Gregory Howe Deltona shooting
Courtesy WFTV
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From the AP:

Florida deputies fatally shot an armed man Tuesday afternoon shortly after he fled a traffic stop, authorities said.

Four deputies opened fire on the 37-year-old man outside his Deltona home after he pointed a rifle at them, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said during a news conference. Deltona is located between Daytona Beach and Orlando.

The man had initially been pulled over in neighboring DeLand by a patrol officer for a traffic violation, Chitwood said. The man drove off after the officer discovered the man had a suspended license and ordered him out of his truck. The sheriff’s office was called to help with the pursuit.

Deputies deployed stop sticks to flatten at least one of the truck’s tires, Chitwood said. The man continued to drive, eventually arriving at his house with deputies right behind him. Deputies surrounded the truck with their own vehicles, and at least 20 shots were fired by deputies, Chitwood said. Investigators didn’t know whether the man fired his gun.

No deputies were injured, Chitwood said. The four officers involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative leave while state law enforcement officials investigate the case.

Officials haven’t released the names or races of the deputies or the man who was shot.

Daytona Beach police arrested the man on a weapons charge earlier this month, Chitwood said. The man also matches the description of someone connected to an Orange City shooting last month, officials said.

The man was medically discharged from the Navy in 2012.

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  1. “Officials haven’t released the names or races [emphasis mine] of the deputies or the man…”

    Why does the race/ethnicity/skin color matter? Let the flaming commence in earnest if you must, but really…why does it matter? A man was caught driving without a valid license, evaded arrest, allegedly pointed a firearm at pursuing officers, and was subsequently shot and killed. Please enlighten me as to how any facts outside of these will make any difference.

    • I’d love to Haz, but my only responses are idiots, tribalists, and race grifters. Because you’re correct, what the hell does it matter?

    • race/ethnicity/skin color always matters because it’s the Libtards leading game plan to keep a segment of the population on the Government Plantation and tax another segment to pay for the “shanty shacks, sow belly and collard greens”, so the Libtards get all the first segment’s votes for life. After all, there is way more money, power and control in Government than cotton. They gotta have a victim segment to play against the responsible segment.

      • “After all, there is way more money, power and control in Government than cotton.”
        Consider that stolen, by me, from you.

    • Maybe because he was a white man not a black man? Doesn’t the news point out it’s a black man when he shot by police?

    • 😀 😀 😀

      HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Now that you’ve put that into my mind, it’ll be my vision of him from now on, too. Not sure whether to thank you for clearing up that riddle for me, or grumble for removing the mystery.

      Now the big question. Does he have thumbs?

        • The deepest cuts usually come from love.

          But the wounds that hurt the most, apparently, come from pickups with mud tires.

        • “But the wounds that hurt the most, apparently, come from pickups with mud tires.”

          “Tire tracks all across my back, well I can see you’ve had your fun…”

    • Basic lesson in firearm safety, but also means if you do point you gun at someone, know that the other person can and should interpret that you have intentions of pulling the trigger.

      • Wait… Does that mean Ahmaud Arbery had the right to stand his ground!? No way… A person like that doesn’t have rights.

  2. Was this post some sort of “pat the cop’s on the back” thing? Woohoo ya’got ‘im😃😎😋

    • Seems to me he was one of the “prohibited persons” we hear so much about, most of whom are Democrats.

      • Medical discharge. That usually translates into what we used to call a section 8. So that means he was a dedicated democrat.

        But his legacy will live on. He will continue to vote for at least the next hundred years.

        • Lol, my favorite baseless assertion. You’re even dumber than you appear in all the comments I’ve seen from you over the years if you believe both sides don’t engage in voter fraud.

        • DummiesGonnaDummy:
          “…if you believe both sides don’t engage in voter fraud.”

          Maybe they do, but the Democrats are infamous for it.

