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Do you remember the ambitious gun control agenda proposed by Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam? After yesterday’s election results in the Old Dominion, there will be nothing to stop him from enacting virtually every aspect of it. That includes a red flag law, one gun a month limits and universal background checks.

So you’d better get out there, Virginia gun owners, and buy those assaulty-looking rifles and 30-round magazines while you still can. Because while wearing black shoe polish on your face may be perfectly acceptable in Virginia, selling standard capacity magazines is likely to be unacceptable in polite society soon.

As CNN reported in a story titled, How a Bloomberg-funded gun-control group helped turn Virginia blue Tuesday. . .

On Tuesday in Virginia, all three seats flipped from Republican to Democrat — after a $2.5 million spending spree in the state by Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun-control group aligned with billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The investments made the Bloomberg-affiliated organization the largest outside spender in the elections that saw Democrats take control of the state’s executive and legislative branches for the first time in a generation.

Everytown officials — who provided CNN with details of their Virginia strategy — say their approach to the off-year election demonstrates the potency of the gun-safety message one year before the nation heads to the polls to decide control of Congress and the White House. The spending also underscores how aggressively the deep-pocketed group will pursue its agenda in the months ahead. Everytown outspent the embattled National Rifle Association by roughly 8-to-1 in Virginia, plowing money into the state to target vulnerable Republicans months in advance of Tuesday’s election.

“Gun safety will be one of the defining issues of 2020,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown.

The AP notes a gleeful Governor Coonman with visions of gun control laws dancing in his head . . .

Northam, speaking at a Cabinet meeting, promised swift action on a host of liberal policy proposals, with a particular emphasis on gun control measures.

He said Democratic gains were largely powered by voters who wanted to see commonsense gun laws enacted and noted that Republicans adjourned a special session earlier this year called in response to a mass shooting in Virginia Beach in less than 90 minutes “with no results.”

“The landscape has changed,” Northam said.

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  1. More proof as to how we’re actually losing ground. The freaking NRA did jack crap and their HQ is located in Fairfax.

    If this is what winning feels like…

    • NRA did jack crap? Seriously? How about you dumb ass Virginia gun owners get out and vote? Did you see the voter turnout? Lazy dumb asses

      • Yeah, I’m not ready to let to NRA off the hook. They need to get their act together and get a heck of a lot more aggressive if they want to help states hold onto 2nd Amendment Rights.

        That said, Virginia voters need to accept some personal responsibility here. The NRA could have spent a billion dollars, but at the end of the day the voter gotta vote. There’s no excuse for sitting at home when your rights are on the line. In 10 years or so, when the confiscations begin in Virginia, you’ll all regret not getting off the couch in 2019 to vote for your rights.

        • It had nothing to do with gun owners not voting. The red areas stayed red.

          Earlier this year districts were reorganized in a way that heavily favored Democrats. Once red districts were redrawn to include areas packed with D voters. Not to mention NoVa has been invaded by more and more DC cretins, and idiots who vote Democrat in northern states then move here to escape the mess they’ve created, and somehow CONTINUE TO VOTE DEMOCRAT.

          We’ve been getting sabotaged for years and they finally gained enough ground.

    • bloomberg is worth $60 BILLION dollars. The NRA could spend every dollar they have and bloomberg could counter that with the money in his checking account.

      bloomberg is a problem because of the massive amount of money he has, it can have an effect.

      Look what happened in the 2018 election in WA state where a bunch of billionaries (paul allen, steve ballmer and a few others) outspent the NRA and pro gun groups 10 to 1.

      • The NRA spent $300k in VA. That’s it. It was outspent by Bloomberg in VA by 8:1.

        The NRA spends $100k PER DAY on their lawyers and over $1M per year on Wayne LaPierre’s salary. The last reported annual revenue of the NRA was $400M.

        It is not that the NRA has no money to spend. It is that the NRA spends it on the wrong things.

  2. “a gleeful Governor Coonman with visions of gun control laws dancing in his head”

    No doubt. He can’t wait to have bragging rights about something after being outed as a racist in college. Anything to take the heat off of him. Not that there was that much heat anyway. He is a democrat.

