Beto Biden
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks after former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke endorsed him at a campaign rally Monday, March 2, 2020 in Dallas. (AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)
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I don’t think anyone should put any money on a bet that there will be broad sweeping [federal gun legislation] and I don’t think this really matters who controls Congress. I just think it’s very, very hard to build a coalition that could enact legislation as sweeping as, say, some of the gun control legislation of the sixties or the [Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act], for example. At the state level, I suspect that what we may end up seeing is something along the lines of what we have seen since Heller, which is legislation that is very responsive to particular events and particular incidents.

NYU Law Professor Troy McKenzie 

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  1. HR 127 is the single greatest threat the Second Amendment has ever faced in the history of this nation if that bill was allowed to pass all is lost.

    • I don’t see how the HR127 could pass, it feels like a toe in the water to gauge response on who the Dems need to lean on in their party for future bills. Not to say some of it won’t show up in other HR or bills. What is does provide is a roadmap of exactly what they are after on the left. They continually show more of their hand and try to hide it less and less.

    • I doubt it’s meant to.
      It’s purpose is likely to simply be so batshit crazy that anything less looks like a reasonable compromise. Although we should all remember it because as crazy as it seems right now make no mistake that this and more is the ultimate goal.

      Kind of like how “14 days to flatten the curve” was the reasonable compromise to a full scale shutdown of the nation. That two weeks jumped to five years of rotating shut downs, endless boosters and anal swabs by the TSA pretty quick.

    • Seems to me this bill is designed to see which Reps object to which measures. Future gun control bills will have measures tailored to what will find the least resistance among key Reps or may be tabled for the time being if Biden wants to spend his early capital chasing other major domestic policy.

      Kind of like throwing everything against the wall to see what might stick next time.

      • Once they finally get it all straight, SCOTUS should smack it down pretty good just in time for midterms to remove all future possibility. If not, hell, we shoot them.

        • I doubt they’ll get the S.C. packed, but there is the outside chance that nothing will get struck down by the top court.

        • If scotus will just smack down ONE gun control law, the anti’s will be scared and biden will not use his political capital on a law the courts are likely to erase.

    • Well, right after the next crazy leftist shoots up a mall or church or hospital, you can bet on the most draconian legislation possible to pass. Too many RINOs will collapse like dominoes on a table.

    • I hear what your saying but at the same time these people only have power as long as we allow them to hold onto it! I 1st of all wont be turning in any guns. 2ndly i wont be paying any damn tax on guns i already own so they can kiss my ass! on top of all that i have already asked to be paid under the table so i dont get stuck like the rest of you paying the crazy taxes they plan to demand! I wont allow them to steal any more from me!!! So you all do what you want im not part of what ever this country is becoming!

    • Horsepuckey.

      Every damned bill that comes down the pike is always called the greatest threat ever.

      Just keep pushing back, challenge bad laws, push the lawsuits to the Supreme Court while we have a 5.5 to 3.5 vote advantage.

      It ain’t rocket science.

  2. The poison pill is the registry requirement and the taking of someone’s property.

    No matter how they frame it whether it’s safety or crime or whatever, the gov’t cannot take a citizens property without due process AND some sort of compensation.

    And that will be the sticking point because some of these firearms are worth a lot of money and I don’t see anyone not fighting to at least be compensated for their loss.

    And don’t forget who’s pushing this. Lee is a nothing. She’s made no friends/allies outside of the black caucus. She’s not known for cooperation with her fellow senators and she has a reputation of being stupid and back stupid stuff. No one wants to be associated with this nonsense except other stupid democrats or racialists that are pushing and agenda and need to look good back home in the hood.

    • “…the gov’t cannot take a citizens property without due process AND some sort of compensation.”

      Tell that to all the landlords who can’t evict non-paying tenants.

      • “…the gov’t cannot take a citizens property without due process AND some sort of compensation.”

        Or ask those who bought “bump stocks”, the old “Street Sweeper” shotguns and other firearms that were relabled as destructive devices, all of which were purchased in good faith by Americans after ATF had already signed off on them… Plenty of other examples outside of the firearms arena as well.

        As far as “due process” is concerned, once the Congress changes the rules, all future prosecutions pertaining to that category will be undertaken following due process. No problem changing horses in the middle of that stream for the government.

        • Well, that in itself brings us to Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution, which prohibits Congress from passing “ex post facto”, or retroactive, law(s). One cannot criminalize today what was legal yesterday, and punish or otherwise restrict past legal conduct.

        • “Congress from passing “ex post facto”, or retroactive, law(s). One cannot criminalize today what was legal yesterday, and punish or otherwise restrict past legal conduct.”

