Michael Reinoehl
Courtesy YouTube and Vice News
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By Andrew Selsky, AP

Both the suspect in the slaying of the right-wing protester in Portland, Oregon last weekend and the victim had handguns when their confrontation started after dueling street demonstrations, according to court documents made public Friday.

The documents said victim Aaron “Jay” Danielson, a supporter of a right-wing group called Patriot Prayer, was wearing a loaded Glock pistol in a holster and had bear spray and an expandable metal baton when someone said something like “wanna go,” which is frequently a challenge to a fight.

Authorities have said they believe antifa supporter Michael Forest Reinoehl, who was fatally shot by federal agents late Thursday in Washington state, then opened fire and killed Danielson after he took part in a caravan of President Donald Trump supporters who drove pickup trucks through downtown Portland.

Some of the Trump supporters fired paint ball pellets at counter-demonstrators, while Black Lives Matter protesters tried to block the vehicles.

Law enforcement officials released the information they had compiled — justifying an arrest warrant for Reinoehl on a second-degree murder charge in the Aug. 29 killing — one day after Reinoehl’s killing shook a quiet suburb of Olympia, Washington.

Bystanders Thursday night ducked for cover behind automobiles from dozens of gunshots as four agents serving on a U.S. Marshals Service task force opened fire at Reinoehl.

Authorities said Reinoehl, 48, was armed with a semi-automatic handgun. A witness who was driving to the small apartment complex that Reinoehl was leaving said she saw him open fire from a car and that the officers returned fire.

Reinoehl then got out of the car and started running away but collapsed amid more gunfire, the witness, Deshirlynn Chatman, told The Olympian newspaper.

Reinoehl shooting portland antifa
Officials work at the area late Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020, in Lacey Wash., where a man suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of a right-wing group in Portland, Ore., the week before was killed as investigators moved in to arrest him. Michael Reinoehl, 48, was killed as a federal task force attempted to apprehend him in Lacey, a senior Justice Department official said. Reinoehl was the prime suspect in the killing of 39-year-old Aaron “Jay” Danielson, who was shot in the chest Saturday night, the official said. (AP Photo/Ted Warren)

“He did open fire first,” she said in a video posted by The Olympian. Lt. Ray Brady of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department said investigators have not concluded whether Reinoehl fired any shots.

Another video shot during the immediate aftermath showed Reinoehl lying motionless on the street with law enforcement officers in tactical gear and automatic rifles milling around. After several minutes, one man performed chest compressions on Reinoehl.

“Yeah, I don’t think he’s going to make it,” Jashon Spencer narrated on the video that he posted on Facebook.

Brady said he did not believe the officers involved in the shooting had body cameras or dashboard cameras on their vehicles.

In a videotaped interview broadcast the evening of his death by Vice News, Reinoehl came close to admitting he shot Danielson, a supporter of a right-wing group called Patriot Prayer, on Aug. 29 after a caravan of President Donald Trump backers drove their pickup trucks through downtown Portland.

Reinoehl said he “had no choice” but to do what he did because he thought he and a friend were about to be stabbed.

“I hate to say it, but I see a civil war right around the corner,” Reinoehl, with a partially covered tattoo of a raised fist on the right side of his neck, said in the interview.

Reinoehl told Vice News he was an anti-fascist but was not a member of antifa, an umbrella description for far-left-leaning militant groups that resist neo-Nazis and white supremacists at demonstrations and other events. Reinoehl previously described himself in a social media post as “100% ANTIFA.”

Facebook said on Friday they removed pages related to Patriot Prayer, whose members have brawled with protesters from antifa and other demonstrators in the past.

“They were removed as part of our ongoing efforts to remove violent social militias from our platform,” Facebook spokesperson Sally Aldous said.

It was not immediately clear where Reinoehl hid out in the five days that elapsed since shooting in Portland.

Brady said the “suspect” who was killed — he declined to name him as Reinoehl — left an apartment shortly around 7 p.m. Thursday, got into a vehicle, and was confronted by the task force members. They fired into the vehicle, Reinoehl got out and ran and was shot, Brady said.

Federal agents from the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service had located Reinoehl on Thursday after a warrant was issued for his arrest and Reinoehl pulled a gun during the encounter, a senior Justice Department official in Washington said. The official wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

A U.S. Marshals Service statement issued later said the fugitive task force had “attempted to peacefully arrest him.”

“Initial reports indicate the suspect produced a firearm, threatening the lives of law enforcement officers” the statement said.

U.S. Marshals Service fugitive task forces — comprised of deputy marshals, other federal agents and local law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies — apprehend violent felons and other suspects.

Brady said the four task force members who fired their weapons were two Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies, a police officer from the Washington city of Lakewood and Washington State Department of Corrections officer.

