NSSF January 2021 background checks
Courtesy NSSF
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NSSF January 2021 background checks
Courtesy NSSF

Lots of learned media members and assorted Twitterati have opined that the Bidenharris administration is nothing more than a third Obama administration. Or perhaps Obama on steroids. Whatever. After only a couple of weeks on the job, it looks like one area in which President Grampy McUnity will completely outshine his old boss in is motivating Americans to buy even more firearms than the putative Greatest Gun Salesman In History ever did.

So much for the bogus theory that Obama’s race scared people into arming up.

It’s not hard to figure why Biden is selling guns as fast as Budweisers at a July baseball game, considering he came into office pledging to enact the most ambitious anti-gun agenda in the history. The thing is, Americans are kinda funny that way. Tell them that they can’t — or soon won’t be able to — do something and it tends to make us want to do that thing even more. If only to raise a long, proud middle finger at the anxious rights-abrogating politicians behind the restrictions.

So that’s how we got January’s whopping total of over 4.3 million background checks performed by the FBI…the largest monthly total ever. By a good margin.

January 2021 FBI NICS background checks
Courtesy FBI

The NSSF’s Mark Oliva had some thoughts on the meaning of it all . . .

It can’t be discounted that many of these background checks for the purchase of a firearm are attributed to threats by the Biden administration to enact the most radical and far-reaching gun control agenda ever proposed. Americans are continuing to purchase firearms at a blistering pace. That’s undoubtedly connected to President Joe Biden’s plans to attack the firearm industry by undoing and rewriting regulations and executive actions to target the firearm industry, which started with freezing the publication of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s “Fair Access” banking rule.

The Biden administration interfered with an independent government agency to further an agenda and perpetuate the illegal Operation Choke Point by farming it out to corporate banks. That was just the opening salvo.

President Biden promised to pursue the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), weaponize the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to revoke licenses for minor clerical errors and ban entire classes of firearms from lawful ownership and tax or seize modern sporting rifles (MSRs), or AR-15 style rifles, and magazines in a scheme that would cost those owners an estimated $34 billion for the privilege to own what they already lawfully own.

The Biden administration has yet to put forth a single proposal to tackle the crime, lawlessness, rioting and looting that has plagued this nation for the year.

January’s NICS figures clearly spell out that the demand of law-abiding Americans to purchase firearms isn’t abating. It is growing. Three of the top 10 weeks and one top 10 single day for the highest number of FBI NICS background checks occurred in January. Taken into context that all but one of the top 10 weeks and four other top 10 single-day records occurred during the 2020, when 21 million background checks were conducted, these are a jaw-dropping figures to start the New Year. Americans are claiming their Second Amendment rights to provide for their own safety in record numbers.

What did you buy in January?

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  1. I’m sure YOU all know this, but this is indeed Obummer’s third term. It was always meant to be, they just needed a “name” to run to the White House! And Barry O. is gonna do his utmost to make sure we all pay for destroying his “legacy”!

  2. I had plenty of guns before the election along with many thousands of rounds of ammo sprinkled among the many calibers I had.

    Now, I simply can’t find any of those guns or ammo anymore as all that’s in my home now is a BB gun and a pellet pistol and only one BB or pellet as ammo.

  3. To all of those who sat in their ivory towers and held hands with democRats and the marxist media to bash POTUS DJT, the NRA and anyone else that upset your spoiled brat sensitivity YOUR stupidity helped usher in biden and the ho. Those thousands of pipeline/wall jobs that were lost your incompetent politically inept behinds contributed to all of it. Anything the democRat Party says or does you bozos have stock in it. And if you do not like hearing the truth about yourselves…Dial 1-800.eat-poop.

  4. Random thoughts:

    “President Grampy McUnity”. I’m sorry, but that is an affront to those of us with Celtic ancestry — racist.

    With that out of the way these numbers are truly amazing given the lack of firearms and ammo at most retailers.

    I have read that some Democrats have begun to realize that their extreme and at times unconstitutional gun control stands are not helping them in red America.

      • As long as this 50-50 too close to call media format continues then the easier it is for the Rat Party to cook the books remains. Unless the base of the Republican Party expands then it will continue. To do that means taking the racist hat off the Party of Lincoln and putting it back on the heads of its rightful democRat Party owners. Of course when you have pathetic bigots coming on forums like this and making wagers whether or not the perp is Black then do not expect election numbers to change.

        If the finger pointing democRat Party is so concerned about racism then why doesn’t the democRat Party prove it by making democRat Party Reparations for their long, long history of diabolical race based atrocities? Perhaps if someone in congress had the balls to corner the Rat Party and demand Reparations direct from the democRat Party America would know who is who and things would change for the better.

    • Yeah, this idea seems sketchy to me, given that all firearms in the country were sold months ago. Maybe manufacturers saw this coming and jacked up production just to please Joe and the Ho. I wonder if anyone has suggested to the two of them, there’s a chance all these people buying guns immediately after Joe promised to take them away, may not be planning to give them up. As in, why would I buy it, just to waste money?

  5. I’ve got my eye on a few things I want but can’t find them anywhere, I’m thinking something in a double stack .45.

    Oh well, it never hurts to be sitting on a little cash instead. It’s not like I’m too bad off with what I already had but I was eager to check something else off the wishlist and there is always room for a few more boxes of ammo.

  6. I went with my son to help him make his first gun purchase ever. He decided on a CZ 2075 RAMI. There wasn’t a whole lot of stock from manufacturers I am familiar with. Lots of Turkish imports were on display. I would have liked for him to start with something full size, but with the extended grip on the RAMI, I think he did alright.

    • I’ve noticed that too. There are a lot of Turkish imports nowadays. You saw them this time last year but not at the sheer volume that you do now. It could not be the Turks are the only ones that can actually keep up production or people are not inclined to buy them and just see them more often because everything else is gone.