          You, among many others, misunderstand the meaning of “ex post facto law”. Such a law makes it a crime to have engaged, in the past, in an activity that is now a crime. EX: yesterday, it was legal to go about without a mask. A new law is passed today, making failure to wear a mask illegal. What was legal yesterday, is illegal today. What government(s) cannot do is charge you with a crime for not wearing a mask yesterday.

          Think of “ex post facto” as something like this: “XYZ is now illegal, and anyone who engaged in XYZ, ever, is considered to have broken the law, and is subject to arrest and trial.”

        • Unless they want to. Then it turns out they have all manner of unauthorized power, like Pelosi’s brand new personal police force aka National Guard.

        • Street sweepers could be kept, but they had to be registered during an amnesty period. New ones can be made and registered because destructive devices aren’t prohibited. However, ones made before the amnesty that weren’t registered are now contraband.

          Bump stocks are a different story since there was no path to legal registration offered, and there are still outstanding lawsuits about it.

        • You can bet that most of the bump stocks and the Streetsweepers were not turned in. Americans just don’t roll that way. It’s called being a scofflaw!

      • Yeah, and tell that to the businesses and retailers, and private citizens who are terrified of getting investigated and likely their barking watchdog shot and then their private property being trashed and seized by marauding ATF Swat teams for buying or selling perfectly legal Not prohibited for anyone parts or accessories kits because they are NON-firearms by Law? (watch the reality of this on Youtube “What’s Next at ATF? An interview with Dan O’Kelly (retired ATF agent) Then notify your so-called representatives to stop this insanity before they get some panicked millenial with some Pot on their table or a poor shell-shocked combat Vet killed not to mention the potential risking the lives of LEOs for nothing more than some stupid gun parts that are NO functional or operational in and of themselves as they are, once again, NOT even illegal for prohibited persons, because These are NOT firearms to begin with?

        I don’t comprehend how a decent LEO can even degrade themselves by participating in something like this. I couldn’t do this kind of ‘Law-of no law- enforcement’ tyranny to fellow Americans and live with myself under the lie of being a ‘good, honest, Cop, no matter how much they paid me. I was raised in a family of police and military and feel sorry for these agents who are ordered to do this. But that still doesn’t make it right, or even legal.

        So how do ‘they’ even think they can get away with this super egregious violation of USCC 18-241-242? The same way the Nazi’s did. They didn’t believe it was really happening because of a well planned and long time mind programming to induce a confirmation bias among the populate that they can’t mentally escape from until it’s to late. Then whomever they could not terrorize into compliance and submission, They shot, with the guns you no longer had.

        Shire man, Tim in Tx and others are starting to get tuned into the ‘Nothing is evere as it seems’ reality with these people. The Marxist train has been inroading slowly but certainly for several decades. Stopping at all the stations, uncoupleing and leaving box cars of influence. Their leadership stays up into the wee hours of the night, 24-7, to configure and focus the mechanics of their totalitarian State-take-all. While the rest of us didn’t care much. After all, this is the U.S.A, isn’t it? No Communism Allowed!
        And now that mission funding is no object due to all the sychophant multi-billionaires, it’s all neck and neck at the finishing line now, with regard to your rights and future well-being.

        Once this new regimes tyrannical ducks are in a row, as described by others here, they will become even more emboldened to continue with these tyrannical atrocities. It’s a power opiate that there’s no cure.

        The only thing we can hope for in the immediate future is that DJT gets found Not Guilty by the Senate and helps leads a new Patriot Party coalition that embraces the better aspects of conservative Republican-ism and maybe picks up some Libertarians, Menally Imancipated Millennials, Independents, and even some ‘repentant’ Democrats who are now in Shock of the reality of what is coming down hard on us in real-time and see the errors of their ways?

        So lets get on those Senators tooth and nail. Don’t stop politely, but seriously letting them know every day now, in emails and phone messaging until the verdict is in, that they had better get ALL Aboard, or they’ll kiss both their status-quo Republican party good-bye, and also their careers.

        You can make it an important dual-purpose message. Throw in a comment about how pitifully illegal and truly dangerous to our liberties as Americansthis ATF gun grab problem is.

        • “So how do ‘they’ even think they can get away with this super egregious violation of USCC 18-241-242? ”

          Who would have standing to bring the charge? Who would be prosecuting? Who would be judging?

          That’s right. If USCC 18-241-242 is to be applied, it is all federal jurisdiction and agents.

        • A Crazy Train, indeed…

          “The only thing we can hope for in the immediate future is that DJT gets found Not Guilty by the Senate and helps leads a new Patriot Party coalition that embraces the better aspects of conservative Republican-ism…”

          Crazy, but that’s how it goes
          Millions of people living as foes
          Maybe it’s not too late
          To learn how to love
          And forget how to hate

          I’ve listened to preachers
          I’ve listened to fools
          I’ve watched all the dropouts
          Who make their own rules
          One person conditioned to rule and control
          The media sells it, and you live the role

          One might just need some Revelation…

          Mother please forgive them
          For they know not what they do
          Looking back in history’s books
          It seems it’s nothing new

          Children of the future
          Watching empires fall
          Madness, the cup they drink from
          Self destruction the toll

          Mother, please show the children
          Before it’s too late
          To fight each other, there’s no-one winning
          We must fight all the hate

        • A badge of honor perhaps to be so mentioned? You act as though I don’t write my Congressmembers, maintain an active membership in Pro 2A Groups, or push back against hyperbolic hoplophobes on here.

