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From AMMO Inc. . . .

AMMO, Inc., the owner of, the largest online marketplace serving the firearms and shooting sports industries, and a leading vertically integrated producer of high-performance ammunition and components, today announces that its Board of Directors has unanimously approved a plan to separate its ammunition and marketplace businesses into two independent publicly-traded companies.

Outdoor Online, Inc. (“Outdoor Online”) will be comprised of and its related online businesses. Current AMMO Chairman & CEO, Fred Wagenhals, will assume the Chairman & CEO role in Outdoor Online. The second entity, Action Outdoor Sports, Inc. (“AOS”), will retain the Company’s current ammunition and munition components business, including its well- established STREAK ™ , Signature ™ , Blackline ™ , /stelTH/ ™ , Blueline ™ , AMMO Brass ™ , and Hunt Ammunition ™ brands. The AOS CEO, executive management team and board of directors will be announced at a later date and in advance of consummation of this transformational transaction, anticipated to close during calendar 2023. The Company expects to create these companies through a tax-free spin-off by AMMO of AOS.

Strategic Benefits to Spin-Off

The Company believes there are a number of compelling reasons supporting the separation of these two vibrant business units, including:

  • Better Positioned to Enhance Shareholder Value: Compelling and distinct investment opportunities derived from each particular business model. As independent and separate companies, AMMO expects each will be better situated to be appropriately valued by the market.
  • Enhancement of Brand Strength: The separation and renewed focus by each newly organized business is expected to facilitate the enhancement and expansion of the valuable brand strength developed in both separate operational units, thus further supporting increased enterprise and therefore shareholder value.
  • Prioritize and Refine Capital Allocation: With separated business models and short- and long-term goals, each company will be better positioned to refine and focus capital allocation strategies moving forward.
  • Expanded Strategic Opportunities: With a renewed focus, AOS will build upon AMMO’s well-established track record as an attractive acquirer through enhanced M&A work in the outdoor recreation marketplace, allowing it to secure best-in-class partnerships with other manufacturers. Similarly, Outdoor Online will be best positioned to focus on continuing the work designed to leverage its leading marketplace, while focusing on potential accretive M&A opportunities specific to its space and market.
  • Reinforce and Amplify the Ability to Attract and Retain Top Market Talent Each company’s short- and long-term objectives will be enhanced by a renewed ability to attract and retain the top industry talent best situated for each business’ operation separate operational and financial objectives.
  • Enhanced Strategic Focus with Supporting Resources: Financial and human capital resources will be deployed in a focused manner to best support the specific operational needs and growth drivers of each separate company.

“AMMO’s management team and Board completed a detailed analysis and assessment of our operations, business units, and growth opportunities, all with the singular goal of unlocking and enhancing shareholder value,” stated Fred Wagenhals, AMMO’s Chairman & CEO. “With the supportive analysis of our trusted advisory teams, we determined that a spin-off of our ammunition/munition components business would best serve to unlock significant shareholder value.”

“With the opening of AMMO’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Manitowoc, WI, and the enhancement of the integrated Marketplace operations (the “Marketplace”) following the 2021 acquisition, the management team, Board and our advisors believe the time is right to deploy this exciting strategy. Through acquisition, enhanced efficiencies and a continually refined application of leverage, we have made great progress executing on our long-planned strategy to vertical integrate, drive operational efficiencies, expand the Marketplace and ultimately deliver shareholder value.”

GunBroker logo

“Our entire team remains singularly focused and committed to working collectively through this transformational process to best position each company with the right team members and full panoply of resources to deliver exceptional products, innovation, and an overall enhanced experience for the outdoor sporting and shooting enthusiast that ultimately creates even more value for our loyal shareholders.”

“As the AMMO team and its advisors work through this transformational process, further public communications will follow which will identify the exceptional stewards appointed to the boards of directors of each company, along with the management teams strategically selected from the current AMMO management team. The management teams will be enhanced with new additions from industry leading executives with stellar resumes currently performing exceptionally well within the domestic and/or international business markets,” concluded Mr. Wagenhals.

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  1. Translation: If something happens to the GunBroker business legally it won’t take down the ammunition business.

      • Yeah, armslist. Who the heck charges a fee to browse? It was like an anti bought the place to shut it down or at the very least someone who had no idea on how to make money on anything.

  2. alternate headline:

    “AMMO Inc. to Spin Off GunBroker from Ammunition Business, in Legal Move to Minimize Impact of Future Lawsuits on the Company Brought by Anti Gun Groups for Selling Firearms to People Who Then Commit Crimes with Them”

    • My first thought…I think the whole online gun thing may go to he!! I have good relationship’s with a several gun shops. Hoping they all stay in business…

      • After GB began collecting taxes on top of other fees it’s a strain on those getting by on a budget. However some of those on a budget throw money out the window on cable TV and other crap they can live without. Nonetheless deals to be had out there, I purchased a 3 mag Tauras G3C from PSA for $221.00 plus ship and FFL. And it came with a mail in $25.00 rebate.

    • For a bunch of atheists and agnostics, they sure do obsess over religion. Speaking of the devil, have you noticed how popular satanic symbolism has become among a certain group of people lately?

      • “For a bunch of atheists and agnostics, they sure do obsess over religion.”

        It’s human nature to fear what you are unable to understand…

        • Geoff……………..,

          And they certainly do not understand faith. And they certainly do not pray.

    • I’m catholic…so I guess now I’m going to be blamed for an “assault rosary” use someplace and have my rosary banned.

      • So you are the one that is responsible when a kid takes their assault rosary into a school. Damnit booger, think of the children

  3. This web site is really a walk-through for all of the info you wanted about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and you’ll definitely discover it.

  4. Wander off topic, as usual.

    What changes for the buyer and seller to ease the Gunbroker bureaucracy that caused a lot of customers to walk away? Not one word.

    They can spin it off all they like, it won’t make it what it was. I bought a 4566 TSW and Taurus ultralite .38 – then it started getting more difficult with less return.

    A lot of us believe it was deliberate to control sales and conform to international theories of gun control.

  5. Well…
    At some point in this process you ARE going to be dealing with your LGS. If GunBroker sells the gun I want for $25 less and I pay $25 to the LGS for the transfer then I have NOT saved ANYTHING. If I’m looking to buy something that’s in the $1500 range then I see very little point. I’m ok with paying a little extra just for the convenience factor. Plus there is my desire to support local businesses. That’s not even to mention that when buying online there is an increased chance of being watched and monitored. You also have the option of paying with cash when going directly there. Many FFL’s will give a discount for using cash and that changes the equation when you see a cheaper price at places like GB.

  6. I bought a case of their ammo and was not pleased with it at all. I had a fair number of wildly over loaded shells, you would fire five or six then boom one sounds like a cannon kicks like a mule and puts out a flash like bomb. I will never buy their ammo again. on the other hand I buy stuff on there all the time, love that site. My wallet hates it though lol

  7. I’m betting they have been getting a lot of push to sell the AMMO company…

    There is an anti-gun group of investors based in Cali that have been buying up some of the gun businesses, and they have closed many of them…

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