    Virginia has been turning blue for awhile now. Sad.

    • No, no… America has been going European for generations. Now you see the results of the complete shift to the European ideals of socialism and uncontrollable government. No true resistance from the “other” side. Serfdom is almost complete.

      Republicans are complicit in the downfall. They have no intention of saving the republic form of government America was intended to be. They want a police state where law enforcement becomes the domestic military force that enforces the government’s rule over the individual.

      America is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave. That’s the truth (and you know it). Trump only made it worse.

  3. Welcome to Maryland Virginia! Just think, this time next year you’ll have Trump red flag laws and bump stock bans, universal background checks and mag bans, open carry bans, etc etc.

    Unless, well, we can’t actually speak of using the 2nd amendment so never mind.

  4. “So you’d better get out there, Virginia gun owners, and buy those assaulty-looking rifles and 30-round magazines while you still can.”

    Don’t you think they will ban possession of anything they ban buying and selling of?

    We ALL need to be thinking long and hard about what “we will not comply” really means and whether or not we are willing to go through that.

        • CA banned possession of 30 round mags and a Federal judge just ruled against CA earlier this year and threw out the entire mag ban. The ruling overturned the ban on 30 round mag sales too. It’s on appeal to the 9th circuit now

          The 9th circuit is much less liberal than it was a few years ago, mcconnell and trump are changing the 9th. Of the 29 judges, right now it’s 16 dem’s, 13 GOP. Trump has put 9 judges on that court in less than 3 years. If trump gets a second term, he’ll flip the loony 9th to a conservative majority circuit.

          He’s already put judges on the 3rd and 11th and flipped those to majority GOP control. He will flip the 2nd circuit soon with a few pending nominees.

      • Yup, the proposed law bans them. Render inoperable, turn them in or remove them from the state. Those are your options. Zero option to modify even like Cali and a couple of other states allow.

        Might pass. I also would guess they might see at least mild modifications before passing, like allowing grandfathering. If they don’t, best chance of any AWB to get successfully challenged in court as it would be the most extreme AWB on the books.

  5. Like Illinois, New York, California, etc., the cancer of the communist parts of the state have grown to overwhelm the rest.

    • Government being your daddy and mommy is far more appealing to the fearful and dumb. Most people want to be taken care of by someone else.

      The educational system in America was designed to “teach” the kids to be powerless victims. This is why you see young people always playing victim every opportunity they get in every aspect of life. They don’t know how to empower themselves, instead they cry out for someone to save them. Call the police, pass a new law, beg a politician to guide them through life forever.

      I was wondering why I felt like being weak/sick was an opportunity to get some attention and personal benefit. I figured out that the government has made me want to be a victim in order to get treated like a poor baby who needs special attention and care. If you are intelligent enough to figure that out you feel disgusted for thinking about being a snowflake seeking a special safe space created by others.

      The government tries to weaken your mind and body so you run to them to be saved. Most people fall for it, including Republicans.

      • This is why you see young people always playing victim every opportunity they get in every aspect of life.

        One of our rural county high schools in 2016 had a lockdown as the result of hearing gunshots on the first day of hunting season.

        A month later at a gun-grabber Democrat candidate forum (that I was asking hard questions of) they had 4 students on stage talking about their experiences of being a “gun violence survivor”.

        Yep, some idiot hears gun shots out in the distant woods on the first day of hunting season and now there are 300+ “gun violence survivors” at the school. They wallow in their “victimhood”.

  6. This is just a continuation of a trend. that won’t stop. Virginia was solid Red until millennials and immigrants flooded into Northern VA to work for the Govt and big tech. Couple this with current crop of govt workers and there was no turning back. Look for Florida to go next. MASSIVE immigration(both legal and illegal) and flood of NY/NJ people will turn that solid blue in next decade. NC will follow as well. Young progressives are flooding Charlotte and Raleigh. Raleigh is full of Indian tech workers who have kids here and get their citizenship…they vote solid blue. Legal/illegal immigrants are flooding Texas along with Californians and that will be blue just like they turned Colorado blue. Arizona is also not far behind. In South Carolina where I live I already see the Blue trend starting as well.

