. They COULD have…… but did not, by a politically correct conscious decision.
      FASTER Saves Lives is such a programme developed inn OHio after Scamy Crook school shooting. Cost taxpers/schools NOTHING, and their track record is pluperfect.. in any school district where this plan is in place there has not been even ONE gun incident of any kind, let alone a shooting.

  4. 18 year olds are stupid, emotional and violent….apparently.

    16 year olds should vote……apparently.

    Asperger’s ridden Nordic 12 year olds should inform government policy, commercial practices and population behavior……apparently.

    Oh, as a bonus if the regime ever needs anyone to die for its causes the 18 year olds are more than welcome to sign up.

    Democrats should be red flagged based on their incoherent rationalizations alone. A more obvious sign of mental and emotional instability there couldn’t be.

    • Don’t forget – 6year olds should be qualified to determine which sex that they want to be, and we all should be supportive and financially responsible for their decision.

      • *Said 6 year olds should also be able to share sexual secrets with teachers who will promise not to tell parents. This is all very normal and totally not creepy and unethical behavior. Actually, it should be celebrated, especially during the month of June.

    • They employ zero logic. They don’t have to because they own the media. The only logical conclusion is that it’s transparent gun control designed to target law abiding citizens, just like DeSantis said. They’re getting while the getting is good (emotion following a tragedy). Then they’ll say it’s a good start, and keep going from there after the next tragedy.

    • Scary, emotional, violent 18-20 year olds will apparently “grow up” upon reaching 21 and thus will be ok buying those scary rifles, but when 18-20, yeah as a whole block, you can’t trust any of them.

      There is no chance those 18-20 year olds would kill their mom to get weapons, steal one, straw purchase, etc, and it’s not like older people commit these crimes like Vegas, the navy yard, army base shooting, that California Muslim couple in the office shooting, yeah an 18-20 year old ban will take care of everything!

      I mean they are just saying “this is what we can get now”, when the next thing happens they will need a different age range, prohibit other weapons, expand red flags etc. They will only seek to add (and GOP won’t repeal) when these new laws don’t prevent anything.

      • Meanwhile I know a kid whose Dad bought him a CMP provided M1 Garand rifle when he was eleven.. the kid, that is, was eleven. When he was fourteen, the adults only rifle team at their local gun club asked him to join their conpetition team, using M1 Garands. Tjey had to rewrite the bylaws of the team to allow this. At 16 he was a better faster safer marksman than most of the seasoned adult members, and he helped the team win many matches. Oh, and by the bye, he NEVEr shot up HIS school. Ever.

  5. Well the house passed a ban on magazines yesterday. They only need 10 turncoats for it to pass the senate. Everyone’s saying it’s DOA in the senate but I’m here to tell you don’t take that for granted.

    • It looks like five Republicans didn’t show up to vote on it, not that it mattered. Sometimes they do that when they agree with it, but are too embarrassed to be seen voting for it.

      “they view you as a law abiding citizen as the target of what they’re trying to do”
      -Gov. DeSantis

    • Contact your Congresscritters to demand they protect the White House, Capitol, every government building at the same hardness of the least protected school. Kiddies are America’s future Politicians are America’s demise.

  6. “violent criminals and deranged, dangerously mentally ill” are already prohibited from owning guns under current law. In Parkland, Uvalde, Buffalo, and Sutherland Springs (just to name a few) the shooters should have been prohibited under current law. The police, prosecutors, DA’s, and mental health professionals failed to do their jobs and put these people in the existing system. More laws won’t make these people start doing their jobs.

    NY has a red flag law and the Buffalo shooter was investigated by the police for threatening to shoot up his school last year. The police failed to red flag him.

    We are not going to accept more laws when the current laws are not used to stop these people, only to jack up legitimate gun owners and dealers for simple mistakes.

    • Silly me, I forgot to add Virginia Tech to the list. It’s just so hard to remember all the times the authoritays have not done their job.

    • Buffalo shooter investigated by police possibly merely qualified him as one to be nurtured, positioned, warehoused, until right moment to be nudged into action for maximum effect.

      Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is a pattern, or as James Bond noted…..enemy action. – Ian Fleming. Timing is the conformation. Nothing happens in government by accident. Maybe ineptly, but never accidentally.

  7. The Florida post-Parkland bill is unconstitutional and tyrannical. Jim Scott and Marco Rubio are traitors every bit as much as Murphy and stole valor lying coward Blumenthal. ALL FOUR NEEDS TO BE TRIED, CONVICTED, AND PUNISHED AS TRAITORS. Red-flag laws force you to forfeit numerous Constitutional rights in order to exercise one. This is wrong.

    • Yeah I contacted both Marco and Rick ,(I like that you called him Jim), the response to my “don’t give in with gun control” was a nice form letter bragging about the common sense red flag law with due process that Florida passed after Parkland, and how we need that on a national level. Yes, exactly what I don’t want.