Brady said investigators haven’t yet determined how many rounds were fired but witnesses Chad Smith and Chase Cutler, who were working on cars nearby, told The News Tribune they saw two SUVs converge on a man in a vehicle at the apartment complex. They said they heard 40 to 50 shots, the Tacoma, Washington, newspaper reported.

Brady said he doesn’t think the suspect lived at the address where he was shot, and that it was not clear what brought him to Lacey, on the outskirts of Olympia, the state capital.

Reinoehl’s sister, who requested her name not be used because of the threats she and her family have been receiving, said in an interview with The Associated Press Friday that she had had not been in touch with him for three years.

She said her brother’s son and daughter “need to be allowed to grieve what happened.”

“My heart breaks for those kids but hopefully they can put their lives back together and sort through this and process the trauma that no one that young should ever have to deal with,” the sister said.

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  1. Be careful, there are roving gangs looking to attack and beat innocent citizens.

    Law Enforcement is doing what they can to round up these terrorists, here’s a success story where a violent felon was arrested for his attacks on innocent people in Portland in 2018:

    “In the 2018 incident, Toese and another member of the right-wing Patriot Prayer movement, Donovon Flippo, apparently jumped from a pick-up on June 8 and attacked counter-protester Timothy Ledwith, who had shouted at them from a Broadway street corner.

    Tusitala ‘Tiny’ Toese, center, brawls near Portland City Hall during a political protest involving Patriot Prayer and antifa in 2018. Flippo was eventually convicted of fourth-degree assault and sentenced to time served in jail and two years of probation, according to court records. But Toese escaped to the unincorporated America territory where he was born, leading a Multnomah County grand jury to issue a secret indictment against him on Feb. 28 of this year.

    Despite his nom de guerre, Toese cuts an imposing figure — he is six feet, four inches tall and weighs about 265 pounds, jail records indicate.

    He once served as a top lieutenant to Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson”

    • Still careful to not point out any wrongdoing by antifa, miner. Or do you believe they are not capable of wrong doing?

      Thank you for your help in getting Trump a second term. You’re a real gem for the right.

      • Jaybird, in case you had missed it, there are many on this list who are covering the BLM protesters’ misdeeds.

        As Paul Harvey would say, I am just offering
        “The rest of the story“.

        • Not blm, for the most part. Criminals from antifa. Pedos and domestic abusers. It’s amazing how careful you are to protect them.

          But then once you swear fealty to the SS that’s an oath that lasts for life. Right?

        • Jaybird, why should anyone listen to anything you have to say?

          The President of the United States has declared that you are a loser for joining the military, and Donald Trump knows more than the generals so we must respect his findings.

          Clearly, all of us who have served were suckers for not having a rich daddy to buy us a doctors excuse.

          This includes you jaybird, whiny loser. If you were half the man that you thought you were, you would’ve made millions of dollars just like Donald Trump, a self-made billionaire.

          Instead, you’re working a dead-end job, making other people wealthy, loser…

        • miner. First, only a bigot such as yourself would believe that msm propaganda about Trump. Second. I’d like to see a dd214 before i believed you served. I’m willing to bet that you went from High school to college. And then stayed in college as a faculty member. I seriously doubt you’ve worked an honest job in your life.

          Third. What makes you think I’m not wealthy? I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m debt free. House is paid for. In cash, no less. Because financial security eludes you doesn’t mean the rest of us are that foolish.

    • “Timothy Ledwith, who had shouted at them from a Broadway street corner”

      Just like flipping the bird, shouting at someone is an invitation to fight. Some people have to learn the hard way.

      • Dud, I found it interesting that you believe someone shouting at an individual authorizes a physical assault.

        So we now learn that you ignore the first amendment guarantees of freedom of speech, you are willing to let others bully and attack people to silence their spoken views.

        Your great leader Vladimir Putin is very proud of you, I know that will give you comfort.

        • You need to read your Constitution again, miner. First amendment forbids the Congress to pass laws against free speech amongst otger things. It has nothing to say about getting your ass kicked by a private person for what you yelled at him.

      • “I found it interesting that you believe someone shouting at an individual authorizes a physical assault.”

        Go back and read what I said. It doesn’t authorize anyone. It doesn’t make it legal. It’s what’s called the real world. Miner, why don’t you go out and start flipping off people and shouting at them and see what happens. Eventually, you’ll do it to the wrong person. Please report back. Just make sure you do that to young men, and not old ladies. Like I said, some people have to learn the hard way.

        • I am proud to say I do not share your philosophy regarding speech versus physical action.

          Long ago, my dad taught me one of the most essential duties of an American citizen:

          “I may not agree with what you are saying but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

          In this modern age, it seems that many have forgotten this most basic creed of the American Way. Sad.

    • You would be here shilling for Antifa/BLM… the only question is which leftist org or billionaire writes your checks.

  2. And now a Grand Jury has released felony indictments of more members of the terrorist group Patriot Prayer, for violent attacks against American citizens in Portland.