    • Who are you to judge? The way things are today he can claim to be anything he wants to be. You mean he doesn’t look black. I wonder what his medical discharge was for. It also made me wonder when they said he pointed it at an undercover officer, but it sounds like there was a number of easily identified officers present as well. Stupid move on his part. I’m sure some liberal will blame the NRA.

  3. Interesting and sad how some folks feel the need to interject race into the most average of conversations. If you don’t point a weapon at the po po I cannot guarantee you won’t get shot anyway; but if you do draw down on them I CAN pretty much guarantee you will be ventilated pronto. You know; officer safety and all.

  4. “Some people go through life saying “Kill me, kill me, kill me”. Sometimes, we oblige them…”

    • It appears these types of shootings are increasing because of Trump’s and the governors’ economic depression. Men are whipping out dangerous items and causing problems until the police come, they get themselves shot, most seem to be under the influence.

  5. It should be:
    “Don’t point a rifle at anyone, unless you plan on following through”
    Cop, no cop. “traffic violation” or no traffic violation.

  6. According to one of the local tv stations down there ( , he pointed “a tactical shotgun”, “an assault rifle”, and “an AK-47 type weapon.”

    Was he carrying a Transformer?

    (Also, the PD think one of the weapons in his car may have been used to shoot a woman a couple weeks back. Guy sounds like a complete nutter.)

    • Whoops, missed the part in the story already mentioning the other shooting. Sorry!

      (His name was Greg Howe, btw).

  7. Question: Why was he on the street? “Daytona Beach police arrested the man on a weapons charge earlier this month” which would seem to indicate he was arrested and released within 12 days on a weapons charge. “The man also matches the description of someone connected to an Orange City shooting last month”, late last month which again makes you wonder why he was on the street if he was suspected of a shooting in the end of April. “The man was medically discharged from the Navy in 2012”, which makes one think he may have been a prohibited possessor, not to say all people released form the navy are, but when you add the two lines above with this, it makes you wonder. A Covid-19 release?

    If I was to kick my neighbors dog for pooping in my yard, he’d have the local PD pick me up and I’d be locked up. How does this guy get a weapons charge, while matching the description of a shooter and walk? This sounds more like a political system that is broken on how they handle people. How close did this guy live to the Parkland shooter? I can’t believe everyone in Florida is nuts.

  8. I noticed the stop sign in the back ground had no bullet holes in it. somebody with a twenty two or shotgunm should countryfy that stop sign. It’ just aint right, a stop sign with no bullet holes

  9. I think he is a veteran who recently lost his job, had a suspended license and was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt. The officer was going to arrest him for not having a valid license when he decided to take off. He had an AK-47 in his truck. He drove to a location and stopped. The police claim he pointed the rifle at them when they mag dumped into the truck. He got out of the trunk and collapsed.

    I’m starting to see a lot more of these types of shootings in the last couple of weeks. Most of the time the men are jobless and under the influence.

  10. I used to live in Volusia county for 11 years, and it was a nice friendly place…
    Here are the headlines for the Daytona Beach News-Journal:

    “Volusia deputies fired 80 rounds at armed Deltona man killed after fleeing.

    Chitwood said he believes that Howe only fired one round because one of the shots fired by deputies struck Howe’s hand and the shotgun.”

    Hmmm, sounds like a LOT of shots…..compared to the ONE shotgun shell shot by Howe.
    Must be okay because they feared for their lives.

    Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you ??

  11. I’d hazard a guess that he was a sovereign or at least dabbled as a sovcit. The look, the suspended license, the misguided thought that there’s a “home base” to flee to when pursued by the police. I can almost hear the screams for corpus delicti and “I do not consent!”

  12. So citizen is accosted by armed highway bandits. Citizen attempts to escape but is chased and attacked. Citizen attempts to defend self and is shot down by the armed robber gang. Armed gang members pat selves on back and demand to be worshiped.

    • Yes, yet another innocent boat captain falls victim to these murderous road pirates. Playing sovcit always end with jail as best case. Get your shit proper before your “travel” in your “conveyance.” Then these kind of things wont happen.


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