Missouri Declares Itself a Free State

  America is no longer split between Democrat and Republican. It’s now divided between citizens who believe in big government and those who consider small government the key to personal liberty. Social unity vs. individual rights. Economic dependency vs. financial self-sufficiency. Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s a struggle between slavery […]

New Mexico Pulls the Plug on Utah Concealed Carry Reciprocity. Here’s Why . . .

After the MORE button: the official press release from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety re: the termination of The Land of Enchantment’s concealed carry reciprocity agreement with Utah. Let me save you some reading-between-the-lines time. Firearms trainers from Utah (and Florida) have fanned out across the country, offering concealed carry courses to non-residents (including […]

Missouri Considers Lowering Concealed Carry Age from 23 to 21

Twenty-one-year-old Missourians are allowed to buy a handgun. But they can’t carry it in public until they’re 23. Why and how and when did THAT happen? Don’t ask ozarksfirst.com. They’re too busy doing the journalistically farcical vox populi deal—a heinously manipulative media technique that’s normally the purview of bubble-headed bleached blonds on local TV news. […]