David Chipman
Biden's nominee as Director of ATF, David Chipman (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)
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[ED: This article on President Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms originally ran here in April of 2020.]

By Larry Keane

David Chipman was once a respected special agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. That was before he decided to peddle gun control.

Now, he’s reduced to name calling and holding his breath until he turns blue. It’s all because America’s ignoring his Chicken Little “the sky is falling” admonitions of those who dare to not believe the gun control ideas he’s selling.

Sorry, Mr. Chipman.

During the past month hundreds of thousands of Americans went from indifferently listening to the gun control agenda to buying guns – to the tune of at least 2.3 million of them last month. Still, that doesn’t excuse his insults, slurs and mudslinging.

The spate in gun purchases pulled back the veil and revealed gun control zealots for who they really are. They aren’t for gun safety. They’re not for the “common-sense” laws they crowed about to adoring and accommodating media. They are really about denying law-abiding Americans their fundamental civil liberties.

They don’t want Americans to provide for their own safety, but would rather they live on the spoon-fed, fear-filled lies doled out by gun control groups in measured proportions, just enough to keep people kowtowed and doubting their own abilities to exercise safe and responsible firearms ownership.

Chipman, who is a Senior Policy Advisor for Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence, is spending more time than ever not fighting gun violence, but gun ownership. When the surge started in gun sales at the outset of the COVD-19 health crisis, Chipman dismissed the buyers as fearful and preparing “for end times scenarios and zombie apocalypses.” 

Guns for Me. Thee? Nah.

Chipman added he knew better, since he is a gun owner. The rest of America, though, doesn’t need the right to own a gun. Why, because we have Super Dave to protect us?

“If you care about your family, spend the $500 on groceries and stronger dead bolts for the exterior doors of your home,” he flippantly advised.

He wasn’t changing his tune, even after NSSF reported 2.3 million background checks were conducted for the sale of firearms in March.

“If you didn’t think you needed a gun prior to March of this year, you certainly don’t need to rush out and get one now,” Chipman added.

Mr. Chipman is no longer a special agent. So why does he need a gun for self-protection? I haven’t heard he’s sold his firearms. 

Tiger King and Zombies

He wasn’t done. He laid out his 25-year career in the ATF as the basis for his firearm expertise in an interview with Cheddar, suggesting the right to keep and bear arms hinges on training and qualification tests. He said new gun owners “might think they are die-hard, ready-to-go, but unfortunately, they’re more like Tiger King and they’re putting themselves and their families in danger.”

“Secure that gun, locked and unloaded and hide it behind the cans of tuna and beef jerky that you have stored in a cabinet and only bring that out if the zombies start to appear,” he said. “Tuna and beef jerky” and “zombies” – just let those elitist comments marinate in your mind for a moment while Dave has a sip of Chardonnay.

Gun control advocates like Chipman, are losing their minds.

In the same interview, Chipman painted every new gun owner as criminal domestic abusers in waiting and alcoholics. Chipman would rather denigrate new gun owners instead of pointing them to training resources they can use even if they can’t get to a range, like NSSF did with a blog titled, Practical Advice for Quarantined New Gun Owners. To be fair, Mr. Chipman can’t point new gun owners to firearm safety education and training offered by his employer because unlike NSSF, they don’t have any.


Here’s what is really going on. There is overwhelming evidence that Americans value their ability to take responsibility for their own safety in times of uncertainty when law enforcement is spread thin, prisons are being emptied and prosecutors are refusing to prosecute criminals. Gun control advocates like Chipman, are losing their minds.

They are seething mad the “unwashed masses” of the American public would dare to think for themselves, take responsibility for their safety and exercise their rights. They’re losing influence and they know it. That’s why they’re throwing fits. They know they have lost a generation of fence sitters.

Don’t go away mad, Chipman. Just go away.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


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  1. “Don’t go away mad, Chipman. Just go away.”

    It would be a real shame if his brakes fail when coming down a mountain somewhere…

      • *Yawn*.

        That’s the best ya got?

