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David Codrea writes [via]:

“GOP faces growing demographic nightmare in West,” The Hill’s National Correspondent Reid Wilson reported Monday. “Demographic change is slowly, but inevitably, moving Western states to the left.” Inevitably.

“And it could also spread to states with metropolitan areas experiencing significant Hispanic population growth such as Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida.”

That’s a drum far too few gun owner rights advocates have been beating or even acknowledging. More likely, especially with the major “gun lobby” groups, the response has been to ignore it, with an occasional deflection falling back on the “single issue” excuse.

Yet the cultural terraforming, by all objective measures, represents the greatest growing threat gun owners will face. The simple fact is, votes enable legislation. “82% of foreign-born Hispanics think controlling gun ownership is more important than protecting gun ownership rights…”All credible polls show such populations buck the trend and favor gun restrictions by an overwhelming (71% to 25%) margin, as does the California experience. Further, after over 20 years the needle barely moves to the right. Additional documented evidence includes:

– NewsTaco: “For Latinos gun control is common sense.”

– NBC News: “On Gun Control, A GOP Disconnect With Latino Voters.”

– DCClothesline: “Most Hispanics favor gun control, a Democrat-controlled Congress, and Hillary as president.”

– Talking Points Memo: “Huge Majority of Latinos Back Stricter Gun Laws.”

– Latino Decisions: “Latino voters favor gun restrictions.”

– The Washington Times: “Hispanics already in Democratic corner for 2016.”

They’re evidently intent on recreating the same relationship between government and citizen that they fled. And while Republicans are hardly perfect, with Democrats all we need do is look at their party platform:

With 33,000 Americans dying every year, Democrats believe that we must finally take sensible action to address gun violence. While responsible gun ownership is part of the fabric of many communities, too many families in America have suffered from gun violence. We can respect the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping our communities safe.

To build on the success of the lifesaving Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, we will expand and strengthen background checks and close dangerous loopholes in our current laws; repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) to revoke the dangerous legal immunity protections gun makers and sellers now enjoy; and keep weapons of war—such as assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines (LCAM’s)—off our streets.

We will fight back against attempts to make it harder for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to revoke federal licenses from law breaking gun dealers, and ensure guns do not fall into the hands of terrorists, intimate partner abusers, other violent criminals, and those with severe mental health issues.

There is insufficient research on effective gun prevention policies, which is why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must have the resources it needs to study gun violence as a public health issue.

In short, the vast majority of those numbers occur in Democrat strongholds perpetrated by criminals who don’t obey gun laws. But to mask their utter failure at governing unopposed, Democrats want to end private sales, bankrupt the firearms industry, impose prior restraints, ban the very types of weapons needed by a citizen militia, ignore due process and treat freedom like a disease.

Serendipitously, The Hill piece coincides with a rebuttal by the National Rifle Association to The Washington Post that makes a point some of us have been calling on them to act upon for years:

“We talk about more than guns because every freedom is connected,” NRATV host Grant Stinchfield declares. “If one is threatened, they all are threatened.”


Wayne LaPierre
Why no action, Mr. LaPierre?

Despite NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre elaborating on that theme a few years back at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he avoided the dangers immigration, amnesty and a “pathway to citizenship” pose toward advancing the “demographic nightmare.”

NRA refuses to consider how a politician votes on that DIRECTLY RELATED ISSUE in its political ratings, resulting in “A” grades and endorsements for candidates who vote “right” on guns, but then turn around and set the stage for having everything undone when the immigration policies they support come to fruition.

We saw the deliberate indifference manifest itself when Fairfax circled the wagons around director Grover Norquist who teamed with Michael Bloomberg and others like the Hispanic Leadership Fund to advance an economic agenda that does not consider or acknowledge the longterm political effects of a foreign replacement electorate.

Here’s a challenge for those who would still argue NRA is right to ignore this:

Audit all credible polls against real world experience in places like California and then produce credible data – not opinion, not anecdotes, not isolated examples, but something that can be independently validated – demonstrating that “amnesty” and a “pathway to citizenship” for MILLIONS of foreign nationals in this country illegally (and legally, with CURRENT culturally suicidal policies) WILL NOT overwhelmingly favor Democrats and anti-gunners.

Show your sources and methodologies for determining this WILL NOT result in supermajorities in state and federal legislatures that will then be able to pass all kinds of anti-gun edicts.

Show how this WILL NOT result in nominations and confirmations of judges to the Supreme and federal courts who will uphold those edicts and reverse gains made to date.

If you can’t, explain why a politician’s position on an issue that will end up eviscerating “legal” recognition of the Second Amendment should not be reflected in grades and endorsements.

Those who would “fundamentally transform America” are counting on continued deliberate indifference from the gun owner rights advocacy community.

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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  1. Just yesterday I taught my housekeeper and her five sons with facial tattoos how to shoot! What do you think “MS-13” means as they all have that ink, too? We just need more outreach I tell ya!

    • Sure glad I had just swallowed that last mouthful of beer before reading your post. Otherwise you’d be springing for a new keyboard. I think I would only have had to wipe off the monitor.