    This spreads like a cancer. There isn’t a state in the Union that is going the other way.

    • Everything of scenario you listed happened to New Mexico, Washington State, Oregon, and…….CALIFORNIA in the 1990’s.

      Those States were the harbinger of things to come regarding the Democrat Party Playbook of turning this Country into something like that of Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega……….and the steaming pile of D**S*** Republican Party is just about “go along to get along”.

    • That seems to be the strategy. I would say they eventually grow up or get red-pilled, but like JP Ruiz said, California. There doesn’t seem to be any turning back from that.

      We need to not only demand a stop to illegal immigration, but stop Disney, big tech, etc. from bringing in lower paid legal immigrants to replace Americans. If the skilled workforce they need doesn’t exist in this country, then they need to invest in training one. That would be a win win for this country, but democrats, along with big corporations will fight that tooth and nail.

      • LEGAL immigration is a huge issue for gun rights and one never addressed. The vast majority…..and I would wage nearly all…maybe 95% of legal immigrants don’t care about gun rights or are openly hostile to them. They come from countries with zero gun rights, have never owned guns, and were taught from birth only the govt and police should have them. They almost exclusively vote Dem as they love big govt. They aren’t coming here for the freedom but for a better living. And it’s not racist to say that….white people from England, France, or Norway immigrating here are just like that as well.

        I’ve seen in personally at my job. I work for a big bank in Raleigh. The building I work in is 70% Indian. Every single one of them is young and married. They almost all either have a young child(born in US) or one on the way. They talk about how this makes getting citizen ship easier. Almost all of them have brought one or both sets of parents over. They will become citizens as well.
        I’ve had extensive conversations with them and have yet to meet one who is okay with gun rights. They view gun ownership as something to be feared and want them all banned. They all vote Dem and want free health care, education, etc. They really don’t care at all about freedom of speech, gun rights, etc.

        I can easily see NC turning blue as the economic boom in Raleigh and Charlotte bring in so many immigrants and yankees that their numbers overwhelm any People of the GUn

        • Yep. And for the record, I’m not talking about regular immigration where people apply for citizenship and THEN come over as citizens. I’m just talking about work visas where they come and compete for jobs with citizens; then once they’re here, they either don’t leave when they’re supposed to or start a family etc. to get an advantage by having their babies born as citizens.

          I think the people that go through the process of citizenship first have more respect for this country and it’s laws.

        • “They all vote Dem and want free health care, education, etc”.

          And in doing so, they recreate the Countries that they come from, and that prospect of a better living they seek, evaporates. The Lily White Liberal Eurotrash are the worst. I met quite a few of them when I was in NJ.

          NJ and NY Transplants are another example. Flee their Shit-Show Progressive Utopias and then recreate them in the Red States that they move to.

        • As a legal immigrant, I admit to arriving on these shores very leery of civilian gun rights. That said in the required 4 years of living in the US before getting citizenship (and hence voting rights), my opinion flipped to a strong 2A supporter. And a similar story holds for a majority of other legal international migrants I have personally met.

          The difference between my experience and your experience of migrants is one of naturalization. I arrived expecting to live here permanently. I adopted the local American culture, I surrounded myself with locals (not other migrants), I listened and learned. I did not demand people pander to customs from my homeland. So did most of the other international migrants I’ve met.

          By the sounds of your experience, the problem is they are not melting into the great melting pot; but living in a bubble. This is exacerbated by the “progressive” notion that migrants should not change, but everyone else should change for them. But I rarely meet these people because I don’t socialize in that bubble.

          I saw the same thing happen from the country I left behind. The migrants that came and adapted; adopted local values and were welcomed. The migrants who didn’t, self-ghettoized, and became unwelcome. I see the same phenomenon happening in my State, with transplants from the usual liberal utopias. Moving here, surrounding themselves with other escapees, and attempting to change their new home to match their old.

      • Trump said he wants to increase legal immigration to fill jobs that American can’t/won’t do. He wants millions. He is a business man after all and he will go back to that sooner than later. It benefits him to make America a strong corporate state. Republicans are no against this. Look what Ronald Reagan did.

