Pro Gun Rally Virignia
Fencing and magnetometers are set up around Capitol Square for the anticipated pro gun rally at the Virginia State Capitol Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020, in Richmond, Va. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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“House Republicans reject any attempt by any group to infuse any kind of twisted or extreme worldview into this fundamentally democratic exercise,” [House Republican Leader Todd] Gilbert added in his statement on Saturday. “So there’s no mistake, this is my message to any group that would subvert this event: you are not welcome here.”

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, the organizers of the rally, are expecting thousands of people to attend the demonstration on Monday. The group’s Facebook event page indicates that more than 6,000 people say they are attending.

– Justin Wise in Virginia GOP leader: Hate groups spreading ‘white supremacist garbage’ are not welcome here

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  1. Whites are the only group that votes majority pro gun. Therefore gun rights = white supremacists.
    Didn’t your socialist teachers teach you logic?

      • But he’s right, whites are the only group who gives a shit about gun rights. Even Asians, who integrate into our societies and don’t cause trouble, vote overwhelmingly anti-gun.

      • Yes sarcasm, although the first line is true.

        What I should have said. “It’s like you slept through re education camp or something.

      • Do you really need someone to cue you when they’re using sarcasm….? Hopefully I missed your sarcasm…..

  2. Remember everyone:

    There’s always a convenient “White Nationalist” to show up when the Democrats need them.

    • The crazy fringe types from the extreme right need no help or encouragement from anti-gun hoplophobes. They show up all on their own, hogging the news media and making trouble. Their mirror-image crazies from the far left are the same, needing no help from conservatives to show up spoiling the day.

      • With rallies and other demostrations it is common for radical and weird groups to comd in to steal some of the limelight.

  3. So he’s anti free speech? Shouldn’t the message be peaceful protest / no violence? I get what he’s saying. No one wants those idiots to show up, violent or not, but to *paraphrase* someone, “there are very bad people on both sides.” The media hyping the white supremacist angle is in everyone’s head now. Mission accomplished. He’s just helping.

  4. Name one “protest movement” that has actually accomplished their stated goals in the last 50 years.

    Black protests in the 60s just got them the welfare state, and the resulting degradation of black families.

    Since then there have been protests against war, nuclear fission, oil drilling, Wall Street, Trump, you name it, have any of them effected actual reversal of govt policies? We still have wars nukes Wall St and Trump, and anti gun legislation that is spreading state to state.

    Other than the good feels these protestors get, govt cares not one bit. The only way to change govt is by getting inside it, and re directing the cash flows. Standing in the streets with signs just gets you photographed and doxed by Antifa/FBI, smeared, beat up and arrested, unless your protests are leftist approved in which case you get glowing media coverage of your brave protests. And still nothing changes.

    • Didn’t these dems in VA just recently change their minds about banning AR-15s? I’m sure they’ll bring it up again and again, but isn’t that a start?

      • If thats your concept of “winning.” Next you will be claiming Gov Blackface isnt all that bad, he just wants a safer community, some common sense gun laws, hence he is really listening to his constituents.

        • No, I was just replying to your comment. You said it never accomplishes anything. If no one spoke up, wouldn’t they have just proceeded with the ban?

        • “Next you will be claiming Gov Blackface isnt all that bad, he just wants a safer community, some common sense gun laws, hence he is really listening to his constituents.”

          Do you actually believe that? It’s weird how people on the net don’t know how to have a conversation about opposing views without insults.

        • Mr Dude, the gun ban legislation is going thru full steam. This protest will accomplish nothing but providing a vehicle for Antifa/FBI to paint the protestors as white supremacists.

          Please point out one protest movement that has turned govt opinion/action 180 degrees around.

          Try to focus.

        • Okay, maybe I have this wrong, but let’s go back to my original comment. They were ready to ban ARs. Did they or didn’t they change their mind on that? It’s an honest question. I thought I heard that they softened their view on that. Maybe added a grandfather clause or something. It’s hard to keep up with all the different proposed legislation. So why would they change their mind? So protests did in fact have an effect? You’re the one that’s going off subject, fantasizing about what views I’ll hold in the future.

      • Dude-A peaceful protest movement had nothing to do with removing the gun confiscation bill. It is a play out of the rules for radicals. When you have nothing to offer at the negotiating table, you ask for everything, and getting anything is a win. They dropped the confiscation ban(everything) because of the Citizen’s exercising their 1st Amendment right and openly stating that the 2nd Amendment would be invoked on the state thugs and their family members, if the state tries to endanger the loved ones of the Citizens.
        They will pass the registration bill, then go for confiscation in a couple years, as the demographics are stacked in the authortarians favor. When the opposition has all the guns, intellect must be used, until your side has the guns, is their playbook. Getting the laws on the books makes it legal for the cops to harm the Citizens like in other antigun states, and the tyranny by law is what makes conservatives trample on the 2nd Amendment rights of We Citizens, who will not be deprived of our rights under color of law. Conservatives don’t think Citizens have the right to use force on cops, in defense of the Citizen’s Liberty. A cop being able to murder or imprison a Citizen, simply because the Citizen is armed without governemt permission, is the exact government that the Bill of Rights was meant to limit, but previous generations surrendered Liberty for a material standard.