        Dance, troll, I order you to continue to make a total ass out of yourself in public… 😉

    • Hahaha!.. par for the course there. Isn’t lying a requirement for working in government these days?

    • Biden is on Our side.
      Hes going to have Chipman wandering the halls looking for the AFT office.

    • Unfortunately I’m sure there will be the likes if Romney et al voting for thi idiot.

  2. Yeah and did any one notice yesterday how Joe Biden stumbles over the script of his speech on gun control and TWICE refers to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as ‘AFT’ instead of the ATF.

    This is why his handlers won’t let him talk to the press by himself.

    • He just thinks he’s appointing the guy to run something really, really important; a teacher’s union.

  3. “If you care about your family, spend the $500 on groceries and stronger dead bolts for the exterior doors of your home,” he flippantly advised.
    Yes to keep Idiots like you and your agency out my house while I eat a tuna and beef jerky sandwich. I’ll be taking a break while my neighbors snipe at you aholes. When I finish my sandwich I’ll do the same.
    Ever here of the Fourth Amendment?
    You know the one that you will attack in attempt to attack the Second Amendment?
    This guy isn’t drinking Chardonnay, more like MD 20/20.
    Watch out for falling helicopters Dave.

  4. No, no. He’s a strong, brave, beautiful and heroic man who’s entirely deserving of someone to follow him around slathering him in enduring adoration. In fact, you can’t even praise him properly in English, the mutt language that it is. Allow me to illustrate the luster of language that this hero deserves;

    David Chipman, is magnum, poeta carus, carminum veratatum magna cum cura semper creabat, creabit et creabunt! [“David Chapman, this great man, beloved poet, was, is and will always be creating songs of truth with great care!” As is plain to see, it just doesn’t do him justice in English because he transcends our pathetic existence in a manner we can only call “timeless”, or perhaps “Herculean” might be appropriate. But even this linguistic transition doesn’t truly do him justice.]

    See, much better in a classical language. The closest you can come in English would be some dumb shit like “All Hail!” and Mr. Chipman deserves SO much better. Now, excuse me while I go learn Greek and how to play the pan flute so that I can create a Homeric ode to this pinnacle specimen of our species so that the bards may properly sing his praises across the land.

    /s obviously.

    Also, is David really his first name or is it his middle name? He sounds suspiciously like he might be the type to oh, I dunno, travel across the country to shoot a musician for reasons.

    • All that gobbledygook. I read
      Magnum= gunms, poeta carus= tators and carrots, carminum= carcass, veritatum= vegetables, magna=a lot, cum= cum, cura= curry, semper= temper, creabat = a Louisiana bat, creabit= a crawdad, et creabunt = its burnt.
      So what I get is ,” He had a gunm, he shot tators and carrots, he found a carcass and some vegetables and hes mad because he smashed his burnt crawdad with a baseball bat.
      Its plain and simple English sire.

      • Hahahahahahahaha!

        You’ve got a way with words possum. You were born in the wrong century. A few hundred years earlier and you would have eclipsed Shakespeare.

    • “The closest you can come in English would be some dumb shit like “All Hail!” and Mr. Chipman deserves SO much better.”

      Thank you, thank you, thank YOU for a new quote to hurl in the pimpled face of my little troll!

      (BTW, the zits really do go away once you finally get a female to spread for you, widdle ‘yuc’…)

      *snicker* 😉

      • Overt jabs at someone like that are usually something I restrain myself from unless talking directly to them but that’s exactly what it was and it was no Freudian slip either.

        These puppies’ ability to open doors at will must be wearing me down.

    • Boy they got you all worked up again today …
      Are you angry like this in the real world or just anonymously in the forums? Might wanta add some bp pills to the provision bin.

      Disclaimer; Sarcasm. Go easy now….

      • You’d better not step. After all, ‘Montana Actual’ is a decorated five star general in the Keyboard Kommando Korps.

        • Montana Actual is the fearless Commander of the Rebel Alliance MobileRV Brigade Outfit (RAMBO for short).