        America is not a free market capitalist society. Republican voters look at such a system as an anarchist’s dreamland. They hate such liberty orientated systems. They want a controlled society that brings them a safe space they call stability and predictable outcomes. In other words, current day Republicans are socialists in one way or another.

        The obvious outcome is an eventual collapse of human rights in the U.S. Heck, Republicans argue if you are not an American citizen, or you are not on U.S. soil, you have no human rights. The next generation will make sure to turn the lights out.

        • Why do you even bother caring then? If it’s too late and already over just turn em in and be done with it.

  7. A Recipe list for turning America into a 3rd World Progressive SHITHOLE!!

    1). Mass hordes of 3rd World Illegal Aliens.

    2) . Massive amounts of Progressive Stalinist Scumbags fleeing their SHITHOLE PROGRESSIVE UTOPIAS and moving into Red States; of course, bringing their voting habits with them.

    3). Wallstreet and Silicon Valley based Democrat Party Billionaire Donors.

    4). A feckless, take-it-up-the-ass GOP and their associates letting the Democrats run buck-wild.

    Virginia is turning out to be a canary in the coal mine for where this fucking Country is going.

    BTW, this 2019 Off-Year Non-Gubernatorial Election in Virginia was the most Expensive ever. 8-1 Margin in favor of the Democrats……….

    I thought the Democrats hated the rich?

    • Read ‘Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?’ by Michelle Malkin

      “Follow the money… you idiots, ALWAYS follow the money!”
      Deep Throat to Woodward and Bernstein

    • Your numbers 1 through 4 can occur because of what you left out;

      5) A main street media that is the propaganda arm of the leftist DNC.

      All four of your points exist because of the media.

  8. Don’t blame the NRA for this one. The blame belongs with all the 2A supporters who don’t vote don’t show up at rallies don’t donate any money to advocacy groups. The NRA isn’t perfect but we should all start thinking about looking past their mistakes for now and support them to get through the 2020 elections or we can all say they suck and my vote doesn’t count and every other defeatist excuse and just hand everything over to the democrats because that where we’re headed.

    • @Dave,

      Wayne LaPierre’s financial shenanigans and the NRA’s overall willingness to compromise our natural rights have alienated much of their former grassroots support. Now they – and by extension, we – are feeling it.

      I’ll say it again. The NRA needs new leadership to revive support. Otherwise, I’ll continue avoiding it in favor of GOA, SAF, FPC, etc. “Shall Not Be Infringed” has never meant “okay, maybe a little bit of infringement to avoid a big one”…

    • Gun owners are handing over the country just like they will hand over their guns. The Democrats will take what they want and no one is going to stop that. You will not lay down your life just to say you dead a freedom fighter then be labelled a domestic terrorist.

      • Lord you cry a lot. Just go ahead and turn all your guns in already and give it up then. Why bother keeping them if they’ve already won and it’s already over. Go ahead and sell them or turn them in and go back to your condo or suburb and take up a new hobby with the wife like book club and just forget about guns and rights and freedom.

      • Hey Chief, you have just been demoted to peon. Now go stand in the corner, and you will because you have no balls left.

        That’s it….good boy.

    • Bloomberg spent $2.5M in the VA election. The NRA spent only $300k!!! The NRA spends $100k PER DAY on their lawyers in the Ackerman McQueen feud and over $1M per year on Wayne LaPierre’s salary. The last reported annual revenue of the NRA was $400M.

      It is not that the NRA has no money to spend. It is that the NRA spends it on the wrong thinks, hence the NRA is continuing to lose support among those who know this.

      Maybe the NRA wanted a Democrat VA legislature? After all, people scared shitless by the Democrats will donate to the NRA, no questions asked. Wayne LaPierre can continue to make off-the-book luxury travel: https://www.wsj.com/articles/nras-unusual-travel-setup-spotlights-governance-gaps-11572881796

  9. Civil War 2 coming soon to a country that loves repeats… this one will be for the U S Constitution, for or against…

      • There won’t be a civil war. There will be a few ex military shooting up cops. That’s about it.

