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America is no longer split between Democrat and Republican. It’s now divided between citizens who believe in big government and those who consider small government the key to personal liberty. Social unity vs. individual rights. Economic dependency vs. financial self-sufficiency. Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s a struggle between slavery and freedom. The battle over the natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms has thrown this Great Divide into high relief. We’re once again a nation of slave states (e.g., California, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island), free states (e.g., Texas, Kansas, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, Montana) and states moving one way or the other (e.g., Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois). And now Missouri has declared its status . . .

The Missouri Legislature sent the governor a bill Wednesday that would expand gun rights and declare all federal gun regulations unenforceable, in a response to President Obama’s push for gun control legislation.

Aside from nullification—a movement to which Kansas recently ascribed (much to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s chagrin)—the new bill expands Missourians’ existing gun rights.

In addition to declaring federal gun laws unenforceable, the bill would allow concealed weapons to be carried by designated school personnel in school buildings. It would allow appointed “protection officers” to carry concealed weapons as long as they have a valid permit and register with the state Department of Public Safety. The officers would also be required to complete a training course.

The bill would also allow people with a firearms permit to openly carry weapons less than 16 inches in length even in localities that prohibit open-carry of firearms . . .

The legislation passed Wednesday would prevent people from publishing any identifying information on gun owners. A person who publishes such information would be guilty of a class A misdemeanor. It also would prevent doctors or nurses from being required to ask patients about firearm ownership.

The measure would also lower the minimum age required to obtain a concealed weapons permit from 21 to 19.

And if that’s not enough—and it may well not be, considering the AG’s hard-on for Kansas and the Supreme Court’s fondness for considering sneezing interstate commerce—the Show-Me State is considering an amendment to their constitution that would make residents’ right to keep and bear arms an “inalienable” right.

The tension between the two Americas continues to build . . .

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    • We can hope. Minnesota’s government wants to put us in slave status, but the people rose up enough to defeat all the new gun legislation this year.

      I don’t plan on sticking around for too many more rounds. Unless we replace the clowns in St Paul and FAST Minnesota will fall.

      • We have the numbers to turn it around. Half a million deer hunters alone in this state each year.
        It’s the metro we need to worry about. They’re the ones pushing the anti 2A and anti hunting legislation.
        We need the hunters to wake up to the 2A assault, they need to join the fight if they haven’t already.

      • Good gawd really?


        I’d think the politicians of my northern brothers and sisters (well, a couple states north anyway) would be just as supportive of gun rights as anyone west of the Mississippi.

    • Hey Greg Camp don’t forget alot of us in those 10 states agree with those in the 40 so your odds just got even better…

    • Will he sign it? I don’t know. but, Missouri is controlled by a veto proof republican majority in both house and Senate, and this bill was passed by a veto proof majority… it will be law either way.

      • I hate to be a wet blanket, but I’m going to do it anyway.

        Keep in mind that Utah’s constitutional carry bill was vetoed…by a Republican governor. And that the Republican supermajority in the legislature (we’re talking 90%) declined to hold an override vote, so it died. I think mostly they didn’t want to be seen fighting amongst themselves.

        There are no guarantees. But the fact that it’s up for consideration at all is a positive thing.

      • I wonder if he’s getting any flack for the Missouri state police sending CCW holders info to the feds?

    • The governor is a dem so I would guess no, but the republicans have a super-majority so Missouri wins either way

  1. And it will continue to build. If we don’t see some pressure relief in 14 we may have a situation that is past the point of no return. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 14.

    • If we see some relief in ’14 we may see the other side double down on extra-legal approaches to maintaining their control. (Think “Fast and Furious” type of manipulations.)

      • If they try that here, our AK-bearing flying monkeys’ll learn ’em better.

        • The Missouri Department of Conservation controls access to Bass fish and they don’t have any freshwater sharks in Missouri, so no sharks with lasers in their heads. AK-bearing flying monkeys was considered the best compromise alternative.

        • It’s a bad day, Human Being, when a man can’t get a frickin’ shark with a frinckin’ laser mounted on his head. Just sayin’.

    • Contact your state rep with a copy of this bill, suggesting your state adopt it. A lot ideas get passed this way. Some groups even push to pass citizen referendum amendments in states that have them just to already have a law on the books somewhere that mirror what they want. Which is why Florida has a constitutional amendment regarding the housing of pregnant pigs, and I wish I was making that up.

      • Florida has a constitutional amendment regarding the housing of pregnant pigs

        Don’t leave us hanging. This is important. Is FL for them or against them? Are they restricted to certain parts of the state, like Tallahassee? Does it matter who made them pregnant? What’s FL’s stance on bacon? Is Kim Kardashian covered? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • I would say – it’s a guess only – Virginia might see their way to it. The usual problem applies: the extraordinarily huge number of Old Dominioners who get their paycheck from Washington.

