Virus Outbreak Boogaloo
People, including those with the boogaloo movement, demonstrate against business closures due to concern about COVID-19, at the State House in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, File)
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There’s a certain segment of the population of gun-owning Americans who will bring up and wargame the impending “boogaloo” any day of the week that ends in Y. At the same time, the civilian disarmament industry and the media — but I repeat myself — love to hold up not only boogaloo devotees, but open carriers as well and gun owners in general as evidence of a violent, insurrectionist subculture that threatens peace-loving people and our American way of life.

So with that, here’s the latest from the Associated Press:

By Michael Kunzelman, AP

They carry high-powered rifles and wear tactical gear, but their Hawaiian shirts and leis are what stand out in the crowds that have formed at state capital buildings to protest COVID-19 lockdown orders. The signature look for the “boogaloo” anti-government movement is designed to get attention.

The loose movement, which uses an ’80s movie sequel as a code word for a second civil war, is among the extremists using the armed protests against stay-at-home orders as a platform. Like other movements that once largely inhabited corners of the internet, it has seized on the social unrest and economic calamity caused by the pandemic to publicize its violent messages.

In April, armed demonstrators passed out “Liberty or Boogaloo” fliers at a statehouse protest in Concord, New Hampshire. A leader of the Three Percenters militia movement who organized a rally in Olympia, Washington, last month encouraged rally participants to wear Hawaiian shirts, according to the Anti-Defamation League. On Saturday, a demonstration in Raleigh, North Carolina, promoted by a Facebook group called “Blue Igloo” — a derivation of the term — led to a police investigation of a confrontation between an armed protester and a couple pushing a stroller.

Another anti-lockdown rally is planned for Thursday at the state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, site of an angry protest last month that included armed members of the Michigan Liberty Militia. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, has been the target of violent threats on Facebook forums, including a private one called “The Rhett E. Boogie Group.”

One user said Whitmer should be “guillotined” after another suggested the governor should be hanged from a noose, according to a screenshot captured by the Tech Transparency Project research initiative.

The coronavirus pandemic has become a catalyst for the “boogaloo” movement because the stay-at-home orders have “put a stressor on a lot of very unhappy people,” said J.J. MacNab, a fellow at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism. MacNab said their rhetoric goes beyond discussions about fighting virus restrictions — which many protesters brand as “tyranny” — to talking about killing FBI agents or police officers “to get the war going.”

“They are far more graphic and far more specific in their threats than I’ve seen in a long time,” she said.

Virus Outbreak Boogaloo
People, including those with the boogaloo movement, pray as they demonstrate against business closures due to concern about COVID-19, at the State House in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, File)

The violent rhetoric is dramatic escalation for an online phenomenon with its roots in meme culture and steeped in dark humor. Its name comes from the panned 1984 movie “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,” which has become slang for any bad sequel. Another derivation of “boogaloo” is “big luau” — hence the Hawaiian garb.

Far-right gun activists and militia groups first embraced the term before white supremacist groups adopted it last year. And while some “boogaloo” followers maintain they aren’t genuinely advocating for violence, law-enforcement officials say they have foiled bombing and shooting plots by people who have connections to the movement or at least used its terminology.

A 36-year-old Arkansas man whose Facebook page included “boogaloo” references was arrested on April 11 by police in Texarkana, Texas, on a charge he threatened to ambush and kill a police officer on a Facebook Live video.

“I feel like hunting the hunters,” Aaron Swenson wrote on Facebook under an alias, police say.

An April 22 report by the Tech Transparency Project, which tracks technology companies, found 125 Facebook “boogaloo”-related groups that had attracted tens of thousands of members in the previous 30 days. The project pointed to coronavirus crisis as a driving factor.

“Some boogaloo supporters see the public health lockdowns and other directives by states and cities across the country as a violation of their rights, and they’re aiming to harness public frustration at such measures to rally and attract new followers to their cause,” the project’s report says.

Facebook has since updated its policies to prohibit use of “boogaloo” and related terms “when accompanied by statements and images depicting armed violence,” the company said in a statement.

In March, a Missouri man with ties to neo-Nazis was shot and killed when FBI agents tried to arrest him. Timothy Wilson, 36, was planning to bomb a hospital in the Kansas City area on the day that a COVID-19 stay-at-home order was scheduled to take effect, authorities said. Wilson told an undercover FBI agent that his goal was “to kick start a revolution” and referred to his plans as “operation boogaloo,” according to an agent’s affidavit.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued an alert that said a white supremacist group was inciting followers to shoot through their doors at FBI agents and police officers, federal prosecutors wrote in a court filing. The warning related to “associates” of Bradley Bunn, a 53-year-old U.S. Army veteran who was arrested on May 1 after FBI agents allegedly found four pipe bombs at his house in Loveland, Colorado, the filing said.

Authorities haven’t publicly linked Bunn to any group or movement, but a federal prosecutor said agents intercepted Bunn on his way to an armed protest at the state Capitol against COVID-19 restrictions.

Bunn told investigators that he would be willing to “take out a few” officers to “wake everyone up,” the prosecutor said during a court hearing.

While the anti-lockdown protests have provided the spotlight on the “boogaloo” movement, a police shooting in Maryland has galvanized its supporters.

Duncan Lemp, 21, was shot and killed by police on March 12 as officers served a search warrant at his family’s home. An eyewitness said Lemp was asleep in his bedroom when police opened fire from outside his house, according to an attorney for his family. Police said he was armed with a rifle and ignored commands.

On his Instagram account, Lemp had posted a photograph that depicts two people holding up rifles and includes the term “boogaloo.” His death spawned a hashtag campaign within the movement.