          Should I curse more, or stand on the street corners shrieking about the end of Democracy as we know it perhaps?

          Having institutions and politicians with a Marxist or “Democrat Socialist” agenda is nothing new. But the idea that Biden’s going to pass H.R. 127, stack the S.C. to keep it from being overturned, be able to enforce door to door confiscations, and somehow NOT destroy the Dem party… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

          Best you’ll get is incremental infringements that I will oppose with my voice and vote. Just don’t expect me to grab my pitchfork and torch checking behind every bush for Communists.

        • Tim – blah blah blah – Senator Joe McCarthy was, however, correct. So, PERHAPS, you might look behind SOME bushes.

          And tell all your Tx Bush RINOs to please STFU.

        • McCarthy was probably right about having secret commies in the House and Senate. I guess we’ll have to take his word about the paper he was holding having all their names. We’ll also probably never know how widespread it was back then or is now.

          I don’t support communist ideology. It’s just funny having people try to call me out as accepting it. I guess I’d rather take someone new to the range than hunt around on gun forums looking for people who aren’t hardcore enough

      • “Tell that to all the landlords who can’t evict non-paying tenants.”

        Not that it matters at this point. Landlords are boned either way. Don’t evict and go broke. Evict, crash the rental market and go broke.

        Rent is generally pegged around the mortgage plus 10%. Mass evictions will crash the market by probably 50% or more. No one’s charging 100% over their mortgage so if the market crashes only those that own free and clear will get to keep the property. Everyone else bleeds to death less quickly but ultimately the bank gets the property… and when that happens in the numbers we’re talking about at this point the price of real estate craters and most people are underwater and those invested in real estate take a bath.

        • “…and when that happens in the numbers we’re talking about at this point the price of real estate craters and most people are underwater and those invested in real estate take a bath.”

          Including mortgagor lenders. But, just as in the “Great Depression”, a whole new flock of real estate investors swoop in to relieve banks and mortgage lenders of noncollectable debt, at bargain basement prices, waiting to make big gains when the market turns around (as it always does). It’s called “creative destruction”.

        • Why bother with the investors when the Fed will simply bail you out? That’s what the banks know will happen. The government will say the magic words “Too big to fail” again and we all pay the bills in the form of God-knows-what tacked onto the debt. See, the morons in the government and at the Fed did it, they found the magical money machine! Debt doesn’t matter, just fire up those presses and it’s BRRRRRRRR to prosperity and beyond!

          MMT is wonderful don’tchaknow? [Heck, a few days hanging with Hunter and you might believe that too!]

          That’s what all the r/wallstreetbets and r/wallstreetsilver shit is ultimately about.

        • This is simply not true, sir. Anyone evicted will still need a place to live. When they see that they will have to pay rent to stay in a rental, they will pay. Right now, with courts being shut down, and the government taking away the right of a property owner to control his own property, there is no reason for tenants to pay rent, so they don’t.

    • A law designating anything contraband is quite within the power of legislators. Once made contraband, “due process” is established. Governments seize “contraband” all the time. Compensation for seizing contraband is not required.

      • No, such “laws” are not, and would not be, “due process”, because they VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS. As such, we have no legal, moral, nor ethical duty to comply with such extraconstitutional tyrannical decrees, and every duty to resist them.

        • While true, remember that would be best done in small groups. Plus, if no one will join you, you are likely at least a little nuts.

        • “As such, we have no legal, moral, nor ethical duty to comply with such extraconstitutional tyrannical decrees, and every duty to resist them.”

          Correct you are, but refuse and you will be arrested and tried. The constitution is what the courts say it is; citizen be aware.

    • “…the gov’t cannot take a citizens property without due process AND some sort of compensation.”

      Well, there is a due process amendment… but that doesn’t apply here, the Second Amendment doesn’t allow it even WITH compensation.

  3. BS…Let some nitwit democRat ran “Gun Free Zone” get shot up and the drama queen finger pointing Rats will come out of the woodwork before casualties are in the ambulance. They are laying and waiting like they always are to blame everyone but themselves…They are hate filled scumbags who have no problem throwing away thousands of jobs on behalf of their climate insanity and that means you and everyone who does not follow their sick agenda are expendable. I do not call them the democRat Party for nothing. P on those mealy mouth Jim Crow Gun Control Race Baiting ratbassturds.