          Tacticool movements are announced via HAM Radio between Smirnoff shots, Natty Ice chasers and pulls from cigarettes.

          Communications beyond the wire are conducted via smoke signal by lighting empty cases of beer with “don’t tread on me” zippo lighters likely purchased via ghost accounts on Amazon.

          True… It’s not the easy life chosen by us sheep who opt to pay taxes and trade our rights for the empty promise of security but in the world of high stakes anonymous threats and shit taking “Freedom isn’t Free!”

        • At least RV-6 drivers have a *sweet* machine for Air Operations.

          Will you be heading to Sun-n-Fun this year? It’s maybe 5 miles from where I’m at…

  5. The upside of all this, is that the situation may just force the Supreme Court to get off their dead asses and do their God damned job.

    • Well, you’re hopes are probably for naught.

      Biden’s issuing an EO to form a Presidential Commission on “court reform”.

      “There’s growing recognition that the Supreme Court poses a danger to the health and well-being of the nation and even to democracy itself,” said Aaron Belkin, director of the group Take Back the Court.

      “A White House judicial reform commission has a historic opportunity to explain the gravity of the threat and to help contain it by urging Congress to add seats, which is the only way to restore balance to the court.”

      Kiss the SCOTUS goodbye. They’ll add seats and a rubber stamp for Progressives it shall be.


        • Oh sht, now I’m getting a little worried. Sounds like a take over to me. I dont think I like that, adding seats to the Supreme Court not one bit, especially by those who are doing the adding.
          Could this be the Big one? Hope not.

      • “Kiss the SCOTUS goodbye.”

        Maybe, maybe not.

        Bader-Ginsberg is on video recently stating that the court should stay at 9.

        That would be such a naked power-grab that I doubt centrist Dems would stay quiet if that were seriously proposed.

        But, since a Leftist is, above all else a Leftist, they just might make a grab for the metaphorical ‘Brass Ring’.

        If that does happen, it’s gloves-off, sports fans, and there ain’t enough railcars full of popcorn to supply the needs of this nation…

        • You raise a point that I wonder if I should bother responding to.

          The response is pretty damn long and nuanced. It’s also something I’ve shied away from here for several years because, in all honesty, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to tell people the truth about this. It leads to a fairly dark place that, honestly, I’m not sure a lot of people are ready to know about.

          It is also what’s given me pause about doing as some people asked and writing this all up in a book. The Left abuses the shit out of this for their own good (well, really a few of them do, the rest are just the “useful idiots” which is exactly why it works) and I’m honestly not sure the Right can be trusted to handle it either. “The One Ring” (it’s not brass btw) is seductive beyond most people’s understanding and historically it’s never led anywhere good. OTOH, I’m not sure you can fight this battle without at least understanding “The Ring”.

        • What makes me think they *just might* do it is that they’ve been laying some necessary groundwork, and it has paid off far in excess of what they need –

          There is an emotion vastly stronger than hate, and it is *dangerous*.

          Contempt. They have programmed their droids so well, it’s now perfectly self-sustaining.

          Once you have contempt for another person or group, it make it real easy to justify atrocities. I’m talking Hutu -Tutsi, Croat-Serb kind of atrocities. A little ‘Ethnic C leasing’. Because they have been programmed to see it as an existential threat to them, and removing that ‘threat’ will now seen as a correct and perfectly moral thing to do.

          That’s how you get good people to simply look the other way when ‘Bad Things’ happen. 1930s Germany all over again. First came the drumbeat of blaming all the bad things on the Jews and other ‘undesirable’ people like the Gypsies. Because saying something is a real good way to get the mob turned on them, and they don’t want that. A few Twitter examples is all it will take.

          I see that as a very real possibility, since they will never see things our way, and we are rapidly coming to the same conclusion about them.

          I know you pooh-pooh the idea, but for any good part of this nation to survive, it’s gonna have to be split up.