  2. It’s only a demographic shift if we allow it. Most of the “latinos” in question didn’t immigrate legally or are the children of invaders with no right to US citizenship. I say we simply deport every illegal and anchor baby and we don’t have a problem.

    Claiming that the US demographics are shifting Latino legitimately is like claiming that Islam is the fastest growing religion amongst Europeans.

    • “Most of the “latinos” in question didn’t immigrate legally or are the children of invaders with no right to US citizenship.”

      *Why* voter ID laws with citizenship and voter eligibility requirements (no felons) must be enacted and deemed constitutional by SCOTUS…

      • “No felons” well, there’s no federal prohibition on felons voting, but there’s also no prohibition on states banning felons from voting. And why, I ask, would you want to see that? Can you honestly say it’s right for someone to lose their right to have a say in the laws they will be expected to follow? Plus, everything is a felon. Odds are most of us here (especially those who reside in slave states) have commited felonies, likely without even knowing it. The state defines who felons are, genius. And you’re ok with allowing the state to deny rights to people, based in a criteria that they themselves come up with?

        • Yes, Barbarians get dropped over the castle wall. One MORE reason to build the Southern wall

      • The GOP should drop it’s healthcare plans and let Obamacare die, it’s already in a death spiral.
        They should focus instead on a national voter ID system with photo ID cards tied to Social Security numbers and fingerprints.

        • @ Unfortunately, Like Firearms registration…YOUR suggesting basically a National ID card supposedly tied to YOU!!! Like other Authoritarian countries that have this sort of schemes as well…Nothing like promoting big brother…An easy round up to the Local FEMA camps….

      • Illegal possesion of a firearm, son. You’re a felon now. No votey for you! – Senator Shannon Watts

  3. Whatever…histrionics won’t help. Praytell WHAT do you suggest oh long-winded one? Handwringing? Coming from a paternalistic and authoritarian regime I believe most Mexicans will NEVER get “it”. Molan Labe…I do like Mexican food.

    • Given that the overwhelming majority of them have no buisness being here, that’s hardly a problem. Europe needs to get the kebab out, we need to get rid of the burrito. Revoke the citizenship of anyone without at least one parent with legitimate US citizenship at the time of their birth. Quite frankly, the idea of birthright citizenship is an absurdity not supported by the CotUS

      • “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

        • All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof …

          So, if the Soviet Union invades the U.S. and a pregnant Soviet female soldier gives birth on U.S. soil, her child is automatically a U.S. citizen? I will go to my grave opposing that child’s U.S. citizenship status.

          Of course the Soviet army would never knowingly allow a pregnant women close to her due date to be part of an invasion force. I use that as an example to illustrate the point. And if you are still hung-up on that example, then replace the pregnant female soldier with the pregnant wife of the commander of the Soviet invasion force who came to join her husband after the initial hostilities.

        • ” her child is automatically a U.S. citizen?”
          “Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,”

          I would say in your scenario, if the Soviet Union were to send an invasion force into their future to present day America, the Soviet female soldier you speak of, would NOT be subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and nor would her child until the invasion force is defeated. They may become under said jurisdiction once US forces crush the invasion, but the child would not have been born under US jurisdiction.

          I’m sure some leftists would still argue that child is a US citizen or at least they would have until about 6 months ago.

        • It’s hard to claim that someone in the country without the express permission of that country is functionally under said country’s jurisdiction. In any case, there is no rational basis for claiming that the authors of said amendment had intended it to apply to children of illegal invaders. Clearly some “reasonable restrictions” are in order.

        • China [the communist, terrorism-supporting, state] owns hospitals in CA to do just that, they import birthing Chinese mothers in order to have the children have citizenship.

          The evil POS (D) of CA get paid for this, Jerry Brown needs to be stopped for this, and for his Carbon-Tax deal with China, per US Constitution Article IV-Section 4 and Article 1 Section 10.

      • That’s rich coming from an immigrant like yourself. Citizenship by birth is the law of the land and you nor I are any less deserving of citizenship because our mothers chose to squeeze us out elsewhere rather than here.

        • Actually, yes, you are. That’s what birthright citizenship means. We’re geographically lucky, and we get to decide who gets in, who stays, who gets citizenship.

          Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Have a beverage and a snack and we’ll shoot the shit a while.

        • There is no rational basis for claiming that someone whose parents are in the country illegally are under the “jurisdiction” of the United States. That amendment had a clear and concise purpose. Anchor babies, aren’t it.

        • “The jurisdiction requirement was added to the original draft of the Fourteenth Amendment by the Senate after a lengthy and acrimonious debate. In fact, Senator Jacob Merritt Howard of Michigan proposed the addition of the phrase specifically because he wanted to make clear that the simple accident of birth in the United States was not sufficient to justify citizenship. Sen. Howard said that ‘this will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.’”

        • “Sen. Howard said that ‘this will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.’”

          And we are reaping the whirlwind because Sen. Howard did not put the exact, quoted wording in the amendment itself. Another case of, “Everybody understood at the time.”, just like the Second Amendment.

  4. The problem isn’t race, ethnicity, or country of origin really. I know bengali and pakistani and mexican guys that are ethnically pure, but have our culture. They talk like me, own lots of guns, and want the government to leave them alone. The problem is the left has hijacked the education system, the entertainment industry, and the news industry, and have indoctrinated the masses.

