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Courtesy Kansas City Star
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“William Thomas is just fine with being called a gun nerd,” reports. “Just like you have ‘Star Wars’ nerds who can tell you everything about ‘Star Wars’ — that’s how I am,” he said. ‘I’m that resource for a lot of my friends who want a gun.'”

The Star reports that Mr. Thomas — whose father was killed by a gun! — “owns several firearms” (video below). A gun nerd’s arsenal? Anyway, what do you call yourself when it comes to “your gun thing” (as my mother used to call it).

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  1. Small-L libertarian.

    Even with three large safes and crazy-prepper quantities of ammo, guns are not a part of my self-identity. They are a means to securing my ability to be who I am, a litmus test for my political support, and a constant component to my every day clothing, but they don’t define me.

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