  4. There are some democrat congressmen who have a tenuous hold on their seats and are in center right districts. Senator Joe Manchin said a while back that gun control wasn’t a priority and he was unlikely to vote on any. As for HR 127, it is brought up every year by Sheila Jackson Lee and it never makes it out of committee. As for me, I will keep voting for those who fight for our rights. Fortunately, both my senators and my congressman are VERY pro 2nd amendment. Freedom requires eternal vigilance.

  5. The Democrats are shitting their pants right now over their failure to hide the election fraud and the mostly peaceful protest at the capitol. Hence the 20k troops and prison fence. Gutless cowards.

      • Yeah.. no.

        The State of Texas was told ‘No Standing’ to sue another State. Simply because SCOTUS did not want to do their job, their original job in fact. Didn’t want to get involved.

        Not lack of evidence.

        Forget all the rest of the cases brought forward, this above put this country into the spot it’s in.

        “Lack of Standing.”

        The difference in The United States ARE vs The United States IS.

        • The horribly dishonest and self interest right wing media machine makes well meaning simpletons like you look terrible. It’d be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

        • It’s been a mix. Some lack of standing, some lack of evidence to support the claims, some where they refused to assert actual fraud (so lack of evidence can be assumed), some they just withdrew (presumably filed just to keep milking the “Stop the steal!!!” donations, rather than to achieve any legal result).

        • @Serpent_Vision

          The ONLY case that matters is what I posted.

          This is why we are in this crisis.

          This why faith in fair elections is gone.

        • There’s no lack of evidence. Perhaps PROOF, but not evidence. In PA 800k votes were cast for president only, no down ticket. Trump won 1200 of them. In GA there were 200k more votes for president than there were voters. There’s also been a ballot audit in Fulton county that has been stymied due to the fact that all the ballots were shredded. In WI a commission identified 200k illegal votes – The Big Guy won WI by 20k. Etc.

          Of course you can tell yourself that that’s all bullshit, but the thing that’s not disputed is that in all six disputed states partisan election observers were illegally blocked from witnessing the ballot count in Democrat run districts. Now if you can think up of a legitimate reason to illegally block observation of the vote count you might succeed in swaying an opinion or two. But there is none.

        • Supposedly lawyers are smart people, so I cannot understand exactly how a presidential candidate does not have “standing” to present evidence that the election was not legitimate. If he does not, who the hell might?

        • “the thing that’s not disputed is that in all six disputed states partisan election observers were illegally blocked from witnessing the ballot count in Democrat run districts.” – Is one of these the famous pizza-boxes-in-the-window incident, where Trump’s lawyer had to admit in court that there was “a non-zero number” of Republican observers in the room?

      • Serpent_Vision says:
        “Hid it well enough to get the 60 or whatever court cases dismissed for lack of supporting evidence”

        There is NO DOUBT whatsoever, by anyone who is reasonably honest and sane, that voting fraud happened on a gigantic scale.

        Those who do doubt this are either screaming, rabid, angry democRATS with TDS , or clinically, insanely stupid to the point that they are completely removed from reality.
        Which one of these are you?

        As in Orwell’s “1984” where 2+2 = 5…

        • “voting fraud happened on a gigantic scale“

          That is an amazing claim you are making, what source or citation do you have to back up your assertion?

          Or is this ‘just something everyone knows’, like ‘Columbus discovered America’?

        • There’s doubt for those who don’t believe wild claims without the evidence to support them.

          When have Democrats shown a level of competency anywhere close to what they’d need to pull this off???

      • Really, Snake Eyes??

        You can cite even ONE court ruling on the evidentiary merits of the various elections challenges???? No, not a “comment by a judge” (know in the trade as dictum – i.e., “who cares”), an actual RULING, on the MERITS, based on a review of actual evidence (not pleadings)?

        I’ll take that bet, Snake Eyes. Pony up your example, or admit that you are a lying POS.

        • 🙄
          Can’t have a ruling where the evidence is so meager that the pleading attorneys are forced to admit they don’t actually have support for a fraud claim.

          This article mentions 3; not worth my time to search out more to present a level of proof sufficient to convince those who know they’re right, regardless of where evidence and common sense lead.

        • Lamprey, you call others a lying piece of shit, yet you have no evidence to back up your claim.

          I believe you called him a lying piece of shit because you have nothing substantial with which to base your bullshit on, you are the lying piece of shit, isn’t that ironic?

          If you want to be a patriotic American, you need to follow the Constitution which mandates that the United States Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of all issues under law in the United States of America.

          Otherwise you’re no better than the traitorous scum that attempted an insurrection on January 6, and you all should be swinging from the gallows you erected.

        • “If you want to be a patriotic American, you need to follow the Constitution which mandates that the United States Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of all issues under law in the United States of America.”

