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By Larry Keane

Former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) was replaced by voters in 2018 and is now a political talk show pundit. During a discussion about the violence erupting in America’s communities, including Kenosha, Wisconsin, Portland, Oregon and her home-state St. Louis, Missouri, Sen. McCaskill opined women are “sick of all these guns.” Data shows she couldn’t be more mistaken.

Not So Show-Me Senator

Missouri is a state with strong Second Amendment approval and Sen. McCaskill tried to hide her antigun beliefs while in office. She was caught talking about her support for more gun control when she thought no voters would hear. Even her staff was recorded describing the senator’s Second Amendment voter deception.

When pressed why she wasn’t more vocal for gun control, a staffer bluntly stated, “But she doesn’t openly go out and support groups like Moms Demand Action or just like other groups that are related to that. Because that could hurt, her ability to get elected.”

On gun control, Sen. McCaskill supported a grab-bag of favorites, including reinstating a so-called “Assault Weapons Ban,” limiting so-called “large capacity magazines,” expanding background checks and even voting against a right-to-carry reciprocity bill.

Violence, Rioting and Surging Firearm Sales

As the coronavirus pandemic escalated, Americans became concerned for their safety and the safety of their families and neighborhoods. They watched as local law enforcement were stretched thin and unable to quickly respond to calls for help. Criminals were released from jails, many of whom committed more crimes.

Prosecutors announced they wouldn’t prosecute criminals, inviting law-breakers to act. With cities facing violence, looting and rioting, calls to “defund the police” echoed. Close to Sen. McCaskill’s home, the McCloskey’s of St. Louis made national headlines for exercising their right to protect their home.

st. louis couple guns
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These legitimate concerns spurned historic numbers of Americans to buy firearms in 2020. More than 13 million have done so, including more than 5 million first-timers.

Women Gun Owners Growing Fast

Speaking on TV about violent riots and how they may affect November’s presidential election, former Sen. McCaskill stated women had had enough. She said “And, you know, the American suburban women, they see that. And they don’t like everybody having an AR-15. That’s part of the problem in America right now.” She continued, “And the guns is a huge part of this. And women in America are sick of all of these guns…”

Data tells a different story. The continuing surge of firearm ownership in America includes women as one of the fastest-growing demographics, continuing a 20-year trend. In 2003, 13 percent of women identified as gun owners. Today that number totals around 25 percent. A quarter of those female gun owners said self-protection was their main reason for purchasing a gun and a whopping 70 percent affirmed owning a gun was essential to their personal freedom.

Coronavirus gun sales surge
(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

2020 sales have grown those numbers. Former Sen. McCaskill may be inconvenienced to learn of the nearly 13 million new firearms in the past 8 months, 5 million were purchased by first-time owners and nearly 2 million were women.

Data also shows handguns and Modern Sporting Rifles, including the AR-15 model former Sen. McCaskill mentioned, are among the most popular-selling firearms, for reasons of personal protection. Women aren’t just buying guns and placing them in a safe or storing them away either.

Women’s firearm training courses are booked solid, shooting ranges across the country are hosting ladies night events and women are practicing to ensure they are confident gun users. The ‘Soccer Mom’ has become the ‘Security Mom’ as they’ve taken their concerns, jumped off the fence and went right to the gun retail counter.

Former Sen. McCaskill is right. Women are concerned watching current events. But they aren’t “sick of all these guns.” Violence, rioting, looting and calls to reduce law enforcement are prompting women to take their safety, and the safety of their families, into their hands. That’s why the Second Amendment exists.

NSSF launched the #GUNVOTE campaign to help educate and activate all gun-owning voters so they don’t risk their rights on November 3rd.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. “As buy them by millions”? I’m guessing that when the author is listed as “TTAG contributor” it’s not a real person.

  2. McCaskill is an idiot. She is the kind that would stand in two feet of snow and preach global warming.

    • We voted that soulless witch out for a reason.
      She called out state (not St. Louis voters) hicks that should not even be allowed to vote.
      Well, we voted anyway.
      Shut up and stay gone Claire!

  3. I was at the range yesterday. No women anywhere — but there were many armed black people practicing to keep themselves and their families safe.

    I’ll be teaching two newbies in a couple of weeks. Both are young women. Hey, I’m just doing my part.

    • Opposite here, though I live in a predominantly white area. Last trip to the range a couple of weeks ago was about 1/3 women, and a few obvious newbies being coached by their partners.

      I myself am going to the range again next weekend (if our flipping heat wave subsides by then) to take two of my female relatives to try out their new guns they recently purchased.

      Good times, to prepare for bad times, unfortunately.

    • took one of those classes for an out of state permit…the place was packed…lots of females…both black and white…

  4. I’m sure as heck not going to let some moldy old lady like McCaskill a chance to grab at my guns. I’m sure she won’t care at all and will gladly hand over the keys to her home and car when BLM/antifa show up at her front door because she’ll call the local police except they will take the phone off the hook.

