George Floyd rioting
A man poses for photos in front of a fire at an AutoZone store, while protesters hold a rally for George Floyd in Minneapolis on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. Violent protests over the death of the black man in police custody broke out in Minneapolis for a second straight night Wednesday, with protesters in a standoff with officers outside a police precinct and looting of nearby stores. (Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune via AP)
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This is a natural result of hamstringing and defunding police departments. We’ve seen a similar situation in Seattle when the chief of police notified businesses that, given new prohibitions on the use of less lethal tools, Seattle cops are virtually helpless in stopping property crimes. Business owners are therefore on their own.

Cities like Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and others are volunteering to act as laboratories where radical, pro-criminal, anti-law-and-order policies will play themselves out for all to see. The downside is the lab rats in these sociological experiments will be the cities’ law-abiding citizens who will be at the mercy of criminal populations that will be largely free to prey upon them.

Then again, they voted for these officials and, as someone once said, elections have consequences.

Officials are now telling residents to be ready and willing to comply with the demands of criminals in an email sent to Third Precinct residents.

“Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet,” the police said in their email, a copy of which was obtained by Alpha News. The email said citizens should listen to criminals and “do as they say.”

The message warned that “some victims have been maced, dragged, assaulted, and some threatened with a gun.”

– Kyle Hooten in Minneapolis police tell residents to obey criminals and ‘be prepared’ to be robbed


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  1. How to Solve the Minneapolis Crisis for the rest of us Minnesotans:

    1. Wall up the entirety of Minneapolis
    2. Set fire to the contents of the wall (also acceptable, divert the Mississippi to flooding it out but I suspect states downstream will miss the water)

    There is nothing good left; best time wipe it out and start fresh.

    • LOL, everyone likes to say “vote with your feet”. Except that when that advice is actually heeded by the smarter people leaving CA for a better life, everyone suddenly yells “NIMBY! Don’t move here! We don’t want you.”

      Whether conservative Californians choose to move out of state, or stay and fight, we’re always roasted by others who have an answer for everything.

      • “Hey! California is too expensive! Let’s move to Washington Oregon Colorado etc and start over.” “Why is our states screwed up??”

        Moving is a temporary solution to a problem that will eventually find you again. Not our fault to live in a state our entire life and have it flip to communism.

        • D Y,

          Not our fault to live in a state our entire life and have it flip to communism.

          At the risk of sounding harsh, to a great extent it is the fault of decent people living in California for two simple reasons:

          1) Decent people in California failed to have large families and thus failed to simply out-populate Socialists/Communists.

          2) Decent people in California failed to push back HARD on Socialists and Communists and their failed doctrine.

          This is the same formula for downfall that has plagued every civilization since the dawn of human history. A society rises up out of adversity. That society attains significant power, influence, wealth, and prosperity. Then that society begins to focus on pleasure and abandons its hard work ethic and truth-basis for its society. Soon it falls into disarray and weakness. Finally, another group capitalizes on the disarray and weakness and takes over, usually at ginormous expense to the old/dying civilization.

          Like it or not, those are simple facts. Ignore them at your peril.

        • uncommon,

          Depends upon what your definition of “decent” is. As I see it, the decent people have had their 1 to 4 kids, while many indecent people have aborted/murdered theirs. So it’s not a question of the Socialists outnumbering conservatives by breeding, but indoctrination by our skrewls and irresponsible (indecent?) adults who have had charge over them.

        • I Haz a Question,

          To the extent that you are correct, the solution to that problem is under (2) in my list of two causes — failure of decent people in California to push back hard on the Socialism/Communism garbage.

          I agree that there has a been a gigantic push in our schools and universities to indoctrinate our young people in the “benefits” of Socialism and Communism. And we should be pushing back HARD on that.

          Consider traditional conservative Christians in the 1800s Midwest who pushed the early Mormons out of Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri. They viewed the Mormons as advancing a value system which would severely undermine society so they literally pushed out the Mormons. Californians failed to do the same in the 1960s as perversion and Communism began to multiply.

        • “As I see it, the decent people have had their 1 to 4 kids, while many indecent people have aborted/murdered theirs.”

          I put people who have too many kids to take decent care of them in that category, as well…

        • I Haz a Question,

          By the way I am facing the very same battle in my location which is nowhere even remotely close to California. For decades, my school district was staunchly conservative and we enjoyed an outstanding, quiet, stable school. Then we made two mistakes:

          1) We were not paying attention. Quite literally almost overnight, extreme far Left garbage suddenly came to dominate our school district. You would be hard pressed to find any school district in California that is harder left than my school district now. As of this year, our school district is openly promoting hatred of white people and punishing white people for being white, openly demanding that our schools celebrate homosexual behavior and transgender garbage, and demanding that our school district immediately implement “social justice” and “social equity” (which is another angle for “redistributing wealth” and punishing “deplorables”) with extreme prejudice. And as if that isn’t bad enough, our school district dissolved boys and girls bathrooms and locker rooms. Now any male student — including high school students — can go into any girl’s bathroom or girl’s locker room.