“A lot of individuals are very upset at the way this country is being run and the laws that are getting passed that criminalize law-abiding citizens,” said Mike Harts, a U.S. Army infantry veteran who befriended Lemp through social media.

Harts, 27, says “boogaloo” started as a funny meme but has evolved into a deeper symbol for the “liberty movement.”

Lemp’s family appreciates the outpouring of support but doesn’t want “any violence or unlawful actions to be taken in his name,” family attorney Rene Sandler said in a statement.

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    • American “Neo-Nazis”—the several dozen or so that might call themselves that— are for the most part fan-boys with about as much political sensibilities as a flock of ducks. I seriously doubt that the dozen or two that call themselves that, have any idea that both Nazis and Fascists are forms of socialism and are much more in alignment with progressivism than with market-capitalist oriented American conservatism. Of course, reporters trying for click-bait don’t pay much attention to such factual matters either. The fan-boys are looking for them and they are, of course, looking for the fan-boys.

      • Like the KKK, neonazis are mostly FBI agents working undercover.
        There is a great book about this called “the man who was Thursday”. The undercover agent works his way up the evil hydra like organization to the highest level. When he gets there he finds out everyone else is also an undercover agent.

  1. The photos of masks remind me of something I saw at the grocery store a couple of days ago. Some 20-something hipster wannabe walked by me in an aisle, rocking flip-flops, a man bun hairdo, a t-shirt with vegan oriented wording, and sloppy shorts decided he wanted to look like a professional “bugaloo masker” by wearing one equipped with a filtration canister.

    …except that he also had a scruffy beard sticking out like brown moss from all edges of the mask, so…

    • Yeah, problematic, to say the least.

      I got trained-out of that bullshit in my first-responder ‘confined space entry’ training at the industrial acid manufacturing plant.

      The trainers there were nice about it, they cracked open glass ampoules of banana oil and said if we could smell it, we were likely to be dead. Having to drag ‘Resuscitation Annie’ out of the acid tank access hatch in full hood, SCBA getup in 100+ F degree heat is what really sucked.

      The poor SOBs in military boot camp just get tossed in a windowless concrete building that they fill with the real-deal nasty fumes. Suck on that, grunts. You’re the ones that wanted to play soldier and get paid for it… 😉

      • Go into the gas chamber they said, remove your masks, take 1 deep breath, there was always the a hole who tried holding his while the rest of us suffered longer. The only saving grace was Basic at Ft. Sill and the wind was blowing 20 MPH and that helped. Tear gas SUCKED. But if the masks we had were so great how come in the desert in a latrine wearing a mask you can still be overwhelmed by the ammonia smell?

        See lots wearing their masks. And touching their faces the whole time adjusting them. They seem to not grasp the whole concept. Rubber gloves that may have been white now dirty cause they have never switched them. We live in an zoo full of clueless people. Though I now have a Bane print mask. 🙂

        • Speaking of tear gas, I was in a training facility many years ago, and we were introduced to the powdered version (delivery canisters that didn’t discharge properly and needed to be removed). Problem is, two of us didn’t pay enough attention to the proper handling procedures, and still had some dry residue on our hands after the exercise. I realized this later upon visiting the latrine and unzipping to spring a leak.

          The effect came on slowly, but increasingly, and for the next couple of hours it was just a hateful burning sensation in the nether regions that reminded me I’m not in control of my paltry little life on this planet. Never forgot that day, and have always had a healthy respect for tear gas. My life will be peachy if I never cross paths with that stuff again.

        • Probably due to the size of the molecule. N50 masks won’t stop chlorine either and TMK, ruins the canisters.

        • “Tear gas SUCKED. But if the masks we had were so great how come in the desert in a latrine wearing a mask you can still be overwhelmed by the ammonia smell?”

          The mask was likely just fine, but not fitted with the proper filter cartridge.

          Different nasties use different cartridges. On the ones I used years back, the difference was color-coded on the cartridge.

          At least back then, there were no ‘One cartridge to rule them all’…

        • I see people with surgical masks on but with their noses exposed. I assume they are either ignorant of what a surgical mask is ostensibly supposed to do, or they are smart enough to realize this is all worthless theater and are only wearing the mask to appease the Karen in next aisle and don’t want their glasses to fog up.

          As for cloth “face shields”, they are beyond useless. The one sort of funny unintended consequence however is that politicians have in many cases ordered people to wear these things, but all that it’s really accomplishing is concealing the identity of the person in what are likely to be increasingly violent protests.

      • Anyone “PLAYING” soldier is the wrong business, but probably won’t be for long…

      • Bah… everybody goes into the gas chamber, grunt or otherwise. Cleared up my cold right quick too.

        • Yup. Memorable to say the least. “Blah, blah, blah. Any of you pukes on my deck will be scrubbing that shit off with your toothbrush”! One guy actually took him seriously, proof is in the footage our boot video. He’s clearly visible coming out of the chamber, projectile vomiting forcefully into his shirt ffs. lulz

          Poor fool didn’t notice the drains all over the place in the chamber floor.

      • that’s harsh…but it does do what it’s designed to do…get their attention , the same fashion as hearing live ammo crackling over their heads….

        • Also taught the importance of both doing a good pmcs and ensuring you are using your equipment correctly. Sucks to be the guy who didn’t screw in his canister all the way and sucks just as much to be the guy next to him that he pukes on.

  2. I love open carry as much as the next guy (at east here in the Free state of NH).

    Still, actually carrying long arms at low ready (besides being tiring) appears to be over the line (at least at this time). And the guy carrying high ready during a prayer really seems unnecessary. Slung, in front or in back, I believe, sends enough of a message.