          So I take it you are against the democrats’ plan to pack the court full of democrats? Why would anyone want to change the system if it’s working?

  6. I would agree that federal anti-gun legislation is unlikely. But that really isn’t what bothers me. We have too many individual state legislators that are anti2A enough to do the job. People that are all too happy to implement all kinds of restrictions against or rights. These are the same people that abdicate their constitutional duties when it comes to elections. It isnt just people like Cuomo. It looked to me like this is where Trump had his greatest challenges.

    Then there is the executive orders Biden churns out. EO’s might be easier to get rid of than some sweeping bipartisan legislation but these things are not all that insignificant either. This will get used to sidestep pro2A lawmakers.

    Just as it is very well understood across the globe that the US cannot be defeated militarily, it should also be understood that anti-gun politicians do not need to physically go door-to-door forcibly taking guns. They know the dangers of doing that and will find other ways.

  7. Whether or not fedzilla passes laws that go even further to infringe our inalienable right to self-defense simply boils down to whether or not the United States Senate chooses to eliminate their self-imposed cloture rule. If the U.S. Senate eliminates their cloture rule, I put the odds at 90% that fedzilla WILL enact more laws which further infringe on our inalienable right to self-defense. The only question will be how far they are willing to go.

    For those of you who do not know, the United States Senate imposed their cloture rule upon themselves long ago which requires 60 U.S. Senators to vote to consider/discuss a proposed law before they can actually vote for its passage. You read that correctly: the U.S. Senate has to vote twice to pass a law and the first vote requires at least 60 U.S. Senators to vote “yes”. (The second vote to actually pass the law can pass with a simple majority 51 votes.) The scary part: it only takes 51 U.S. Senators to vote to eliminate their self-imposed cloture rule.

    Additional nuance:

    The U.S. Senate imposed their cloture rule on themselves to reduce fedzilla’s ability to pass laws which negatively impact a large minority — presumably 41% or more of the population (under the reasonable assumption that 41 U.S. Senators faithfully represent the interests of 41% of the U.S. population and/or states). The U.S. Senate has maintained that rule because they know that either party could control the U.S. Senate at any given time and neither party wants the other party to be able to ram-rod through laws without broad support. Thus, whenever one party has hinted (or outright threatened) to eliminate their cloture rule, the other party warns the majority party that the minority party will do the same thing when they attain the majority again.

    Historically, that was enough incentive for both political parties to keep the cloture rule in place. Given recent attitudes and political developments, I have very little confidence that Democrats will maintain the cloture rule.

    • “The U.S. Senate has maintained that rule because they know that either party could control the U.S. Senate at any given time…”

      Democrats aren’t worried about that anymore. They’re continuing their work on loosening voting laws and promoting mail in voting, having 20 million new citizens that they believe will be loyal democrat voters, packing all federal courts, and DC statehood which reliably votes 90% democrat. Democrats think they’re on the verge of one party rule for a generation or longer. They’re remaking America to benefit the ruling class while pretending to help the lower class.

      • Dude,

        Agree 1000%. As soon as Democrats believe that they cannot lose at the polls, there is no incentive for them to maintain the cloture rule in the U.S. Senate and they will promptly eliminate it. And that is the basis for my last sentence in my previous comment.

        I am going to suggest a slight correction to your comment: if/when Democrats succeed in bestowing statehood to Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico AND successfully bestow voting “rights” on 20 million new illegal aliens, Democrats will not control federal government for a generation, Democrats will control federal government for as long as the United States continues to exist.

        • There would be a backlash at some point. It could get ugly. There’s no way we could have an easy divorce if states wanted to leave the Union. There would be a fight over federal resources located within those states.

        • For as long as the US continues to exist…or as long as the US allows the Democratic Party to exist. Nothing is guaranteed.

        • “There’s no way we could have an easy divorce if states wanted to leave the Union.”


          We talk this out or we fight this out. Everything else is a fantasy.

        • Biden is moving with all deliberate speed to collapse the economy and toss America into abject poverty, the first step in increasing the misery index to the point that we’ll be ready to embrace socialism and dictatorship in the hopes for a dinner of some kind. If that seems like an extreme view, you need to watch his actions, reliably reducing anyone’s chances of success at basically anything, it is IMPOSSIBLE to be that stupid, he absolutely must be doing it on purpose.

        • “Biden is moving with all deliberate speed to collapse the economy and toss America into abject poverty, …”

          Blaming Biden is the Leftist dream. What they don’t want known is who is really running the show. Biden is a true puppet. He has no ideas of his own. Target the real threat, whoever they are. Or just use “Leftists” in place of wherever you want to insert “Biden”.

    • If we’re being honest it’s doubtful that the current crop of Dems manages to remove cloture for the purposes of passing gun control (or anything else), at least not before the next House cycle kicks into gear, and that’s a place they’ll have trouble engaging in serious tomfuckery.

