Joe Biden moms demand action
"Sure it's illegal, but so what? It will take them years and millions of dollars to challenge it. I'll be long-dead by then. And in the mean time, I can tell idiots like you that I closed the gun show loophole. You'll then clap and bark like an obedient seal. Are you starting to see how all of this works?" (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
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Legislators in Arkansas passed a “Stand Your Ground” law in recent weeks by an overwhelming margin, and Governor Asa Hutchinson has now signed the measure into law. “Stand Your Ground” policy removes a duty to retreat before a would-be victim can use deadly force to defend against the imminent threat of death or great bodily injury.

Not everyone is pleased with the new law.  Moms Demand Action and others lobbied heavily against the popular bill.  A handful of people even showed up in the late January cold to voice their opposition to the media. covered it.

Dozens rally against “Stand Your Ground” bill in Arkansas
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) — Dozens of state and religious leaders, as well as activists from across Arkansas, rallied at the Capitol Sunday to express concerns against the proposed “stand your ground” legislation…

KTBS was kind enough to list the rally’s sponsors.

The press conference was co-sponsored by:

Arkansas Democratic Black Caucus
Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Arkansas United
Citizens First Congress
Moms Demand Action
NAACP State and Local Branches
Urban League
W. Harold Flowers Law Society

Their voices didn’t sway legislators or the governor, though.  After the new law passed the Arkansas legislature, Gov. Hutchinson wasted no time in signing off on it.

WMC-5 TV has the story:

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has signed into law a measure that eases the state’s restrictions on the use of deadly force in self-defense.

The Republican governor signed the measure Wednesday that removes the duty to retreat before deadly force can be used, despite past concerns he’s raised about changing the state’s self-defense law.

A similar measure stalled in the Legislature two years ago, but the bill this year moved more easily after groups such as the state’s sheriffs’ and prosecutors’ associations that previously opposed it said they’re neutral to the latest version.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Bob Ballinger (R-Ozark) and Rep. Aaron Pilkington (R-Knoxville) received overwhelming support in the legislature by a 72-23 margin in the House and 27-7 in the Senate.

Supporters of the bill say it will help people protect themselves in a dangerous situation, while opponents said it would create a dangerous precedent.

35 states now have “Stand Your Ground” protections. While some others states have similar provisions, there are still too many states that retain their antiquated “duty to retreat” laws.


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  1. Arkansas Democratic Black Caucus wants to keep their victims, same with the NAACP.
    Evil bastards.

  2. The left always assumes that somebody else will show up to protect their butts. Not happening. Normal people take steps to protect themselves and the ones they love. We only kill strangers.

    • GunnyGene…as you know “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” That’s why police departments have a Chalk Budget…….to draw outlines.

  3. I bet my demented troll just hates that new law…

    *Applause*… 😉

    • There we go. No offense to Moms, but their energy ought to be in arrest, prosecution and incarceration of criminals according to the laws that are already in the books. Not against law-abiding citizens who need to defend themselves, and their families against violent criminals.

  4. Sounds like Moms Are Fudds might be contemplating getting into the home invasion/smash ‘n’ grab/car jackin’ business and just wanna be safe at work. Yep, Blacks jus’ keep votin’ to be VICTIMS.

  5. Arkansas.
    Stand your ground ” Laws”
    Ha ha
    Been pretty much that way since the state was formed.
    Dont wear an Arkansas Razorbacks Tshirt in Tulsa Ok., I got beat up and you probably will too.

    • Smart people stay away from Tulsa. Less smart people get beat up. If there was anything in Tulsa worth seeing, it was destroyed with the Tulsa Riot in 1921.

  6. Thank god the white Christian republicans, who have sex in the missionary position, with the lights turned off, where successful in helping honest law abiding black people. Who will be the vast majority in using this new civil rights law.

    If you don’t believe me then go check out the self defense gun research of Dr. John Lott.

    • Missionary position,? Is that like when she roles on her back to fight you off? That’s why strong jaws and a firm hold on her neck helps.

      • ‘Possum, that made me snort my ginger brew. Almost came out my nose.
        My property welcomes all possums…
        There will be a bowl of Guinness left outside the back door on these cold Florida nights to help provide needed calories.

    • Always found that stat both encouraging and depressing but glad they are able to make use of it and hope it becomes less necessary with time (and attrition).

  7. GunnyGene…as you know “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” That’s why police departments have a Chalk Budget…….to draw outlines.