    (Of course, I wonder how many would follow through as a III-percenter. I’m not sure whether or not I would, given sufficient provocation.)

    I have read from others who were in Concord the first time that LE might have broken up the rally, or ticketed people who were too close and/or unmasked IF many people had not been armed. I guess that we’ll never really know. I’ve been to 3 pro-gun Rights at the State House rallies armed and need had a sense that LE was going to try to get us to break up.

    Most of the people that I think I know wouldn’t use deadly force to oppose an effort to thwart a peaceful rally. OTOH, maybe I don’t know them as well as I think that I do.

  3. The picture of the guy carrying a loaded bullpup with his eyes closed ‘did not compute,’ even though I know he was praying.

  4. A lot of these people who open carry at the protests are Feds or Fed informants/instigators, trying to suck people into violence. Stay away from these protests. If you go, go unarmed. If there is a shooting at one of these protests, they’ll lock down everything hard.

    Don’t get sucked in.

    • “Locked down hard”… Lol… them and what army? Because I don’t think the cops are that eager to compromise “officer safety” or that Trump will be in a hurry to send federal troops to bail out a bunch of tyrannical commies. In fact, if Commifornia, New York, or Illinois go up in flames, his re-election chances go up by orders of magnitude. “Oh, your entire state is overrun by riots in November? Well, too bad, we had the election in the rest of the country and you just don’t get to participate this year. Better luck next time.” All perfectly legal under precedent set during Lincoln’s re-election.

      • Hey look y’all! It’s the geezer what thinks it’s okay for an unarmed black dude to be shot in cold blood in suburban Georgia.

        • Yeah… I do, when you try to grab a guy’s gun, you’re not “unarmed”. But I suppose you think it’s ok for a guy to repeatedly burglarize a construction site just because he has a magic skin color?

          • And, your evidence that an open construction site was burgled? Please.

            Did he have a dishwasher hidden under his shirt?

            Gimme a break. Those 3 guys that tracked him down for an unwitnessed (by them) non-violent alleged crime could have followed and called the po-po.

            If _you_ were jogging and a man with a shotgun in his hands demanded that you stop, what would you be thinking might happen?

        • Go look up the statute in Georgia. 1st degree burglary does not require actual theft.

        • Look up your case law about appropriate use of force with citizens arrest and be careful with “intent”. Also ask yourself how those yahoos got the video. Turns out there never was a reported burglary. It was reported to the POLICE that someone was in the construction site, so how did they see the video? Did someone in the department leak it to them? Also I betting the guy in the pickup shooting the video was more involved then they are letting on. I have a feeling there is more going on then is being let on by the local DA and cops.

        • Someone needs to loosen up their tinfoil hat. Not everything is a vast conspiracy. More often, stupid people do stupid things, and shit goes sideways. No criminality need be involved. Go watch the numerous videos on the topic I have linked and cool your tits. The grand jury hasn’t even convened yet and you’re ready to lynch guys based on shit you learned from the mainstream media who have been lying through their for the past four years.

        • There is footage of the same guy being in the house under construction at least 4 times since October 2019.

          Cameras were installed there because of thefts, which the owners state were never reported to police.

          The owners of the house have publicly stated that more than $2500 in stuff has been stolen from the house but no police reports have been made.

          The owners showed the previous videos to the McMichaels, who ended up pursuing Arbery, because of their history in law enforcement.

          Arbery walked up to and into the house, and did not run until confronted about being in the house.

          There is 4 minutes of video of Arbery being the house during the last incident but the media is only showing a 7 second loop.

          The neighborhood Arbery was supposedly jogging in is 10-13 miles from where he lives.

          Arbery has 2 prior arrests, 1 prior conviction for bringing a gun to a high school football game, and probation violation for theft.

          The elder McMichael, along with the son of the 2nd DA to recuse himself, investigated Arbery’s 2nd charge, theft, when they worked together as investigators for the 1st DA to recuse herself, back in 2018 or so.

          There was a report of a theft from a vehicle in the area. The younger Mcmichael, the one holding the shotgun, had a 9mm handgun stolen from his truck not long before the incident in which the guy got shot.

          And finally, Arbery did not run away, or in another direction. After running around the truck he charged straight at the man holding the shotgun and attempted to take it from him.

      • This is the guy that puts a “come and take it” sticker on his pickup truck, and goes around in full camo with an M4 over his shoulder, and then wonders why people look at him funny. Please, go to the next protest loaded to bear and wearing full battle rattle. When you’re arrested or shot, don’t complain. At the very least, they’ll take a picture of you and your gear for future reference.

        What would REALLY make a statement if cosplaying morons didn’t show up at the next 2nd Amendment rally or shutdown protest carrying an arsenal. Then the Feds wouldn’t know who was armed or not. Kinda like not wearing full tacitard clothes when carrying concealed.

        • As I said earlier, it’s harder to jackboot when you have to consider the possibility of return fire. An ounce of deterrence is worth a pound of lead.

        • Aren’t you the good little fascist..
          anyone who does anything you deem inappropriate, just let the police shoot them.
          You are a frigging idiot.

      • Talk is cheap. These role-players would wet their pants if the Feds and associated law enforcement moved in. If they “returned fire” as you suggest, they’d be cut down in seconds.

        Just like those cosplayers “guarding” that bar in Texas, which was supposed to be shut down because of this fake epidemic. They folded like a cheap tent, and were led off like sheep in cuffs. All balls and no brains, and their balls shrank when the time came.

