This Summer in Chicago Won’t Be the ‘Summer of Joy’ Lori Lightfoot is Predicting

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Courtesy Chicago Critter

Shades of Jenny Durkin’s Summer of Love. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has looked into her Windy City crystal ball and divined that “This summer will be the summer of joy.” But from the looks of the first unofficial summer holiday, the upcoming summer in Murder City, USA is going to be anything but joyful.

You would have thought the city would have been more prepared after the “North Avenue beach takeover” a couple of weeks ago. The Wednesday night party-goers were tossed off the beach by Chicago police, but instead of going home, they just moved the mayhem a little father West to the Old Town neighborhood.

Hundreds of people had a great time dancing on top of cars, and one fine young lady twerked on the top of a bus. Chicago Alderman Michele Smith said the city should take “appropriate legal action against the organizers of the illegal event,” which, of course, they never did.

The same organizers held another “takeover” event over the Memorial Day weekend. This time the crowd chanted “F@ck you, police!” and forced officers to move back away from the crowd. As usual, there was plenty to see on social media.



The CPD had assigned additional officers to the beach, but as the crowd grew, the cops were overwhelmed and called in more personnel to begin a “mass arrest.”

Police Supt. David Brown said organizers removed the invite from social media, but it still could be found Tuesday morning.

Chicago Beach Illegal Party Invitation

Police made multiple arrests for gun-related offenses because almost no one found carrying a firearm had a concealed carry license as required by the state of Illinois.

Chicago Police Department Chief of Operations Brian McDermott said at a press conference,

There was a large group of teenagers playing music and twerking, and at some point, they started throwing objects at the police. They were throwing glass bottles, they were throwing glasses. In one case, an officer got hit in the chest with a pineapple, which exploded on his chest, and it was all over his equipment.

I guess that’s better than JHP.

Police Superintendent David Brown wondered, “Who takes a gun to the beach? Why do you need a gun to enjoy the beach?

Lori Lightfoot
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

The police in Chicago are outnumbered and their hands are tied. Meanwhile people like Mayor Lightfoot are baffled by the record numbers of law-abiding people who are still buying millions of firearms in historic numbers. None of which isn’t a very good recipe for city-wide joy during the upcoming Summer season.

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  1. We’ve already had the pleasure of experiencing our own diversity games here on the beaches of Portsmouth. The first hot weekend was a free for all with the crowds fighting and destroying. The second hot weekend the police were EVERYWHERE and it made no difference. Windows smashing, cars vandalized, yoots from away engaging in drug fueled brawls.

    I can only imagine the hell that more densely populated areas will experience. Everything is a damn social media flash mob event of destruction now. Can’t just take your kids to the beach and relax. Gotta watch for drunk high school kids from Massachusetts running up and punting your toddler like a football.

    • The cops aren’t really doing their jobs then. Rioters should be checked into hospitals. Deploy a single company of National Guard, preferably Military Police, to quell the riot. Tell the Guard in advance that you want bodies to hit the ground, but you don’t want many if any fatalitiies. Broken ribs, broken extremities, concussions both severe and minor, cuts and abrasions too serious to ignore or to laugh off. Debilitating injuries are acceptable.

      When the injured arrive at the hospitals, information can be collected for future prosecution.

      The rioters will almost certainly not return for future engagements. If they do, then fatalities will be acceptable.

      • I would suggest, with all sincerity, for major city PDs to invest in AND USE rubber bullets, aim mid body to prevent “blinding” claims.

  2. Some unsolicited advice for those of you in Illinois and especially in Chicago/suburbs…get the hell out!

    I am a Chicago native and as much as I miss my hometown people and food (Portillos), it is just not a livable place anymore. Between the crime in Chicago, the high taxes, the super-high property taxes and the out of control public unions, anyone still living in Illinois is getting their bank account cleaned out to support police chiefs retiring with a 5 million dollar payday. Don’t even get me started on the waste of money with townships.