          2) We were not organized/prepared in the event that our community (school system specifically in this case) suddenly veered hard-left. Now we are scrambling to organize, educate our community, convince them that our school system really is doing those things, and motivating them to act.

          I feel your pain as I am experiencing it in my own community. Time will tell if the good and decent people in our community will rise up and do what is necessary to squash this self-destructive garbage.

        • uncommon. You look at this as a state issue. It is not. If CA collapses it takes the country with it. The problems we face now are national. And it will take a nation to confront them. Not city states.

        • @UncommonSense, all’s well that ends well, I guess…Utah exists, and it’s been a refuge for good people fleeing progtarded states like California…but I don’t think the persecution of the Mormons is a good example of cutting out rot and subversion; nor is it something that people in this country ought to celebrate.

        • Californians move to another state such as Colorado or Idaho to escape the idiocy of their once golden state. No one cares that they moved. The reason they are hated is because they continue to vote for the exact same policies and people who destroyed California.
          This is coming to a freedom loving state near you. It’s like a cancer that will not stop spreading until it inflicts death on the entire body.

        • Ing,

          My comment did not suggest celebrating 1800s Midwest conservative Christians who pushed Mormons out of Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri. My comment simply pointed to the their example as extremely effective — and how California’s failure to do the same starting 55 years ago with respect to Socialism, Communism, and Perversion has brought California to an inevitable downfall.

          To be blunt, being nice to destructive practices ensures that a society will fail in short order. And continuing to be blunt, resorting only to harsh words equally ensures that a society will fail in short order. What we are missing is more direct action. What that direct action should be, I am not sure.

        • jwm,

          Expanding upon my comment to Ing above, our entire nation is failing to do what is necessary to stop the people pushing for destruction of our nation.

          It really is exceedingly simple. Several people guarantee that Socialism/Communism will achieve Utopia in our nation. And yet four simple facts utterly and totally dispute that claim:

          1) Socialism/Communism has never worked anywhere in the world in spite of dozens/hundreds of attempts.

          2) Socialism/Communism violates a fundamental fact of human nature: most/all people will not work at all if someone will give them what they want without working for it.

          3) Socialism/Communisim violates another fundamental fact of human nature: most/all people will not take risks nor work hard if they will not gain from taking risk or working hard.

          4) Socialism/Communism violates one last fundamental fact of human nature: many/most humans are horribly flawed/corrupt and, if members of the ruling class, will exploit and abuse the masses since the masses will be too weak (because of facts numbers 2 and 3 above) to effectively resist.

          These are four simple facts. We know them. Our domestic enemies do not care and are doing everything in their ability to usher in Socialism/Communism anyway which we know will bring massive misery, suffering, desolation, death, and destruction to our society. It will take considerably more than niceties or even worst harsh words to stop them. And yet that is all that we have done up to this point. That is the problem all over our entire nation and why we are failing all over our entire nation.

        • @uncommon, I do agree with you about all of that. The persecution of the Mormons was just a bad example.

          One of the few times when citizens and government have both done what *should* be done to protect society — except they did it to the wrong people. A group of Americans that actually supported the Constitution and needed its protection; that believed in the US as a country and ended up playing a huge part in building it, despite being forced out of it.

          As of now, I don’t think any part of this country as a whole is capable of recognizing the corrosive forces it needs to get rid of *and* actually mustering the will to do it.

        • Go visit Minneapolis in the winter, and tell me all about how harsh weather keeps out the undesirables…

      • Only there are too many LIBERAL Californians moving elsewhere and trying to change the neighborhood…
        same with New Yawkas…

    • For many people, leaving isn’t an option. You can walk away from your house but you can’t walk away from the mortgage. Can you keep your good paying job, or find a comparable one, after you move?

    • GS650G,

      There is an unfortunate reality that we face today:

      1) It is next to impossible for the overwhelming majority of people in our nation to earn a decent income if they live and work in rural areas.

      2) Even if a significant majority of people in our nation could earn a decent income living and working in rural areas, the ruling class in Progressive Utopias still have a giant mountain of cash and they are willing to use their businesses and personal mountains of cash to come for the mild-mannered people who fled their Progressive Utopias.

      Thus, no matter what mild-mannered people do, sooner or later someone WILL come for them and their stuff in a modern day version of Viking raids on English settlements that occurred a thousand years ago.