        • Chief, you should check out the number of Veterans in this country. Not only that do you think Active Duty is going to fire at us? They are sworn to the same promise as we are. We beg not to start, because we have more combat veterans now, then active duty, we will destroy any who stand against us.

      • Well there are democratic veterans they are the minority, the rest of swore to defend the Constitution with our lives. I see how the democratic do it, they come to the state and take over the major cities, like they have in Texas. Soon the state will be blue, however the people in the state will not go gently into that good night when they try to take it away. We fought for years to get concealed carry, that I am sure that it will never leave us. They may be able to recall open carry, but the other will be pushing it. You should look to Texas for the start of the War, cause we are the right type of people to start one.

  10. Bloomberg did basically the same thing in Washington last cycle. The guy is a billionaire, ~3M is couch money to him.

  11. “…who provided CNN with details of their Virginia strategy — say their approach to the off-year election demonstrates the potency of the gun-safety message…”

    If $2.5 million to flip three seats at the state level in an off year with no real out-o-state opposition money to counter you is “potent” you might be a bit derpy. The average cost of such a race, nationwide, is like $5 million. They dumped something like $830,000/candidate extra on top of that to win, a ~16.6% spending boost. That is, in a word, unsustainable.

    If that’s the game they want to play, well, damn, I’ll play all day and stay up late on the weekends considering that the DNC is already borrowing money for next year to the tune of $800,000/month and they currently $7 million in the bank with $6.2 million in debt. The GOP, for whatever they’re worth, have $34.7 million banked with no debt and are out-raising the Dems 2.5:1.

    On top of that you didn’t really manage to elect what would be considered “Lefty” candidates from a nationwide perspective. Yeah, they’re Democrats but they’re still not

    Still, shitty for people who live in Virginia right now.

    • *still not hard left and will bow to certain political winds that do not blow in the direction of hard-core gun control so far as I can tell in VA.

    • It doesn’t have to be sustainable. It just has to work once…. redistricting is right around the corner. Consider that in combination with eliminating voter id, felon voting, etc.

      • It working once for a few seats in one state is not the end of the world.

        There are about 6 million “disenfranchised” felon voters out there nationwide. Less than 2% of the population.

        When it comes to actual elections I’d be far, far more concerned about the way the GOP, POTG and OFWG’s seem hell-bent on insulting and alienating people 18-35. That’s more than 21 million people who can vote without an act of the legislature. That age group had nearly record high turnout last time around and still only hit 35%. You don’t need to tick off that many of them to make the felons getting the vote inconsequential.

  12. Thanks to all you Genius T Tag people who ranted against the NRA and refused to support it, well this is what you got and more gun bans are on the way in 2020 so save a penny today by not supporting the NRA and lose all your guns tomorrow. Pure Genius and you got what you deserved, a Democratic landslide.

    • Don’t blame the NRA or TTAG, or any single entity/group. There are many others, such as GOA, SAF, FPC, Ammoland, Hickock45, Warrior Poet Society, et al.

      We’re all fighting the Blue Wave. If Virginians voted themselves Democrat, then I won’t be held responsible 3000 miles away here in CA, any more than I’d be able to blame them for our failures here. We each need to vote. The NRA doesn’t make or force anyone to vote…it’s our collective responsibility to get to the polls, regardless of what anyone tries to tell us on the TV commercials.

      • Yes, we cannot rely on the NRA, so forget about them. We must show strength in numbers. We all must do more than we are already do: get more folks to the range, donate a little more to national and state gun orgs, have rational conversations with our moderate friends and family, get these folks to join a few gun orgs and get these folks to vote.

    • Bloomberg spent $2.5M in the VA election. The NRA spent only $300k!!! The NRA spends $100k PER DAY on their lawyers in the Ackerman McQueen feud and over $1M per year on Wayne LaPierre’s salary. The last reported annual revenue of the NRA was $400M. It is not that the NRA has no money to spend. It is that the NRA spends it on the wrong thinks, hence the NRA is continuing to lose support among those who know this.

  13. A large part of the problem here is the state GOP organizations. They’re often run by utterly inept, idiotic insiders who want the GOP of 1960 – complete with tweed jackets and three-martini lunches.

