Melanie Hain Open Carry Lawsuit Dismissed After Murder-Suicide

“Melanie Hain’s license to carry a weapon was revoked in 2008 after parents complained she endangered the community by openly carrying a gun to her 5-year-old daughter’s soccer games,” the Washington Post reports. “A judge later reinstated the permit. But Hain and her husband sued Lebanon County Sheriff Michael DeLeo, claiming they suffered emotional distress and lost customers for her home baby-sitting service.” Welcome to America. The dark and twisted America that common sense gun restriction advocates (i.e. anti-gunners) like to portray. “U.S. Middle District Judge Yvette Kane tossed the lawsuit Tuesday. It had been continued by Hain’s estate. Hain’s husband, Scott, fatally shot her in October 2009 at their home before killing himself.” Huh.


  1. avatar Pelle Schultz says:

    Sometimes a stalwart 2A defender is just (and only) that.
    Sometimes a stalwart 2A defender is simply a money-grubbing attention whore who alienates, well, everybody.
    This was the latter.

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