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“As far as the Democrats are relevant to the US political debate these days, they have largely focused on relatively “fringe” issues that many millennials don’t care much about. For example, millennials seem much less concerned about Russian meddling in US elections than the rest of the Democratic party elite. Even the newest golden issue, gun control, seems much more a post-millennial than millennial issue. A recent poll found that millennials are no more liberal on gun control than previous generations.” – Cass Mudde in Democrats are losing the millennial vote and need to change message [via theguardian.com]

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  1. I’m starting to get the feeling that the Demoncrats are going to take a beating this fall. They’d rather stir up the most radical part of their base than try to bring anyone new into the fold.

    • “I’m starting to get the feeling that the Demoncrats are going to take a beating this fall.”

      It’s gonna be tight, according to the polls.

      You, know, the very same telephone polls that conservatives either hung up on or outright just lied to as to who they were voting for in November 2016, because they were dammed if they were gonna help the Leftist media that conducts them…

      • The same pollsters who guaranteed that the filthy hatchet wound Clinton had a 98% chance of winning the presidency? LOL. (If you didn’t know, those polls are designed to suppress Republican voters. After all, if there’s no chance of winning, then why bother voting. OTOH, if it’s competitive, it’s geared to motivate democrats. Period)

        • There’s actually two, sometimes three. Primaries are often more important than the general election.

    • you’re right…they still don’t seem to “get it”…and appear to be totally out of touch with the masses….

    • We shouldn’t forget that David Hogg is a kid. Better spoken than most of his HS peers (Journalism Club, I think), he was quickly identified by well financed gun-control propagandists who put their considerable assets—and carefully crafted talking points—into promoting him as a “youth spokesman”. Because he has a connection to the high school, he was/is the perfect crisis actor. There is a deep cynicism about this whole thing. He’ll probably shift into some form of broadcasting at some point.

      • If I hadn’t spent all my money on buying more ammo, I’d bet you a hundred bucks he winds up working for one of the “mainstream” legacy news outlets within the next 8 to 10 years.

      • have you ever heard him speak? HE can’t say two words without cursing ,does that strike you as some one who is knowledgeable and articulate ? He is a spoiled rich want a be ,he is a sick joke . If by some chance some one had shot the bad guy and stopped a slaughter with a gun .He would be screaming to arm all teachers

    • Is a pigs prick pork ? Does a hickory horse have a wooden dick ? Who really gives a shit about that Hog kid ?

    • Yeah but it’s crooked, like his lips and shoulders. I think he got ran over as a baby or maybe dropped too many times.

    • Nah. If he did, we’d find out that he is really Alfred E. Newman and this whole thing was just a gigantic gag.

  2. need to change message

    Not get a clue, or head out of ass, or belief/morality. But change what the are saying. IE LIE about what they believe

    After the MSM “year in review” will hear no more about the Hogg until the MSM comes together to celebrate his life/death.

  3. “Cass Mudde in “Democrats are losing the millennial vote and need to change message.””

    No, no, no. Keep on, keepin’ on. Fuel that raw hatred *fresh*.

    Let it *burn* in you, Leftists…

  4. I’m ‘more liberal’ when it comes to gun control.

    Hogg is ‘more totalitarian’.

    Most guys his age are ‘can I get laid with that?’

    • He is also a very unlikable point person for this issue(which is good for 2A folks). My very progressive coworker described him as having a “very punch-able face”. Pretty much says it all.

      • I was thinking the same thing. When he first emerged as the “face of the movement”, I couldn’t understand how they could promote him when his unlikeability factor is off the charts. None of the “big four”(Hogg, Kaskey, Gonzales, and Tarr) are even remotely appealing to anyone who’s not already a die hard, Kool-Aid guzzling gun controller.

        I suppose we should be thankful…

  5. Hoggboy has a lot less “power” than anyone thinks…like the insane Maxine Waters. BTW did anyone leave a review at the The Red Hen in Lexington,Va?!?😄

    • “BTW did anyone leave a review at the The Red Hen in Lexington,Va?!?”

      Only everybody. Yelp score dove to 2.5…

  6. I think a sheriff like Grady Judd from Polk County , Fl or any other chief for that matter would have taken a hard look at Hogg . Being that he wasn’t at school when the shooting happened and cashed in on the tragedy.