  7. Just think how high that number would have been if we had enough stock of the firearms people want. My wife is waiting to buy a carry until she has a selection to choose from.

    • Most definitely. I was able to do find some cool stuff in summer 2020. 2021 has been a struggle. Wanted a 10/22 takedown for the spouse, the weeks I looked they were sold out online and I wasn’t giving the local pawn shop $500 for a used one.

  8. Didn’t buy shit cuz everything I want is unavailable or at scalper prices.

    Never mind 0 ammo online or in retail.

    Never mind Federal / CCI / Remington came right out and said no primers for consumers until they satisfy their backlog of retail ammunition.

  9. Hope everyone here was able to contribute to this record. Also, get your mags, holsters, and accessories while you can before people start going after those.

  10. Again. You have to automatically take out 600,000 from Illinois. They like to run NICS checks on FOID holder multiple times a month. In fact I bet there are people in Illinois that have a NICS check done on them more times and there are days in a year.

    Still it’s a big number and it does show that theIndustry might actually be catching up. If only the ammo situation wasn’t the way it is. Because right now unless you’re willing to pay 300% markup the only ammo you Will have is the ammo that you have. Because right now 50 BMG is cheaper than 9 mm.

    • Wow. That’s all I have to say about your description of IL, except to ask how many arrests have resulted from all that wild-ass excessive reliance on NICS? My guess would be right around zero, right? Also known as eyewash, cover-your-ass, smokescreen, and “it wasn’t me!” I still wish I knew the annual cost for NICS.

  11. I don’t understand where the goal of driving manufacturers out of business leads. How will this work?

    OK, so let’s suppose that the Lawful Commerce in Arms act is repealed/revised to make every manufacturer liable for the deeds of any end-user; including the possessor of a stolen gun. It’s logical that the chain of liability will include every prior owner/seller (the victim of a burglary, neighbor who sold the gun to the victim, gun shop, distributor, importer/manufacturer.)

    The manufacturers are in a capital-intensive business. They are the deep pockets to go after. So, they will stop selling guns to anyone who will sell them to others beyond their control. They will probably continue to sell to the military which will not likely ever re-sell them (e.g., through CMP). But they won’t likely want to sell to police or police departments. Police customers sell their inventories when they change to newer models. Too great a risk. They certainly won’t sell to distributors who sell to LGSs. So, that will END domestic manufacture for police and civilians.

    Importing, distributing and retail are NOT so capital intensive. It is possible to run the FFL operation on a shoestring, with the capital held in a parent holding company.

    So, police and retail customers will buy from LGSs, distributors and importers who make sure that they maintain shallow-enough pockets to remain relatively insulated from lawsuits.

    Will lawsuits be able to go after foreign manufacturers? How will this work? Will an Austrian or Brazilian or Turkish court enforce an award against a domestic manufacturer based on an award issued by a judge in America?

    What will police officers and agencies have to say about the New Weapon Order?

    Could any tort lawyers weigh-in on these questions?

    • Simple. Companies will either downsize to a more restricted catalog or cease operating.

      There was a proposal for the Sierra Match King be restricted to military and police only because it was too accurate. Sierra said if this was done they would cease production of the Match King bullet because it was civilian sales that made it viable and profitable. M&P sales were a very small percentage.

      • Yes, of course, DOMESTIC companies will stop producing for ANY market other than export and the US military. (I wonder how happy the Army and Marines will be to see their source of supply for small arms shrivel-up and die.)

        There will be mom & pop shops that operate on shoe-string capital finishing receivers/frames and applying the mandatory maker’s-mark and serial number. These domestic “manufacturers” (really more so assembly plants) will supply the civilian market.

        The big players – I predict – will be FOREIGN manufacturers who enjoy reputations and economies of scale and can insulate themselves from US litigation. The remaining FFLs in the chain – importers, distributors and LGSs – will operate with negligible capital and maintain shallow pockets so that they are not worth suing.

        How can this strategy achieve the goal of choking-off the lawful US market in firearms?

        What is the gun-controllers’ end-game? How can they succeed in crushing the lawful market in guns by imposing strict liability from criminal -> LGS -> distributor -> manufacturer? The industry will re-organize to defeat this strategy.

  12. Hopefully I can find somebody to buy me a rem870, I’m going to the gunm place today. I’ve got the money, I just need somebody to fill out the paper work.

    • Success, 12gauge Rem870 Supermag, $375 used. it’s not as good as the one I had but it’ll work.
      And in case anyone wants to know a rem870 barrel chambered for 3 inch will replace the 3n1/2. Gunmshop guy didn’t know if it would but I just tried it. Why do that you may ask? Because I’ve got a short barrel that went on the other gunm.
      Man I couldn’t believe this out of the way gunmshops inventory is way down, one box per customer, gunmshop guy ask a customer if he would sale any of the primers he bragged about having. Also said two gunm dealers wanted to buy all of his gunms, but at a discount. He’s got a nice Browning HiPower pretty cheap. The only thing I’m wondering is are We buying high dollar paper weights? This ammo crisis ain’t good.

    • Success, 12gauge Rem870 Supermag, $375 used. it’s not as good as the one I had but it’ll work.
      And in case anyone wants to know a rem870 barrel chambered for 3 inch will replace the 3n1/2. Gunmshop guy didn’t know if it would but I just tried it. Why do that you may ask? Because I’ve got a short barrel that went on the other gunm.

  13. As soon as B. Hussein & Michael got into power, is when I started my collection, which sadly I lost in a very unfortunate sinking incident in my boat…. 🙂

    I cried all night.


  15. My pistol purchase was not counted, since in my state a CCW negates the need for a background check.
    One wonders how many others ales fell under this exemption.


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