    • If you’re lucky they’re only minutes away. More often now, it’s hours or days or never.

      • I don’t know what your 911 response time is but downunder our 000 emergency can take more than minute to get to the PVR and minutes more to get an operator. Criminals don’t tend to wait.

  8. I’m really not a fan of Stand Your Ground, but it does seem to be the most rational response to Duty to Retreat. I think it would be better to amend existing laws, scrubbing out any concept of Duty to Retreat. SYG seems to encourge foolish people to do foolish things.

    • Nobody says you can’t beat feet. SYG just gives you the option without the legal hassle. But it’s also only one small slice of the entire Self Defense pie. You need to eat the whole pie; with ice cream.

      • “SYG just gives you the option without the legal hassle.”

        Not necessarily so: if anyone believes they can shoot or maim/kill by any other method another human being without a very thorough investigation by the gendarmes, that person is delusional. Even if the LE and pertinent prosecutor are satisfied the action was proper, said potential victim will likely still be plagued with civil action or worse yet, the lightning rod for rioting, burning and looting should the deceased/duly-injured be of the improper racial order.

        Stand Your Ground is a valid option but certainly other steps need to be taken to protect all potential victims from being worked over after being forced to defend themselves.

        • In Iowa if the Shoot is deemed lawful/justified by the “pertinent prosecutor”. State Law precludes and disallows any civil action in regards to the incident.
          P.S. Constitutional Carry moves to a full floor vote next week in the legislature. With similar Legislation in the Senate. Passage is expected and the Governor has voiced her support of the Bill.

    • It’s not “Stand Your Ground” law. It’s “You No Longer Have to Run Like a Coward” law.

      • Right, JB. “Stand Your Ground” is a negative moniker used by opponents. It IS an elimination of the absolute duty to retreat regardless of safe retreat options.

  9. Standing your ground is the most basic of human rights, and when you consider this you see it applies to the animal kingdom as well.

    Only beta animals and prey flee danger. Same applies to people.

    • I disagree with that statement.
      Removing the legal duty to retreat by passing a stand your ground law is an excellent idea.
      Getting involved in a deadly force fight is the choice of last resort.
      A reasonable person would deescalate, and walk or run away, when it is perfectly safe to do so.
      Saying “I’m sorry, I don’t want any trouble” to the drunk road rage guy and walking or driving away is far superior to getting out of your car and starting a deadly force fight over accidentally cutting someone off in traffic.
      Don’t forget that in any fight, you have a greater than 0% chance of being killed.
      There are Legal and moral ramifications of having to kill someone over something as stupid as an argument over shoveling snow, Disposing of garbage, improper lane change, or accidental bumping someone. All of which I’ve seen on active self protection on YouTube.
      Remember the handicapped parking space killer?
      And the retired LEO who killed someone in the movie theater after they threw popcorn at him?
      I bet you they wished they had left the scene, because now they’re serving decades in prison.
      Yes, if someone jumps out of hiding in a parking garage with a knife and threatens you, of course pull your gun and start shooting.
      That is the Noble and brave course of action.
      Don’t get into an ego battle over something inconsequential that leads to someone getting killed.
      Just walk, run, or drive away if it’s perfectly safe to do so.
      Because you might get killed, or spend decades in jail.

  10. What this means is that fifteen states still require the defender to retreat if it can be done safely. And who determines if retreat can be done safely? Hint — it won’t be the defender who was actually there.

    No, it will be twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty, a supercilious b@st@rd or b!tch in a black robe, and a prosecutor bought and paid for by George Soros.

  11. I just spoke with my State Representative. Iowa Constitutional Carry will get a floor vote next week. He expects Iowa to become the next state with Constitutional Carry.

  12. Those are not “moms” they are busy body azzhats that cannot help themselves but to always stick their noses in everyones’ business. Like those busy bodies are going to be around when you have to stand your ground.
    If left up to the busy bodies you would have to phone them to get a permission slip for everything you do. Good news is the busy bodies got it handed to them in AR. That could mean Arkansas or Armalite Rifle.

  13. It’s about time Arkansas, well done. The day that criminals stand outside and wait for the cops to arrive before attempting their crime is the day I’ll….nah, stand your ground is always the best plan.

    The more bad guys put down by good guys the better. Be it a belly full of buckshot or the shuffle of their mortal coil, it’s a win for polite society.

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