        • Ok commie. Did you notice how nobody started shooting and the cops were on their best behavior? Seems like they accomplished what they set out to do. As opposed to the recent case where cops in commiefornia tackled and handcuffed an unarmed old man in front of a waffle joint.

        • well,..that’s pretty much how it went down in Lexington….but then what happened?

        • Jimmy, aren’t you the good little boot licker?

          Let men do what men are gonna do while you are busy hiding behind your mommy’s skirt..

      • Hey guys, PwrTard has spoken. Don’t try to argue, he’s thinking on a whole ‘nother level and plane of existence. We mere mortals are just plebs to his incredible intellect and well thought-out opinions. Don’t disagree, just conform.

        All Hail PwrTard!

        • Yeah… it’s a pity that I can come up with better arguments off the cuff while drunk than clowns like you can after a week of research. That’s the benefit of being in the top .1% of the human population. You should see me play chess.

        • still have to remember hows those feds just laughed at all those jeering at them after Ruby Ridge…have to think they would have taken it more seriously had they been more recent events have shown……

        • Guys on the internet really get under your skin, don’t they? It’s quite healthy and mature to expect everyone to think just like you. Are you a child?

        • “That’s the benefit of being in the top .1% of the human population.”

          Yes, those who consider themselves the ‘intellectual elite’ believe that we should follow their opinions without question.

          Fortunately, here in America we have the capability to do our own research, consult experts who have studied the issues and form our own opinion.

          Sergei, I really hope you don’t have a psychotic break when reality comes crashing down on you, it won’t be pretty. But I do hope you get the mental health care you need, for the safety of your family and neighbors.

        • No Powerbottom repeatedly gets handed his ass in an arguement he is simply too stupid to realize it. He also thinks Dallas is a small liberal town in Texas and that Brown County is a small unpopulated county in Wisconsin.

          He is a perpetual child and anything but a friend of guns rights. He hears what he wants to hear instead of what actually happened. It’s like arguing with a 5 year old.

        • Son, I’m probably better educated than most of your “experts” and FAR better qualified to explain the material to your dumb ass.

        • Powertemp thinks he is smarter than anyone else, it;s called the Dunning-Kruger effect.

        • No meth-head, it’s called having more degrees than you have teeth and a 4th standard deviation IQ.

        • Yep powertemp is a poster child for the Dunning-Kruger effect

          The Dunning-Kruger effect is a type of cognitive bias in which people believe that they are smarter and more capable than they really are. Essentially, low ability people do not possess the skills needed to recognize their own incompetence. The combination of poor self-awareness and low cognitive ability leads them to overestimate their own capabilities.

          So what explains this psychological effect? Are some people simply too dense, to be blunt, to know how dim-witted they are? Dunning and Kruger suggest that this phenomenon stems from what they refer to as a “dual burden.” People are not only incompetent; their incompetence robs them of the mental ability to realize just how inept they are.

          Incompetent people tend to:

          Overestimate their own skill levels
          Fail to recognize the genuine skill and expertise of other people
          Fail to recognize their own mistakes and lack of skill

          So folks, we should feel sorry for powertemp since he is to stupid to realize the fact that he is stupid.

          Oddly the exact opposite happens with those who actually are intelligent, they tend to underestimate how smart they are and what capabilities they posses?

        • “Blah blah blah… I can regurgitate something I found in a 1st year psych textbook.”

          Sorry kiddo, by citing said effect you’re demonstrating it. Unlike you, I have degrees to back up my positions. What do you have?

        • well since you are obviously more gifted than us mere mortals what degree or degrees and in what field or fields do you think I possess?
          For extra credit how many teeth do I still have.

    • having been involved in that sort of thing in the past…infiltrating a group…I think I can patently say you’re not there to instigate or stir-up anything…but rather to gather information and intelligence…and to identify those who may be trying to achieve those ends…

  5. But hey- if white people defend themselves against criminals who jog in Timbalands and with a hammer…

    We’ll sell them out. Only overweight, Jewish, Ayn Rand brainwashed open carriers for us. Bonus points if they Murder their husband or allow their 11 yo daughter to open carry an AR15 condition 1 into a government building. Double bonus for trying to argue that democrats are the real racists.

    Oh and let’s trash the NRA and support a gun culture that consists of fat women with unnatural hair colors posing with shotguns with Magpul furniture and detachable magazines.

    Let’s call anyone who likes a super walnut stock or thinks AIWB is dangerous a FUDD. Let’s go to protests open carrying because I need to go see the hair dresser because my prepper cave was just useless crap from China. Let’s support TrumpPence2020 because he build 0 miles of wall, gave Israel everything they wanted, and forced Botswana to legalize gay anal sex. Let’s trash Christianity because we are too cool and smart for that.

    Honestly, at this point: the ethos of TTAG is basically the same as LaVey satanism at this point.

    • Jason…Please remove your chat room propeller cap young man. You’re sounding like you need a diaper change and a very long nap…again.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • “Oh and let’s trash the NRA and support a gun culture that consists of fat women with unnatural hair colors posing with shotguns with Magpul furniture and detachable magazines.”

      Try one sometime.

      You might discover she’s a lot more fun than ‘Miss Prim-and-Proper’… 🙂

      • Rule 1:
        You can fuck crazy, but you can’t fuck the crazy out of crazy.
        Rule 2:
        Don’t put your dick in feminazi.

    • Alright, if no one else is going to call it I will…

      JasonDeruko: I realize that it is only mid-May and there is a lot of year left so I’m sure you will understand that this is only provisional, but I am nominating you for the most erratic, non-sensical fucked up rant of 2020 and I’m guaranteeing you MY vote when the time comes…. Excellent waste of time and space…. Hope you located your meds…

    • When it comes to unhinged rants Joe R. was many levels ahead of this and more fun to boot.

