Mel Gibson’s Got a Thing for Blued Steel Guns, Apparently has published the LA PD’s list of Mel Gibson’s confiscated guns. [click here to download the receipt] Given Mel’s millions, the Aussie actor’s blued-steel arsenal is nothing to write home about (I’m not sending my Mom this link). Still you could say his collection is like the second Mad Max movie: small but perfectly formed. We’re talking two handguns (Glock 26, Beretta 92F), a shotgun (Benelli semi-automatic 12-gauge of some sort) and a rifle (Winchester 94). Of course, that may be all that the cops knew about. Owners must register long guns in CA. Despite recent legislative efforts, handguns are free and clear. The real mystery: why the po-po confiscated his rifle case and three cleaning brushes.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    That's our boy Mel — blued, screwed and tattooed. What, no ceremonial dagger from the Waffen SS?

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