    Look at how many races in Virginia were run without ANY GOP candidate. That’s a failure of the state party organization.

  14. Kind of sad funny.
    The majority of the low to mid level fed work force in DC is black. They went out and voted in large numbers, as is their right.
    Looks like the south will be taken black one state at a time.

    • Haha, now you’re just like NJ, NY, CA. You deserve what you got.
      Watch Trump lose the next election and all your guns get taken

  15. Bloomy has been pouring money into VA for multiple election cycles. It wasn’t him that won. It wasn’t the NRA that lost it. VA has been on the edge for awhile and Trump put it over. Off year elections are all about who is pissed off more and right now you can bet it’s people who hate trump and will vote for a turnip over him. Expect more of it in the next few years. Things are going to get bad on the state levels. Probably on the federal level in 2020 too.

    • “Off year elections are all about who is pissed off more and right now you can bet it’s people who hate trump and will vote for a turnip over him”.


      This is coupled with too many of those on our side refusing to the see this and get out to vote.

      Also, the “Russian Collusion” WHORESHIT has infused an attitude in the Leftwing of America that they have Entitled Birthright to Political Office, and that any loss they suffer (2016) means that the Election of said political Office was stolen from them.

  16. Will racist abortionist Governor Coonman sign these new laws in Blackface or Justin Trudeau “brown face”?

    • Thats a good question. But I would add, will Gov “Coon face” showup in a KKK uniform to sign the gun control bills into law? Since the other person in the picture was in Klan robes. I don’t believe he was in black face. I believe the future Virginia governor was wearing a KKK uniform in that photograph.

  17. Someone needs to draw a political cartoon with all these newly elected Delegates and Senators all lined up with their pants pulled down just a little bit while Bloomburg walks down the line branding his ownership mark on their butts.

    If only I were an artist! Anybody have any connections? I’d love to see that go viral!

  18. No, Bloomberg’s money didn’t flip Virginia. Tom Steyer’s and George Soros’ money did Don’t give credit Bloomberg for something that his money didn’t do.

  19. I’m hoping The SCOTUS will put an end to this crap. New York’s lawyers have a major knot in the knickers because SCOTUS insists on reviewing the unconstitutional laws NY has since disappeared. The momentum seems to indicate they will rule on states ignoring the constitution till they get caught. Or at least more clearly define the 2A.

    • “Or at least more clearly define the 2A”?

      The 2A is the clearest of them all, SCOTUS will not save the 2A, we are going to have to fight at some point in the not too distance future.

  20. You “buy” an election through apathy,laziness and of course corruption. As I’m lectured by dimwit’s about ILLinois. “You voted for “em”! “Got the state you deserve” and blah blah blah. Show up in force. Not 1500 at a nationally PUBLISIZED rally!

  21. LMAO!!! Just as I predicted you Jethro’s are losing your grip on your guns – pun intended. 2021 will be a glorious year for People of Color as we take all of your damn guns and dismantle each and every one, melting them down for scrap. Kamala Harris may not be our next president but she will lead POC, immigrants, and indigenous peoples back to power and status. You Jethro’s will lose everything. White racist/supremacist’s will be buried under a tidal wave of blue. Socialism will reign supreme in this, “our” country. There will be rich rewards for informants even as you Jethro’s scurry to hide your weapons of mass violence. One by one the U.N. troops will come to your doors, K-9’s at the ready and you will give up all to our socialist regime or face the consequences. We will take knives, trucks, anything that represents violence and aggression against People of Color. Your kind will be buried forever and the constitution will be rewritten in 2021. The media will control all and you will bow to us or be reeducated. Your minds and bodies are ours. You have no control anymore. Live with that Jethro’s and Hillbillies.

  22. What really happened:

    Virginia is trending blue due to a continued influx of tech workers, federal workers, and immigrants, but none of these groups are particularly dedicated voters. The name of the game is turnout particularly in low-turnout, off year elections, so Bloomberg saw an opportunity and pumped lots of money into ads dedicated into scaring those suburban moms and others leaning Democrat, who previously weren’t particularly concerned, silly. The object being to drive those with time to go to the polls and vote in the gun control candidates. At the same time not particularly motivated gun owners were too busy, didn’t work too hard at motivating 2a voters, and didn’t get around to it themselves.