      This is not because they don’t desire it to be so but because much bigger problems loom in the immediate future. The fact that very few people are willing to discuss those problems doesn’t make the problems go away, the lack of discussion simply reflects the lack of actual adults in the room.

      This is true across a virtual cornucopia of topics at this point. But hey, no worries right? If Timmy gets his stimmy then all will be well, right? RIGHT?!

      • “the lack of discussion simply reflects the lack of actual adults in the room.”

        You mean like (not) discussing court packing BEFORE the election?

        Or (not) having an honest discussion about open border policies during a pandemic AND a major economic downturn?

        There’s a reason Democrats avoided these conversations. All they do is scream racist and xenophobic when anyone wants an honest discussion about immigration policy. They appeal to emotion, not logic, and the media runs cover for them.

        • My problem isn’t just with the media.

          It’s that literally no one who has the platform to do so is willing to push back on any of this with facts. I mean, Rand Paul has kinda started to on the mask thing but that’s it.

          Where were all the people standing up and demanding to know, say around July or August, just what the actual fuck had happened to to Immunology 101 between 2019 and early 2020?

          Why couldn’t anyone seriously press for the government (even from within, the GOP certainly could have done this) to be honest and say “Look, a novel disease will by definition take some people and there’s nothing we can do to stop that because science. There are old and infirm people too weak to take a va cc ine even if we have one and there are those with genetic anomalies who simply will not survive no matter what we do for them. Then there’s a bunch of you fatties that brought this on yourself with decades of atrociously bad lifestyle choices and there’s not a lot we can do for you either.”.

          Because it’s all BS. Telling the truth about Covid means the party in power has to admit it can do next to nothing and the party out of power has to admit that it can’t really run on much of anything vis a vis the disease. Instead we get piles of bullshit from both sides because no one is willing to tell the truth. The result is a mess.

          And that’s the problem. Yes, cancel culture played a part in this but there are members of our own government, such as Dr./Sen. Paul who could have used their position to start asking actual hard questions. Trump could have done it. Even if he didn’t know fuck all about it he could have asked some people what to ask.

          You can say the same thing about rental issues. You can say the same thing about inflation. You can say the same thing about the 2A, the 1A, the 4A, the 5A. You can say it about immigration, Antifa/BLM, visas, the gig economy, generational warfare and on and on and on. Yet on exactly NONE of these topics is anyone actually willing to take the lead because they’re all too afraid they might have to take some blame if anything goes wrong which is exactly how we got into this mess with Covid in the first place.

          On a whole lot of topics the adults fled the room in this country decades ago. And that’s a very, very serious problem. One that, yes, concerns you even if your only concern is the 2A because the 2A is part of a package deal and we’re in danger of losing the package.

        • Biden did not “avoid” those conversations, he flatly refused to answer the questions, which to a thinking person (which leaves out liberals and leftists) told us exactly what the answers were.

      • “If we’re being honest it’s doubtful that the current crop of Dems manages to remove cloture for the purposes of passing gun control (or anything else), at least not before the next House cycle kicks into gear, and that’s a place they’ll have trouble engaging in serious tomfuckery.”

        Cloture is how ‘Obama Care’ got passed, since cloture involves taxes.

        That’s how they are gonna put ARs and other semi-auto firearms onto the NFA, It’s just modifying an existing registration tax. That can easily be done on 51 votes.

        We may be able to run a game on them, since the stupid public believes ARs and other magazine-fed firearms actually are literal machine guns. We need to float a proposal to re-open the machine gun registry.

        It won’t be long before an AWB ban makes it to the SCOTUS, and we have a very good chance of getting that struck down with prejudice declaring all semi-autos expressly constitutional. A ruling could even go further and declare gun registries are un-constitutional, since they are often a part of AWB bans…

        • It also took them eight months to pass the ACA when they had 60 Senators for most of the time which is what allowed them to have two bills passed that could be reconciled.

          That’s time they don’t have here with the rest of their aggressive agenda.

          With the ACA it was only after Ted Kennedy died and Scott Brown won that the Dems had to use a reconciliation act to amend the already passed bills in each chamber so that it could actually be agreed to by both houses yet avoid the 60 vote majority requirement in the Senate.

          This is a lot tougher sell for a lot more people and there’s no way to sell it as a “benefit” to the majority of Americans the way “free healthcare” was. They also need 60 votes because this is obviously not a budget bill that can avoid the 60 vote threshold via reconciliation.

          Besides, if they really figure they want to do this they basically have to backburner it in favor of other things currently on the agenda which will actually make it possible for them to pass this and make it stick without being *permanently* shot down by SCOTUS. This actually requires a process and step one is to massively increase immigration and grant amnesty to create a boatload more voters. Once they do that they can pack the SCOTUS and then it’s game on.