    That said, I certainly see no reason to allow all the immigration. If they are very specialized and have a clear contribution in their field where they can be an asset to the United States or have a child or legal parent in the US, I really don’t see why they should be imported.

    • Exactly. The problem is assimilation. We used to require it – speak the language or you can’t function, get in with a group of locals, or be ostracized.

      I’m all in favor of legal immigration with the following caveats – if your religion is an ideology that requires you to abandon all Western values, you’re not welcome. If you have no willingness to at least attempt to learn the language, you’re not welcome. If you’re here to form a “community” with other ex-pats and not include the natives, you’re not welcome. If you have nothing to contribute beyond landscaping skills, thanks, we’ve got plenty of folks who’d do it for a decent wage. Picking vegetables also applies.

      But if you want to come, participate, blend in (mostly), share some national food, communicate in English, welcome!
      If I add it up, I have at least a hundred legal immigrant friends. They all wanted to be Americans, and although we don’t always agree on everything, they’re far less tolerant of illegals than I am.

      I just want to round illegals up and send them home. They (mostly) want to give them helicopter rides, in order to better motivate self-deportation.

      • “I just want to round illegals up and send them home.”

        Same here.

        We can shut down their “It will break up families” complaint by offering a free plane ride home along with the deportee to every member of their family here…

        Q.E.D… 🙂

        • The “breaking up families” argument some use shows me just how little most Americans understand about their own immigration system. It is EXTREMELY difficult to become a legal permanent resident in the US (other than by marriage or winning the “diversity lottery”…yes that’s a real thing, and no, Europeans can’t enter it). For the vast majority of people who hope to legally become residents, they will spend up to 6 years (via the three year H1B visa and the one-off H1B renewal) trying to find an employer who will jump through all of the hoops to sponsor them for a green card, while working for an employer on their H1B visa (which requires a bachelors degree or higher and you must be employed in a job requiring your degree).

          If after 6 years they have not found an employer who will go through the large hassle of sponsoring someone for a green card, they will not be able to renew their visa and will be deported. Some might try going to university (for the second time…as mentioned, they already have to have a degree) to stay longer. Some might have other special visas they can go on for a while (depending on their country of origin). Ultimately, a large number of degree-holding people come to the US, contribute, start a family and are later deported to their country of origin – with their American-born-and-raised children being forced to go back too.

          But I don’t see liberals shedding a tear for the legal, degree-holding, contributing Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans who are forced to go back to. Just for the illegals who clog up the system and take, take, take.

    • The wall won’t work. The government needs to get rid of the incentive and increase the punishment.

      It’s very rewarding to come to the US illegally if you get on government programs and work under the table. The more kids you have in the US the better.

      • You can start by revoking the citizenship of anyone whose only claim to it is parents who entered the country illegally.

      • “The wall won’t work”

        Try telling that to the Israelis who built theirs over a hilly arid terrain (sound familar?). Plus theirs even keeps out crazies that are motivated enough to blow themselves up.

        • The “Wall won’t work” – Tell that to Mexico, their border with Guatemala and Belize is Beirut circa. 1980, complete with miles of fence guard towers and minefields.

          Mexico makes a great deal of $$$ off of the people attempting to cross it going to America.


  5. Reminds me of when the Sierra Club leadership wanted to take a position for limited immigration and the membership at large thought it too controversial. Not sure the NRA has much to lose, already being accused of racism.

  6. This very subject(massive immigration illlegal and legal) is really the fundamental issue in terms of how much longer whwatever remains of our Constitution survives. Nothing else even comes close if you really think abut it. Facts are very very clear on this. The majority of the world views indivivdual freedoms as nonsense. The majority of the people in this world want a strong central govt that will run their lives, give them “free” things, protect them, etc and will gladly trade whatever god given rights they have to get that done. THis is true for European countires but it is even more so for thrid world countries.

    So what we have is people coming here not to be “free”…but to live a nice comfortable first world life. And since most of them are dirt poor they have no problem supporting a big govt that will give them free stuff, etc. The cultures they come from have no history of guns, freedom of speech, etc so they bring those beliefs here with them and their votng habits reflect this.

    SO what can be done? Nothing. Unfortunately the die is already cast on this. The bus left the station back in the 1970s to try to stop this. Demographically even if we STOPPED all immigration right now they’ll be enough immigrant and children of immigrants to couple up with white democrats to rule the country. And since we won’t ever stop or limit immigration it will come even soon.

    And this was always the plan. Google Ted Kennedy and the 1965 Immigration law that changed our immigration system to mostly people who shared our culture(Europeans) to bring in people from all over. This was done because the left viewed the US as an imperialist nation run by WHITE MALE PROTESTANTS….that we were the main cause of evil in this world…and the only way to really change it was to generationally change the demographics to non-Europeans so that eventually they’d be the majority and smash the white male power structures.

    And surprise….50years later…a couple generations…that is what has happened.

    Look at California for the future. Once a majority white conservative state it’s not a majority Minority state fully in Dem hands. Colorado fell. Florida will be there in 10 years. Texas will be there in 20. ALL the major cities in this country are already here. Don’t believe it? Tell me when you’ve seen the opposite happen? Show me a liberal state(not Southern Dem..but truly liberal progressive) go conservative? It’s like a freaking cancer.