    “A grand jury indicted six men, including the leader of the group Patriot Prayer, with felony riot Thursday following the May Day brawl outside of a cider house in Northeast Portland.

    The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said Christopher Ponte, Ian Kramer, Mackenzie Lewis, Matthew Cooper, Russel Schultz and Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson each face a single charge of riot.

    The men have all been previously charged in relation to the incident before the grand jury indictment.”

    • Grand juries would be in session 7 days a week indicting your antifa and BLM friends if the democrats didn’t protect them.

    • All I heard was:

      *In a toddler screaming tantrum voice*
      “WAAAAA! They can’t do that! WAAAAA!”

      Cry me a river and we’ll drown you in it.

    • The people who attempted to burn down the condominium tower that the mayor of Portland and hundreds of other people live in were not Patriot Prayer or Proud Boys. They were ANTIFA. They have not been charged with attempted mass murder. It is said that a creative DA can persuade a Grand Jury to indicate a ham sandwich.
      A corrupt District Attorney can choose to not even present evidence to a Grand Jury that might result in the indictment of a mass murderer.

      • The violence issues are not the fault of the Portland Police. They are handcuffed by the mayor who orders them to stay back and when they do arrest people the corrupt DA dismisses the charges against the violent leftists and they continue their riots.

        It’s never going to get better in Portalnd until they get a better mayor and DA

    • I’d like to take this opportunity to point out to everyone here what a clear McCrystal troll looks like.

      Look, I understand I’m a broken record on this subject, but I’m not backing down on it. Do some research on this stuff and you’ll see the absolute sheer amount of money and organization leveled online to create the desired leftist effect.

      That effect is to make you believe the vast majority of people are left wing.

      And that’s a lie.

      One troll. One, can manage literally thousands of accounts. Not even going to go into “bot swarms”.

      This is done on all online avenues of communication now and all the tech companies are in on it.

      No, this isn’t a conspiracy theory either, they outright announced they were going to do this, and did.

      This is why I believe we can’t simply “just ignore the trolls.” Because it’s a psy-op. It’s part of the cyber war.

      • “the absolute sheer amount of money and organization leveled online to create the desired leftist effect.”

        You are deluding yourself, you have literally zero evidence to support the idea of paid trolls on this forum.

        I’m just a poor hillbilly at the head of the holler in West Virginia, and there are many more like me who actually care about patriotism, honesty and equality.

        We see clearly you worship money, following your false savior, as you march towards a dictatorship.

        Don’t worry, your evangelical leaders like Jerry Falwell Junior and Ted Hagerty will sell you salvation.

        • Bullshit. MU isn’t the ‘head of the holler’. Bigot slamming the honest folk of WV. Next you’ll talk about your barefoot, pregnant sister wife.

        • Right. A poor hillbilly with unlimited access and time to troll online in multiple forums under multiple names 24/7.

    • Ah yes. The “great” Minor 69er gives us the news from the shithole center of the world, Multnomah County. Read as he pontificates and lies about who is to blame. His uncreative, uninspiring words affect us all in the rear. Hail Very Minor 69er.

  3. Police just released photo summary of shooting. Reinoehl his in a doorway of a parking garage until his victim passed and then assassinated him. First shot hit the victim’s bear spray can clipped on his belt causing it to explode. Second entered his back killing him. There was NO fight, and Reinoehl had nobody he was protecting from attack despite his confession video.

    • Yeah…. back the blue.
      .. and their no knock “warrants”….. gimme a break…..
      The elites are pitting races against each other to maintain control…..
      Of course, good luck explaining this to the ghetto dwellers…. they are literally incapable of critical thinking….

      • Why should the poor waste time protesting against the rich? In our capitalist system no one needs to be poor. It’s much easier to get up in life if you don’t blame the successful for your failures.
        Envy is a shitty guide.

      • Claims it should be a class war and not a race war, then outright slams “ghetto” people as too stupid to know their own best interest. Amazing. You’re not even a good communist because you’re only supposed to reveal your disdain for the proles after your revolution succeeds. Alternatively you could get dead and be a good communist. I suggest the latter.

  4. Who in the world wrote this “article”? I try to refrain from comments like this, but I just cannot remain silent this time. I know the era of unbiased reporting is long dead, but if the author leaned any further to the left (based on how the information was presented) they would fall over. 1) how can anyone discern from video that the rifles carried by the police were “automatic rifles” rather than the more likely semi-automatic ar-15s usually fielded by law enforcement? 2) antifa is an organization that “resists white supremacists and neo-nazis at demonstrations” rather than what is plainly available for anyone with one brain cell to see on any news is an organized domestic terror organization starting riots and attacking and killing several people in the last few months? 3) the article ends with a quote from the family of the dead murderer talking about how no family should have to deal with their type of loss. What about the family of the person he killed? No sympathy for them in the “article”. Perhaps if the dead murderer had not killed a person in cold blood, and not pulled a gun on the arresting officers he would not be dead (therefore his family would not be dealing with his loss- a situation HE created for his family). 4) finally I cannot resist commenting on the abhorrent writing. “antifa supporter…who was fatally shot by federal agents on Thursday then opened fire killing…”. How did he open fire after being fatally shot? That is one heck of a trick!