      That being the case, I believe the best solution is for mild-mannered people to organize, commit themselves to each other, and commit themselves to stopping modern day Vikings from raiding their lives. Outside of that, moving to a rural location only delays the inevitable.

      • Many people in Texas live in rural and make a good living. You have to do a little driving to get to work but it pays off very well. Most of the commuting is in a company vehicle.

        • Ed Schrade,

          And where do all those rural Texans drive — do they drive to other rural areas or do they drive into urban corridors?

          If those rural Texans drive to urban corridors, they are still placing themselves at significant risk — both immediate physical risk (of robbery, carjacking, etc.) and less obvious risk (of their companies/customers censuring them for failing to be politically correct).

          And if those rural Texans are driving to other rural areas, they are weak and unorganized and ripe for the taking when wealthy Progressive scumbags in urban corridors come for them.

          Let’s be honest. Our nation enjoyed a long period of relative calm and prosperity because traditional Christian principles dominated our culture through the 1960s. As our nation steadily moved away from those traditional principles starting in earnest in the 1960s, chaos has ensued and increases every year. And that should come as no surprise: when people have no internal compelling reason to act with honor and integrity, they won’t. That is what traditional Christianity provided to our nation. Now that it has fallen out of favor with so many — especially in the ruling class — our nation is devolving into ugliness and will continue to do so unabated.

      • U C
        Never said it was easy or anything like that. But plenty of people find a way to make it work because they have their eye on the ball. Long term planning is something everyone should do so they are not caught by surprise.

        The people most able to adapt are the people you want to have as neighbors. The ones who want to change it all to suit themselves i can so without.

  2. Does this mean they will refund the taxes citizens paid? Part of that was supposed to be used for police services. Does this mean with increased crime, if something happens, I can sue the city for damages and the rising cost of insurance?

    • I brought up this very same question a couple of weeks ago. Breach/abandonment of social contract, IMO.

      • There is no such thing as breach of social construct. And since police departments have consistently been held not to be responsible for failing to provide police services, those lawsuits are bound to failure.

        The solution is voting and expressing that not everyone in the city wants the lawless in charge. Eventually that will happen. Or maybe the lawless will just start getting shot.

        • The police have no duty to protect individuals. Keeping the general peace, however, is a different issue.

          Under Federal civil rights laws, municipalities have a general duty to protect civil rights of all citizens within their jurisdiction. Purposefully restricting or withdrawing the police from protecting the general peace, such as not suppressing insurrection and riot is depravarion of rights under color of law and, possibly, conspiracy to commit or incite insurrection and riot.

          Suppressing insurrection and keeping the general peace is one of the enumerated duties of the Federal government in the Constitution and is a basic part of a “republican form of government” which the States also must uphold.

      • I never even see a paycheck, everything is digital and direct deposited. I don’t have a choice I don’t think. Anyone know how to NOT have taxes taken out in that arrangement?

  3. Give them the bullets first! The officials probably have their own security so they don’t have to worry about the bullshit they are telling the citizens. 🤢

    • They do. Read a story not too long ago about the City council hired private security. This was right before the voting on tossing the Police out. It was an amazing amount of money spent for such a short time period. As far as I know, said security is still employed.
      They were claiming a lot of threats.

      • EFF ‘EM let them live with what they did. No private security unless and until it is paid for by the individual.

  4. Are you frigging kidding me ??????

    Hahahahahaha……..This is actually hilarious, these idiots voted for the communists, so as the old saying goes: what goes around, comes around!

    I have NO pity whatsoever for a weak kneed population that keeps saying: “MORE PLEASE..”. as Barak Hussein loved saying, elections have consequences.

    “If ye love …… the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

    Samuel Adams

  5. Pretty much standard advice from any LE Dept, so no surprise here. It’s true that one’s safety is paramount, so I won’t bash on anyone (or even the MPD above) for stating so. But to couple it with the reality that hoodlums are an increasing threat to the public’s safety – largely due to the ineptitude of Leftist leadership in metros across the nation – and openly tell everyone to just follow criminals’ orders and be prepared to hand over your phone/cash/wallet…

    Election Day is three months from today. Let’s make it count.

    • Standard advice from 90% of DEPARTMENTS and 90% of ADMINISTRATORS. If you asked 90% of COPS, they would tell you to tool up and defend yourself.

      • A small correction –

        If you asked 99% of County Sheriff Deputies, they would tell you to tool up and defend yourself…

        • Only if you exclude the county deputies that exist in counties you don’t like.

          You don’t think there’s deputies in LA? In the NYC area?

          There’s nothing special about sheriff departments. Just like other police departments, they depend heavily on the place that they are located in.