  5. Lies, lies and more lies…Over the last 4 years all you got from the democRat Party was lies and that’s all you’ll ever get. The big democRat Party lie today is the POTUS trash talking members of the US Military. All base on someone heard him say it but he didn’t say all of it. Then there is what was heard was something he said during the Vietnam War. Then you have if he said it it would be in a book. Balls of democRat Party concocted lies and suspicion zigzag around like a ball in a pinball machine.
    And who else chimed in? Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden no less. He’s a jackazz that served as VP under b.h.obama. And who did b.h.obama mentor under and whose home did b.h. obama launch his political career? That would be Bill Ayers the lily white communist terrorist who advocated followers to “kill their parents” and a nitwit who designed a bomb that detonated and blew his girlfriend and two comrades to bits. That bomb was intended for US Soldiers attending a dance with civilians. So to Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden and his slanderous libelous ilk…YOU HAVE NO PODIUM.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • Give it up, pee-gee 2, and while you’re at it, do something original, rather than your tired ‘One-Trick-Pony’ trolling, OK? 😉

    • “When pressed why she wasn’t more vocal for gun control, a staffer bluntly stated, “But she doesn’t openly go out and support groups like Moms Demand Action or just like other groups that are related to that. Because that could hurt, her ability to get elected.”

      Her anatomy clearly illustrates her ability to straddle a fence.

      • she had a lot of company among the dems who ran for election in the mid-terms…deceitful lot…hope folks will remember….

  6. This article shows how out of touch with reality many politician are. Sometimes people like this need to be a victim to have a reality check. They live in a bubble. Come November that bubble will burst.

  7. Someone needs to advise me exactly how I keep seeing reported what percentage of recent gun purchasers are black, or female, or whatever the hell. Are there entries on the 4473 that I don’t remember? And has someone made it legal to publish records of 4473 data? Where is this information coming from, and why should anybody care whether a buyer is black or female? Mark my words, there is some shit going on, here.

    • This is a good point. It’s like they know everything including what color the female gun buyer’s toenails are painted even though nobody is supposed to be able to actually access any information on the forms.

    • “Are there entries on the 4473 that I don’t remember?”

      Possibly. Question 6 covers gender. There are two choices now, and a third choice will be added on 11/1. Question 10.b. covers race. Disclosing aggregate female and black purchasers without disclosing any personally identifiable information is perfectly legal.

      • Well it SHOULDN’T be “perfectly legal”….. these scum bags and their records need to water the tree 0f liberty…..

    • Yes, there absolutely are. Question 6 asks for the buyer’s sex. Question 10b asks for the buyer’s race: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, or White. These questions are mandatory and must be answered.

      • Yeah…. it’s “mandatory” when IT SHOULDN’T BE!!!!!!

  8. Good thing our rights aren’t tied to flippant emotions, fads, or the whims of the crowd, nor the desires of leaders. At least they shouldn’t be. The idea that mom’s hate guns or women do or black people do, even if true, shouldn’t matter.

    Really I just don’t like people murdering each other for drug selling turf, or because they want to steal your car, or people blocking roads and burning cities. Definitely sick of that. Good thing there isn’t a constitutional right to murder or riot.

    • Oh you didn’t know???….. the new ghetto constitution says it’s ok for ghetto dwellers and non productive “people”(if you wanna stretch the truth and call them that) to loot murder and steal from whitey….its REPARASHUNS…..

  9. Boy are you wrong women know they can’t beat a man but sure can shoot their butts very good protection against attackers or an abuser just make sure you use it before he gets to you

    • some women are beginning to realize…that despite their distaste for guns…possession of one is empowering when dealing with a threatening situation…the standard Hollywood plot line of the plight of a helpless victim would soon disappear if more of them were armed……

    • Hollywood is usually full of it…but if you want to see an accurate depiction of a fight between a woman [who’s had some training] and a man… might I suggest “Atomic Blonde”

  10. After reading this article it’s easy to understand the “Former” designation. When you realize Missouri has some of the most 2A friendly Laws in the Nation. Outside of St.Louis there are very few restriction on both Open and Conceal carry and Castle Doctrine. What few there are come from Liberal Politicians who refuse to follow Missouri Law and for some reason haven’t been held accountable for Their lack of doing so. By the Citizens or the Attorney General. .

  11. McCaskill is just doing what out of work worthless Democrat hacks do for additional spending money. No one who actually matters cares what the old hag has to say about much of anything. The US is made better when we remove these worthless Democrat hacks from office, though we should keep a few around to remind us of how dangerous they can be when they gain power.

