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By Larry Keane

Gun control politicians just can’t seem to wean themselves off their addiction to Bloomberg money.

Everytown for Gun Safety, which is funded by antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, announced it will spend $13 million to flip federal and state level election seats currently held by pro-Second Amendment policymakers in Texas and Arizona. Brady Campaign’s Brady PAC announced it will sink funds into the effort, at a half a million dollars.

It’s Bloomberg’s continued effort to campaign to bring the New York-style gun control agenda he adores to every state. He did it in Virginia and he’s looking to repeat. If gun control isn’t passed, he’ll just buy the legislatures.

Bloomberg is only living up to his word. He admitted as much during a presidential townhall, that he bought congressional seats in 2018. The failed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has demonstrated his hypocrisy on Second Amendment rights and who deserves them. Voters demonstrably rejected him, but he’s not going away.

Bloomberg and his pet project gun control groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action pledged to spend millions to help ensure former Vice President Joe Biden leads the most antigun presidential ticket in history, hoping to flip state legislatures along the way.

Shiny Lone Star

texas gun law legislative session

Voters in the Lone Star state heard an earful of the Bloomberg groups’ antigun narrative before and roundly rejected it. Texans approve of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and another popular statewide elected, Attorney General Ken Paxton, when they came through for thousands of Texas small businesses and employees.

Gov. Abbott deemed firearm retailers “essential” during the coronavirus pandemic, allowing them to stay open for business. AG Paxton prevented counties and cities from enacting their own restrictions on gun stores.

Don’t forget former Texas U.S. Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s (D-Texas) disastrous failures running for the U.S. Senate in 2018 on a gun confiscation platform against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). He crashed and burned only to turn his efforts to the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. His gun-grabbing pronouncements fell flat nationally, but impressed presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Flipping the Lone Star state will be a tall order for Bloomberg and his buddies.

Arizona Closer, And President Trump Helps Gun Owners


Also on Everytown’s radar is Arizona, where the group has earmarked $5 million. The Republican-controlled state legislatures are both closer in margins than Texas, with pro-Second Amendment legislators holding a two-seat advantage in the state House of Representatives and a four-seat advantage in the state Senate.

Signs point to a tough reelection ahead for Republican U.S. Sen Martha McSally against Democratic challenger Mark Kelly, husband of former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.), co-Founder of Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence, another gun control group.

Voters will undoubtedly be fired up and President Donald J. Trump carried the Grand Canyon state by four points in 2016. Republican Gov. Doug Ducey isn’t on the ballot, remaining in office past November in case a veto check is needed.

Trying to Pull a 2019 Virginia

The gun control groups are trying to replicate the playbook from Virginia last year, where the off-year elections swung the Commonwealth’s legislature to Democrat majorities for the first time in two decades. Bloomberg dumped $2.5 million in that effort.

The result was a wave of gun control policies signed by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam. But positive signs showed for pro-Second Amendment voters for elections ahead as tens of thousands of lawful gun owners peacefully protested the legislature’s overreach at the capitol in Richmond. Courts ruled Gov. Northam overstepped his authority by closing some firearm businesses.

Joe Biden
File Photo by: zz/Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx

No one knows how 2020 will shake out with former Vice President Joe Biden likely leading the most antigun ticket in history. But Virginia’s 2019 elections did not see President Trump on the ballot and he’s been a staunch Second Amendment supporter and stood by firearm retailers and workers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. He will be a loud supportive voice ahead.

One thing’s certain, voters are tuning in and hundreds of thousands are now first-time firearm owners. NSSF launched the #GUNVOTE online resource so voters know exactly where candidates stand on firearm issues and what they’ve said in the past. It’s a valuable resource for Americans to make sure they don’t risk their rights at the ballot box.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • Yeah you should definitely put some new curtains up. What kind of chili do you use? Homemade or canned? You do beans or no beans?

    • I travelled regularly to Cincinnati for about a year. Big project for a big client. Over there they are proud of something called Skyline Chili. It is more like a tomato sauce with meat and chocolate. Yup. Chocolate. They serve it over spaghetti. Very popular. I never could get used to it.