      Hope he’s doing alright. And while I’m well wishing, here’s hoping Jay in Florida is recovering!

    • some people don’t mind these things being available…but are decidely uncomfortable seeing so many of them around…clearly the nature of gun-ownership is changing and has been for some time…we seem to have become a somewhat fearful and paranoid society rather than one that is comfortable with itself…

      • “we seem to have become a somewhat fearful and paranoid society rather than one that is comfortable with itself… “

        Correct, and the irrational fear is leading to dangerous anger.

        Many ordinary citizens have reasonable concerns about people, filled with fear and anger, possessing lethal weapons.

        Our every public action should reinforce the publics perception of the rationality impatience of the POTG. We should take every opportunity to demonstrate that POTG are ordinary folk who are not filled with anger at any particular political party or religion.

        We should learn the values of our fellow citizens and respect their views, while calmly advocating for the changes we seek.

  6. I think the camo and full battle rattle is a bit much. Open carry probably at sling arms not so much. Some of the signs are ugh! Some are good and on-point. I’m not the one to decide good or bad, that’s up to the people of Michigan…However I can see this becoming worse if the Governor doesn’t ease up a bit. Not sure whom she’s taking advice from but they’re not thinking clearly.

    • she does seem to come across as an arrogant bitch…and that’s not helping….

  7. Tyrannical democrats are the source for most of the protests. Of course democrats blame the very people they upset while pretending to be goodie two shoes. Protestors are the center of attention and get the criticizism while sleazebag beaurcrats are ignored. Perhaps the next time a democrat runs for office voters will have better sense than to vote democrat or sit on their butts and not vote at all.

    • Photos are from NH, where our governor is a Republican (and has earned his keep vetoing oppressive gun restrictions).

  8. Our Government needs to begin to fear us and right now showing up at protests unarmed isn’t the way to do it. Karl Manke’s barbershop is only open because the Michigan Militia have been there watching out for him.

    The only reason we are all on lockdown is because the Demon-Cratic Socialist Party has been caught with their pants down and find themselves running a candidate that can’t be viewed in public. Their aim is to keep this going until the election. Mark my words, soon you will hear Pelosi tell us all we have to vote for Biden to find out who he is.

    • Before that can happen, Biden has to first remember who he is. And what day today is.

      • …and who that broad is that keeps bugging him?…and how many of you have seen that recent clip of a rather attractive chick having to literally pry his hands off her?…Joe may be old and senile…but he ain’t dead yet!…

  9. Hawaiian shirts? You know a lot of us 60++( heavy on the +) Floridians have piles of that type shirt stuffed in the back of the closet Think they would look good on a possum? After seeing that picture of him on that other post I’m thinking a red one would go with that beard.

  10. Me personally, I would protest without arms. It is very hard to label a bunch of people with gun rights and liberty signs but no guns physically present as “extremist” or potentially violent.

    • There are many bridges for sale if you believe not bringing a firearm changes how they would be portrayed. History (recent) itself states you are shortsighted in your opinion.

      • have to concede…that what ever else it may do…it does tend to temper the police response…and give them pause…..

  11. Any “gun owner” who is against open carry is not a supporter of the Second Amendment. But You do have to be smart about. As with all your civil rights.

  12. Protesting is fine. Open carry is fine. Should be sidearms, not rifles. Not for this situation. Showing up ready for a fight to the death is fucking idiotic. Sends the wrong message, way out step with the problem they are protesting. Fucking morons are hurting the cause they claim to be supporting.

    May as well be a bunch of Bloomberg paid Dems in costumes, prancing about for the TV cameras.

    God damned morons.

      • Not bloody likely. Nothing similar to one petite middle aged black woman simply saying no to a bus driver and a bunch of guys in covered faces, load bearing gear, heavy ammo loads, some with body armor and helmets and all claiming to be ready for combat with all comers.

        Fucking morons, all day, all night and twice on Sunday.

        • People demanding their rights scares you. I get it. But it’s going to happen more often now.

          It’s hard to keep them on the farm once they’ve seen Paris.

        • you’re being a bit naive if you think Rosa Park’s actions were spontaneous and not orchestrated…they’d been planning for something like to occur long before it actually happened

        • Rosa parks civil disobedience was not a spontaneous event.

          And the hundreds of years of enslavement and oppression of black people was not a spontaneous event either.

          More importantly, Rosa Parks was willing to accept the consequences of her civil disobedience, understanding ipeaceful, nonviolent protest can accomplish the goal of freedom without bloodshed.

        • The civil rights movement passed on Claudette Colvin because she wasn’t a suitable figurehead.

      • ^^^^^^ Boom ^^^^

        She didn’t upgrade her seat on that bus by staying in the back now did she?

        • Wonder how well it would have worked if she was armed. When you mix guns with political speech, the guns become part of that political speech.

        • That’s the point Binder. That’s why the 2nd amendment exists. You get a gold star.

  13. Sadly, I think the media hype will turn out as accurate as their hype for AAA video games.

    • Okay, I’ll admit it, havn’t been into video games since the early 1980’s. Had to look that one up, found this about “AAA video games”:

      I have noticed some of the commercials for those things though. What I thought is they could have made one hell of an animated movie for the big screen. I’d of gone to see some of those if they’d be movies not a video game.

      • If you don’t see actual game play then it’s all cut scenes and there’s a 95% chance the game sucks.