        • Hannibal,

          According to the City of Los Angeles, the LASD has approximately 10,000 uniformed LEOs, the vast majority of which are Deputies. While 99% may be a bit high of an estimate for this County, I have lived here my entire life and know many of them, and Geoff’s sentiment is correct that a very high percentage of the “foot patrol” that have to actually deal with the public support the idea of private citizens arming themselves for defensive purposes. I cannot think of a single Deputy (who has commented to me over the years on this topic) who has ever expressed otherwise. If anything goes hot, there is no way LASD+LAPD+CHP+NG would be able to contain it quickly. The 1992 (Rodney King) Riots and the way LAPD simply abandoned Central L.A. to burn is still clearly remembered and spoken of here.

        • “Only if you exclude the county deputies that exist in counties you don’t like.”

          Hannibal has a fair point…

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂 Oh man, you can’t make this shit up. Good luck Minneapolis. You start stacking bodies up there or prepare to get railroaded. Unless we go with @TIM U’s suggestion and go scorched earth, which of course I don’t believe in. This is gonna be interesting.

  7. Makes me wonder if they’re going to start finding stick-up men dead in the streets via mag-dump to the chest cavity, with no leads because the would-be victims won’t even bother to call the cops to report it afterwards.

    • Just between us, I hope so. Then again, that’s just my criminal/thief/bully hating self. I’d love for everything to work out like Andy Griffith and Barney Fife were involved, but in lieu of that and in the face of the Commie scum that run these places, I’d settle for a bunch of dead criminals.

    • Via mag dump? Lol no. Bullets are a rare commodity these days there bud.

      Obviously wounded and then finished off? Perhaps.

      • “Obviously wounded and then finished off? Perhaps.”

        Not even then.

        That’s what the cruciform bayonet ‘spike’ on an SKS is for.

        Bringing ‘Power to the People’… 🙂

    • That is what I’m expecting. Somebody accosts you, you drop him and call the cops. In a week or so the cops finally show up at your door since you confessed like a good boy, and they bankrupt you with legal expenses and then imprison you for a few years. Alternatively, after you drop him, you reload and carry on. In a week or so the cops finally respond to the calls about a stinking mess in the road, but nobody recalls when they first noticed it, and between the hot sun and the scavengers nobody can identify the body, I guess it’s another unsolved crime. We are already seeing the defender arrested while the attacker is released, poor boy, he’s led a hard life, you know. That is moving in the wrong direction.

      • You summed it up better than I did.
        You get accosted by one of Obama’s sons, defend yourself, call the cops, and next thing you know some SJW prosecutor wants crucify you and make you the new face of white supremacy and racial oppression, all because Pooky Jefferson didn’t want to make an honest living,
        You ventilate him, let him bleed out in an ally, and by the time someone calls it in, the local stray cat population has eaten half of him and anybody who saw anything doesn’t care to share.
        My only advice is carry a revolver; you don’t have to pick up your casings afterwards.

      • If you’re a gangbanger, nobody saw nothing

        If you were accosted and killed a good neighborhood boy who didn’t do nothing, someone will immediately put a video of you doing it on social media and tag in the prosecutor’s office.

      • coyotes, buzzards, and possums are doing their best to get rid of the evidence. It would really help if the Fish&Game would introduce wild hogs in large city’s. One hog for every 1000 people, New York would have a lot of hog shit, then you’d have to hire somebody to clean up the hog shit, creating jobs across the nation. It’s a win win

      • Your distance from the nearest cell tower to the “crime” scene will help to identify you. But you keep on loving that iPhone!

        • That only works if they know when the “crime” was committed, and with no available cops they would be lucky to estimate within a week. And why would they care, anyway?

  8. Which brings us back to the original statement, “YOU are your first line of defense”! Never been truer than now.

  9. Shakedown: BLM Demands Cut of Louisville Business Profits for Protection

    Will the next step be for the police be to tell businesses to just comply with their demands so there isn’t any trouble?

    “Fernando Martinez, the owner of La Bodeguita de Mima, a restaurant serving Cuban cuisine, described Black Lives Matter’s demands as a Mafia-style shakedown. He characterized them as “Mafia tactics,” according to Courier-Journal, a Kentucky-based newspaper.”

    La Bodeguita de Mima was forced to close July 24 during a [Black Lives Matter] demonstration that shut down East Market Street, at which several protesters presented Martinez with the list of demands and said he “better put the letter on the door so your business is not f*cked with.”

    The restaurant remained closed the next two days because “management and staff were concerned about safety,” according to the release. “30+ staff members (mostly immigrants) were unable to earn a paycheck.”

    Black Lives Matter Louisville markets “anti-racism training” on its verified Facebook page produced in partnership with and other left-wing and partisan Democrat organizations.