    Progressive dems have already won….they just have to wait for a bunch of old withe people to die off. And when that happens the entire Constitution (not just the 2nd) wll be gone.

    And before anybody reads the above and sees trigger words like “white” and “Christian” and screans RACIST this problem wouldn’t be much better if we imported millions of French, British, or Swedes. I would argue that they might be slighlty better since they have a little value towards individual rights….but they would all vote Dem too.

    • “Texas will be there in 20.”

      I’ve been hearing this for what seems like 20 yrs and it still hasn’t happened. Texas was a blue state up until the 80’s. And I doubt that we have less Mexicans now than back then. Hell, the rust belt turned red for Trump in 2016. Nothing is lost.

      Except California…. they’re gone.

      • No…Texas wasn’t a blue state as we define it today(Liberal Progressive). Texas was a Southern Democratic state which was actually very conservative. Same team now….just different jersey. If you look at Liberal Progressive and Conservative you’ll see how much Texas has changed since the 80s. NONE of the major cities in Texas are run by conservatives….Houston and Austin could be cities in California politically.
        There’s an equal amount of Republicans vs Dems now…about 60 million each. BUT Republicans vote more so they won in 2016 4.8 million to 3.6. So get 1.2 million more of those 60 million Dems to vote and you’re done. And those numbers are gonna just get worse.

        Rust belt didn’t really turn “red”…it was the last gasp of a few 10’s of thousands of older white blue collar people in each state voting their pocketbooks. It was extremely close and no way a seismic shift. In Michgian….if 12k more blacks in Detroit and Flint got out to vote(and they would have if it was any other candidate but Hillary) Trump would have lost there.

        • Even conservatives aren’t conservatives anymore.

          Your assessment is not entirely wrong but it doesn’t take into account the overall public shift towards being more centrist. Also, big cities keep getting denser, true, but that only matters in a true democracy, not a republic. Which is why dems bitched about Clinton losing. The big cities density fucks over big cities, not the whole country. The Texas Republic is not set up for Austin, Houston, and Dallas city centers to run the whole state…

          Tides shift, and change happens, yes, but this whole, “you are all done in x,y,z years” crap is exactly that, crap. It’s leftist scare tactics to try and make the opposition worry. It’s doesn’t scare me.

      • Article I – Section 10 of the Constitution
        should prevent Jerry Brown and the CA aholes from what they are doing.

        • Especially with China.

          Plus, California driver’s licenses should be null and void outside of CA.

    • “SO what can be done? Nothing.”


      *Require* proof of citizenship and legal eligibility ID to vote laws and have SCOTUS rule it constitutional…

        • Article I – Section 10 says the Fed gov’t will protect us from Jerry Brown – evil POS (D) of CA.

          Both with his illegal-immigration mongering, and his Carbon-Tax deal with China.

      • Article I – Section 10 says that Jerry Brown cannot act unilaterally with regard to global warming treaties with China or the EU.

        There’s a whole lot of not doing their damn jobs going on in D.C., by our ahole neighbors who needed a job, while they perform a whole lot of ‘dreamer’ hand-wringing and fighting us on our means to overthrow our government [per Paragraph 2 of the Declaration of Independence] and while those self-same aholes fight Trump on MAGA.

        F em all, and all those who don’t agree.

    • I’ve been hearing this about Texas, Florida, and Georgia for 20 years now too. The fact is it isn’t over yet. It ain’t over till it’s over. Oh, and Wisconsin went from a solid liberal progressive state to a solid red state. Michigan and Pennsylvania went from being solid blue to leaning red. Iowa did the same. It CAN be done. The movement that won Trump the White House is real. We have to keep up the momentum and remember the Democratic Party is the enemy to everything we hold dear. I personally know many Mexicans that are pro gun, religious, anti abortion, and pro military. We have to increase their numbers and decrease the MS13 POSs and their rabbit breeding ways.

  7. Wow ! ! ! This site has really moved “hard right” on this, and, I think, a few other issues. I will withhold comment as that would only fuel rancor and controversy, in my experience here. IDK if it’s the “Trump Effect”, or what? But it is what it is.

    • So having some semblance of a national identity is now ‘hard right’, or should we aggressively seek self-ruin as the EU is?

      Just curious.

    • Sorry…but facts aren’t hard right or hard left….they are just facts.

      Fact is American is unique among nations in that we view Rights as individual rights that aren’t given to us by goverrnment but by God(or if you don’t believe in God rights are yours because you are born).

      Fact is there is already a large amount of people in this country who believe like the rest of the world does and do not care about individual rights(especially gun rights).. Probably close to 50% or more. So we are already fighitng close to a stalemate battle just holding onto what rights we still have.

      Fact is that the vast majority of the rest of the world doesn’t believe in gun rights in particular(probably 90%)

      Fact is every single poll done has shown immigrants…especailly those from third world countries…are strongly anti-gun and pro big govt.

      Fact is, if you import those people, they wll bring those same anti-gun views with them.