    As my name suggests, I normally only point out foolishness by trolls in comments sections of articles, but this entire piece is a troll comment VERY far left written attempting to pass as a news article.

    There is sooooo much more I could say, but I will refrain. I just had to speak up regarding this joke of an attempt at writing/composition espousing super-left slop. How I long for the days (long gone) when news was presented as truly unbiased facts only so that the readers/viewers could actually form their own opinions. These days what is called news is all too often opinion or propaganda telling the viewer/reader what to think.

    • The article is so disjointed, that unless you knew some details from other sources, you couldn’t gather any understanding from it. Step back and think about that fact for a moment, and you realize that they can’t stitch the lies together into any meaningful pattern. The author is just a partisan hack, pushing keywords around, glued together into a meaningless blurb.

    • There’s a new news service called News Nation that just started this week. It says that it’s balanced not biased. Its on WGN starting at 8/7 pm central time. Check it out and make your own decision.

    • You do understand there’s some older white guys running this blog, right? It’s extremely common place to call semi-autos “automatics”. Hence the 45 ACP – AUTOMATIC colt pistol. Is the 1911 a machine pistol? No. It’s an automatic.

      There’s a cultural divide with terminology. There’s misinformation with the regards to that terminology as well. However, automatic rifle is correct.

      • I believe in the colt’s case it refers to an auto-loading pistol. Even if the marshals had full-automatic rifles, I highly doubt they run them in full-auto. Especially in a residential area

      • Jon,

        I am sorry I hurt your feelings with my assessment of the “article”. I am not really sure what the site being run by “older white guys” has to do with anything, but if the biggest issue you have with my comment is an issue of semantics, then I am OK. I would like to ask one question about your superior knowledge of firearms than mine. How long have you owned and operated a company that builds fully automatic firearms for the military and police? I only have about a decade of experience owning and operating a very specialized ffl07 sot02 designing and manufacturing true military grade firearms and suppressors. I guess you must have been doing it for decades since you are so much more an expert than I am. Oh well, I don’t suffer from an insecurity issue, so I am now t really giving it too much thought. Have a good one.

      • Perhaps in circa 1911 your view might have been credible, since there were no “automatic” rifles then (of either type, fully automatic or semi- ) to be confused with, but after WWII, surely one is forced to specify (to accomplish accurate reporting or legal writing) whether an “automatic” is fully so or is semi-. So thanks for reminding us of the history of the naming of the cartridge in or before 1911, which as said, compared to then available revolvers, was truly an automatic weapon, but no longer would be considered such, no matter what the name that stays in the cartridge designation of ACP (which goes back even further, to strengthen my disparagement of your shallow argument, as there’s a .32 ACP and a .380 ACP, and a .25 ACP, all of which pre-date 1911 I believe).

    • Read the byline at the top: “By Andrew Selsky, AP.”

      That means it was written by an Associated Press writer and released on their news wire, from which anyone can pick up and publish it. Pick a phrase in this article, do a search, and you’ll find multiple copies of it published everywhere from Yahoo News to MSN to your hometown rag.

      Coming from the AP also perfectly explains why it’s biased and wrong about the nature of antifa and Patriot Prayer and why it gets the simplest firearm facts wrong. I really wish TTAG wouldn’t just publish this legacy media crap without commentary or correction, though.

      • Exactly. It looks like short little blurbs you can pick and choose but when an article includes all of them its a bit strange

        • I concur AP (Associated Press) is part of the enemy propaganda operation and takes it’s marching orders from the left wing of the already leftist Democrat party. It is one thing to quote sections of their writing and entirely another to publish their entire article as if it was news since all their “news” is heavily slanted against firearms and anyone who is not a leftist.

  5. What was Danielson going to stab anyone with, his baton?

    Reinoehl committed what appears to be first-degree, premeditated murder, carried out as a planned ambush/attack, as evidenced by security camera footage.

    His co-conspirators should be charged with murder. Those who harbored him after his apparent act of murder should be charged with felony murder.

    • They only charge him with 2nd degree even with the various video evidence because Danielson had a baton, bear spray and a firearm he was using to assault and intimidate people with all day. I think using bear spray on a person is a felony in Oregon. Danielson was armed while intimidating and menacing (another crime) BLM and Antifa all day with the Trump caravan. He was on video riding in the back of the trucks with his buddies from Patriot Prayer and Michael was seen following them. Danielson and Chandler showed up in the morning with knives and paintball guns (they used hard plastic balls not paintballs, likely another felony). I thought I read that Chandler is a felon for the violence he committed in Patriot Prayer “rallies” and can only carry a knife now, which appeared he was carrying.