    • Saw a version of this on another news site earlier this morning. The article included comments from a LA business owner who had received one of the notices…he is a Cuban who came over as a youth at age 18, became an American, and built his business from the ground up over the decades. Now he’s being shaken down for protection money while being called a racist and bigot. He exclaimed that he’s black and has a gay son, so he’s “on their side” and doesn’t understand why their extorting him.

      As the saying goes…”appeasement is feeding the crocodile while hoping it eats you last.” The Dem leaders who allowed all of this to get out of hand are now seeing the Clockwork Orange thugs take over.

    • No surprise a bunch of people who believe in a massive authoritarian government “redistributing” property wouldn’t see anything wrong with extortion.

      • This^^!! Everyone is always on defense, I’ve always been pretty offensive, so I’m told, time people get offensive stop taking this shit and stand up and fight back. The USA wasn’t founded by a bunch of pussys but we got a lot of them now. Anyone ready for a crock steak ?

  10. I’m trying to “follow the money” here. Who’s making money off of this?
    Business aren’t. Real estate values will go down. Schools will be worse when the taxpayers move to the suburbs. There will be less tax revenue to support the mayor and city projects.

    • Perhaps we should try following the power, instead. After all, money is really only a medium of exchange of value.

      Or, perhaps the rackateers just don’t care long term what happens to the area and the people who live there, and are after what they can get right now.

    • I think it’s out of touch Democrats who think this will net them a new voting base (after all, Bernie ran as a Dem), but they don’t realize that these people are self proclaimed Marxists and communists who would put them against the wall as well (“Liberals get the bullet too” is a popular phrase among the more militant commies).

      Like I said a few days back, I think they think that they can just call the mob to heel, but they’re in for a big surprise when it turns around and bites the hand that enabled it.

        • A good ‘cookie cleaner’ browser plug-in eliminates the need to subscribe to most web sites that allow you at least one ‘free’ page view. Works on the NYT and WaPo just fine.

          (My WSJ sub is courtesy of someone who subscribes giving me his credentials…)

        • Let the west coast break away, west of the Sierra/ Cascades and form their own governmental unit, followed by accepting the BLM demand of a state of their own, I suggest Michigan (not U.P.). Let those who don’t like living in a free society (supplied by us taxpayers) have a ball on their own.

        • If the Washington state government attempted to secede over a disputed Trump electoral win, Eastern WA would probably secede from the west side.

          In fact, hurry the hell up and get to it! The eastern half of the state wants nothing to do with the half that’s run by the Puget Sound billionaires and their progtard zombies. 70% of Eastern WA residents are in favor of splitting off to form their own state — and people are working right now to make it happen.

    • Once you’ve transformed our government from a republic into the bowl of snakes mess we’ve allowed it to become, then allow an entire class of political operatives to become an extraction style industry – basically strip mining the public purse (sustained, temporarily by printing money/selling debt – what happens when there’s nobody left to buy said debt? See circa 1929) the results are what we’re witnessing now. When one of the largest “industries” in your society is government expenditures, you cannot sustain a heterogeneous, diverse, market based culture – tribalism kicks in, stuff starts getting divided up per who has the power to take it or keep it, and, eventually you have: breakdowns in social conventions ruling acceptable behavior, degradation of the rule of law, reliance on superstition/magical thinking, rise of cults of personality, rampant violence…the Founders falsely assumed they had “idiot proofed” our political system and broke the cycle of history (the actual definition of American Exceptionalism – not that we’re somehow “exceptional” people but that our country would be an exception to the history of despotism) – they were wrong. Would we really be worse off now as subjects to the current descendants of the House of Washington than we are now? Would a constitutional monarchy/parliamentary system be any worse than this? At least we’d have a king/queen to appeal to…and probably some really cool palaces for the tourists.

    • There may be less money but I bet what there is of it flows around very freely and with little oversight.

      Police departments actually have a lot of oversight because the city hates having them. But “violence interrupters”? Neighborhood restoration projects? Money leaks everywhere.

  11. “Don’t stop for a stranger trying to stop your car” – so, go ahead and ram the protesters if they surround you vehicle?

    • Yes, it’s actually gotten to that point in some areas.

      My parents taught me not to play in the street….

    • Of course! Better them than you…I’ve had that happen in the ghetto. Gun the engine and move the eff out of the way😃

      • I don’t think it’s excessive bragging to say that I am able to tell the difference between kids playing ball or riding bikes in the street, and terrorists who wish to kill me. If I can get past the concept of scratching my car, it has a lot of inherent deterrence factor. Squish.