      Chili: beans…definately…I like to use black turtle beans.

      Curtains….my wife makes those decisions. I have learned.

      • Life, my sister lived in Cincinnati for years. She used to take me to Skyline. It must be an acquired taste. There are a couple of Skyline Chillis in South Florida, if you can believe that. A hunting buddy used to live in Ft. Lauderdale. He got the recipe from someone. Makes big batches and freezes portions. Keeps promising to bring me some. I don’t want to hurt his feelings but it will out the back door and into the garbage.

        • Gadsden,

          “I don’t want to hurt his feelings but it will out the back door and into the garbage.”

          LOL!! I do not understand its popularity. Must be something in the water over there in south western Ohio. But then again, you report it has spread to southern Florida. Clearly contagious.

      • It (Cincy-style chili) is not my favorite, either. It’s got an interesting history (started by a couple of guys from Macedonia), but there are other styles of a “bowl of red” I’d much rather have.

        Come to think of it, a bowl of “green” (chili verde) sounds real good right now, too…

        • did nine years of powersports expo at the sabin center. back then the barn and rib pit in the alley off of seventh street was really sumpthin’.
          but the hell with that chili. chili is recontituted puree of maybe ancho, jumilla, pasilla, morito. toss in some dried pequins and start chopping habanero, jalapeno, manzana, serrano and whatevs you can locate. anaheim? arboles!
          beans are for girls.

  1. That’s the problem that SOB Bloomberg has virtually infinite money and thinks he can buy anybody. He also sees this as his last chance!

    • He thinks he can buy anybody, and thus far it appears he’s right. Other than tossing a $billion on a vanity run for prez, people seem to believe the free stuff is about to arrive when a lying POS promises his bucks to deceive them. I don’t believe America is that stupid, but there is building evidence that I am wrong.

  2. this just means the pro-gun people will have to get out and vote and bring everybody with them that are like-minded

  3. Why isn’t it illegal for out of state interests to spend money on state and local elections? There’s a reason you can’t take money from foreign entities and the same rationale applies.

    • While I agree with your sentiment, the point is moot if you try to put it into practice. All one would need to do to get around that is set up a temporary physical presence in the targeted state. Could be something as simple and cheap as renting a mailbox (with an actual street address assigned, not a P.O. Box). You can get those for as cheap as $10/mo.

    • It wouldn’t be a problem if brain dead morons weren’t allowed to vote. You should have to at least pass a critical thinking test first. Unfortunately, Joe Biden wouldn’t be able to vote for himself.

    • “Goldarn that dayum First Amendment, anyway!”

      Do you have any idea what a fascist tool you sound like?????

    • Foreign entities are not protected by the Constitution. Somebody who has $60 billion should be able to contribute up to $60 billion to anyone he wishes.

  4. “..with former Vice President Joe Biden likely LEADING the most…”

    That’s hilarious. Sleepy Joe doesn’t lead anything. He says and does whatever his handlers tell him to do. People that vote for Joe are knowingly voting for unelected bureaucrats and political operatives to run the country.

    These are the same people that push class warfare on the masses, instigating hate and distrust of anyone that makes more money, yet they love when the billionaires try to buy power for the left. Hypocrites. Every one of them.

  5. Bloomberg is the butt of many jokes, but his money and efforts are no joke. Last week’s Congressional District 25 victory by Republican Mike Garcia (my district) was a “correction” to replace the now-disgraced Democrat Katie Hill. Remember that Hill beat incumbent Steve Knight in the November 2018 election, and only because Knight thought he had an easy win in the bag due to our area’s traditionally conservative makeup, so he didn’t campaign. Hill, on the other hand, was financed by Bloomberg to the alleged tune of $3 million, so about 90% of all political mailers were from Hill. We kept getting those things in our mailbox every day for weeks!

    The strategy worked, and Hill won. If she hadn’t been sexually involved with her campaign staffer in that controversial “thruple” with her husband and suffered the scandal fallout, she’d still be our Representative today.