      Danielson and Chandler could be heard on video not being all that innocent when they heard Michael yelling at them. Both turned around and approached Michael with the intent of committing a felony on him. Danielson pointed an object that turned out to be what he was pictured walking around with, which was bear spray, but he also had a handgun on him that appeared to be carried in another holster/bag. It appears Danielson thought bear spray beats handgun. Danielson had four choices: baton, bear spray, handgun or keep walking.

      Michael could have put up a good fight in court if he had turned himself in and had his lawyer claim self defense, but Michael wanted to be remembered as a soldier. He could have still been convicted of manslaughter or something similar in degree rather than murder. Clearly they didn’t go for 1st degree for a reason. People posted a video what they claim is Danielson saying it was okay for Jeremy Joseph Christian (a white supremacist) to stab three white men who were protecting two black women on a Portland train because it was three against one and they should mind their business (I think some of those men were Antifa or sided with them). Years later Danielson was roaming the streets going two versus one while armed, but he believes we are a nation of laws and deadly force is allowed in that situation against himself (if he was consistent in his ideology).

      Patriot Prayer has become a gang and they now seem to be mostly white supremacists. It’s like a biker gang. Joey doesn’t mind because the numbers is all that matters, he needs man power. It used to be about Christianity and peaceful resistance to communism, now they just want to bash head and shoot people. Last I seen they only have one brown guy and one black guy that hangs out with them. They use the brown guy as their muscle, they call him “Tiny,” he tried to leave the gang but they pressured him to stay. The black guy is only around because he used to get beat up by Antifa for recording them, so he sided with Patriot Prayer for protection, Patriot Prayer doesn’t like the guy but he is black so it helps the optics. No surprise that Patriot Prayer was allowed to be on social media up until now because they were different years ago but recently went full on “boogaloo.”

      Danielson did not follow his own advice, thus he died like Ahmaud Arbery (doing the dead man’s walk). He went to stupid places, with stupid people and did stupid things. Now Antifa is making fun of him and celebrating just like the right did with the people Kyle shot.

      By the way, I don’t trust what deputies, who have been federalized by Trump, say about the killing of Michael. I have seen how Trump’s marshals behave. They have murdered on camera and got away with it. So they roll up on someone knowing they can dump 60 rounds into him and they had no cameras to show the truth… You think law enforcement wouldn’t want to mag dump into a 100% Antifa solider again? It would be the third one in that area to get such treatment.

      • The only response necessary: watch the security camera video footage.

        Not self-defense. Not justifiable. Appears to be premeditated murder.

        • Watch the exchange in the actual shooting. That’s what matters when it comes to the charges. Hence why it wasn’t treated at 1st degree murder.

          Michael was following Patriot Prayer around all day. He did shoo them then. He had a lot of chances to kill a truck load of them if 1st degree murder was his intent. Looking at the other evidence indicates the intention was to get into an exchange with Patriot Prayer where Michael could pull his gun and use it. Danielson and Chandler gave him that chance when they approached him with the intent to commit felony assault and doing so while armed with a handgun and knife. You can hear Michael telling Danielson to “pull it out.” Essentially a make “go ahead, make my day” situation or as the kids would say, “I wish a motherfucker would.”

          I said right after the video was posted that Michael has a good argument for self defense and it would have to be settled in court because of the circumstance. Of course this was based off the evidence that people refused to see clearly because of political goggles. I already knew who those people were and who was armed with what. I also took into account, like the DA likely did too, that a couple of Patriot Prayer members has already shot at BLM and Antifa.

          I rather Michael go to court and argue the case instead of being hunted and killed by Trump’s marshals.

          That’s another thing I am curious about. If you deputize a resident to work for the sheriff what happens when Trump deputizes that person to be a federal agent? Can the man do both jobs although it’s a conflict between local and federal? I wouldn’t want the president to be able to come into the state and “steal” local enforcement for his own ends. If those deputies want to be federal agents they should be forced to choose which to give up. Otherwise the president can federalize all police like the communists want.

          • Looking at the other evidence indicates the intention was to get into an exchange with Patriot Prayer where Michael could pull his gun and use it. Danielson and Chandler gave him that chance when they approached him with the intent to commit felony assault and doing so while armed with a handgun and knife.

            Wait: do what now? What is your evidence that Danielson and Chandler a) approached Reinoehl (who was hiding around the corner in the entrance to the parking garage), and b) had intent to commit felony assault?

            That sounds like a lot of speculation on your part. The only one who evinced intent to commit felony assault was the one who actually committed felony assault: Reinoehl.

            Again: anything that happened elsewhere and early in the day, legally, has precisely zero bearing on the evaluation of use of force in this instance.

        • 😅😂😂😅🤣🤣😅🤣🤣, usually in these cases the people being shot are all P’sOS. Like what happened in Kenosha…

      • Of course you can provide video links to all this behavior Danielson was supposed to be engaged in, right?