    • Surrounded by shrieking pounding rioters? Floor it. The squealing of your tires will cause the smarter ones to jump out of the way. The stupid ones who try to hitch a ride on your hood can be easily shaken off once you get up to say 50or60 mph.

    • Probably not their intention. In all seriousness, and I know I sound like a broken record on this… drivers need to make a concerted effort to maintain security in their vehicle. Keep some space in between the car ahead of you so you can get out of that area. Avoid the center lane if possible. Maybe take the truck instead of the low-clearance sports car when you’re not on county roads. Might be wise to know alternative routes, too. If I see some idiots playing in the street I would prefer go around the area if possible. Don’t get involved in road rage. Someone cut you off? Oh well. Not worth escalating it for… what?

  12. Makes you wonder what the “unintended consequences/results” of this may be. Will potential victims begin to carry weapons whether legal to do so or not? What may be the results produced by the ordinary citizens’ use of said weapons? Will Black Market weaponry flood into Minneapolis? Will the “Police” hole-up in their Stations and only come out when they choose to or are ordered to by the Mayor? Will the City have to expand the local Coroner’s Office Staff by several fold? Will investing in Funeral Parlors/Services in Minneapolis have great profit potential {asking that one for a friend}?

    • “Makes you wonder what the “unintended consequences/results” of this may be. Will potential victims begin to carry weapons whether legal to do so or not?”

      They *think* (erroneously) it will make conditions there ‘better’.

      What they don’t seem capable of understanding is that people being forced to be victims only motivates those people to abandon living there in the first place and head for the suburbs.

      That leads to property values plummeting, taking away the public money necessary to service those areas with police, fire, etc.

      Conditions worsen, accelerating property values crashing. Now even *less* money to run the city.

      Progressives then claim the ‘racist’ people abandoning the city are responsible for it’s crime-ridden condition. A number of years then pass. Property speculators begin to buy and develop those properties for resale. Developers get rich creating nice properties the ‘elite’ can afford so they can live near the jobs they have in those office towers.

      At that point the same people who blamed ‘white flight’ for destroying the inner-city now start to piss-and-moan about ‘Gentrification’ for driving up real estate values to a point that poor inner-city folks could never realistically be able to afford to live there.

      Pretty soon you get a situation like Detroit.

      Progressives are like cockroaches. Whatever they touch, they destroy outright or ruin it to a point nobody in their right mind would want it…

      • You are aware that Detroit, despite its past decline, is the only major City whose Mayor and Police Chief and PD has stood firm in the face of ANTIFA/BLM “protests” and has suffered no serious problems like, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis et cet…

        Detroit suffered the “gentrification” phenomena just as you describe and that’s a good point overall. It has been seen in Los Angeles, CA and other Democrat-controlled Major Cities, as well. It preceded the “Defund the Police” movement by many years. I regard “gentrification” as a Leftist ploy to drive the poor out of town rather than actually helping them, but that may just be my cynicism projecting…

        I do believe the dissolution of the Police will force otherwise normally peaceable Americans to do things they never imagined in the face of rampant lawlessness. Those adaptations will only result in needless additional injury and death. People obtaining and carrying firearms because of raw panic is not likely to be a recipe for anything good.

  13. Is it even remotely possible ordinary people in Minneapolis will organize themselves into armed Citizens’ Patrol/Militia units? I saw a report that’s what folks in Portland and/or Seattle are doing (one or both of those cities is structured around some sort of “Neighborhood” concept…I think it is Portland).

    • There are some patrols going on. Most of the ones that I know of and have read about are unarmed. They wander around with radios and notebooks… yeah.. make of that what you will.
      There’s even been a few streets that have put up gates to restrict access. The Police said that was fine so long as they could get in. Found that very interesting that a neighborhood could do that.

    • That would be Springfield Oregone, the same place the Simpson’s are from, don’t screw around with Homer & Bart.

    • “Is it even remotely possible ordinary people in Minneapolis will organize themselves into armed Citizens’ Patrol/Militia units?”

      An true example from the ‘Band of Brothers’ soldiers from ‘Easy’ company –

      After fighting their way into France on the way into Germany, they noticed a difference in the French and German civilian people.

      They said in France, as they passed through, they noticed the people in the bombed-out French cities just kinda stood around looking dazed instead of helping clear the streets of debris.

      Germany was completely different. As soon as the shells stopped exploding, the German citizens could be found outside of the ruins of their homes and cities cleaning things up. Clearing areas, stacking bricks neatly next to bombed-out buildings for the eventual reconstruction , etc. It made a strong impression on the men of ‘Easy’ company.

      Do you think the people of the destroyed inner-cities will be found taking the initiative and putting on work boots and gloves to make things better where they live, or do you think they will just stand around waiting for someone else to do it for them?

