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“Mexican President Felipe Calderón today unveiled a ‘No More Weapons!’ billboard on the Mexican side of the Bridge of the Americas,” reports. “‘We are sending a clear message from this border region: no more weapons to México . . . This way, we stress our desire and willingness to live in peace.'” This political pandering is ludicrous on so many levels I reckon the TTAG servers are vomiting in protest. (They’re not, it only seems that way.) No more weapons? So no more ATF-enabled gun smuggling, no more military and police sales from the U.S. and let’s leave Mexicans unarmed against the drug thugs who torture and/or murder anyone who stands in their way. Truth be told, this is another sign that gun grabbers’ hypocrisy knows no bounds. Literally.

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  1. Maybe he should stage a protest at the White House instead, that’s where the gun problem at the border is coming from. “No more illegal weapons sold from the ATF to drug lords” might make a nice slogan.

  2. Why didn’t I think about this before? I think I’ll post a sign on my apartment that says “No More Gas Bills” or “No More Deadbeat Friends of Friends Who Drink My Bourbon and Use my Toilet Paper.”

  3. So now that Presidente Calderon has put up a sign this means that the cartels are turning in their weapons en-mass. Right?

    hmmm, maybe he means no weapons for pee-ons….er…citizens. Plenty of weapons for everyone who counts….cartel members, cops, army-types, and of course…high ranking Government officials and their body guards.

  4. This has nothing to do with corruption on our own government, no no no, America is to blame. We allow drug cartels to thrive and send thousands of tons of destructive drugs to the US, but never mind all that, just blame America. Everybody does it!

    BTW, the bongos are a nice touch. Do they count as weapons?

  5. In America a sign facing south in Spanish:
    ‘No more illegals along with the free entitlement welfare benefits they demand and the crime they bring with them from murders to muggings’.

  6. “No More Weapons!”…this is a serious outcry from the growing economy of our neighbor to the south. They’re out of weapons! Lines have formed in Nuevo Laredo’s job centers, full of young men who can no longer obtain even an intern slot in the cartels unless they show up with a personal weapon, now in such short supply. It’s times like these when they expect the Americano government to step in and help with a Keynsian Fast & Furious II, before the major NAFTA trade flow collapses for want of essential tools. With Washington in gridlock, however, expectations are muted at best. “What happened to the deal?” Businessman Enrique Montez inquisited. “For years we give you lots of people, you give us guns, everything’s square! Now, nothing? Is it the elections?” We can only wait and see if November brings a new willingness to reopen the popular DEA program.

  7. It is in the interest of the ruling class of Mexico to keep guns out of the hands of the ordinary citizen. For all the ills the U.S. has, Mexico has it far worse. The divide between the small number of really affluent and the large number of really poor is much sharper than in the U.S. as they have no real gradations of middle class to speak of. You are either a ‘have’ or a ‘have not’. I remember reading an article from a fairly legitimate source some years ago that theorized that one reason the U.S. didn’t crack down hard on the border issue was that it provided a pressure valve so to speak that allowed the truly indigent an alternative to their poverty.

    The thinking went that if we closed the border properly, the lower class would grow so desperate, that violent revolution could become a real possibility. This would of course open the doors to a Communist/Socialist regime such as what happened in Cuba and that is in no one’s interest. Thus, the border stays secured enough to make people feel that the government is doing something but still allows the pressure relief valve to function.

    I don’t buy the argument that we can’t really secure the border. Let’s face – if we had a hostile government to our south – say a Soviet Union, a North Korea, heck even an Iran, I suspect that we could better fortify the border than it is now. We simply choose not to seal it more thoroughly.

  8. Commencing July 1, 2012, no more Calderone! Yay!

    After 12 years of Calderone and Vincente Fox, Mexico is swirling down the old porcelain convenience. No wonder that nobody can drink the water.

  9. I have an idea! Put up a sign at the border facing into Mexico that says:

    NO MORE DRUGS [Spanish translation requested]

    That should solve the drug cartel violence problem, and make us all feeeel good at the same time.

  10. So does that mean Mexican states will ALL have a lower per capita homicide rate lower than Iraq and Afghanistan combined this year? Last year that was not the case.

  11. Does that mean that they don’t want Holder to compete with the Chinese, Russians and Iran, El Qaeda, Hamas and other bad guy’s and Terroristas and crooks anymore? Gee Ol’ Eric and Barry must feel bad about that. They had such hopes for more Jobs…for the Cartels.

  12. Along with all of you, I kneel before the great republic of Mexico, and beg forgiveness for all of the atrocities that we have commited against that peaceful, God-fearing nation. I’m sorry, so sorry.

    Let me offer my money, my daughter, and my sanity as compensation.


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