        • Even if he was it doesn’t matter. What Danielson did earlier that night has no bearing on now purely theoretical, academic, and ultimately nonsensical, given the clear evidence, claims of self-defense by Reinoehl.

      • Doesn’t matter what Danielson was doing earlier that night, or how much of a jackass he was. All that matters for the crime at hand was what he was doing in the segment of time directly before the shooting, which was “walking and minding his own busness”.

        A self-defense claim would NOT have gone well, given the evidence from parking garage cameras of Reinoehl deliberately stalking his prey for several minutes before ambushing and murdering him.

  6. RE: “The documents said victim Aaron “Jay” Danielson, a supporter of a right-wing group called Patriot Prayer, was wearing a loaded Glock pistol in a holster and had bear spray and an expandable metal baton when someone said something like “wanna go,” which is frequently a challenge to a fight”

    So the deceased pantifa shoots a man because he feared being stabbed? Where’s the knife? It was cold blooded murder and now the pos cut and run pantifa perp is very dead. Innocent people who shoot in self defense do not run and hide and confront law enforcement with a gun, etc.

    The prediction that if the POTUS Wins there will death and and destruction is a another fear tactic. You don’t buy what we’re selling we’ll huff and puff and blow your house down. Why wait? Start huffing and puffing right now, this second. Talk is cheap.

    • Yep. The claim by michael the junkie that he was about to be stabbed is about the 100th lie that dead junkie made in the past week. There was no knife, so his claim of self defense is a complete lie and everything else he said should be ignored as well.

      Chief censor is also a delusional liar too.

  7. The author of this insipid drivel should acknowledge their own culpability in the incessant riots that have managed Portland for over three months. By repeating the claims of ANTIFA that they are resisting “Nazis” and “racists”, the author is enabling them to demonize their victims and condoning their violence. ANTIFA mischaracterizes anyone who is a patriot that believes in God, private property rights, controlled immigration, national soveignty, a free market economy, and energy independence as a Nazi and/or a racist. We have witnessed ANTIFA this brutally assaulting little old ladies for attending Trump rallies. We also witnessed sick assaults against delegates to the Republican convention. Aside from enabling ANTIFA to demonize their victims, you are justifying their violence.

    I can understand TTAG publishing this drivel to inform gun owners, but please don’t allow this author to be a contributor.

    • They (TTAG) aren’t, the author isn’t a contributor. This is simply a repost quoted for visibility showing what they (the author) are trying to do. That which is misdirection, with more than a touch of propaganda for spice.

      Also for revenue generating clicks, though I don’t fault TTAG for that. The spyware in the background here that’s unseen to most, that I fault them for. They are compromising everyone’s safety here, not that every other website isn’t.

      Still, if all your friends jump off a bridge…

  8. Now they’ve knocked me down and taking it! That still hot smoking gun. Yes they knock me down, they taking it! That steel hot smoking gun!

  9. The daily mail was all over the DC shooting until the video came out showing the punk with a gun in hand. They sanitized it from the site. Same for this killing. As soon as facts come out that the left finds uncomfortable they move on.

    If Joe wins very soon after president Harris will lock this country down and then they will try to rein in the mobs. Good luck with that one .

    • So Kyle can have a gun at 17 but the black kid can’t have one at 18?

      The kid tried to throw the gun away so he wouldn’t catch a 2A infringement charge. The cop ran in front of the kid and saw the gun come up, he thought the kid was going to shoot him, then he realized he was actually trying to get rid of the gun.

      I don’t see why you defend DC’s gun control. They went after the kid because someone said they have guns.

      • BS. Not the same thing at all. That idiot could’ve dropped or ditched the gun at any time without putting himself in danger, but he held onto it until the police had already seen it and justifiably assumed he was going to use it. You do that anywhere, unconstitutional anti-gun laws or not, and you’re going to get yourself killed.

      • Unfortunately, to an extent, this is true….
        If a call comes into the police with “they got guns”, the police response SHOULD be “SO?”!!!

      • The 18 yr old shot in DC was a gang member. He was also a high school drop out who had previous arrests. He wasn’t an upstanding citizen, stop lying about him. He wasn’t caught by DC’s stupid gun laws.

        When asked at that same press conference whether Kay was known to the officers, Newsham described Kay as a “validated gang member in the area,” and said he had “touches with the criminal justice system.”

        • Kyle Rittenhouse
          “was a gang member. He was also a high school drop out”.

          But the cops did not even question him, much less shoot him on sight. Strange.

          Wonder what the difference was, Kyle was armed and fleeing the scene of the shooting but the 18-year-old kid in DC had committed no crime.

          Must be some kind of special privilege for Kyle, wonder what that could be?

        • “Must be some kind of special privilege for Kyle, wonder what that could be?”