      That speaks of personal character. Of hard work and showing up on time. Exactly what BLM claims is ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacy’ characteristics…

  14. Robbery prevention tips:

    *Use high-quality self-defense ammo
    *Carry a spare mag
    *Aim center mass

    -End robbery prevention tips-

    • Hi, at the crime scene we found your finger print on a shell casing. Da boys will be over to arrest you shortly. But thanks for posting the tips!

  15. “”Don’t stop for strangers who are trying to approach you or stop your car”

    Did the Minneapolis police give permission to run over “protestors” when they try to stop your car?

  16. I liked the “be a good witness” part. Dont bother, the coroner will get all that info. But do remove and money and ammunition found on the body. If the “victims” kill 10 or 20 of the scum, this will stop. I remember Florida rapes were rising until concealed carry got simple, bodies piled up and problem went away.

  17. Remember, you don’t need a gun because the police will PRETEND to protect you… until they stop PRETENDING.

    Three kinds of people believe that the police will (or ever did) protect them as individuals:

    * Politicians with bodyguard details
    * Small children
    * Fools

    You’re on your own. You always were.

    • False, what we are learning is that we were never on our own. The police filtered out most of the danger allowing us to get on with our lives and leaving us to deal with a tiny residual.

      • Absolute nonsense.

        The police have no duty to protect you as an individual and you have ZERO recourse if they don’t, whether by their choice or executive fiat.

        In places like NYC, it ought to say on the doors of the police cars, “We don’t have to protect you and we won’t let you protect yourself.”

        • The police disappear and all of sudden crime goes through the roof. Big surprise. That is measure of all the crimes the police deterred.

          You are idiot if you believe the police have no impact on crime.

        • “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.”

          You two are talking past each other. The police, as both an organization and as individual officers, have a mandate to enforce the law and generally serve and protect for communities and society, but generally not for members of the community as individuals. The presence and activity of policing does provide a general deterrent against crime, but not necessarily against a specific incident of crime. Fewer muggings when the muggers begin to see their buddies getting nicked by more cops out on the beat, although any one of us may still be accosted.

          Having a generally armed populace is similar in effect. Fewer muggings when the muggers begin to see their buddies getting plugged by more armed citizens, although any one of us may still be accosted.

        • The fact that courts have found police to not be responsible for individuals in terms of civil damages for a failure to protect does not negate the rather obvious evidence that police deter and prevent crime on the aggregate.

          As tdiinva notes, the stats make this clear. Homicides are not skyrocketing in depoliced areas coincidentally.

        • I am not talking past anyone. Chris doesn’t understand what the Court ruled. As you stated correctly the police are responsible for maintaining the civil peace. Too many people in the gun community make the mistake of jumping from the police don’t protect a specific individual to the false conclusion that they don’t protect anyone. If you believe that then why pass laws against murder? Clearly these laws must be ineffective because people still get murdered.

        • Police did not disappear. They will still come to investigate how the dead body got to your front lawn and lock you up until you prove that you defended your life against the violent criminal scum.
          They refuse to protect us, but they still protect criminals. That’s why the crime rates went through the roof.
          If they disappear, people will take care of the problem themselves and bury the carcasses.

        • There are those who Prepared for such a situation. Never reloaded. Never will but, because I have people who due. A few hundred on hand has become a valuable commodity. All I know is they are for 9mm and were recommended by those who know. The art of the barter was taught to me long ago by my Depression era father. Everything in a time of need is a necessity and has value to someone.

        • You can trade once-fired brass for reloaded ammunition. It damn sure won’t be one-for-one, I guarantee you…

  18. Christians live by the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    Faux Libertarians claim to live by the Silver Rule “Don’t do unto others as you would not have them do unto you.”

    But everyone forgets that there is an Iron Rule “do unto others before they do unto you.” Who lives by the Iron Rule? Muggers, gangbangers, mafiosos and genocidal dictators.

    Who rules when anarchy reigns? Those that live by the Iron Rule. What we are seeing in Minneapolis is what happens when we listen to faux Libertarians. Civil society requires a willingness to deal with people who live by the Iron Law with the rule of law. I would hope the cop haters in the gun community have learned their lesson.

    • Welp, when the cops start training the locals to be victims I’d say the rule has changed to “do unto others and then split.”

  19. This shit stops the day after the contents of that letter apply to the city pols.

    Partly because some percentage of them will get killed by a “mostly law abiding” criminal who’s just had enough of this.

    • This won’t stop until people figure out that of the millions of police-public interactions every year only a handful go south and almost all of those go south because of the person the police are dealing with resists arrest.

      • I kinda doubt this. A decrease in police was baked in to life decades ago.