        • Even through gameplay, they focus on certain things and move the camera certain ways, plus it always an early stage and literally everything can change by the time the game is released. Its happened a ton of times. The reason why I play like 2 video games every 6 years, because most games suck. If it’s not GTA, RDR, or something similar open world and 3rd person, no thanks. Ubisoft releases a rare gem every 10 years or so…

        • Or they release a dumpster fire like The Division 2 which should, honestly, get them sued.

          I used to do the game reviews for TTAG. The video game industry is, uh, interesting when you get to meet the people in person or talk to them on the phone.

          It’s this strange mix between honesty, overzealous hype (that’s honestly believed) and just ruthless lying for corporate advantage. Unfortunately they intertwine to the point that it’s hard for people to tell the difference. CiG is going through that constantly because they suck at communication and they let trolls really take over their messaging.

  14. Most of the “white supremacists” are themselves government “plants” and are NOT representative of those who are protesting unconstitutional “lockdown” orders at state capitol buildings.

    It is those on the left who don’t like to see ordinary citizens protesting THEIR policies, hence the demonization of lawful protesters, calling them “white supremacists, nazis, and worse.

    Being armed IS sending a very powerful message. While many will decry armed protesters, being armed is necessary to keep the government lapdogs (police) from attacking those who are legally protesting.

    The right to bear arms is not conditional.

    Politicians ARE supposed to fear us. THAT is the natural order of things. When politicians do not fear us, they feel that they can get away with all kinds of illegal unconstitutional behavior.

    Picking and choosing “winners and losers” in determining which businesses should “shut down” operations is unconstitutional on its face.

    No politician should have that power.
    If governors want to shut down businesses shut them ALL down.

    • Teddy Roosevelt had a point, there’s a big difference between speaking softly and carry a big stick and yelling and carrying a big stick. I wonder which one is more effective?

      • Theodore Roosevelt is my all time favorite President and Leader. A man who earned both a Nobel Peace Prize (his efforts to arbitrate a peace in the Russo-Japanese War) and a Medal of Honor (Spanish American War in Cuba). And both of those for deeds he personally did, himself. Enough for any man’s lifetime, and it is only a small part of his accomplishments.

        There was no bragging in the man, he was the real deal in every aspect of his life.

        • earning a quick victory in the Russo-Japanese war emboldened them to use the same methodology decades later……

      • If the other side can’t see your big stick, or believes that you are too timid to ever use it, you look like you are just speaking softly.

    • Exactly, and when they try to shut them all down there is only one way to enforce it, and it will be met with war time resistance. People just like to act like they won’t enforce martial law… there is a reason they have not. They are scared.

      • It keeps sending the message that there are more of us than you…something LE has long understood….and we have the means to resist….so there is that….

      • There are not enough police and military in America to enforce martial law if the populous resists.

  15. I agree with the sling-arms comments here.

    Also, the first rule of the Boogahedeen is that you don’t talk about the Boogahedeen.

    In all seriousness though, I hope this shit doesnt get out of control. If we’re honest, the cops will have real trouble with the Boog-bois. Sure, individuals are easy to overwhelm but most of them probably shoot better than porker cops in poorly sized PCs and if one of these rallies went sideways the cops would probably be fucked. And… very likely so would the rest of us at that point

    • The cops are well aware of that fact and are thus on their best behavior. Deterrence works. Note the lack of nuclear war over the past 70 years or so.

      • DEFINITELY the same thing, yup. Mutually assured destruction definitely is the same as cops being afraid of citizens with guns. Bingo, kiddo. Nailed it.

        • Mutually assured destruction has been at the core of every balance of power in human history. Welcome to the real world commie troll. Or do we want to talk about how the various factions of the Roman Senate kept each other in check?

        • “Or do we want to talk about how the various factions of the Roman Senate kept each other in check?”

          The real question is how many pages of me nerding out about Roman political history you can take before you drink until you pass out.

          • “The real question is how many pages of me nerding out about Roman political history you can take before you drink until you pass out.”

            Don’t do that. I’m already tee martoonies into the day.

        • Ok Stych, which portion do you want to cover? Early Republic? Pre-Marius? Post Augustus?

  16. They always find the most cringe worthy ones who actually like posing for pictures in their shitty gear. You know, the ones who have never had ANY tactical training. That said, still better than showing up unarmed, and still a reminder to police/government of our capabilities. They fire the first shots and you can bet those with a tad bit more training are coming out of the wood works. I just hate all the pro trump bullshit, the race baiting, etc etc… Trump is not doing shit. The rednecks who fly their trump flags are the worst part about this. Not that it matters much, because the media and their target audience, mostly the left, will believe it all or already has their mind made up that armed protests don’t help or prove anything. I guess they forgot Kent State already…

    • that was mostly college kids vs the townies…and the tension had been building for awhile..most folks up there don’t seem to want to talk about it much these days…and I was surprised by how small that monument actually is… daughter, who teaches there…recently sent me that shop photo of the weapons being replaced with giant dildos and thought it was hilarious…obviously that’s the way some perceive these guys…

  17. It’s not the ones you can see. That you need to worry about. It’s the ones you don’t see. The ones who turn flesh and blood into pink mist and rag dolls. Praise Be to the “White Feather”.

    • True statement. The distances the Military snipers are getting kills at are incredible.

      Hathcock wore the white feather, longest confirmed kill was 2286 meter.

      Army Ranger in Iraqi 2300 meters.

      Canadian Special Forces in Iraqi 3,540 meters, longest confirmed kill.

      Lots of confirmed kills over 2000 meters by Military snipers.