      More bases and military installations than you can shake a stick at. Or wave a gun at.

    • I.hope you like cows. My most vivid memory of Missouri, as seen from an AMTRAK train: a forlorn, thirsty dairy cow, standing on top of a stream frozen through-and-through, staring down at the stream, which once held drinking water.

      • We have several cows, but they’re almost all beef. We’ve got rivers to fish and float, BBQ and baseball, hunting and horses, town and country. We’re hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and sometimes vice versa.

        We’re getting more firearm freedom all the time.

  2. I am now proud of my state, they have started on the path to redemption from providing CCW permits information to the federal government.

    • The Missouri DOR got a good spanking over that. The fact that their budget was threatened is something they won’t soon forget. Something tells me they won’t be sending Missourian’s info out of state anymore.

      • The DOR is only funded next year for eight months. The state will look at it again in about seven months to see if the DOR has corrected the problem.

  3. I hate that Texas is so far behind the curve on this stuff. We have so many RINOs and an electorate who is too gullible to ever recognize it. And Texas could very well go Blue in the next few years if republican voters don’t get over the immigration issue. I mean I don’t want people to come here and immediately go on the dole(how libs offer to buy their votes), but at the same time, who could dislike individuals who generally represent the hardworking spirit of America far more than many Americans do. Cheap house cleaning and lawn service isn’t too bad either(not PC, but true).

    • I don’t think Texas has much to worry about… one look at who we sent to the Senate last time around just warms my heart. This is not a man that would have been elected if Texas were turning into a blue state… God Blessed Texas.

    • And as you embrace those illegals, do you really think that they’re going to vote in favor of the Constitution or freedom? Hell no.

      • awesome, play the illegals card….not like it hasnt been played to death already….
        the “illegals” are coming here to get away from the Cartels/horrid government/ even more horrid living conditions. a place where owning a gun is illegal. ask me again why they want to move to the same place they left.

      • The people who came to US back in 19th century from many other countries all over the world, from Ireland to Russia to China, embraced it, and the basic notion of “freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness” that is its bedrock. True, they weren’t illegal immigrants, but it was in the era where there simply wasn’t such thing – in practice they were doing the same exact thing those Mexicans do, buy a ticket for their last pennies and cross the border in search of opportunity to build a better life for themselves. It worked out wonderfully. What makes you believe that it is somehow completely different today?

    • Y’know, I deal with a lot of Latinos/Hispanics ’round here – both in business and as acquaintances or friends – and you’ll not find more honest, hard-working and proud people anywhere.

      Most of ’em vote liberty and responsibility, too. That can be either democratic or repubican, depending on the individual and thir record, and they study before they vote.

      If the crowd in Texas is half as smart as that up this way (Kansas or Missouri) you’ll be fine.

      • I concur with your sentiments about Hispanics, but too many first gen Latin American immigrants have a morbid appetite for Federal and state “safety nets.” Like everyone else who is on the dole, they do what they’re told by their masters.

        When they break away and get smart, they’re Ted Cruz.

  4. Maybe thats a broadside ronald mcgrabber can understand. Good going MO, Randy

  5. Hey Illinois isn’t moving anywhere yet. In fact we may end up with constitutional carry by next month.

    • SCOTUS extended Madigan’s time to file for cert for 30 days. This doesn’t extend the 7th Circuit’s deadline, but I don’t like that Kagan granted an extension.

      • Do you feel this would be a bad case for the justices to look at if it ever got taken up by SCOTUS?

    • No, he won’t. Irrespective of the behavior of some of his underlings, he’s on the right side in this. Barely.

      • I don’t think that a Dem governor is going to give the finger to the Big Fool in Washington. But we will see.

  6. if our state is not going to stand up to the Imperial Federal government for us, who will?

  7. An excellent start. I like the change of allowing carrying in previously banned places. I never frequented dive bars, but I don’t even like going to the nicer establishments around here because I have to leave the peice in the truck.

    • Leave you peice in the truck? Why?

      The first thing to realize is that there is no “list of 17 prohibited places” in the Missouri Revised statutes. In fact, if you read RSMO 571.107.1, it does not use the word, “prohibited” even once. Rather, what 571.107.1 (1) – (17) does is specify places in which your CCW endorsement “does not authorize” you to carry. In statutory language, there is a HUGE difference between actions that are “prohibited”, and actions that are simply not authorized by the mere presence of a CCW endorsement.