      Fact is when you combine these people with those already here that are hostile to gun rights… get a govt run by those people who then destroy those gun rights(see California).

      So it’s very to see..using reason and logic why immigration is not going to help gun rights..but will instead be the end of gun rights in this country.

      • @16v & Jim bremer
        I actually AGREE with you, but I had thought TTAG was a “soft left” site, as 2A sites go. Sort of tacking to the Millennial side on issues which were not traditionally gun related.

        • @Louis, Way back when TTAG started, issues of this ilk were not front and center of the national debate, or gun rights questions.

          It is all a bit more political now, I would agree. Reflective of the world we live in, and all that.

          But I’ve never seen the site as anything left of center. Maybe that’s just confirmation bias, but still…

    • They’re just telling the truth about guns. The site’s name kinda sorta gave it away. There shouldn’t be a surprise. Maybe they should put a moose out front to inform visitors?

  8. The NRA’s silence on a lot of issues is deafening and why I left the organization. Not a peep about defending the rights of medicinal and recreational marijuana users. So folks like my wife get to choose between the right to defend themselves or the right to take a medicine that drastically improves her quality of life.

    At this point if it’s not a means to make money the NRA simply isn’t interested.

  9. I go to a Hispanic church that speaks only Spanish, and we regularly go out and shoot guns I know this is anecdotal but I don’t think this has to do with Latins as much as liberals in California wanting preserve their little echo chamber by teaching falsehoods to people with little experience in guns

    • I half Hispanic and love me some guns. My mother is full blooded and she packs an LCP everyday. My cousins are all full blooded and they have guns.

      But, the truth is, there are more that don’t, than do.

        • I’m not sure. I’m not like 2Asux who will pontificate on events in future as though my opinion holds any sway.

          As long as we (America) are only letting in the right people in, I think the problem will work it’s out.

  10. This is how it works. Vote for me or you hate Hispanics. or you hate gays, or you hate blacks, or you hate women. The real issue is they all are anti-gun, anti-liberty. And for those knee jerking out there I said those you vote for. They use their “minority status” to take your civil-rights away

  11. This “white hispanic” is all about some immigration restrictions.

    I don’t care where you come from. If you’re not to ready to work (legally), are a criminal/terrorist, and are not disease free – we don’t need you.

    And without checks and balance there is no way to tell who is who.

    Build that wall!

  12. And once again they throw out that scary 33,000 GUN DEATHS! number without comment that it includes suicides and gangsters (many of them Hispanic) shooting each other.

    It needs to be pointed out more often to the Hispanic population that if government control of the economy and all of the guns and “common sense” gun control that prevents law-abiding, decent people from owning guns for self defense was such a great idea they would probably still be living wherever it is they came here to get away from.

  13. These Latinos they talk about can’t vote. Legally at least. In Florida which is mentioned the Latinos own guns, but they are mostly Cuban and vote Republican.

    • Miami has a huge Cuban community and solidly votes Democrat.

      The Northeast US Jewish retirees down there also vote Democrat…

    • In California, illegals have drivers licenses and do vote. Hilary won the popular vote almost completely due to California. Thank the founding fathers for the Electoral College. They were geniuses, saving America over and over from the grave.

  14. We have massive immigration from China here in SoCal. So has Seattle. Asians fear police and guns in most Asian countries. The come here and get citizenship. Having a Chinese national on a jury is not good for the defendant. They seem to believe that if the police arrest someone, he is BAD.
    Many seem to feel that way about firearms. The movers and shakers good and bad try to get into local government. The good are scared of guns because bad men use them and the bad guys that have ligitament businesses to cover the illegitament ones do not want anyone armed but themselves.
    Here in Ca, some are state reps and that is a solid anti 2nd amendment block.
    The NRA needs to reach out to our new immigrants and get them involved, that is the only way we can fight this.

  15. I don’t get all the hate on hispanics
    People who have the motivation to leave their country and cross the southwest desert to get work are exactly the people we want in the Republican Party
    Hispanics are Christian, hard workers and family oriented
    It would be better to bring these kind of people into our party instead of fighting the demographic tide

    • So, long as the people you are referring to are willing to come here legally. All my people came here on the up-and-up, so we have no sympathy.

      I knew a drug dealer who got up everyday and worked 10 hours a day dealing pills to feed his kids. The fact that he was a hard worker didn’t change who he was and what he was doing.

    • Logically yes…on paper looks good(pro family, Christian, believe in hard work) but the facts just don’t bear it out where the rubber meets the road.

      Most of them are coming here because they don’t want to live in a third world crap hole. They aren’t really worried about freedom, rights, etc and they have no cultural or political traditions of such.

      So when they do get here they vote Democrat overwhelmingly and are for the same strong centralized govt that exists in the places they come from.

      And it’s not just Hipsanics….I’m good friends with Indians. They are VERY traditional…work hard and value education…but I’ve yet to meet one that was anything but a supporter of banning all guns, had no issues with strong federal govt, etc.

    • That may be true on the surface, but you’re talking about illegals, no?

      They get a free ride on our healthcare, they get education for their (many) children at the expense of those who have been here for generations, to tens of generations. I can’t remember the book/study, but the bottom line is even if they do pay taxes, the majority make essentially nothing, and get all that back in food stamps and EIC. Their kids will cost society hundreds of thousands to educate, and it is several generations of the US taxpayer carrying them before anyone “succeeds”.