    Demographic trends are disturbing, but as Migrant (above) suggests from his own experience maybe it is incumbent on us to work a little harder to help naturalize new immigrants and tech workers, who need to be deprogrammed from their recent educational experience (I live near a big university). Get to know them and take them to the range, or perhaps in the case of interested people hunting. Particularly those who come from countries (or states) where gun ownership is virtually prohibited are curious, but fearful. Get them over their initial fear, teach them safe gun handling practices, and offer to take them out shooting. A trip like this with someone they trust to help bridge the very real cultural divide that surrounds those of us who grew up in the American gun culture will be tempting. I have a brother-in-law from Cleveland, who owns guns and still has problems range etiquette. Then remember the smiles that often come from an initial positive experience at the range. If you can get that grin you will have a convert with a little luck for life and a lot more American culturally.

    I frankly don’t care what color my neighbors are or where they come from, what I care about is do they share my values and I have a number of friends with way different backgrounds than mine, who do.

  23. Republicans gave VA away. They failed to run candidates in all districts (which was a lot of districts), some candidates screwed up their paperwork to register for the ballot, and multiple close votes that could have been flipped if a few hundred idiots got off the couch and voted.

    I’m already looking for a storage location for my NFA stuff out of state incase shit gets real. I also have purchased weapons that usually get missed by AWBs over the past few years. I guess they want us using full power rifle cartridges for home defense? Because that’s what I got in semi auto if I can’t own my other semi autos with standard capacity mags.

    To those saying there will be a boogaloo, there won’t. The super bowl is only a few months away, and people aren’t going to miss the commercials and halftime show for the boogaloo.

  24. The Dems were dancing in the streets today and screaming all the semi-auto’s and magazines that hold over 1 round will now be illegal with a 20 year prison sentence and 250,000 dollar fine. New red flag laws will take all your guns if you get caught spitting on the street. SCOTUS of course is getting ready to conveniently leave town during any appeals of course and then let the lower courts bless it all and then take the heat.

    And if you think this is bad wait until the 2020 elections are over. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

  25. Bloomberg’s gun control is a front to pay off politicians to promote his financial and investment interests.

  26. No one bought anything.

    Bloomberg has often failed, so stop giving him credit.

    The population of Virginia, just like the rest of America, is absolutely clueless.

    All they do is watch TV and keep up with sports.

    It doesn’t help that there are only two corrupt parties to choose from. Many of us stay home when those are the only choices.

  27. DEEP BREATHS ALL. Yep we lost VA but it took the entire MSM $2.5milliion, and the fractioning of our “movement” AND the fight is not over. Time to rally folks! This is a major pothole in the road but c’mon! We have more Constitutional Carry, we now have CCW in Chicago for God sake! The battle continues…CAN EVERYONE HERE REACH IN THEIR POCKETS AND KICK $5 TO FPC, 2AF, GOA, or yes even THE NRA!
    – we need to be getting together more often to strengthen gun culture, not only at the rage but definitely at the range. And yes we need out reach, especially to non shooters, and even the anti gun type

  28. As the share of heritage Americans is reduced by an influx of paperwork Americans more and more places will turn blue.

    Demographics of Brazil = politics of Brazil.

  29. I feel for the good folks who live in VA, those that bothered to vote anyway.

    Socialist/government worship is strong in NVA helped along by a strong component of TDS, this is an expected outcome from an off-off year election. The people who vote Democrat in these kind of elections are unlikely to ever support freedom since it requires more work on their part and they are generally quite lazy.

  30. The NRA spent almost as much money on Wayne’s wardrobe and clothing allowance ($274,000) as it did on holding onto Virginia ($300,000).

  31. The NRA spent 300,000 dollars in Virginia, or about three dollars per member in Virginia. Bloomberg spent eight times that amount, but there are no records of how many members of his anti-gun campaign live there, their website claims they have ‘two-million members’ total, meaning they spent about $62 per estimated Virginia member.

    We also know they ran disinformation ads against the NRA, which seems to be unethical.