       So now that we have some basis established for what this section of law actually does, we can look further into the statuette at 571.107.2 which points out that, while an endorsement doesn’t authorize the person holding the endorsement to carry into the places specified in 571.107.1 (1) – (17), carry into those places by an endorsement holder is NOT a criminal act. In fact, it’s not even an infraction. At most, it could subject the endorsement holder to denial or removal from said premises. Only if the endorsement holder refuses to leave does it rise to the level of an infraction, and even then it is not the presence of the gun that is the infraction, rather, it is that refusal to leave that is the infraction. 

      So where is a CCW permit holder actually “prohibited” from carrying in Missouri? 571.107.1 (9) specifies that your endorsement does not authorize you to carry in “any place where the carrying of a firearm is prohibited by federal law”. So if there is a federal prohibition on the carry of firearms into a certain building or onto a certain property that is located in Missouri, then that prohibition is valid and you are subject to abide by it (think Post Office, Federal Court Buildings, VA Hospital, Social Security Administration Office, etc).

       If you only read Chapter 571, you might come to the conclusion that those places where carry is prohibited by Federal Law are the only places where an endorsement holder is truly prohibited from carrying a concealed firearm, and you would be ALMOST right. However, due diligence demands that we dig deeper to make sure we have all of our bases covered. 

      Upon further examination, we find in RSMO 578.305 that firearms are also PROHIBITED on public buses (under our “Bus Hijacking” law –, furthermore, we find that violation of that law is a Class C felony. We also find that, under an obscure law that allows political subdivisions in Missouri to enter into agreements with political subdivisions in other states, (RSMO 70.441), that the possession of firearms is prohibited on Metro Link trains as well (RSMO 70.441.3 (11) - and that such possession is a misdemeanor offense (RSMO 70.441.4 (1) ), 

      So there you have it. There are actually THREE prohibited places in Missouri where people who hold a valid MISSOURI CCW endorsement may not carry: 

      1. Areas in which the carry of firearms is prohibited by federal law.
      2. Buses used for public transportation.
      3. Metro Link trainsIf you are carrying on a non-resident permit issued by another state, you can add a 4th place to that list: 
      4. Any place that meets the federal definition of “school zone”, or within 1000 feet of any place that meets the federal definition of “school zone” that doesn’t fall under some other exemption specified in that section of federal law. 

      If you are carrying on a valid Missouri CCW endorsement, then #4 does NOT apply to you in “school zones” located in Missouri. Hope that helps some.

      • Paragraphs four and six….oops! I won’t go on Metro Link without carrying. If there is one place besides North St. Louis City, it’s the Metro Link that one should carry concealed all of the time!

  8. One of the many big tests to come will be what free states do when asked to bail out the failing states – because when California, New Jersey, New York, and others start collapsing and ask for significant federal money as emergency relief, there will be huge pressure from the media and from the Democratic Party (not to mention from the states themselves).

    Free states will have to say no and stick to their guns. Bailing out those states will be just a backdoor way of undermining free states and bringing the country even closer to full-scale socialism.

  9. Put Kentucky in the Free States. Outside of the Constitutional Carry states, we have the best gun laws in the nation. Open loaded carry without a permit. Loaded carry in your vehicle. Statewide preemption to keep the socialists in Louisville and Lexington in line. No backlog in sales background checks, the last few guns I have bought have been cleared in under 5 minutes.

      • Ditto for Washington State.

        (with loaded handguns in the vehicle treated same as concealed carry)

    • In Vermont we have no-permit concealed carry. You can also conceal a loaded handgun in your vehicle, but long guns have to be unloaded. The uber-liberal state legislature came up with a laundry list of “common sense” gun control measures during this session….they all failed.

  10. Can someone post a list of states that already passed or are waiting for the governor sign that style of law?

  11. Here, here! Wish it would happen around here in the Occupied Zone.

    Whatever else does happens, with Colorado going Left, Montana going Right, New York going Nuts and now Missouri taking this courageous stand, the result will surely be a hearing and venting of the whole mess – the billions of gun laws in existence and lately passed – before the Supreme Court at a time when we have the best prospects for a favorable outcome.

    The “Show-Me” state has shown us the way – bless’em all.

  12. One step closer to a show-down on state vs. federal power. I hope it’s peaceful, but at this point it is hard to imagine that either side will back down solely due to a SCOTUS ruling.

    • Well, the last time we had a little showdown between the States and the “Federalists,” Kansas and Missouri were on opposing sides.

      United, I think we’d stick in the Fed’s craw…

  13. Go Mizzou!

    I’ve never been more proud of my neighbor to the east.

    ‘Round here, the nickname for the border area is the “United States,” as commerce, street grid, services and so-on are so well integrated.

    I’ll think of that nickname in a whole new way, now. We are America.

  14. I cant help but want to move to Missouri now. I was up in Sprinfield a few weeks ago for work, we came up the 63 from Arkansas. Northern Ak and southern Mo is beautiful.