          It pains me to say it, but at this point, this 200+ year experiment of a national marriage needs a divorce, before the spousal abuse becomes untenable…

        • IMHO, you’re on the right track but it is both more complicated and simpler, deeper and shallower than you suggest. It’s also darker than you probably want to even begin to contemplate.

          However, your comment here about contempt is just a hair off target, the word you’re looking for is “disgust”. That is not a distinction without a difference and it’s far, far, far worse.

          There will be no divorce because there can be no divorce. Angry, depressed, sad, or even hateful people get divorced. Disgust only ends one way, with one person trying to kill the other.

          Even in the hypothetical world in which one does occur it will be temporary at best. In such a situation you only end up with a hostile nation on your border and capable of making alliances with other nations for the purpose of exterminating you. That is what you will get in such a situation.

          Around the time of the lockdowns last year someone here said “A cold wind blows through this nation, and it is the wind of war”. They were not wrong and you cannot stop the wind from blowing, you can only brace yourself against it and hope that it dies down.

          I say that I have been hesitant to talk in depth about this and I mean it. Psychoanalyzing the Devil is extremely disturbing to most people, especially when they have the moment where realize exactly where they see the Devil every single day. It’s all the more disturbing to people who really strive to be good, or at least put in some effort to not be bad. Very devote Christians understand it on some level but tend to emotionally reject the truth.

          When I say that this whole thing goes to a very dark place, like one that makes Event Horizon seem tame I am being serious.

          A great many people think Nietzsche was a nihilist. That’s a superficial reading, at best, IMHO. He was giving you a warning about where postmodern thought would go following the end of the Enlightenment. A warning so detailed and so fucking scary to most people that they are willing to lie to themselves and everyone else. They say he must have been a nihilist to say what he said because ultimately most people can’t handle the logical conclusion of the basic facts Nietzsche points out. It’s simply more than they can admit. In that regard he’s a lot like Christian philosophers from ~400-600AD. Walking up to the line but never quite stating the ultimate conclusion because they can’t do so in the society in which they exist.

          Abyssus abyssum invocat is something that Mr. Nietzsche understood at least close to the true gravity and proper translation of. It really doesn’t work well in English but it does not mean “Deep calls to Deep”. Abyss has more of the connotation in English but it loses the real punch of the original. “Hell calls to Hell” is about as close as we can do.

    • @ Geoff “A day without a demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine” PR

      Nah. These days. I avoid those big flyin’s like the plague. The last fly-in I went to had specific instructions for pattern entry and like usual no one followed em… Looked like a flock of birds goin’ every which way on the approach end of the runway.

      Sun n Fun has controllers bringin’ everyone in which is safer but when there’s that much traffic involved I have no interest.

      Like to stick to low key grass strip wranglin’ looking for free bbq while I’m not workin.

      • “The last fly-in I went to had specific instructions for pattern entry and like usual no one followed em…”

        Pretty much the way it goes, and just *one* jack-wad can lead to a very Bad Day.

        In their defense, I will say that SnF and Oshkosh bring in the very top ATC talent there is, like the folks at Chicago to ‘ringmaster’ the zoo. They are flat on their game.

        (Listen to Live ATC when it happens, no better juggling show will you ever hear… 😉 )

        • @geoff
          Agreed. I’ve gone to Sun n Fun a bunch and Oshkosh once. The controllers do a great job.

          When I was at Oshkosh years ago I watched Jack Roush crash his Premier jet (while attempting to land.) You get a lot of folks at those events who’s $ outweighs their stick and rudder skills.

          Btw I make my living in the zoo dealing with the ringmasters you mentioned.

  6. Caution; Never trust somebody that can’t cover their front teeth with their upper lip.

    • “Impeach Biden now.”

      Hell fvcking no!

      That means an actual Marxist gets to run things, not a wanna-be….

  7. Dear not my prez Biden:

    In the event you can’t ram this guy through the confirmation, it might be due to his lack of qualifications. Please consider searching the “kill” animal shelters in our great nation until you find a more suitable candidate to head BATFAG.

  8. Has Miner submitted his application to ATF yet? He would make a willing lackey to Chipman.

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