          A massive distraction like an Antifa-BLM riot? The intelligence to raise his empty hands when approaching the police instead of looking like a threat?

      • It was a hand gun for one, DC for another, and he already had a record.

        You support arming criminals in violation of numerous laws I guess.

  10. Tom Hanks AIDS double in Philadelphia was clearly lying in wait in the parking garage. Trash reporting.

  11. Check, and check.

    But remember…the first rule of surviving a “mostly peaceful” protest is not to be there in the first place. If the Mob approaches and attempts to goad you, walk away unless/until you have no other option. And if at possible, turn your phone on and start recording video, even if the aperture ends up being pointed at the ground. The audio alone may help to exonerate you of potential charges from a zealous D.A. if it turns into a physical altercation leading to injuries or worse.

    • And there’s my widdle One-Trick-Pony troll, widdle peee-geee two, with the same tired tired trope.

      The only thing worse than a troll is a boring, uncreative troll like peee-geee two…

      • Calling out my lack of creativity Via the exact same post. Like I said go back to the engineering site and bother those people, you 🤡.

  12. To think there are people who believe Reinoehl’s self defense claim in spite of evidence and say Kyle is a murderer in the same breath.

    • There are many mourning the advent of video covering literally everything, bald faced lies are not near as much fun as they used to be.

      • Unfortunately Americans see what they want to see in those videos. Look how people ignore the three different guns being fired at Kyle and the handgun in the other gunman’s hand.

    • I believe under law Michael has an argument about self defense. Of course most wouldn’t understand because they don’t know who Patriot Prayer is and who Danielson was.

      Kyle is a clear cut case of being targeted for appearing weak and incapable. The kid was shot at by at least three people! Of course people don’t like to leave in the audio of the guns being fired at Kyle nor mention the fact there was numerous gunmen trying to take Kyle out.

      It would be nice if gun people would show the Karens how a kid can operate a rifle better than most cops and actually follow the law better than most cops. But I guess we need more highly trained cops to show us how it’s done.

      • I believe under law Michael has an argument about self defense. Of course most wouldn’t understand because they don’t know who Patriot Prayer is and who Danielson was.

        It doesn’t matter who Patriot Prayer is or who Danielson was. (It also doesn’t matter what Danielson was or wasn’t doing earlier in the day, because the use of force in self-defense is only justifiable based on what is occurring at the moment that force is used.)

        Reinoehl hid in a parking garage entrance and waited to ambush Danielson as Danielson was doing nothing more than walking down the sidewalk.

    • That’s what they’re told by their news sources, and they don’t have the intellectual curiosity to investigate any further. If they do, then the have to swallow a big red pill.

  13. Facebook has now removed the pages of both the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer supposedly because they violated community standards as being dangerous. I don’t do FB or Twitter so I’m curious, did they remove the BLM pages? Is there an Antifa page? If so why do they not violate the so-called community standards? I’m fairly sure that neither PB or PP burned up any cities nor looted businesses.

    Just curious…

      • That doesn’t answer the question.

        I haven’t heard of them removing any antifa or BLM groups. Maybe they are and I just missed it…but it’s probably safe to say that they aren’t and won’t.

    • Of course those Jewish orgs won’t remove anything they deem destructive towards white people…..
      You white people need to understand, these minorities taking over the cities DO NOT have white people’s best interest in mind…
      This country was created by European immigrants, not slaves and DEFINITELY not Jews… so I would advise white people to wake up to this IMMINENT THREAT to your well being…
      Stand up to these thugs in the streets….I will when they make their way out to where I live…. until then, you stay on your side of the city and i’ll stay on mine…. you don’t like me and i’ll gladly return that sentiment… even though me as a white person HAS NEVER DONE A THING TO YOU PERSONALLY….. BUT I HAVE TO HEAR DAILY HOW YOU’RE GONE BURN “THIS MOFO” DOWN….. UH OK….. LET’S SEE YOU TRY IT…

      • “This country was created by European immigrants, not slaves and DEFINITELY not Jews”

        You are so wrong it is comic.

        The slaves built the White House, the US capital and many other government buildings in public works with stolen labor at the point of a gun.

        The economic wealth of the south was built on the back of millions of enslaved peoples, while the lazy and perverted masters tortured them and raped their children.

        Even Thomas Jefferson, bless his pea picking heart, raped underage black girls and then sold the children he fathered into slavery.

        That is some sick behavior, but par for the course for the southern white man.

        “ by their fruits ye shall know them“

        • ‘par for the course for the southern white man’. You’re such a bigot. I would expect nothing less from an ardent supporter of antifa, the modern ss.

        • And how is history 250 years ago relevant to today?

          I cannot and WILL NOT take responsibility for what other people, now long dead, have done in the past.

        • Please excuse MINOR 69ER. He’s very upset about the killing of his terrorist friend Reinoehl. We cry with the. Herr Terrorist.