    We need to take Bloomberg’s devil money seriously.


  6. On a side note, a few days ago, SoCal folks have a new Republican congressman, Mike Garcia. Don’t know his stance on 2A but he’s said, “I don’t want my country to turn into what my state has become.”

  7. Gee, it seems like nearly all of these big player banners are wealthy elites who live sheltered from the world and make a habit out of speaking in favor of population reduction and eugenic schemes.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    The chattel who parrot their shit deserve their fate. Too bad they seek to drag me down with them.

  8. Let’s just hope the old fart dies and soon. Of course, being a short little jew…he’ll probably live to be 105

  9. “President Trump … he’s been a staunch Second Amendment supporter” – Only if one’s standard of comparison is someone like Bloomberg or Biden. So far, the NRA has largely kept him in check by reminding him that red flag laws, “assault weapons” bans, “universal” background checks, etc. are going to piss off a lot of his supporters. Questionable how much weight that will carry after November when he no longer needs their votes.

    • Obama did not ban bump stocks…so there is THAT.
      Thankfully it has not gone farther…but there is talk of a ban on all home-made guns…not just 80% ghost guns.
      Too much talk of re-instituting the worthless AWB as well.
      How about stricter laws and enforcement when guns are used in crimes…start there.
      Oh wait, that would be racist, I forgot.

      • “Obama did not ban bump stocks…”
        True. But not for lack of trying. I remember how pissed he was when he couldn’t push his gun control through the legislature. I think he used words like “pretty shameful day in DC”
        Don’t you remember? Or don’t you want to remember?

      • Stricter enforcement when guns are used in crimes? Are you shitting me? How about stricter enforcement when crimes are committed? I do not see why you should be more executed, or even more swiftly executed, if you use a gun to kill me, than if you use an axe to kill me.

    • Trump may not relish the idea of having a supermajority of Dems in the Senate and a 60 seat surplus in the House for his last 2 years, I’d suggest it would be 2022 before he is on the loose, but anyway, this sounds like a skeptic, I believe he is what he claims to be, more than any president in my lifetime, starting with Eisenhower. Your description is of a fucking politician who is attempting to *fool* people into voting for him, like Biden, Obama, Bush, Clinton, and on and on. I do not believe Trump falls into that category. And the very idea that the NRA has “kept him in check” is FAR left wing nuttiness.

  10. Gun Safety? Gun confiscation and banning is their ultimate goal…
    Gun safety would include material and classes on proper usage and storage of existing and future weapons.
    Have they EVER done that?
    If they were selling anything they would be sued for deceptive marketing.

  11. Lots of good comments here.
    bloomberg funnels his money into local activist groups thus avoiding the accusations of interfering in out of state elections. Brain dead, even actually dead morons still believe the dem lies, no critical thinkers there. The wealthy elite will always remain protected from us, the great unwashed.Joe Biden is seriously out to lunch and Trump is still a fence sitter re: GUNZ. I serve my chili over macaroni (chilimac) but no chocolate please. I think I’ve commented on most issues in this post. Lastly…Again… why is this (good) article here among friends when it NEEDS to be published in a broader media with broader exposure to the non gun public? hate that bloomberg man!!

    • P, we here do not get to decide what the fake media addresses. That is why the name “the TRUTH … ” is important.

  12. When oh WHEN is someone gonna wear a wire for one of these political buyouts and reveal just how this group operates? There has to be something nefarious said–along the lines of “we have pictures of you with a goat”–when they start offering money to these state officials and representatives that could make for either interesting listening on Fox or in a federal grand jury.

  13. “All of the new Democrats who came in, who put Nancy Pelosi in charge and gave the Congress the ability to control this presidency,” Bloomberg added, “I bought— I, I got them.”

    — Mike Bloomb@st@rd


  14. I just think it’s interesting that while we watch the most anti-gun push in history, we simultaneously see the highest levels of gun buying in history. I’m not certain what that all means but I’m pretty sure that it isn’t going to end small.