    Hopefully the Democrats will lose big and their sucker won’t be needed and his protection will be gone. He will join the ranks of Casey Anthony . Hogg is more infamous than George Zimmerman .

  7. The “Attention” Hogg conviently wasnt at school the day of the shooting, somehow manages to jump in front of a camera minutes after the attack and claims to be a “victim of gun violence”.
    If that doesnt tell you something, i dont know what will.
    He tried to extort money from Publix by doing a die in. That backfired. Then i heard he was going to pull the same crap at the Fed Ex facility in memphis. The little bastards a criminal already. Why has he not been arrested?

    • He was at the school during the shooting. There is video HE MADE during the shooting that is time stamped and everything.

      As the scene was cleared, he was conga-lined out of the building with all of the other students, was eventually picked up by a guardian and taken home, where he got on his bicycle and pedaled back to the school as fast as he could to make more videos and hopefully get on TV himself.

      Quit spreading the fake news that he wasn’t on campus during the shooting. It makes pro-gunners look stupid to keep repeating provably false statements.

      Now, if you want to claim that he wasn’t in the building the shooter was, that’s entirely factual. It might even be fair to say he’s not really a survivor because he never faced a real threat.

      • This is a site for gun owners to express themselves . It is not an a**hole magnet for juvenile liberals like you. Adults only. Bored with summer vacation already?

        • I’m sorry that facts are juvenile to you, but they are still facts. He was at school during the shooting. Several witnesses have made that claim. He made a video from inside a closet at the school during the lockdown. I’m not sure why you refuse to acknowledge those facts, but your insistence on pushing a fake narrative makes the pro-gun position look ignorant.

        • Got a link?

          There’s a CBS interview that says he got his camera and rode three miles to the school…is that the one you are trying to use as evidence?

          here’s one of the original “HOGG WASN’T AT SCHOOL!!!” sources retracting their original story: https://squawker.org/politics/exposed-david-hogg-admits-he-was-at-home-during-parkland-shooting/

          So, unless you have a different link to a different interview where Hogg admits that he was not at the school during the shooting (despite witnesses and video evidence to the contrary), please stop repeating a proven false narrative.

      • But where was he when the shooting happened? A building on the other side of campus? In the same room as the shooter?

        • The majority of these kids were not in the same building that was targeted in the shooting. Simply being a high school student of a high school that something terrible happened to doesn’t make one a survivor or a victim any more than an car accident at the intersection near my work makes me a car accident victim or survivor. Victim or survivor class doesn’t grant me anything more than an opinion on a subject. Being in a car crash doesn’t give me the right to dictate policy to the NTSB or make me an expert in transportation. The majority of these kids are no different than if someone who lives 6 houses down from me was murdered. It is a tragedy for the community they were a part of, but it grants them no special rights nor does it act as a substitute for expertise and experience. It should be this simple.

        • He was at school, on campus, in a building other than the one that the shooter was in. Therefore, he’s more of a “survivor” than the kids at Westglade Middle School next door, but less of a “survivor” than the kids who were actually shot and lived.

  8. Remember in November, any vote for a democrat is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment….any vote that doesn’t keep the Republican majority, especially in the Senate where they confirm Supreme Court Justices and lower court judges, is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment……I can’t stand the Republican party, But the only ones who can confirm ginsburg, Kennedy and perhaps Thomas’s Replacements are Republican Senators….the time for protest votes are after we replace the left wing, anti gun judges and Justices…and that won’t be till Trump leaves office…then vote for losertarians to your hearts content….but till then, any vote for a democrat is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment…

    • In other words: The Republic is already dying. It will last a couple of generations longer voting for Republicans.

    • Breyer is much more likely to retire/die before Thomas hangs up his spurs. I think Clarence is champing at the bit to rule on some cases as soon as he and Alito and Gorsuch have another true conservative on their side.

      Nonetheless, your assessment is spot on. Since Rick Scott is running unopposed in the Florida Republican Primary, I plan on writing in Ron DiSantis as my protest vote, but I’ll hold my nose and vote for Scott in the general election over “Foghorn Leghorn” Nelson.

      There were 7 votes taken from Gorsuch’s nomination through his final confirmation vote, and Nelson voted against him every time. If he’s re-elected he’ll have another six years to gum up the Republican Judicial nominations.