          Unless you see some movement from squishy R’s in the Senate this is probably dead.

          Not that it matters at this point because the likely truth is that shit’s gonna go sideways elsewhere in the country in ways that, at the very least, distract from this topic. We’re looking down the barrel of some really serious problems in 2021. From mortgages and spending issues to supply chains, unemployment and a host of other issues as I said in my OP.

          This particular one doesn’t worry me. I’m far more concerned about the WH directing certain agencies to enact gun control by fiat.

          But hey, I’ve been wrong before.

        • Well, I do like the concept that if your gun has to be on the NFA registry, then it is an authorized machine gun, I have an SBR which I am ready to modify right now.

  8. Pass it all…you thought January 6th was an insurrection? Wait’ll 10(or 50)million give you the middle finger! Long ago I may or may not have peddled mary jew jauna. Because pot became “mainstream” millions violate federal law DAILY in complete defiance to the “law”. The dims ain’t getting everything on their wishlist…

    • Right there with you.

      The Uni-Party should pass it all, go big or go home. Firearm Registration and buy backs. Open borders and free checks for illegals. Go ahead import more H1-B visas and the like. Keep printing money and also roll over when Communist China takes Taiwan.

      I dare them, I double dare them.

        • Quite serious, however I was channeling Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

          Allow me to put on my grey hat and state “Yes, I double dog dare them too.”

          “Say what again!”

        • “Allow me to put on my grey hat and state “Yes, I double dog dare them too.” ”

          That’s what I’m talking ’bout.

  9. No matter how they frame it whether it’s safety or crime or whatever, the gov’t cannot take a citizens property without due process AND some sort of compensation.

    In theory — correct. In the real world — incorrect. The only question is how transparently a government entity would violate that principle. Historically, government (at all levels in the U.S.) published flowery language which loosely tied their violation of our rights to some sort of justification which sounds good at first blush. More and more, government (at all levels in the U.S.) declare what they are going to do and proceed without much regard to false justifications.

    Final word in this regard: if governments always acted with honor and respect, we would not need the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

  10. Old 84 man in leftie land San Fran needed an equalizer like a Glock 42 or Smith & Wesson shield to stop this violent young adult from simply running him over and murdering him. Older people are obvious frail and vulnerable targets and cannot physically fight back. If they take our guns away we are dead meat. Do everyone a favor buy another gun today and teach them how to shoot. Murderous thugs are taking over our country and walking away free. And the only people the left prosecutes are conservatives. Buy one more to support the industry.

  11. As stated by others, the Dems continue to grow bolder with each passing month, and soon they will feel invincible, as if no force can stand in their way. When that point is reached, the burner will be on full and the frogs will rapidly notice the swimming pool boiling around them.

    Let us hope that by the time we’ve reached that point, it is not too late – that The People still retain the will (and the hardware) to fight.

    • It would need some sort of revenue justification, so outright bans wouldn’t work, but taxes and registration (to track those taxes) would.

  12. Never forget, when it comes to guns the ultimate goal of the Democrats is the complete and total ban of all private gun ownership with the door to door confiscation and mandated complete and total extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that owns firearms. Everything else including this is just field dressing.

    Oh, and it will pass the house. It’s just a matter of if it will pass this year, next year or 2023 after the rigged the midterms so they can have a permanent super majority in the Senate.

    • “. . . total ban of all private gun ownership . . . ”
      That CAN NOT happen.
      Michael Bloomberg’s Pretorian Guard of 15 retired NYC cops will be private owners of guns. Likewise, all of his billionaire friends who maintain armed security.

      What about the Armored Car Industry. They are, by definition, armed and private.

      What we should be prepared for is licensing only those with a NEED to protect the persons and property of men-of-means.

      This end-state will come at the end of a long road of ever-increasing restrictions on ownership by the unwashed masses.

      The difficulty to overcome here is to get a coalition together of people INTERESTED ENOUGH to stop the ever-increasing restrictions. E.g., those in agricultural areas who have a feral hog problem. Those in bear/bobcat/etc. country. Those who live in dangerous neighborhoods and keep arms for self-defense. Hunters and target shooters.

      Only if these can finally band together and tell their senators that they are dead on arrival at the next election if they vote for any impediments can we prevail. We have to understand that a ban on handguns threatens rifles for feral hogs. A ban on sniper rifles threatens handguns. A ban on shotguns threatens rifles and handguns.

      The controllers are incrementalists. We PotG all think that the tiger will eat us last. We refuse to recognize that the tiger will still eat us.

        • F Troop will do some “shock and awe” raids that will make Ruby Ridge and Waco look like a traffic stop.

        • Boy would that be embarrassing, F troop screws up everything it tries, the entire agency might be killed in a day. I mean, you do realize that ATF fucked both Ruby Ridge and Waco unbelievably, then FBI had to come in and complete the murderous clusterfuck for them both times, right?