      The Parkland perp still has his case going through the system, but Florida GOP freaked out and instantly passed bad laws, no “compromise” to get anything like campus carry, open carry, or permit less carry, those are ignored. But ban on 18-21 year olds buying any gun, red flag, bump stock ban… Republican leadership even tried to do a voice vote on a two year moratorium on AR sales, yikes. Scary now they are trying to go national with those.

  8. “Florida, a Republican-controlled state, acted swiftly after the murders of 17 students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in February 2018, passing red flag laws and raising the age requirement for buying, but not owning, firearms from 18 to 21“

    Yes, the Republican majority in Florida has passed more gun control laws.

    I guess they were inspired by Republican Donald Trump’s statements advocating for stronger red flag laws.

    Republicans are leading the way on gun control, bravo!

    “Or, Mike, take the firearms first and then go to court because that’s another system. Because a lot of times by the time you go to court, it takes so long to go to court, to get the due process procedures. I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida, he had a lot of [firearms], they saw everything. To go to court would have taken a long time. So, you could do exactly what you said but take the guns first, go through due process second.”
    -President Donald J. Trump, February 28, 2018

    • So, just to be clear, you are a big fan of these Republicans who you clearly agree with. Or do you not agree with them?

      • Dude,

        What don’t you get? I am a TROLL.

        I enjoy sowing rancor, division and hate.

        Do you not understand Leftists and Marxists?

        This is our drink and this is our food.

    • So, like, what’s the point of the spam?
      Are the Trumpers supposed to be all “durr, my lord and savior like gun control so I will too.”

      Or is it like “wtf, I hate Trump now!”

      Maybe: “wow, I’m an anti-rights Democrat and now I love Trump!!”

      Like, really, what’s the point?

      • Cerealkillin’,

        You raise an excellent question.

        And here is the answer. Whenever the Far Left responds to some controversy, their tactic is the same 99% of the time. Their tactic includes one or both of the following:

        1) Blurt out emotional statements designed to somehow resonate with listeners and gain their support.

        — or —

        2) Portray their detractors as stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt with the intention that anyone who previously supported their detractors will abandon their support–after all who wants to be in-league with someone who is stupid, crazy, and or corrupt?

        In other words 99% of the time the Far Left employs psychological exploitation, manipulation, and coercion to overcome their detractors. And that is exactly what Miner49er attempted above. Note that you implicitly recognized that when you listed Miner49er’s possible goals.

        • Uncommon,

          1) Silence is violence, we need more gun control, it’s for the children! Children before Military Grade Assault Machine Guns. Deer don’t wear Kevlar vests.

          2) You are a terrible awful person who doesn’t love children if you don’t see the need for a ban on guns. What kind of sick person needs a gun with a million bullets? How much does the NRA pay you?

          As a groomer, I value all children.

        • MINOR Miner49er Give it a rest. Silence is what you Leftists give us about the criminals who are out walking the streets that your Leftist District Attorneys won’t prosecute.
          You are pathetic. You want to talk about taking guns when it’s violent people that are the problem.

      • Not hardly. Gun control is a good two hand hold on my pistol with the sights properly aligned.

    • MNOR Miner49er Tell us what those “gun control measures” passed in Florida have accomplished?

  9. If Murphy likes it , that right there should be a HUGE warning.
    And , unless they want to raise the age of majority for EVERYTHING (vote, enter binding contracts,marry, drink, register for draft/enlistment in military and TAXES; I am going to say ” Nope”

  10. Contact your R senators and representatives immediately! Don’t just post here on TTAG.

    Do not let firearms prohibitionism get off the ground.

  11. We shall see what comes to pass.

    And at this point pretty much anything could come to pass since hysteria and emotion often rule the day for the past 10 to 20 years.

    A good case in point was the deceitful bar graph that a U.S. Congresswoman displayed at a recent Congressional hearing in response to the recent mass murder attack at the Texas elementary school. Her bar graph shows that the United States has twenty times — TWENTY TIMES I TELL YOU! — more annual “firearm deaths” than other G7 countries (such as France, Japan, etc.) Of course that Congresswoman omitted two critical and deceptive details in that bar graph:

    1) Her “firearm deaths” includes suicides which are about 68% of all “firearm deaths” in the United States.

    2) The population of the United States is significantly larger than the other G7 countries.

    Including suicides is not useful since a person who is determined to kill themselves can easily succeed with readily available (and far less expensive) alternate methods.

    And comparing total events between two countries with significantly different populations is meaningless. Any meaningful comparison must compare rates per 100,000 population at an absolute minimum.

    When you subtract suicides from the data and compare firearm homicide rates per 100,000 population, the rates are in the same ballpark.

    Of course even that comparison is useless since it fails to account for radical differences in culture, family status, law enforcement, data reporting, and other homicide methods. But who needs facts when you can appeal to hysteria and emotion?

  12. Promoting unconstitutional laws should result in automatic impeachment and removal from office with citizenship removal and expulsion from our country.

  13. There are 1st Amendment related Lawsuits going on in Florida over that “Red Flag” BULLSHIT!

    There are people whom have had guns confiscated over political arguments.