      The myth of productive illegals, or even most legal immigrants is just that. Myth. Unless they’re educated white Europeans, they tend to at least pay their overhead.

    • They do not vote for us, so the point is moot, they vote the same way they did back home, for marxism, sorry if you can not understand the fact that not everyone values the sames things, they dont. They can vote for this crap back home.

      We need to avoid taking the risk of them voting against us by keeping them all out.

  16. In California they voted to decriminalize the human right to smoke cannabis, yet on the same ballot they voted to erode the human right to keep and bear arms. Drug use won, fire power for the people didn’t. They still complain about corrupt cops and politicians even though they are voting against their only true power the people can have to defend against what they say are fascists Nazis.

    Places like Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Nevada are being “invaded” by the SJW crowd who are more concerned about being able to do drugs and get “free” money than being able to defend their life, liberty and property with modern tools. Some Californians “escaped” their state to find a better place to live, however, they are turning the places they moved to into another California.

    Give people drugs, internet access, government programs and sex without consequences/responsibility — they will vote away all their human rights without hesitation.

    NRA members can ignore reality all they want, but sooner than later they will not have any political power or fire power. NRA leadership doesn’t care much because they are making money either way; they will continue making internet videos for the base to “circle jerk” over.

    • This times a thousand!

      It’s not just immigrants….it’s also the leftists white Americans who’ve been here for hundreds of years. Point is we are already fighting a holding action with them…..importing more allies for them is just plain stupid.

      And it’s not a racial issue….If Mexico had a history of being extremely pro gun and pro freedom…if their culture was steeping in the way of the gun and immigrants from there voted pro-gun pro-freedom 80% of the time(unlike Democrat now)…I’d be for letting as many of them in as possible to help us fight against the liberal progressive cancer in this country now.

  17. The last time democrats controlled Congress, their Anti-business agenda wrecked our economy, the DOW lost over half it’s value and the Unemployment Rate more than doubled. The next time they get into power and wreck the economy again, there will be no recovery as interest rates cannot be lowered enough to repair the damage.
    It will be Sayonara USA.

    • The economy, especially the stock market casino, is highly cyclical. Who’s in power, or even President, makes scant difference – it only either quickens, or delays, the inevitable..

      I shan’t write a boring treatise, suffice to say that there was one reason I would have voted for the Hildebeast, the economy is gonna crash again, and this time will make the last time look like a picnic. I’d much rather let her be blamed than Trump, despite the fact that neither could have prevented it.

      There’s a whole lotta ugly right around the corner, evaluate your financial position carefully. It’s always brightest before the eclipse, or something like that.

      • Congress writes the laws and regulations that DO control the behavior of the economy and the Federal Reserve now micromanages the money supply to the extent that it can. The markets are no longer cyclical like they were in the distant past.
        For the last 30 years, the economy has always done better with a GOP Congress than under a democrat Congress..Plot the party controlling Congress over a chart of the DOW to see for yourself.
        If Trump gets his tax reforms, the economy will do just fine, if not, the economy will probably sink.
        The Clintons are NOT economic geniuses. Slick Willie’s “Great Economy” of the 1990’s was due to GOP tax cuts & legislation, NAFTA and greater productivity due to computers and automation. . There was nothing Slick did that made any difference other than keeping his veto pen in his pocket. Read some Thomas Sowell.

  18. Well, here you go, mate. This is an article I might myself have written. So very rewarding to read my thoughts coming from the “Armed Intelligentsia” (?). Bang on, old sport !

    I have been saying for a long time that the march of time is not on the side of the gun-totin’ cowboys. Finally, one of your lot has the courage to face reality. It is an article of faith here that the country is swinging toward majority support for “gun rights”. That is the short game. We are playing the long game. Long game always wins.

    In another generation, the only gun problems we will face are the remaining hundred yard heroes, the aways (who will come back at some point), and the pilchards in the ghettos (who remain bottled-up, requiring no real effort). Gangs and criminals are a hopeless case, will never be righted. Police are better employed enforcing laws that can force behavioral change in the good people who just crowd the line. They also can parade about as a signal to the dodgy lot they are unwelcomed.

    To have it up, your thin margin today will be a dim memory before most of us have dropped this tortured veil.

    • Your simply wrong. I’ve been hearing this tripe for 30 years. Guess what? The Republican Party is bigger now that it’s been since reconstruction. The GOP’s biggest problem isn’t the democrats. Its cohesion.

      • “The GOP’s biggest problem isn’t the democrats. Its cohesion.”

        I wasn’t addressing the quicksand Republicans have stumbled into. The matter is reining-in unfettered gun ownership without a constitutional amendment, or a door-to-door confiscation. Demographics may not be at the core of the Republican party lunacy, but demographics will make gun owners pariahs one day.

        • Doubtful. Mellenials, even many left leaning ones, are more pro gun than their parents, and they are not turning out to be the great liberal hope they once were. Even if they are, Trump has actually turned many them at least somewhat pro gun.