        Cops were already on the chopping block, as were all city services so this kind of chaos was inevitable at some point. “Defund the police” might be a slogan but it was coming down the pike one way or another for a long time.

        We’ve been talking for years about how all these cities were going broke. Well, now thanks to the lockdowns and the riots they have, just a bit faster than expected. Maybe the silver lining here is slashing those bloated pensions, but either way, police budgets were going to get cut at some point fairly soon no matter what.

        Ultimately the culling (both this and CoV-2) were coming for a long time and there’s essentially nothing you can do to stop them.

        • That’s a lot of verbage to deny that there is something called the Ferguson effect.

          C19 might be worst epidemic since the Spanish Flu but in the end it will result in 1/3 the deaths in 3x the population. It has little to do with what’s going on. The extended rioting is the resulted of nearly four campaign by the Democrats to delegitimatize the President and the Constitutional order.

          What is going on in Minneapolis is not a direct result of civil unrest. Civil unrest was leveraged by radicals and supported by faux Libertarians to destroy policing and turn the streets over to criminal gangs. We saw the same kind of unrest in 1967-68, with same anti-police rhetoric, but nobody paid attention and police and NG put down the riots.

        • “Maybe the silver lining here is slashing those bloated pensions, but either way, police budgets were going to get cut at some point fairly soon no matter what.”

          They don’t *dare* cut the bloated pensions, they realize it will be *their* heads on the metaphorical (or possible literal) block, hopefully via the French Revolution method of the blade.

          I fully expect them take those and pass ’em off to the federal government, where *all* of us get the pay the butcher’s inevitable bill by getting our (actually earned) SS bennies chopped…

      • One of the dilemmas is a double standard that keeps coming up: The police don’t want to be judged by “a few bad apples” but the message is clear that “every protestor” is a violent, homicidal maniac. The police need to be held to a higher standard than your average protestor/looter.

        • You assume that because it goes south that the cop was a bad apple. That is generally false. Both George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks were resisting arrest when things went south and Floyd was in the process of ODing when he died. That is clear from the bodycam transcript. They already called for the EMS because he showed clear signs of overdosing. You are buying into what is probably a false narrative.

    • @24and7 All Hail the White Feather. Has anyone taken notice of one of the hottest treads in firearms training and competition. Long Range shooting.

      • I do love me some long range, but I got into it too late, too old. Sport is an awful lot of work for an awful small number of shots, but Lawdy me, Bustin’ 9s and 10s at 1000 yards with a service rifle and iron sights (!!!) is a kick in the ass second to very few.

  20. A direct result of electing DemoCommies, Socialists,Commiecrats,Progressives,know by any other names as Totalitarian Marxists,EFF Em All.

  21. If you so much as hurt any of the savages you could be sent to jail. Kill one or more attacking you and it’ll be murder. You think it can’t happen here? It is. The stage is being set for The Party of Organized Crime to take over in 2020. Commonly known as The National Socialist Party. The thing is, once they do take over they’ll shoot all the savages themselves. They’ll ( the savages) will be of no more use.

  22. Well at least the tip ,” don’t stop for strangers trying to approach or stop your car “ ,gives you the OK to run over the rioters and protesters .

  23. Reap what you sow. You are getting the government you deserve.

    Conversations in Minnesotans houses this week:

    Honey, did you do the budget this month? Yes dear. Did you allow for hold up money? No, dear, I spent it on a Glock instead. Ok. Happy hunting.

  24. I turn sideways, stand as tall as I can, hiss and show a lot of teeth. That usually works for city folks, them country fxks just kick me sailing and take back their chicken if they don’t shoot me first

    • “I turn sideways, stand as tall as I can, hiss and show a lot of teeth.”

      Bite ’em, Possum! 🙂

  25. The thing is, that title is disingenuous. The police are saying what they have always said for many years. That you are safer to not resist violent criminals, to give them whatever they ask for and not get hurt or killed. Standard police advice to us “civilians” for as long as I can recall. The current apocalypse adds some flavor to it, but the advice hasn’t changed any.

    Me, I carry a gun and have been doing so since before I was an adult.

    What’s your plan?

  26. if your going to abolish the police department, why bother remembering the particulars of the prick who robbed you? Its not like there will be anyone to arrest and prosecute them.

    The inmates have taken control of the asylum.

    This is not going to end well. Maybe I need to move to Syria, it might be safer than what is coming in the U.S.

  27. One Gun Truck & Minigun & they will all run home to mommy crying their little weak @sses off…..

    Build walls around one gets out….

    These cities have been allowed to run amuck for too long by the Dems!

  28. I hear that they are planning on wandering into the suburbs, if that is true can you answer a question for me. Actually two is there a bag limit and do they have to be tagged..


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