    F*** these MAOIST PIGSHITS.

  14. I respectfully disagree with the age restriction. If a person can join the military and be trained to defend this country, then they should not have less rights as a private citizen and be unable to purchase a gun that – a good argument could be made for – they have potentially more training on and skill to use.

  15. Why are school safety and gun control even in the same conversation?
    Theoretically both sides should agree on school safety and Do Something about it.
    Gun control were going to have to argue about. They call it a compromise but gun owners always have to give up something and get nothing in return.

    • they are in the same conversation because the gun banner/disarmers WANT them to be. Tney are tagging the strong emotional response of dead schoolkids to their dystopian dream of a disarmed, quiet, compliant, subjected America.
      The solutioin for school shootings has been around since shorlty after ScammyCrooks. Some folks in Ohio put togther a programme called FASTER Saves Lives. Adult staff at achools can volunteer to take a one week intensive traiing course inall aspects of school security, tactics, trauma first aid, teamwork, etc. After the class, any of them who want to will then be allowed to carry the same gun they have carried foryears everywhere BUT school, but now AT school. Noone else knows who is armed, who is not. not admin, not thestudents, other arents, not even other teachers. The training and all other expenses are DONATED, so the whole thing costs Ohio taxpayers absolutely nothing. In the decades since Scammy Crooks, NOT ONE gun related incident has occurred at ANY school in any district where this plan is in place.

      The crazy part? Twoweeks before that known felon punk kid broughthis new AR onto the capus where he’d been court-ordered to never go to, that same school idstrict held some meetings with the folks from FASTER in Ohio, to see about perhapsputting tht programme in place there in Broward County. After the shoot0em-up kneekery NO GUNS IN SCHOOLS idiots scrapped the whole plan.

      I have often thugth that had Douglas high School put tht porgramme in place, and the young dirtbag showed up to work his sickk plan, someone like Mr. Aaron Feiss, one of the teachers there, would have been armed and able to sHOOT BACK at the AR wielding freakazoid kid, ending the massacre, Instead, all he could do was to wrap HIS OWN bidy round two of his students to try and absorb the bullets Whackjob was firing hopeing maybe those students would make it out alive.

      I sronlg favour guns in schools.. in the right hands. Just as I strongl fvour guns anywhere out in public, in the right hands. And the ‘right hands’ are those of any peace loving law abiding citizen who cares to get a gun and carry it.

      • That was a rhetorical question, we know why.
        Knee jerking and all that. Something they have been waiting for to happen. They got the tri-fecta school , minority and workplace shootings all at once.
        FASTER seems to be a good thing. Can only hope more places adopt it or something like it.
        Everyone needs to hound their senators relentlessly even the dim ones. Tell them no more infringements. Tell them we’re tired of their bs. Vote them out.

    • What do you want? We already have it a law that makes carrying a gun in a school illegal. Those “gun free zones” just don’t work.

  16. Everyone has heard of the “Gun Control Cake” meme:

    It is simply a fact that the possession and exercise by humans of inherent rights WILL result in abuses of those rights. We only had one “perfect human”, and we hung his @$$ on a cross; the rest of us are flawed and imperfect. The flawed and imperfect will make mistakes, commit acts of stupidity and/or evil, etc. It is called “being human”.

    Just like we have “free will”, by design. People WILL f*** up. Anyone who thinks that that is either a reasonable, necessary, or sufficient basis to infringe on the rights of those humans who DO NOT f*** up, is a fascist (yeah, MinorIQ and dacian the stupid, I’m lookin’ at YOUR sorry @$$es!!).

    Because “some people drive drunk”, NHTSA/DoT are now proposing mandatory “ignition interlocks” in all cars. Because some people misuse firearms, Congress/DoJ/ATF are now proposing to FURTHER limit my access to firearms. Because some people have snapped and committed violence, Congress/DoJ are proposing to authorize a process ABSENT ‘due process’, whereby my firearms could be seized, WITHOUT notice to me, WITHOUT an evidentiary hearing prior to seizure, WITHOUT my right to confront and cross-examine my accuser, and would require, and put the burden on, ME to bring legal action and assert/prove my “innocence”.

    I’m sorry, that just comes down to a great, big “GFY” from me. Behold my middle fingers; I have a matched set.

    Go ahead, you fascist s***weasels, pass it. See if I give a flying fornication. Then try to enforce it. Just for s***s and giggles, can we PLEASE put dacian the stupid and MinorIQ first in the stack???? Please, please, please??????

    • I’ve been telling them to send bachelors, do it for the children, but I really don’t care anymore.
      All the oath breakers can kiss my ass.
      Does anyone really believe this country is split 50/50 like our senate? I call bs.
      The election process in this country is FUBAR.
      The sheep have been eating this shit for years.

  17. Simpson needs to have his political career cut down. No idea why the hell he got Trump and DeSantis’s endorsement for his go at Ag commissioner.

    • ???

      He’s a huge step in the right direction after that dumpster fire of an AG Nikki Fried.

      You must be a Beto fan.


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