      • snipers becoming more common in Afghanistan…largely due to the ineffectiveness of the M-4 in open country…

        • The larger % of sniper shots taken are not in open country. They just get the press. Most are taken in the villages, towns and cities. At ranges under 500 meters Not due to the effectiveness of the M4. Simply because of the Force on Force advantages they offer. The shots of which you spoke were taken with 50 cals. Most are taken with 308 with a few moving up to the 338 Lapua and the Barret 416.

  18. “Media Ginning Up Boogaloo Fears”

    So a bunch of Boogaloo Bois are making a grotesque spectacle of themselves but it is the media’s fault that they are successful? How are these wannabe “Pointy End of the Spear” fuckwits not responsible for the very bad press they have worked so hard to create?

    You know what? If you go thru life with a “HOLD MY BEER I’M GONNA’ TRY SUMPTHUN” attitude, sooner or later you bust your own ass.

    • Fuck the press. Anybody who listens to a single thing they say after they spent the past 4 years beclowning themselves is too retarded to matter.


        “Fuck the fire. Just because we throw gasoline and a match and a spray it with compressed oxygen gas, it’s burning on its own agenda. It’s not our fault!!!”

        • Yeah… Yeah… Don’t give a shit. You’re talking about a media that colluded in an outright coup attempt.

        • My first comment is edited for some reason. ENUF, you’re weak and a coward, was the gist.

        • “colluded in an outright coup attempt”

          No matter what you say, you have obviously never seen an actual coup attempt.

        • Lol… ok commie…

          A soft coup attempt is still a coup attempt. Obama directed the FBI to spy on and undermine his political successor in order to overturn the results of a lawful election. In any other country, that would get you a firing squad.

  19. “love to hold up not only boogaloo devotees, but open carriers as well and gun owners in general as evidence of a violent, insurrectionist subculture that threatens peace-loving people and our American way of life…”

    Plenty of comments here would seem to indicate that a large segment of the posters are engaged in a violent insurrection against the government.

    Either that or they’re just blowing air. But when whackos dressed up in cosplay show up to protests unrelated to guns (don’t worry, ANTIFA does it too) I think that media attention should be a given.

  20. A few years back when Alex Jones was pushing protests with open carry weapons, some law enforcement friends dared me to google protest organizers’ names. I found some were former militia types (probably looking to agitate) or had some convinction (did they turn informant to get others entrapped and arrested for a lighter sentence). Don’t hang around these guys because the association with them and their methods will haunt you.

  21. What a joke. I don’t see a single aloha shirt in that crowd! FAKE NEWS MSM stoking fear for mass mind control and statist domination of the people

      • I saw no mention of swastikas in the article, there certainly weren’t any in the photo. But the leftist commiecrat media never fails to portray everyone to the right of V.I. Lenin as Nazis or (as in the case of Trump) “Literally Hitler”. They’re so monomaniacal about nazi and racist that they have worn them out and rendered the words meaningless.

        Actually “boogaloo” is the new leftist bugaboo. They’re feverishly trying to distract everyone from THE FACT THAT EVERYONE WHO’S PROTESTING WHILE HEAVILY ARMED & ARMORED ARE NORMAL PEOPLE!! Not militia, not 3%, not boog bois! And when “the boogaloo” does kick off, it’s gonna be an average guy with no connection to militia, 3% or boog bois who goes all ‘Henry Bowman’ on the steppers & tyrants!

  22. leftist extremist propaganda from Black Supremacist supporters.

    “high-powered rifles”?? idiots too

  23. If these armed people were demanding a green new deal, removal of Trump, universal basic income of 3000 dollars a month, and abortion a week after birth the media would call them hero’s.

    That’s the truth.

  24. It’s always about race with you guys isn’t it? You lost the civil war. Get over it.

    • “You lost the civil war.”

      Actually, no. They became the power structure we see today: Liberals, Leftists, Statists, Democrats.

      Some things common with the Confederacy: certain things just can’t be said in polite company (speech control); non-whites are uncivilized, and cannot survive without help and intervention by white people (a core Democrat belief); low-bred whites (deplorables) are not much better than the coloreds, maybe worse; people who work with their hands are useful, but not peers of the ruling class (which category of the economy is most damaged by the current Covid-19 lockdown, which category is largely unaffected?); only the “right sort of people” are worthy to be in positions of power (leftist elites are members of which political party?).

  25. AP: “Anyone protesting government orders is basically a white supremacist”

    Got it.

    • Yeah; that’s pretty much their ill-supported premise. I thought our press was supposed to be out there helping to PROTECT our liberties. Call me jaded.

      • The AP is definitely left wing like most media, and the left wing media has become a joke. A sure sign that they have nothing but propaganda and talking points is when they will only cover a topic by running op-eds instead of providing real investigative journalism. Read the major left wing outlets denouncing Obamagate as a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy theory because, well, it’s a conspiracy theory, and you know, um, coronavirus! Now go check the right wing outlets that are covering it by listing all of the facts as they become known. It’s quite the contrast.

      • “I thought our press was supposed to be out there helping to PROTECT our liberties.”

        That’s a well-worn, long believed urban myth. The purpose of the press is to push a particular agenda. Always has been. Do an internet search of journalism since the beginning of the American colonies; look at the illustrations, the headlines, the “news” that is no more than editorializing.

        The whole “freedom of the press” thing is about preventing the government from essentially controlling public debate and opinion. The concept is not about being “objective”.

  26. Any cause can be corrupted by extremist interpretations. I notice in the AP examples though that it mentions No One who specifically is connected and belongs to a “bugaloo” group has been arrested or charged with crimes. BUT…those folks used the term in sometimes referencing their activities. So much for unbiased reporting. AP then pretty much draws a hard connection that the bugaloo movement is made up of radical extremists elements. Makes you wonder how these “journalists” ever got their jobs.