        • “Mellenials, even many left leaning ones, are more pro gun than their parents,…”

          That is not the demographic of rescue. The tide is inexorable, and “left”. Good news for our folks. You underestimate how “unique” America is….when it comes to guns. Immigrants are not coming to America from 1950 America. They come from nations with long established cultures of understanding that government is the organizing factor in society, not guns. Even “third world” nations recognize that the general population has no real justification for hundreds of millions of guns in private hands. It is from nations more sensible about the obligations and responsibilities of the individual toward the whole society that immigration to America is sourced. This is the demographic that will alter forever the face of America. And it is not a pro-gun face.

        • Looks like someone’s been reading the BBC lately. Again, this assessment you’re repeating, if not copy and pasting, isn’t written in stone. Infact it could be opposite. The past 7 years saw almost all of America move right. Left vs right will never be over. Each side will have its victories and moments of slight majority, but neither monolith is going anywhere.

        • “Each side will have its victories and moments of slight majority, but neither monolith is going anywhere.”

          Thank you so very much. Keep thinking like that, please. Makes it all worthwhile that so many can be distracted, missing the parade of history.

        • Parade of history? More like the parade of Hillary poses in your head. If you actually studied long history, like since the end of the Neolithic era, (not just the past 150 years), you’d realize humanity is not on some massive march to the left. Humanity end and flows in a multitude of political directions depending upon a multitude of reasons. For all we know, we stand at the precipice of a second dark age right now, not even realizing it. It’s funny how you leftists will clamor about Christians believing the earth is only 6,000 years old, yet I bet you can’t name more than a handful of civilizations that existed before the Roman Empire. (Without using google.)

    • Trump also preformed better than Romney among Latinos, blacks, and women. I want you to think about that for a minuet. That was reported by your beloved NBC too…

  19. This is a quandary. NRA and NRO tout pro-gun, conservative minorities. Obviously, such DO exist, but they constitute small minorities within minorities, IMO. I personally know a Chinese born M.D. who has his CCW. But I also know that Asian Americans are very heavily anti-gun rights. What to do?

  20. Demographics matter absent the slightest doubt…however, it is the United States Constitution that guarantees the INALIENABLE right to keep and bear arms that renders the feelings of both legal and illegal immigrants moot. If they can successfully organize a posse that amends the aforementioned U.S. CONSTITUTION I will then worry about it…In the end, of course, our rights to defend life and liberty are God given and therefore once again INALIENABLE! Molon labe.

    • You poor blighter. Have you learned nothing here? An amendment correcting the failed notion of the Second Amendment is utterly unnecessary. More and more, the courts are producing ever more courageous judges who do what is right, regardless of the constitution. Here, in your own blog, you have a perfect example of how a judge weighed rising crime with the importance of ensuring a potential criminal gun owner is kept off the street until a trial can deduce whether or not the arrested individual is not guilty of adding to the rising crime rate. Have a look here –

      More and more of our judges are righting the wrongs of legislation and dangerously issued Supreme Court decisions regarding allowing rampant gun ownership and carriage. Defying Supreme Court rulings, lower courts are bringing social justice, equality and safety to America. One day, these lower courts will be feted by the Supreme Court for having the proper vision of how a successful society conducts it affairs.

      • Tyranny of the court, nothing more. The court isn’t the final arbitrator of the constitution. You’ll never be rid of us.

        • Accepting gun owners are the vaunted “most law abiding people”, who then is actually the final word on the constitution?

          Revolution? You consider that to be “law abiding”?

        • Remember, whoever is the rebel can come down to simple timing. Right now, all your anti fa nut jobs are pushing it, and y’all might be the rebels if this kicks off anytime soon. Keep that in mind as you clamor for war.

      • Well, look who crawled back out from the shadows. You also said Hillary would win the election, so dont be offended if I’m somewhat skeptical of your desired future state. Me thinks the limey needs to check his crystal ball before declaring an early victory on the demise of the 2A. Who knows what the future may bring.

        • “You also said Hillary would win the election,…”

          Yes, I went wrong on that one….as did the entire Republican party. Bernie would have made all the difference.

          I did not prognosticate “an early victory”, only an inevitable one.

      • You’re doing ok, but this post was just a bit too much. You’re a pro-gun troll. No doubt about that now. It’s ok, though, keep it up. You’re getting people to think.

  21. Yeah, I see all those arguments and raise you reality.
    Texas has a higher immigrant, and higher latino and Mexican population than ever. Not a single Democrat elected to statewide office in over a decade and more gun rights than we ever had when we had a lower immigrant population.
    If your analysis doesn’t match reality, reality isn’t wrong.

    • Maybe you don’t have to worry about Mexicans who immigrated to Texas. Maybe you need to worry about other people who live there now.

    • Texas has always had a strong State identity and the integrated Tejano population is distinct from the Mexican, Central American, and Californian 🙂 immigrants. Our welfare state is also much less generous so there is that.

  22. Along with dithering over a “first gun”, the matter of joining a affinity group is also puzzling. NRA seems to be so “over”. Is there a gun group that pretty much hits all the right bells?

  23. Why in their right mind would the NRA get involved with the Democrat’s idea of identity politics? It’s utterly moronic and dangerous to their future. All it would do is give credence to the idea of the NRA being racist and give ammunition to the Democrats.