  12. Former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is a connected rich white woman. She has guns and also lives in an area that’s not been invaded by the mob. And probability won’t be. The McCloskey’s who are white and also rich, but they aren’t connected. That’s why they are being prosecuted. Their money and past political donations didn’t nothing to help protect them.

    Maybe because of the riots women in general have finally woke the “F” up? They can no longer afford to be “Waiting For Superman” to come and save them.

  13. We all know this is laughable. Go to the range. The only other person on it last week with me was a woman. Ask my son who builds holsters how many women customers he has and he’ll tell you the massive increase. Go to open pistol or 3 gun matches and see for yourself.
    Only they are sick of is the same as us and that’s ammo shortages and price gouging lol

  14. I don’t know who this McCaskill is, except I can list her as another traitor in a line of thousands. I assume she has a radio show and spouts communist propaganda to America. We used to hear the broadcasts everyday on Army AM radio sets when I was stationed in West Germany. I never thought it would come to America. My wife who is not a gun fan has changed her attitude since the outbreak of violence in urban streets. Especially her hometown Chicago, with that tiny street thug as mayor. Now she wants to purchase her own handgun. Probably something in the .380 caliber. Not much left where we live in Western UP. However, her father taught her how to shoot a real Colt Single Action Army in the 50’s when she was in her teens. Worth thousands now. He did a good job. We were messing around with a .22 S&W pellet pistol in the front yard one night and she was dead on, dead center with each shot. Up here there are more women gun fans than women learning how to sew. There are also a lot of women hunters. Watch out Biden. Communist democrats will lie about anything and news outlets will broadcast or print their lies, that includes women hating guns. Stand for America and our freedoms. Without them you will only face destruction. Semper Fi.

    • once had to shoot against an all-female rifle team…as we gloated about this supposedly easy victory I casually added: “Oh, by the way…what do they call themselves?”…and the response was… “the Annie Oakleys”…..[.Uh.. Oh!]

  15. Well, I know a number of female gun owners and now a NEW one has been added to the group… 50ish, ER/RN, NEVER liked guns, freaked out at the thought that anyone would actually OWN weapons of war (AKs/ARs) and WHY would anyone need multiple handguns AND SO MANY bullets….. She called my wife yesterday to tell her she had purchased a handgun (didn’t say what) and wanted her go with her to a CC class (wife keeps a gun in her car but does not carry, legal in FL) and when asked about her sudden change of heart she replied that she no longer feels safe (she lives alone, works weird hours) So in two weeks they are going to a class and will get their CCL…

    • I sure your wife isn’t leaving that “gun” in the car unattended in public…. because that ALL we need….. armed car thieves….. some ppl shouldn’t carry FIREARMS

      • GFY… the gun is secured and in a monitored parking lot… What do you do with yours when you go to a Fed bldg or anywhere that checks you before you enter? Do you just leave your piece at home that day? I have guns that live in my vehicles 24/7 been doing it probably longer than you’ve been alive, so save you’re sanctimonious bullshit for somebody that gives a fuk.. Some ppl should keep their mouth shut when they don’t know what they are talking about….

        • I wear mine everywhere: Court house, Police station. Sheriff’s office, State capitol and Post office. Never had an issue in decades of Concealed carry. Never been in a Federal court house and only flown a couple of times to Costa Rico of course no firearms on planes or in Costa Rica, but have carried at an airport in St. Louis to pick up friends a couple of times. Concealed means concealed and not looking or acting like Rambo or some Operator helps. Just my history of concealed carry. Yours may Vary. Keep Your Powder Dry.

          • Concealed means concealed and not looking or acting like Rambo or some Operator helps. Just my history of concealed carry.

            And should you ever need to go into a court house in FL to pay a ticket, jury duty or whatever you will be subjected to a screening and metal scanner bring your gun and lose it (my wife is an RN, hospital prohibits employees from carrying weapons inside)… As far as airports carry is not a problem in ticket areas but you will not get to past screening for passengers.. I carry in the post office and a number of places (malls etc) that post gun free shit, but I still keep an AR and several mags secured in my vehicles and for anyone to assume that I am careless or to suggest that “some” people should just not be allowed to own guns (there are “some” they’re called felons) is a bit presumptive.. I’ve been shooting for over 60 years, carrying concealed for 40 and have been leaving guns in my vehicles since I was 16 (never had a car OR a gun stolen)… Just MY history of concealed carry

  16. I’m sick of “Former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.)”. Whenever she is on TV, I throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  17. “Former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) was replaced by voters in 2018 and is now a political talk show pundit. During a discussion about the violence erupting in America’s communities, including Kenosha, Wisconsin, Portland, Oregon and her home-state St. Louis, Missouri, Sen. McCaskill opined women are “sick of all these guns.” Data shows she couldn’t be more mistaken.” Obviously, the voters were sick of her.

  18. Talk about censorship….ttag is worse than the local news channels content section…. pathetic

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