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Courtesy Steven W.
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Steven W. writes . . .

I started out carrying a compact Kimber 1911, but found it too heavy.  My EDC now is a SIG SAUER P938 9mm with the extended 7-round mags carried in a holster by CivDiv Designs.

A spare mag is discretely tucked in a horizontal magazine holder by SHTF Gear. I also carry an inexpensive but bright Bushnell flashlight picked up at Walmart and a CRKT M-16 tanto blade folding knife.

Separately I carry a can of OC pepper spray and a first aid kit including a CAT tourniquet and quick-clot bandages.


[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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        • I’ve seen enough macho men take their .45 and blast a bunch of holes into the berm while talking about how everything smaller is for women that I find it silly to engage in size wars when it comes to handguns.

        • Yea I don’t care either. I like smaller rounds and smaller guns. Plenty of people died from .22’s being buried in their body. Modern standards, you might want some more penetration. How you carry it is up to you. Personally, I prefer more round count, but I can deal with a medium. TBH, when I traded my G43 I was so happy to get away from the small grip and round count. At least now on the P365XL I can get a full grip and reload without manipulating my hand (basically taking my hand off the gun with the g43). I can’t count how many times I pinched my palm when reloading. Sometimes were pretty bad too and I’d just be done shooting for the day after that. Something no YouTuber is going to show you…

  1. I had a holster made by CivDiv Designs, very nicely made for my new VP9. I haven’t started using it yet haven’t put enough rds down range with my new partner yet. The guy makes them with a 20 deg. cant instead of the 15 deg.

  2. Hey, the Bushnell flashlights are great. I wouldn’t recommend that tile though. Ugly!!! (Bathroom and kitchen remodeler)

  3. Like P938!

    The OC not so much. Every time OC is deployed…EVERYONE gets a dose..the BG, you, your partner, any random people in the immediate area. It doesn’t oxidize or wash out of a contaminated area well…re-exposure is pretty common. Touch the wrong thing, rub your eyes or nose and it starts all over again (to a lesser degree…but, still…ugh).

    The CAT and QuickClot are nice to have around.

    • Not every situation requires lethal force. Pepper spray has it’s downsides and own rules for use, but again, the hammer isn’t always the right tool.

      • @Michael in AK

        There’s an old saying…” beat to fit, paint to match”.

        But, seriously, I agree with you that the hammer is not always the first choice in tools, that said, I stand by my OC comments. Most non-LEO / non-prior DoD OC carriers have never experienced the joys of OC indulgence…it will be quite a surprise when they do decide to use it. All that I said was that if you deploy OC then you should be prepared to “share” the experience…that is the biggest reason that we had to be sprayed to receive our cert to carry OC.

        I will never tell you that you cannot use a less-than-lethal response when your safety, the safety of your partner or an innocent third party is involved. It is an adult decision and as an adult you have to live (or die) with the aftermath of your decisions…both good and bad.

      • Ooops, violated one of my cardinal writing rules…don’t use acronyms (unless explained in text).

        In this instance I meant OC as in Oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray…not Open Carry.

        Thank you for bringing it to my attention in a humorous way….apologies for any confusion.

  4. I’ve been enjoying OWB carry with my 43 and LCR over the last couple of months.

    Even carried my Beretta 92 on a couple of occasions. More comfy than IWB just not as stealthy.

    I’ll pass on the OC. Too much chance it wont work on them and will work on me.

  5. As much as I like a 1911 not a fan of the Super compact 1911s. Especially in 9mm. Carry needs a spare mag.

  6. The 8 round magazines from the Kimber
    Micro 9 will work in the Sig 938 , giving you one more round at the cost of less than half an inch of length.
    Solid choice the 938.
    Pepper spray is also a great idea if you ever need to respond to a non deadly force attack.

    • Any attack inside the Tueller box is a deadly force attack. And will/should be dealt with accordingly. I’ve seen OC fail on Drug Heads full of Meth or PCP. Just like on Bears. Anger mixed with Crazy. Can be a hard thing to deter. Once they get within arms length. You may well be fucked or worse DEAD. Never underestimate an attack, any attack. To many good men are six feet under for making that mistake.
      Maintain OP SEC and Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Or get rid of the P938 and buy a Micro 9 . . . I used to have a P938, much prefer the Micro 9; Had 3 issue with the P938, only had 1 with the two different Micro 9’s I own. Kimber fixed it FREE; even though it was out of Warranty by about 9 months. I recently bought the new finger extensions for the 7 round Kimber mags, they’r much nicer than the stock extension. I’ve been told you can use P938 mags in the Micro 9 too; except the base pad on the Sig mags, does not allow the mag to lock in on my Micro 9’s; not without cutting away some of the plastic. So I sold the P938 mags to someone who wanted spares, and just bought the Micro 9 mags.

  7. OWB holsters without retention aren’t my cup-o-tea unless I’m on the property. In the post-world if I OWB it’s with some form or retention past friction.

    • You dont fancy having your Roscoe clatter to the floor when sitting down in a ladder-back chair?

      I’ve seen it happen a couple of times. Last was in a steakhouse in Louisiana.
      Could’ve heard a gnat fart as the Sig hit the concrete floor.

      Waitress lightened it up with “Gonna have to cut you off sweetie”. Everybody laughed and he picked up his piece.

      I like thumbsnaps for OWB.

    • I guess you mean active retention but I’ve got a number of holsters, leather and kydex, that have excellent passive retention.

      I would not want to use them as open carry rigs in urban environments but then again I would not do that anyway as it relates to personal carry.

  8. I long ago stopped carrying pepper spray or foam. You’re as likely as not to “gas” yourself. For the past 3 yrs or so I’ve been carrying pepper gel. It’s like Silly String, but it can really ruin a bad guys day. It doesn’t aerosolize like spray and it can’t be tossed back at you like foam. Additionally, it has a much better standoff distance and it actually gives you a lot better accuracy than spray or foam.

  9. I carry a P938 most of the time. It’s about as small as you can get while still being an effective caliber. Pocket carry, IWB, the gun fits anywhere you want to tote it.

    • I have and love both. The higher mag capacity and striker fire of the P365 vs having to carry the 938 cocked and locked makes the p365 my preferred daily carry, especially as a family man surrounded by my kids.

      That being said, the P938 is an exceptional handgun that shoots beautifully. It is accurate, fit and finish is impeccable (walnut grip SAS version with 2 tone black and steel frame) and is just beautiful to look at.

  10. p938 all summer.
    i’ll investigate micro nine mags. had heard p290 could be slotted but never found one to play with.


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