    So…if the insane “gun control” laws are not enough make you leave…the rest of what I laid out should make it as clear as mud.

    • Just did some work in Chicago. The entire place is run by labor unions. You are allowed bring your stuff to a trade show, but you aren’t allowed to touch any of it. Only union labor can do ANY work at all.

      Sounds great right? You show up and others do the work.

      The reality is that all the union labor works as slow as humanly possible, then at 9:30 PM when there is still 5 hours of work to do – they all leave and tell you that you are on your own.

      Chicago is a totally corrupt town.

  3. “Why do you need a gun to enjoy the beach?” You don’t, but I still have one.

    • “This summer will be the summer of joy” with “hundreds of people had a great time dancing on top of cars, and one fine young lady twerked on the top of a bus.”

      Chikongo is going serve as the shining example of socialist-democrat governance.

    • When “Democrats” actually cared about Law & Order in the streets.

      The socialist-democrats could learn a lot from their predecessors.

  4. Start popping the popcorn. Armed citizens’ response to anarcho-tyranny is going to be highly entertaining.

    I can’t wait!

  5. Maybe they can break the all-time record for shootings and killings this year…what do the book-makers say?

  6. What ever happened to water cannons in this country? Anybody knows? They are very popular in socialist Europe and they are highly entertaining.

  7. I hope cities like this burn to the ground and everyone caught in them with it. You made your bed, now lie in it. We won’t save you. We gave up on that idea very recently. We’d rather bunker down and watch it unfold, then rebuild without you.

    So, by all means, take the cities. Take them all. When you exhaust your resources in the cities you will migrate outwards and be shut down until you starve. The world truly does not need anything that any city has to offer. The world was better off before over populated cities and skyscrapers existed and it will keep turning without your need to have governments cater to you for living in them. Farewell.

    • The myth about cities is that they are dynamic places where people congregate to work and share ideas.

      Work from home during the pandemic showed this was just a myth. People were far more productive without the distractions of office banter. Further more, smart business owners and managers started asking why they needed thousands of square feet of expensive real estate in cities just so employees could work on a computer and answer a phone.

      In reality cities are large open-air prisons. Your life revolves around a neighborhood bar, and what you can reasonably walk to. All other movement is restricted by public transportation.

      Don’t tell me that a city with hardly any green space, and that imports all the food and energy it consumes is “environmentally friendly”. Cities are some of the dirtiest and nastiest places on earth.

      Cities suck and I don’t care if all of them turn into Detroit.

  8. The only thing I didnt care about in those videos I saw was not many people were eating food.

  9. ” Police Superintendent David Brown wondered, ‘Who takes a gun to the beach? Why do you need a gun to enjoy the beach?’ ”

    Meee pick meeeee, I can answer that pick meeee!

    1. Who takes a gun to the beach? … well Police Superintendent Brown, do you not know that your city is overrun by a criminal element that your mayor and you have allowed to flourish? So who takes a gun to the beach? First, your own home grown criminal element, ,and second, the good decent smart law abiding people who need to have a chance to defend their self against the very criminal element you and your mayor apparently embrace.

    2. Why do you need a gun to enjoy the beach? Police Superintendent Brown a law abiding person doesn’t need a gun to enjoy your beaches, what they need the gun for is to have at least a chance to stay alive when your criminal element pets show up.

    • “Why do you need a gun to enjoy the beach?”

      Because it’s hard to play volleyball with a police officer stuffed into my swim trunks.

  10. Gotta say, why would I care about anything that goes on in Chicago?

    By the looks of it, they got exactly what they voted for, and they can live with it.

  11. I would suggest, with all sincerity, for major city PDs to invest AND USE rubber bullets, aim mid body to prevent “blinding” claims.

  12. I don’t know why people are involved in these activities. Enjoy the party rides with your friends, celebrate your birthday in party ride and enjoy your life.

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