    Yes some migrants will come here and try to perpetuate the reasons they are here including giving the government too much power. What isn’t counted on is a lot of them saw their government with too much power, and they have come to the US because there are at least some limitations to what the government can do.

  24. Hey Hispanics aren’t a monolith. Akl kinds exist. I sold insurance in Chicago’s Eastside. Lots of 2nd and 3rd generation Mexican Americans. One guy couldn’t speak Spanish while married to a gal who couldn’t speak English. But they seem to all vote dumbocrat…keep your powder dry?

  25. PEW polling is what you get from a pissed off polecat! And to cite them as “creditable” is really irresponsible! Like so many other liberal controlled institutions that conduct FAKE polls, numbers can be construed anyway they want to slant them!
    I have seen that too damn many fracking times every time gun rights, gun control, or opinions on Trump and the Republicans are concerned! BS statements like over 55% or even as high as 80% of Americans demand more stringent gun control laws, or universal back ground checks or disprove of Trump’s performance are exactly that. They didn’t poll. They fabricated them.

  26. As a Latino, who is American first, I think this is yet another “study” that points to an inherent narrative by skewing the results. What they ask, how they ask it, whom they ask, and no effort to identify and compensate for political and emotional biases in the target participant pool = bad science and good propaganda.

  27. All immigration has been bad for Americans and our freedoms. Starting with the hordes coming in during the 1840’s and 1850’s to the invasion of today, all of these immigrants have worked to destroy our rights.

    • Why set the line at 1840s? Why not call all immigration bad and destructive to traditional populace. Starting with Mayflower.

  28. Soon enough, we won’t be able to tell the difference between Los Angeles and Guadalajara, except that maybe Guadalajara has better government.

  29. First theres the article about the NRA winning the culture wars then theres this saying theyre on the ropes……..

  30. The Mexican population isn’t going to slow down I can tell you that. Might as well take a page from the dems play book and work with them. If not the FOWG is literally a dying breed and will be on the wrong side of history.

    • L O V E, LOVE, love, how people call OFWG’s a “dying breed”. You mean we’re not filling up our real estate so fast we have to jam up someone else’s country illegally?

      Have we spilled over anywhere? Become a burden on anyone.

      OFWG’s have made a haven in whatever patch of earth we’ve laid our foot on. And people are literally KILLING THEMSELVES DAILY (AND RISKING THE LIVES OF THEIR KIDS) to get where we are so they can sh_t out more of the filth that they’ve created in their countries.

      If you need more room where you come from we could come and make some room for you militarily, and dammit I’d say many are about to call for that, BUT YOU GOT PLENTY. We could show you how to live there better BUT WE ALREADY FING DID / DO DAILY and you all FING whine about how we are meddling in your worthless FING lives and countries, and how we are being imperialists and colonial.

      F all of you. The last OFWG is on orders to take all the rest of you out before JESUS gets back. Don’t threaten our numbers.

    • What do you mean by FOWG’s will be on the wrong side of history? Do you mean that their belief system will lose or that their belief system is wrong, and one day, when we’re all dead, everyone will agree that the belief system is wrong.

      “May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.”

      • I mean the good ole boy mentality. The only constant in life is change so get with the times or get left behind.

  31. If you’re not “FROM HERE” weigh in all you want, then go F yourself with something sharp and heavy. If America falls apart, we’ll get it settled up pretty quick and it’ll be open season on the rest of the world. You better hope they got MARS open by then, so you can catch the bus from there to PLUTO.


    T O U G H

    S H _ T

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if you can’t live your stupid life without people you can pay pennies on the dollar to be your servants. You don’t get to say who comes into America just so that they can accomplish those things and if you think so you need to be stripped of your assets and deported with them.

  33. It’s so funny when OFWG’s say “go back to where you came from”. You mean places like California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado? You see we are “from here” and we’ve been here for much longer than you and will remain here for ages after you.

      • You feel free to devote your time how you see fit. I’m going to fight the good fight in the bedroom in between the sheets haha.

  34. This is a country founded on immigration, do you really think it will stop now? The wise thing is to get behind it, become pro immigration, and try to indoctrinate the immigrants to the republican side. The short sighted thing to do is to attack immigration then end up with an endless reign of democrats in the not so distant future.
    Also, not all immigrants automatically lean left wing. Remember that many left their countries due to communism or the like and by reflex lean very strongly in the other direction.

    • That would be too smart.
      I said it before – Republicans make it really hard for immigrants to vote for them.
      Get rid of government handouts for everyone and watch how quickly the free riders stop flowing in. Only those willing to work will still see it worthwhile to come here.

      How is it possible that “poor minorities in inner cities see no future and just have to turn to life of crime”, while legally unemployable immigrants can open businesses, buy houses, raise families and even save and send money to old country?

  35. Maybe instead of ragging on hispanics and trying to drive them out (a losing fight that will just alienate us) we should reach out and try to turn them to our side que no? This isn’t some leftist invasion to destroy ‘Merica, it’s a bunch of people trying to find better lives. We can’t take the position that America is only for WASPs or we WILL lose by default.


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