    • It’s all about narrative. Zuckerberg has openly stated that Facebook will work to shape public opinion as they see fit. The same is true for all the other tech companies. They are the propaganda wing, ANTIFA is the direct action wing. It’s just different facets of the same ideology.

  14. At the top of the article is the name of the Author and who he works for, Associated Press or AP. That explains it. As for TTAG printing such garbage, it makes me wonder who is running TTAG now.

    • Whoever is running it has decided to censor posts from differing viewpoints. I posted in a thread earlier in the week that was not flattering to Trump, yet I stated I’d be voting for him. The mere mention of some of his documented peccadilloes was enough for TTAG to not post my comment.

      This one may not pass muster either.

  15. ““He did open fire first,” she said in a video posted by The Olympian. Lt. Ray Brady of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department said investigators have not concluded whether Reinoehl fired any shots…”

    This is such stupid shit. The same thing happened with the rapist who got shot by police. “No comment until we’ve finished our investigation.” Meanwhile every other narrative in the world gets to take hold.

    What kind of idiot thought it was a good idea to not have cameras recording while going after an armed suspect in this political climate? And how the hell is it that the department, days later, can’t even say whether the dead guy fired a shot? Idiots.

    • Doesn’t seem like he did. Looks like he got out of his car and ran then was gunned down. The man isn’t a bad shot, we saw that fact.

      I think they just mag dumped on a man they knew they could kill without repercussion.

      • If so, that’s not entirely good news. But they did take out an antifa crapsack, so it’s not entirely bad news either.

        Also, nobody has a very clear picture of how it actually happened, so it’s best not to read too much into it.

  16. “Deputy Woodward said that among the texts was the following from a contact labeled “Dad” on 8/7/20:” “Sell me the gun for a quarter pound of weed and $100 i’m getting tired of this shit I need a piece now”

    8:44:26—REINOEHL turns into the garage entry and reaches toward his left front waist area. REINOEHL conceals himself, waits, and watches as Danielson and Pappas continue walking by.

    8:44:33—After Danielson and Pappas walk by, REINOEHL begins to emerge from garage while still reaching toward the pocket or pouch on his waistband. Subject #2 looks back toward REINOEHL. Danielson and Pappas cross westbound across SW 3 rd Avenue and REINOEHL and Subjects #2 follows them. The shooting occurs shortly thereafter and is not captured on the surveillance video.

      • Probably more like crappy weed and crappy gun….. these street guns are always stolen or junk….. ghetto dwellers would rather spend they green on cadillacs and chicken wangs….

  17. I have been checking reports on this and I haven’t seen this reported as a ‘mostly peaceful arrest.

  18. “(((They))) hate you and want you dead.”

    Really? The ‘joos’ want me dead?

    “(((They)))” is a whistle-word for anti-Semite scum…

      • The left likes to accuse us all of being racist, bigoted, Chris. There are a few, very few here that fit that description. anarchyst, dan w., chris mallory.

        That They in brackets thing is the same as the ‘small hat men’. It means Jews. Clever lot, the bigots. They use code words.

        They are at the very least useful idiots to the left. If they’re not actually trolls planted here to make us look bad.

    • The shooter in this case has a possibility jewish name. The three shot in kenosha also Jewish names.

      It’s the same group trying to start a communist revolution here that succeed in 1917 Russia.

      • The Kaiser was the one who put Lenin on that train to Russia. Imperial Germany used communism as a weapon to destabilize and destroy Russia. Contrary to popular belief imperial Russia, though behind the times, was actually showing decent progress before the war. Communism infected it and mutated it into the Soviet Union, and the rest is history.

      • Reinoehl is ‘Ellis Island’ German (bastardized from its correct spelling), not Jewish. Sounds like Reinhohl, Rein=Pure and Hohl=Hollow. Doesn’t make any sense as an occupational name. Original spelling is probably Reinhold. Not Jewish.

        From Wikipedia: “Reinhold is a German, Scandinavian surname and male given name.[1] This Germanic name is composed of two elements: the first is from ragin, meaning “counsel” and wald meaning “ruler”. The second element having been reinterpreted as hold meaning “dear”, “beloved” in the 16th century.[2]

        This name was brought to the British Isles by Viking conquerors, in the form of the Old Norse Rögnvaldr. In the 11th century, the Normans further established this name as Reinald and Reynaud.[3] There are other spelling variations of this surname, but all have the same etymological Germanic origin.”

  19. Boy this story was hard to read. Maybe because they know can’t spin the story, they way they want to. So it’s difficult for them to write it.
    There is just too much video out there now, in the 21st century. Cameras are everywhere. And everyone has a one. And that makes it very hard to lie about things now. Our privacy is long gone. But now at least we have more honesty. Honesty that is forced on us by cameras.

  20. Open Season on ANTIFA! Make sure y’all turn em all into Good Commies now ya hear 🐺🐺🐺

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