  15. Well what does Bloomberg know? he was a jackass from the day he was born. One look at how New York city is doing will tell you how good of a mayor he was! What I can’t understand about Bloomberg is how can a man be so smart at making money for himself but spend the citizens of New York City’s tax money for things that made the city look good but didn’t spend the money where it was needed…the city’s infrastructure, and that’s why all that other stuff looks good because of money diversion; which is now going to have to be addressed aggressively by the next mayor which means he’s going to look bad because he won’t be able to do all the glitzy crap. Then he raised taxes like crazy, so much so a lot of very rich people left New York city for cheaper taxes.

    Bloomberg threw tax payers money for stuff that shines, but remember the old saying: not all that shines is gold.

    • ” What I can’t understand about Bloomberg is how can a man be so smart at making money ”

      Rich people aren’t any smarter than anyone else. They’re simply driven by a pathological greed that never allows them to have enough.

  16. Bloomberg capturing and buying off Texas would be quite the prize-and notch under his belt-if he is successful. With so many stupid Californians moving to Texas, I wonder how long it will take for that state to flip from red to blue? Hell, Californians have already ruined Montana and Colorado. Now, they have bigger fish to fry (so to speak). With Bloomberg’s money, they could really get some traction in Texas. I realize money talks. But my question is: How in the hell is Bloomberg allowed to just buy off states he does not even live in? Since when did Texas-or any other state-invite his worthless a** in the first place?

    • For you youngsters (I won’t be around), after Texas goes blue, will TX or CA be the first to turn back red?

      • I am not going to count on California suddenly turning red. There are too many illegals there who will be more than happy to vote for Democrats. I did get to thinking, though. Folks here were commenting that Bloomberg failed at a Presidential run, and his ultimate goal of eviscerating the Second Amendment. However, he may be more successful destroying the Second Amendment one state at a time. Democrats such as he and Swalswell (not sure on that spelling of his name) (and others) blatantly stating they want to take our guns, shoot/nuke us if we do not give them up, etc. was akin to turning the water up far too soon on us “frogs”, and well, the frogs suddenly woke up. Bloomberg may be able to get rid of the Second Amendment one state at a time, as folks may not notice as much that way? Gun control makes nation wide headlines. Maybe not so much when it is a state here or there, unless one is living in said state Bloomberg is having a hard-on for at that given time. Pick off gun rights a state here and a state there, and before one realizes it, no state has any Second Amendment right. Bloomberg may have realized this way may be a sneakier way of boiling us “frogs” (and gun rights) a bit slower, and more subtly.

  17. Stupid headline. If Bloomberg could buy political offices, why couldn’t he buy the Democratic Presidential nomination? The answer is simple. Money does not guarantee a political win. Any article that says otherwise is lying.

    • A *lack* of money can guarantee a political loss. Supplying necessary money can guarantee illegal influence to a donor. If you can ignore that obvious truth, you are a political moron.

  18. Welp, I guess I’ll set my hair on fire and run around screaming, because Mini Mike is threatening to use some of his (diminishing – you can’t p*** away a billion on a vanity campaign for President without feeling the bite, even if you’re Bloomberg) to elect more of his gun-grabbing Dimocrat cronies to office.

    Umm . . . First Amendment says it’s his right. His record reflects that it is going to deplete his fortune a lot faster than it’s going to increment the number of gun-grabbers we need to deal with. Strangely enough, I think the whole Pandemic Theater nonsense is doing us a favor . . . it is revealing the fascist @$$holes, like Half-Whitmer, Cuomo, Newsom, et al. as the jackbooted thugs that they are. Gonna be a LONG time before anyone with two functioning brain cells takes them, or their agendas, seriously.

    Spend on, Mini Mike; spend on.

    • Ri-i-i-ight. My lifestyle would certainly take a horrendous hit if my available wealth went from $60 billion to $59 billion! Roughly the same hit as if it went from $500 billion to $500 million. Do you have no clue what kind of money that is?

  19. Convention of states!!! These comibastards would have to abide by all laws enacted!
    Check them out, we can control these pukes!


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