  15. I love my state but this news makes me more proud than ever to be a Missourian.

    Having said that, I’ve read about 1/3rd of this Bill and the audacity of it scares me. There’s no way the Fed will put up with us passing this. So that makes me wonder if it isn’t a head-fake, juke, rope-a-dope (insert your own) to make a point?

    It states: (copied from )

    58 3. (1) All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations, whether past, present,
    59 or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the
    60 Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 23 of the
    61 Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are
    62 specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in
    63 this state.
    64 (2) Such federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations include, but are not
    65 limited to:
    66 (a) The provisions of the federal Gun Control Act of 1934;
    67 (b) The provisions of the federal Gun Control Act of 1968;
    68 (c) Any tax, levy, fee, or stamp imposed on firearms, firearm accessories, or
    69 ammunition not common to all other goods and services which could have a chilling effect
    70 on the purchase or ownership of those items by law-abiding citizens;

    It’s the parts that seemingly repeal the GCA of ’34 and ’68 and the last section that, essentially, tells the ATF to go suck it that scares the piss outta me.

    Don’t get me wrong, right after I get done talking to ya’ll, I’m writing a letter to my political-critters to thank them and cheer ’em on. But SHEESH! I can hear the ATF snarling at the end of their chains on this one.

    • Holy f*ing crap, silencers, sbr’s, aow’s, and full auto legal for regular citizens? Are they trying to get me to move there, cause they seem to know what buttons to push? I want that sooo bad.

      • I’m sure it’s “made in MO” exemption. Interstate commerce being what it is (not what it should be).

        • The MO legislators are specifically calling out the commerce clause as well.

          (6) The people of the several states have given Congress the power “to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes”, but “regulating commerce” does not include the power to limit citizens’ right to keep and bear arms in defense of their families, neighbors, persons, or property, or to dictate to what sort of arms and accessories law-abiding mentally competent Missourians may buy, sell, exchange, or otherwise possess within the borders of this state;
          (7) The people of the several states have also given Congress the power “to lay and collect taxes, duties, imports, and excises, to pay the debts, and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States” and “to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the powers vested by the Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof”. These constitutional provisions merely identify the means by which the federal government may execute its limited powers and ought not to be so construed as themselves to give unlimited powers because to do so would be to destroy the balance of power between the federal government and the state governments. We deny any claim that the taxing and spending powers of Congress can be used to diminish in any way the people’s right to keep and bear arms;

  16. Thank God for common sense! This news makes me a proud of this state, despite having a jackass Governor.

  17. Pretty sad that a proposition to restore the basic tenets of a free human right is such a “wow” factor piece.

    All the problems of this nation would be solved if every big city was just assimilated into one mega-city. Preferably one on a fault line.

  18. Gov. Nixon has weighed in:

    Since guns in schools is a part of Missouri HB436, it appears as if Jeremiah (J.) Nixon is gonna say “NO” to this bit of Fed Befuddling.

    I already sent him a little letter doing my part as a little person to respectfully persuade him to do otherwise but I doubt he’ll back down.

    Now I’m hoping for a legislative override vote of his impending veto.

  19. Rachel Maddow is about to go all ballistic about MO passing this bill, right after her “White Supremacy” story.

  20. “Economic dependency vs. financial self-sufficiency. Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s a struggle between slavery and freedom. ”

    What the hell does that have to do with 2A rights? You have really taken a dive into the deep end of teabagger hysteria, Robert.

    • Ermagerd, teabaggers!

      It falls under the umbrellas of freedom. The 2A is meaningless without the other freedoms afforded by being a human being, recognized by the Constitution.

  21. Thank the lord there are other States bucking up and getting the attention of the DOJ for wanting to get back to their Constitutional rights as a State. Holder and company hate everything Arizona does as a Free State to take care of our own business and we’ve been constantly beat up but by them but they’ve been proven wrong to the point they dropped their case.

    Kudos to Kansas and Missouri! We need more States to give the Feds the middle finger and tell them to concentrate on the limited powers the Constitution grants them.

  22. ::rant::

    Why is it that when someone wants to rattle off a list of the most pro-gun states Virginia is never mentioned (i know, we’re a commonwealth – not a state)?

    OC is legal irrespective of weapon length
    CCW requires only a 3 hr no shooting class and minimal paperwork
    No silly ‘permit to purchase’ like NC
    Private sale is unregulated

    How much more gun-friendly can you be? Yet we never get a nod.

  23. unless you live in cedar county in missouri its run like a dictatorship they ignore the ccw laws and deny people their civil rights as they choose

  24. The tension between the two Americas is indeed building, and will come to a head sooner or later. Then the communist America will lose. Badly.

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