      I’m not pleased with Florida’s new gun laws, but they could have been a lot worse. No MSR ban, no mag capacity ban, no universal background checks, and private sales are still legal for everyone, including 18-20 year olds.

  9. If you want to teach hogg a lesson, vote out every single democrat in November…..and send a message to squish republicans that anti gun votes will get you booted……I know, I know, some republicans are turning real squishy on guns….but booting democrats is the only way to secure the Right…..then we can focus on the next primaries to boot anti gun Republicans…one step at a time…

  10. Anyone bothering to look at 40, 30, 20, 10 year polls can see support for substantive gun control has been falling. Polls that divide by age class show that the only demographic with support gun bans by gun type consistently is the over 65 year old cohort and they are dying off.

    Sure, we can pick a bone with some of aspects of Heller but it was a huge defeat for the gun control lobby.

    With Hogg there is no puzzle there. But we should understand Hogg’s utility to the gun control lobby since it is anew tack That is a kid who has been raised on aggrieved group identity politics. If you are not racial minority, trans, gay, an illegal immigrant or at least female then YOU are the oppressor by the simple fact that you were born into a group.

    Last year David Hogg was simply a kid who spent a decade being taught that he is the problem, not because of anything he did or did not do as an individual, but simply because he had no victim stratus.

    Today he has, and is selling to other kids, the “golden ticket” of admittance into a victim class. It is a disgusting tactic but it will have some traction

  11. the “over 65” crowd?….what the hell are you talking about?….we’re the ones who remember when you didn’t have to put up with all this crap!……

  12. Midterms are coming up fast we need to get out and vote! Vote out all democ-rats and get some legislation passed for us. ?HPA? Still a thing?

  13. The ghost of ironicatbest doesn’t care, If they try to take ironicatbest gun collection the ghost of ironicatbest will go all poltergeist on them,,. I eat priest for breakfast and piss holy water

  14. To quote the great Danny McBride,”
    Courtney, will you make funny faces to entertain me?
    No! Never triangle-face! I hate triangle face! It scares me!”

  15. Millennials are GenY, born from the early 80s to the mid 90s. Young Master Hogg was born in 2000, so he’s not a Millennial. He’s a GenZ, or what ever they are going to end up calling that cohort.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. The youngest a “Millenial” can be is 24 years old now. There are many dumbass f’d up people in my generation, just as in gen X and the baby boomers, but David Hogg isn’t one of them, stop blaming tide pods and parkland fascists on us, that’s the gen Z.

      • My kids are both Gen Z. They’ve had their moments of dumbassery, but thankfully, they’re not stupid enough to snort condoms, eat laundry detergent, or whatever the latest idiotic challenge is. My son is more like my generation (Gen X). Video games bore him, he’s not really tech-savvy, and he’s happier running around outside, riding or wrenching on his numerous bicycles (I swear he has like 12 of them), and shooting bb guns or his .22 Henry. My daughter has her own youtube channel (with like 3 videos of her showing off our cats, lol), and is always watching movies, texting her friends, or playing games on her phone or on my gaming pc. She’s not much for running around outside. She does, however, enjoy helping me work on cars. She’ll actually help, unlike my son, who just stands there and talks. Which is weird, because he loves working on his bikes.

  16. Every time someone mentions Hogg we should respond loudly and clearly “David ‘On the day of the shooting, I got my camera and got on my bike and rode as fast as I could three miles from my house to the school’ Hogg?”

    Hang that anchor around his neck and rightly so.

  17. Damn, that Hogg kid gets fuglier every time I see his picture. Looks like his belligerant facial expression is frozen onto that triangular-shaped head of his. Now that he’s out of high school and can’t get accepted into college, I wonder what he’ll do with his life once Bloomburg and the Mad Mommies tire of him and no longer find him useful? Not that I care. I wouldn’t want him in my Armed Forces, although a couple weeks at Parris Island might do him good, before they kick his arse out for sniveling and refusal to obey.

  18. Every time I see a picture of Hogg he looks like he has just sat down on the john and is trying to have a difficult and somewhat painful BM. Which is kind of appropriate because he’s a little you know what.

  19. Hogg and his pals are not Millennials. The Millennials are now in their mid 20s to 30s. Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 22 to 37 in 2018) will be considered a Millennial,
    My 2 daughters are Millennials.


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