Moros: The Firearms Industry Should Put Anti-Gunners’ Outrage to Work for Them

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At this point if you make gun-related products and you don’t name your products something that will get the Karens shrieking with free publicity for you, you are being irresponsible.

Kostas Moros

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      • I quit performing at shoprite and currently I create $80h – $120h…how? I’m operating online! My work didn’t precisely make Maine happy thus i made a decision to require an opportunity on one thing new… when four years it had been so onerous to quit my day job however ;Zl’27} now I couldn’t be happier.
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    • Snap, Crackle, and Pop is good to hear in your breakfast cereal. Not from you when you stand up.

  1. Not going to lie the wife and I often hear about neat stuff more from lefty bitching than email/social media blast advertising so something to it.

  2. In the ’90s everyone said, “Paint it black, call it tactical and they’ll buy it.” This branding sounds like a variation of the same theme.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      Yep, a lot of “marketing” has been practiced in the firearms industry since forever, and I agree most advertising is . . . bullshit. OTOH, I think there is a value to p***ing off the anti-gum libs. I guess there’s a psychological difference between “beating your chest” and “flipping them the bird”. I prefer flipping them the bird.

    • Yup. Which is precisely WHY whenever I see the word “tactical” appended to or associated wiht some “item” I instantly push the SPAM button.

  3. Kinda reminds me of a PETA campaign years ago to convince people to stop fishing or eating fish. The idea was to rebrand “Fish” as “Sea Kittens”.

    I just checked & their website is still up:

    I guess the left’s race to the bottom of stupidity is still ongoing.

    • Now that’s pretty corny, along the lines of “fish are friends, not food.” It doesn’t work on everybody, thankfully. One of my daughter’s favorite activities is to go to the local hunting club for their monthly fish fry. She is fairly well inoculated against “soft brown fuzzy” syndrome.

    • “Kinda reminds me of a PETA campaign years ago to convince people to stop fishing or eating fish.”

      Yeah, good luck on that one!

      I’m beyond fortunate to have a local restaurant that serves a *knockout* fish and chips, and they let you trade the ‘chips’ (the fries) for batter-fried onion rings.

      Fresh from the peanut-oil fryer, they are pure heaven.

      They are a weekly pilgrimage for me… 🙂

  4. I never wanted to build an 80% “Glock” until they started talking bans. I’m such a sheeple.

    • I wad the same about ar’s. Didn’t really like the m16a1 big uncle handed me. Then the price of parts went way down sooo why not.
      Probably beer pressure… I mean peer pressure

  5. The anti-gun and MSM has done a great job at selling firearms with their anti-gun rhetoric. The public isn’t buying their ‘double talk’ standards like, for example, an anti-gun politician having tax payer funded armed security but the tax payer should not be able to be armed to provide their selves their own armed security.

    • People are picking up in the hypocrisy of Progressives.

      Just like Great Leader Trudeau telling Canadians to cut carbon emissions by 40% before boarding a leased private jet to the Caribbean for a holiday. Some pigs are definitely more equal than others.

  6. After watching a major, liberal Hollywood movie, I wanted to go out and buy all kinds of scary, black rifles.

    • No kidding them movie guys get all the newest coolest stuff. Then on the next commercial they tell you guns are BAD.

  7. I really wish Ryan Busse (the former Kimber exec who threw the fit on twitter about the name of the suppressor) would just move to San Francisco and leave Montana (or just go back to Kansas–sorry Kansas). He has thoroughly crapped the bed here.

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