    Why do campaign laws allow for money from outside a state to be used for people running for state offices? National offices maybe, but state offices? Most States say a person running for office must have a residence there. Even that gets abused, people buy a home they don’t ever actually live in, think Senator Clinton. Why shouldn’t the same apply to campaign finances? Yet, the left claims the NRA controls politicians’ pockets. Not overly accurate.


    Righto! Mayor Doomberg!

    Our very own Napoleon Blownaparte!

    What a swell fellow he is! ~:<)

    The midget fascist Nanny Statist with a Napoleon complex — who carries a gun and travels and lives with a phalanx of armed gunmen — and intent on disarming the American people!


    Martin Nice Tits O’Malley gets the Second Amendment all wrong. It’s not about deer hunting — and blasting Bambi in the ass for the occasional venison tacos — and only marginally about protecting your home, family, and property.

    The Founding Fathers intended that the American people should be well-armed and well-ammoed for the purpose of assassinating dictators, tyrants, and other government gangsters operating on American soil as enemies of the American people.

    Naturally, dictators, tyrants, and other government gangsters operating on American soil as enemies of the American people are very annoyed by this — nay, they are alarmed! — that Americans still recall the Right of Revolution! — and these thugs will do everything they can to destroy the Second Amendment and disarm the American people.


    The Democrats are not worried about protecting innocent people — they scheme to protect the guilty — themselves. The Democrats fear justice at the hands of an armed and educated citizenry — and well they should, for they are enemies of the American people. Every dictator seeks to disarm his intended victims — the more easily to subdue, censor, silence, rape, rob, tax, regulate, plunder, rule, and murder them. Under any and every pretense will the dictator pursue his goal of disarming the people — for the only good dictator, like the only good censor, is a dead one.


    Democrats hate people with historical perspective. Hitler made sure that his government and his supporters were armed — and that his intended victims were not — which constitutes government disarmament of the population targeted for subjection and / or extermination — Jews, Gypsies [Roma], dissenters, and other “undesirables.” The Second Amendment to the US Constitution arms Americans against the rise of tyranny, foreign or domestic, for there is no obligation, ever, to obey a tyrant, a dictator, a thug, a despot.




    “You darkeners of counsel, who would make the property, lives and religion of millions depend on the evasive interpretations of musty parchments; who would send us to antiquated charters of uncertain and contradictory meaning, to prove that the present generation are not bound to be victims to cruel and unforgiving despotism, tell us whether our pious and generous ancestors bequeathed to us the miserable privilege of having the rewards of our honesty, industry, the fruits of those fields which they purchased and bled for, wrested from us at the will of men over whom we have no check.

    “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say, What should be the reward of such sacrifices? Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, and supplicate the friendship, and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth?

    “If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom – go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” — Sam Adams


    “The Constitution shall never be construed… to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” — Sam Adams

    “Courage, then, my countrymen, our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty. Dismissing, therefore, the justice of our cause, as incontestable, the only question is, What is best for us to pursue in our present circumstances?” — Sam Adams


    “It does not take a majority to prevail….but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” — Sam Adams


    “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: first a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can.” — Sam Adams


    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” — George Washington, first President of the United States


    “A free people claim their rights, as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate.” —Thomas Jefferson, 1774







    The intent of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is clear, and it is exceptionally annoying to dictators and to would-be dictators, everywhere.

    No one has any authority to disarm the American people, and, therefore, any such order is INVALID and the people have the right to RESIST enforcement by the same means used by the enforcers.

    The intent of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is to prepare Americans for war against any tyrannical government — to exercise the Right of Revolution.

    Toward that perfectly legitimate end, Americans must have weapons and ammo of the same quality — or better quality — than their taxes provided to the government itself.

    After all, we are under no obligation whatever to arm a government against ourselves — with our own money — and then permit those same gangsters to deny us the right to obtain the same or better weapons — with our own money.

    The Second Amendment — and the Constitution en toto — are not a suicide pact by means of which we empower the government to dictate to us, rob us, and kill us.

    The intent of the US Constitution is to restrain government — not to restrain the rights and liberties of the individual American citizen.

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