    • JusDaFax,

      It sure seems like the overwhelming majority of such demonstrations are a waste of time.

      I will point out two “protest movements” that seem to be heading toward success: the homosexual celebration movement and the more recent birth-sex-is-fluid fantasy (“transgender”) garbage. Slowly but surely, both are seeping into government policy and law.

      The truth of the matter is that the ruling class is primarily concerned with wealth, prestige, and power. Always remember, though, that the masses often embrace perversion and the ruling class is not immune from that propensity.

      What does that mean? We would have a much greater chance of success if we were demanding acceptance and celebration of our consensual relationships with our minority homosexual transgender firearms.

      • In just about every socity that has existed, both the elite classes and ths poor classes engage in widedpread perversions. Generally the middle classes are the most prudish of the three main levels. Both the rich and the poor do not want the middle class, their favorite victim pool to be armed.

        • Looks like Tony has never read a history book or keep up with events. Hollywood for example, the casting couch is a wide open secret in the film industry. Generally, nice people do not make it to the top of the social ladder. Its people who are willing to brown nose, back stab, and step on people on every rung up to the top that make it there. It is why white collar crime is much more widespread than blue collar crime. Also studies show that a higher percentage of the rich population are high functioning psychopaths than the rest of the general population.

        • Harry, you made statements about a middle class which historically has only existed for a very, very short time anywhere in the world. You pretend you’re in the know, and you’re not.

      • That isn’t just a protest movement. They have Hollywood, academia, and a sympathetic media on their side to help normalize it and portray it in the best light.

        • Agree 100%.

          It is also important to note that the homosexual celebration and birth-sex-is-fluid fantasy movements did not initially have said support. Their demonstrations captured the attention of the media, Hollywood, and Academia and eventually secured their support.

  5. 1. When a white reporter asks a white gun about “white supremacy” ask the white reporter if they support gun rights for blacks, homosexuals, the poor, or the old?

    2. Or are guns just for the news media office building security guards?

    3. Are guns just for the rich folks security staff for billionaire Michael Bloomberg?

    4. Or are guns just for the rich white country singers security staff of Tim Mcgraw or Eric Church?

    5. And since this is MLK day ask the reporter if they know that Rev King requested a gun carry permit after his house was shot up. And was denied by the white Sheriff’s office.

    • That’s why the white supremacist angle is so stupid here. It’s fear mongering. I guess they don’t want the white supremacists fighting for equal rights.

      • Anyone can make these reporters look like fools if they know even a little history about gun civil rights.

      • Accuse your opponent of being white supremacist and you can outright dismiss his argument without having to address the issue at hand.

    • There is never any reason to talk to the media. If you make them look bad they will not air the footage. If they can in any way distort what you said to make you look bad they will.

      Ignore them, they only have the power you give them.

  6. The left and the deep state has pulled out all the stops and thrown everything they had to discredit and or stop this. Every underhanded trick in the book.

  7. Living here in the San Francisco I find it ironic that the liberals can have some good honest causes that get hijacked by the leftist crazies and people cheer them on to the point where now liberalism (and the larger Democrat party) has been hijcked by the maniacs. The conservatives (and by extension Republicans) have consistently denounced right wing extremists and kept them out of the mainstream, but we constently get painted as nutjobs. Stupid people and the media suck.

    • Very well put. I would also point out that the few normal democrats left have to keep their mouth shut or the twitter mob will come for them. The party doesn’t do much denouncing because the left wing extremists help keep people in line for them.

  8. Democrats pushing gun control in a southern state? And there’s no white supremacists involved? I call bs…

  9. OR…show up & VOTE. FIFY. I can’t “win” in Cook,County,IL. You virginie boys can.

  10. To kill the race angle everyone should walk around with signs pointing out that gun control is a racist like their current KKK robed (or black faced) governor. Turn the narrative on its head.

  11. White men are the only group the government wants to be disarmed and to be victims of violence..thats why they expliot the white supremacist farce… The Democrats and the mainstream media potray a white man simply breathing as a racist.. they spend every dying minute trying to enrage other races against white men.. they even try to enrage the white women against white men..WAKE UP..

      • Wow you sure have a hard telling truth from fiction. Its not about just white men, its about getting the low and middle classes to fight each other and among themselves.

  12. Ask the white reporters why they refuse to show pictures of American blacks? American Chinese, Japanese Americans, who had their guns confiscated before they where sent to the camps.
    Ask the white reporter why they only want to show pictures of white law abiding gun owners???

  13. The Commies are coming President Trump told me so. Damn its cold here in Virginia this time of year. Shoot fire lets burn up some tires for heat.

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