      • A further thought.

        The war on guns will be incremental; that’s the way it has been over the 20th Century; that’s the way it will be implemented in the 21st Century.

        In my not so humble opinion, the fire line is May-Issue carry permits. I’ll explain why.

        Let me suppose that YOU, gentle reader, have NO interest in either concealed or open carry. Your interest in guns is for any other purpose. Moreover, you don’t live in any of the 8 May-Issue (or what I prefer to call Won’t-Issue states). You are perfectly happy with your current situation.

        But, notwithstanding your current (supposed) state-of-bliss, there is a legal battle over the Constitutionality of May-Issue carry permits. Now, imagine that May-Issue is UPHELD by SCOTUS. Were that to occur, then May-Issue IS Constitutional. And now the slippery-slope. You must have a May-Issue permit to have a handgun in your home. Heller says nothing about this. You must have a May-Issue permit to own an AR-15. A May-Issue permit to own a “sniper rifle”. Or a shotgun. Your Right, endowed by your Creator, is subject to a May-Issue law which would be (as I suppose here) PERFECTLY Constitutional, according to the means by which America determines Constitutionality.

        I don’t think the scenario described in the proceeding paragraph will unfold. It wouldn’t have to. Blue states will pass state laws mandating May-Issue permits for handguns in the home, long guns anywhere. We will litigate the Constitutionality of these laws in state courts, Federal District courts and their respective Circuit courts. And there, the 1st, 2nd, . . . 9’th Circuits will ALL rule that May-Issue IS Constitutional.

        The issue won’t likely come up in Red states; so, we won’t get a chance to litigate in those states, their Federal Districts or friendly Circuits. And so, there will be no “Circuit split”. Why should SCOTUS grant cert to any appeal where there is no Circuit split to resolve?

        This is a PERFECT solution for the Democrats. May-Issue in the Blue states for the private guards of men-of-means. Won’t-Issue in the Blue states for the unwashed masses. Eventually, the Purple states will turn Blue. The Red states will turn Purple. May-Issue laws will follow until it’s perfectly clear that only loyal Democrats and their armed bands have permits.

        I think we have one fleeting moment – BEFORE the Democrats pack SCOTUS – to get a May-Issue permit case before SCOTUS. If we fail to do that in the next year or two, then we will likely see creeping May-Issue permit laws for EVERY type of firearm, and we will have no means to stop the drip-drip-drip.

        • Not a bad review of the potential future state of the union. The threat is real. Always understood that one day, America would be a nebbish on the world stage. Never thought it could happen in my life time. The speed of decline is breathtaking.

          And I laughed at Nikita.

  13. I have much optimism, you gotta remember politicians are liars, Biden said ” Hell yes we’re taking your assualt rifles. ” now he’s elected and ain’t going to do sht, because he lied about that too.

    • Get your facts straight Jack! That’s called marketing. And it will happen…eventually!

    • Except that Biden isn’t making the calls. His handlers are. While they are dishonest and outright evil, they still want to take guns away from anyone who could or would challenge them. Biden will support this, or he’ll be replaced by Harris who will support this.

      Biden was the nominee because he was comfortable and not nearly as gag-inducing as the rest of the Democrat field.

      • Does Creepy Joe even know what Executive Orders he is signing or is he just rubber stamping his signature to whatever is put in front of him?

  14. I think Professor McKenzie is right. Presidents have a limited amount of political capital and Slow Joe has less than most. He has too many bigger fish to fry to squander his scarce political capital on an issue that he is so likely to lose on. Of course this does not mean we can slack of in our efforts to prevent any new gun control legislation. The Democrats need to be continually reminded that not only will they not be able to enforce their proposed gun control schemes but that it may well cost them their jobs!

    • Unfortunately, beyond writing my Senators and House Reps, there’s not much any of us can do short of armed insurrection to stop this. And believe me when I say that armed insurrection BEFORE sweeping gun control legislation is passed is a fantastic way to guarantee that this and more comes your way.

  15. This sounds like a liberal law professor in one of the worst of the worst anti-2A states sharing this to lull gun owners into a false sense of security.


  17. Never underestimate President Dipshit’s Totalitarian moves. Whether or not a court will uphold his XO’s, will depend upon which court rules on the first lawsuits. As long as the Senate filibuster remains in place, we’re probably OK, but there’s no doubt they’ll pull every dirty trick to get around that. What worries me is the Dems have SCOTUS by the short and curlies. The threat of packing the court unless they rule in favor of the Slo & Ho Administration, is a very real threat.

  18. It is good to know where the end-stage syphilis sufferers of America come to talk. Stupidity and arrogance in one convenient package.

    Glad to know that fuckwits of a feather flock together.


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