    • The modern “media” is the propaganda arm of the Demokkkommie party. What they do makes a lot more sense when you examine it from that angle. There is no journalism anymore, just activism.

      • MSM is to the Democrat Party …As Der Sturmer was to the Nazi Party. Controlling the narrative controls the people. Controlling the people is always the objective.

  27. Just a couple of observations. Citizens are tired of draconian decrees from public servants that elevated themselves to dictator promoting a fake pandemic. Once a few people get killed by LEO’s “just following orders” it will ignite a shitstorm, and most of us don’t want that. Those that are ready for the shitstorm are not looking for it to happen, but are aware it might. Also when I go to the range, I stay far away from the boys in camo. Want-a-be’s are not the ones we need in charge if things turn ugly. The “bugaloo” movement is nonsense, but the goobermint needs to remember what happened to the Red Army in Afghanistan by a bunch of “citizen soldiers” with 19th century arms. I just want America back to America.

    • Well my observation is, the Lefty Dems and the MSM (but I repeat myself) are just using the boogaloo to create a bugaboo, they need a boogeyman to peddle their fear. And they’re overlooking the fact that while they hyper-focus on a small group of tough-talking shitposters and memelords, the average citizen that they dismiss as sheeple is becoming angrier and angrier at their tyrannical heavyhanded elitist BS. They overlook the fact that great wars & revolutions almost always begin when some little guy who is unremarkable in every aspect is pushed too far and he strikes back. Then all the other average people join in and start striking back and WHAM you have a full-fledged revolt that becomes a revolution once a great leader joins in to focus them all!

  28. Love the picture. Half of those LARPers have their plate carriers on wrong and the other half couldn’t run a mile unladen.

    • Oh, really? Between the 2 pictures, exactly 2 guys are even questionable. But I’m sure you know all about how to properly fit a plate carrier from your long service in the Salvation Army.

      • No. Just time with the USMC while you sat on your fat Boomer ass spouting racism and ignorance from behind your computer.

        • Busybody: ‘boomer’ is the effeminate whine of the perpetually offended morons who don’t have a valid point.
          When did my Corps start churning out whiny pussies like you?

  29. DHS and the FBI are really behind overplaying the “boogalo” threat from accelerationists. They scrape all the social media for trolls posting stupid memes or saying stupid inflammatory stuff and call it legitimate threat reporting. Not unless it can be verified, and accompanied with other info or intel ( assessed information), and activity. They love tying it into to far-right groups, coining new cool terms like REMVE. Its about budgets and funding for one, plus politically they use it to demonize a section of the american populous at will. 4GW. The operational inclusion of almost any activity into indicators & warnings, and behavior linked to far right activity, groups, etc…like this can then be levied at will against almost any group. Crime is crime, but the slippery grey area is peoples beliefs, thoughts, speech and political activity.

  30. What’s with all the white supremacist, nazi and other assorted comments?

    General Flynn was entrapped and almost lost everything. These guys that did this say they also are also against white supremacists and nazis…
    The people that ran an almost 4 year hoax on the American people about Russia, also say they are against white supremacists and nazis.
    The people who shoot innocent citizens in their beds, also say they are against white supremacists and nazis.
    The people who spy on everyone, all the time, everywhere, also say they are against white supremacists and nazis.

    If a bunch of people want to dress up and carry arms, it is their right. As a matter of fact, the way things are working out, it is their duty.

    As many of you know, 3% of the people won the American revolution.
    the other 97% benefited from their courage, all the while pissing about the troublemakers…

    • It’s easy when you define “white supremacist and nazi” to mean “anybody who opposes out racist totalitarian takeover of the democratic process to create a genocidal communist state”.

      Quite frankly, everybody involved in the Comey Coup from Obama down to the news media needs to be spending the rest of their lives in a tiny windowless cell.

      • “Quite frankly, everybody involved in the Comey Coup from Obama down to the news media needs to be spending the rest of their lives in a tiny windowless cell.”

        It is easy to agree, but the consequences are not certain.

        When Obama came into office, Holder announced that he (Holder, thus Obama) would charge Dubbya with crimes, and prosecute. When the full implication of that idea was understood, Holder went silent. Prosecuting presidents cuts both ways. Even Obama realized the danger for future Democrat presidents.

        The idea of charging high officials all too quickly leads to criminalizing policy, criminalizing politics. Is that where we really want to go? Remember, in both of the US civil wars, the decision was made not to retaliate on political enemies, including the citizens loyal to one side or the other. “Let then up easy” was the key to not creating conditions for continuous civil wars as we have observed in other nations.

        While it may be possible to pick out some egregious acts/crimes below president/vice-president, that surgical operation may not be possible, leaving everyone involved “punished” by not having cushy political jobs for a period.

    • pwrserge,

      Since we definitely KNOW that very, very few, if any, will serve time in prison, that tells you all you need to know about the state of America. Enough people voted in, and are still voting in, crooks, liars and thieves, and they’re happy about it.

      I sincerely believe, that the end is not near because we’re way past that point. The death of America started under FDR, and has been completed by Barack Hussein.

      We WILL eventually lose the majority of our Bill of Rights, maybe even in our lifetimes. President Trump will be unable to even put a dent into any libtard wishlist.

      If God will not intervene in our affairs, we will become 1984, Atlas Shrugged, Brave New World, or worse of all, The Book of Revelation….
      Thankfully I’m down to 20% of life left, so I will be the popcorn guy, just watching it all unfold while I sip on the Wild Turkey… 🙂

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